Star Wars - Episode 1: Part 1 - The Proper Way To Clean A Droid (f/droid,ff)
by Fmail

Queen Amidala, disguised as one of her own handmaidens named Padme, knelt
before the astromech droid which had saved her starship from the Trade
Federation attack. The handmaiden named Sabe, while disguised as the queen,
had ordered Amidala to clean the R2 unit in order to keep Amidala's true
identity a secret from the others. Only the other handmaidens and Captain
Panaka were aware of the truth.

When Sabe had ordered Amidala to clean the droid, a shiver had gone through
the true queen's body. It was a shiver of intrigue though. The queen was used
to giving orders to others, not receiving them. She discovered a certain
excitement at being told what to do. This subservient role might just suit
her well.

Amidala finished cleaning the little droid, or so she thought. The decoy
queen entered the ship's main cabin to inspect Padme's work. "Padme, have
you finished cleaning this droid?"

"Yes, Your Royal Highness."

Sabe looked down at the droid and scowled. "I'm sorry, but the job you have
done is not up to the royal standards of Naboo. Bring this droid to my
quarters where you will complete the task properly."

"Yes, Your Highness." Amidala was slightly taken aback. She wasn't sure
just what Sabe had in mind for her since the droid had been polished to
perfection. But she was willing to go along in order to find out.

At the door to the queen's quarters, Sabe ordered Amidala to wait outside
briefly. The little droid accompanied Sabe inside. As the door closed,
Amidala noticed that Sabe had been holding a narrow box of some sort. About
a minute later, Amidala heard Sabe announce "You may now enter, Padme,"
over the door comm speaker. Amidala proceeded to enter what were actually
her own quarters. Sabe was standing next to the droid. "Now you will finish
cleaning this droid in the proper manner."

Since they were alone, Amidala could have broken out of her handmaiden role,
but she played along. "But Your Highness, this droid is as clean as the day
he was manufactured," she protested.

"There is one part of this droid that you have neglected," declared the decoy
queen. She then tapped on one of the front compartments on the droid. One of
the droid's mechanical arms popped out. An attachment had been affixed to the
end of it that Amidala had never seen before. It was a short metallic shaft.
It was entirely chrome plated which made it resemble the queen's royal
starship, although it wasn't as pointy as their ship and the chrome was dull
and unpolished.

"Oh, I see!" Amidala exclaimed. "Pardon me, Your Highness. I did not even
know that astromechs possessed such an attachment. I will finish it off
immediately." She took the cleaning rag that was snugly nestled under her
belt and began polishing the protrusion.

"Stop. You may not use that rag. This part requires special attention which
no mere rag can achieve."

"Then what may I use, Your Majesty?" Amidala questioned.

A pause. "Your tongue... your lips. And nothing else," Sabe demanded.

Amidala was quite shocked by what Sabe had said. But she was also quite
excited by it. The thought of actually using her mouth to clean the droid's
apparatus didn't really excite her, but the way in which Sabe gave her
orders did. "Yes, my queen."

She began to comply with her queen's orders by kneeling on the floor and
slowly pulling back the hood of the handmaiden robe in which she was
disguised. Amidala hesitantly brought her mouth level with the droid
attachment. Her compact tongue poked its way out from behind her slightly
quivering lips. With eyes closed, the wetness of her tongue collided with
the chrome surface. It was cold but felt good on her tongue. She began
moving her tongue back and forth along the attachment. When she had covered
every bit of it with her tongue, she proceeded to envelop the attachment
with her moistened lips. Her heart raced as she looked up to see the
disguised Sabe looking down at her. Sabe stared expressionless at her
lovely queen in disguise. Amidala began to slide her mouth back and forth
on the droid shaft. She quickened her pace hoping to get a positive
reaction out of Sabe. Her head was moving as fast as it could when Sabe
finally told her to stop.

"Now, let us examine your work," declared Sabe. Amidala pulled her mouth
back away from the droid as the remaining saliva dripped from the bottom of
the metal unit. "You have done well, Padme... but it still lacks the sparkle
befitting a droid that saved us all." Amidala tingled inside at Sabe's words.
What more could she possibly do to clean the droid?

"This will require the most succulent of juices of a royal handmaiden." Sabe
showed a hint of a smile.

"I'm afraid I do not understand, Your Highness," Amidala pleaded. "Are not
the juices I've used so far sufficient?"

"You possess other juices which would be much better suited to the task."
Sabe instructed Amidala to position herself on the side of the royal bed.

Amidala placed her upper torso face down on the bed with her feet on the

At this point she was not sure what Sabe intended. Sabe knew that Amidala
had never experienced a man before or anything like what she was about to
receive. The pressures of her position had kept Amidala from experiencing
such things. But Sabe knew that her young queen had longed to learn the
ways of womanhood. It was Sabe's pleasure to introduce Amidala to this world.

Sabe motioned to the R2 unit. It let out a beep and approached Amidala from
the back. It tilted backward so that the attachment was reaching up into the
air directly behind Amidala. "Now Padme, you will ensure that this droid is
cleaned properly this time." Sabe lifted the bottom half of Amidala's robes
up over her back. Amidala's legs were stuck together. She was wearing simple
yellowish-orange panties that matched her handmaiden robes. Sabe began to
pull at Amidala's undergarment with the tips of her fingers. Slowly they
glided down Amidala's slender legs revealing what was underneath. Sabe's hand
guided the undergarment all the way to the floor whereupon she pulled them
out from under Amidala's feet. Amidala's backside was now completely exposed
to the stale starship air.

Amidala was now certain of what Sabe intended. Although she was new to this,
it was something she had often thought about. She had never accepted any
object into her body like this before, but she was willing to do it to please
her "queen."

Sabe spoke, "I shall observe you as you complete your work, Padme. Proceed
with the cleaning." Amidala slowly backed her body onto the awaiting droid.
Her legs remained tightly together and her heart rate quickened as the droid
began to enter her womanly socket. Her small opening was too tight to allow
easy entrance for the mechanical intruder. With just the tip inside of her,
Sabe commanded the droid to creep forward. Amidala let out a gasp of pain.
Yet the feeling was also pleasing to her. She could feel the cold metal
against her inner walls. Her legs began to spread apart as the droid
attachment proceeded to invade her. Soft moans emanated from her mouth. This
was unlike anything she had ever felt. The sight of Amidala's fully spread
legs brought on a smile in Sabe. At long last she could see the beautiful
mound that had been in hiding for so long.

Amidala's hands grasped the bed covers as the attachment completed its
entrance into the pink cavern of the shaking young woman. Amidala was
relieved that she had been able to accept the entire unit. Sabe commanded,
"Now finish with the cleaning." With her feet firmly in place,

Amidala started moving her body back and forth while the droid remained

"Are your juices flowing yet?" asked Sabe.

"No, Your Majesty. They are not," responded Amidala.

"You must try harder then."

As Amidala continued to pump her body back and forth, she finally felt her
juices begin to flow. They soon flooded her lovely cave. It became easier to
glide along the silvery shaft. Her pace increased, as did her pleasure.

"How do your juices flow now?" asked Sabe.

"They flow like the rapids from the highest waterfall on Naboo, Your

At that moment, Sabe produced a small remote control unit. She flipped a
switch and Amidala started to feel a new sensation. The unit inside of her
started to vibrate - first slowly then quicker. It was at this point that
Amidala realized what had been in the box that Sabe was carrying. This
droid attachment was not standard issue. The vibrations affected Amidala
in a way she did not expect. The pleasure was more than the young queen
had ever experienced.

Sabe looked down at Amidala in thought. "Since you were so good at cleaning
this droid with your mouth, I think I shall give you something else to clean
with it. No point in letting it go to waste after all." Sabe laid down upon
the royal bed and pulled the skirt of her black travelling dress up past her
legs. Unlike Amidala, she did not possess any undergarment. She positioned
each of her legs to either side of Amidala's upper torso which was still face
down on the bed. Sabe slid her body closer to Amidala's face. "You may now
proceed to clean the dirtiest part of My Royal Highness."

"But my queen, I can't..." Amidala began.

"Begin cleaning, Padme!" proclaimed Sabe.

Amidala lowered her mouth towards Sabe's bountiful womanhood. Once again her
tongue slowly poked out between her lips. She could immediately smell the
sweet nectar coming from between Sabe's legs. Her tongue pressed against
Sabe's sensitive skin and began its descent into the fleshy mound. Amidala
discovered that Sabe's juices had already begun to flow in vast quantities.
The taste was unfamiliar to her tongue yet the more she tasted it the more
of it she craved. Sabe's body coarsed with pleasure.

Amidala's tongue discovered a small nub of skin near the top of Sabe's juicy
slit. Amidala was unfamiliar with this part of a woman's body since she had
never taken the time to sufficiently explore her own. She began licking the
spot with great fervor. Her licking quickly turned to sucking on the skin
flap as she engulfed it between her lips.

"That's it," moaned Sabe as she grabbed Amidala's head with both hands and
pushed it even closer to her. "More, more..." Sabe screamed out in pleasure.
Her legs began to rise into the air eventually coming to rest on Amidala's
back. "Yes, that's it my beautiful handmaiden." Her back arched above the
bed. Amidala could feel the gaping hole under her lips begin to tremble.
Sabe's legs began to move causing her inner thighs to press tightly against
Amidala's head. Her crotch pulsated beneath Amidala's open mouth. Sabe fell
back towards the bed.

She was out of breath, but still managed to speak. "Well done, Padme. You
have finished with the cleaning of My Majesty." Sabe took her fingers and
spread her lower lips wide apart so that Amidala could fully appreciate the
cleaning she had done. It was quite a glorious sight thought Amidala. Her
chin sunk to the bed where it was met by a small pool of Sabe's juices that
had leaked out.

Amidala had nearly forgotten about the droid attachment inserted from behind.
t still pulsated inside her warm snatch. "Your Highness, how will I know when
I have finished cleaning this droid?" questioned Amidala.

"You will know, my handmaiden," responded Sabe.

Amidala's juices had begun to drip slowly down the innermost sides of her
slim legs. The streams felt cold in the starship air. All of a sudden, an
immense feeling of pure pleasure entered Amidala's body. It was centered
in her loins, but radiated outward. She began to shake from head to toe.
It grew in strength until she felt as if she could not take anymore. She
grabbed onto Sabe's thighs that were still wrapped around her head. The
smell of Sabe's sweetness filled her nostrils as she reached her climax.
She felt she would never recover, but the feeling began to subside. Sabe
commanded the droid to back away. This allowed Amidala to lower her knees
to the ground as she was recovering from the experience.

Sabe could see the droid's attachment as it sparkled in the artificial
light. It was now as spectacular and as highly shined as the hand polished
starship they were travelling in. "You have done an excellent job, Padme.
You are to be commended for your hard work."

Sabe spun over onto her stomach and positioned her mouth next to Amidala's
ear. She whispered, "How did you enjoy that, my queen?"

" was beyond my imagination," responded the true queen. "...You have
done an excellent job of introducing me to the pleasures of womanhood."

"But there is still so much more for you to experience. One day you will
know the joy of giving yourself to a man. There are many men who would give
their life for a taste of your royal juices."

"But when will I meet such a man? A queen cannot just give her juices to any
common citizen."

"You never know when you will meet the right man. Perhaps, our young Jedi
protector, Obi-Wan Kenobi would be an ideal candidate? From what I
understand, Jedi Knights make excellent lovers," replied Sabe.

"Hmmm, Obi-Wan is handsome but he seems too reserved for me. I need someone
who can take me to new places. Someone exciting."

"Perhaps you shall meet someone on this...Tatooine that we are approaching.
I shall send you along with the others as they look for repair parts. An
uncivilized world such as this could be an excellent opportunity to broaden
your horizons. We must prepare you for your excursion. Go and join Rabe and
Eirtae. They will help prepare you, my handmaiden," Sabe said as she slipped
back into her role of queen.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Amidala stood up. Her robes fell back to the floor. She
picked up her undergarment and pulled it up her legs over her hips. She
raised the hood back over her head. "Shall I return this R2 unit to the droid

"No, it shall remain here with me until we land."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Amidala left the queen's quarters.

Sabe returned to her back on the bed and spread her legs wideopen once again.
She inserted a finger into her still wet hole and began to massage the small
protrusion between its lips. "Now R2-D2, you may stop recording. Play back
the holographic recording which you have just made."


Continued in "Amidala's Admirers"


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