Star Wars - Episode 1:
The Slut Of Naboo Part 2 - Sexual Awakening (Mf,f-mast)
by Pyro

Rabe gently pushed against the entrance of the royal bedchamber with both
hands, making sure not to make too much noise. It was early in the morning
and many were still asleep even though the palace was beginning to stir with
preparations for the daily routine activities. Walking swiftly across the
room toward the curtains, Rabe took note of how neatly made the Queen's bed
seemed, even though she was still in it. It was as if she had just gone to
sleep. She tugged on the curtain line and the room flooded with sunlight as
the curtains whisked away to the sides of the large window. The sound of
cloth rubbing up against itself caused the Queen to stir in her sleep.

The young handmaiden turned and approached the large bed; stepping closely
to its side. She leaned over and shook the Queen gently while saying, "My
Highness, it is time to wake up." Rabe moved closer to the Queen's face to
whisper in her ear, but just before speaking she was over come with a strong
musky smell and quickly moved away, almost knocking over the lamp beside the

The noisy commotion caused Queen Amidala to slowly awaken. Pushing herself up
in her bed, Amidala yawned and immediately felt something in her mouth. It
was wet and gooey and there was a lot of it. Instantly she remembered what
had happened and recognized the bitter taste of Gungan cum from being raped
the night before. Amidala quickly shut her mouth and just sat there, making
sure not to act out of the ordinary in front of Rabe. She had no idea what to
do in this situation, but was determined not to panic. Rabe regained her
stature and seeing the Queen awake asked her a series of standard questions
such as, "What do you want for breakfast?" Amidala had no choice but to
swallow the semen in order to answer her handmaiden. She didn't want to raise
suspicion by suddenly running to the refresher room to spit out the sperm.
Rabe would see it and might recognize the creamy fluid as it was well known
the handmaidens were very promiscuous with Naboo guards. Letting a breath out
from her nose, Amidala tilted her head slightly and took a deep gulp, feeling
the sperm ooze through her mouth and down her throat. It actually took a
second swallow take it all down. Running her tongue through out her mouth,
Amidala made sure none was left and sucked gently on her now cum-covered
tongue. The Queen closed her eyes for a moment to soak in what she had just
done, took a deep breath, let it out and opened her eyes again. She looked at
Rabe and asked her to repeat herself.

"Is everything alright, my Queen?" Rabe replied with a motherly look on her

"Fine, just fine," Amidala promptly replied.

"Alright…" Rabe proceeded to repeat her questions while the Queen got out of
bed and headed for her personal bathing pool. In the large room adjacent to
her bedroom, she sat at a padded stool on which the Queen would have her
makeup and hair undone before her bath. In front of the stool was a wide-open
doorway, which lead out onto a small balcony where the Queen could enjoy the
impressive outdoor view. Directly behind all this was the large bathing pool,
made up of the same green marble prominently used throughout Theed. Sonic
showers were more efficient ways of cleaning, but not nearly as relaxing as
traditional water baths. The bathing pool was actually more of a bath/shower
hybrid, which the Queen preferred. The large round tub would fill to a
certain point with water and then automatically drain water at the same rate
it was entering to keep it at a constant level. It was large enough so that
a human could easily lay down in it. Beyond the pool on the back wall was a
small garden of only the rarest plants of Naboo that didn't need maintaining
as a spring was built in for watering and bright sun lights on the ceiling
were on a daylight cycle to keep the plants healthy.

Leaving the door open, Rabe followed the Queen inside, continuing to go over
the day's schedule as Amidala took off her clothes. Once Amidala stood naked,
the young handmaiden wrapped the Queen's hair into two large buns on either
side of her head. She then walked to the other side of the large pool and
turned on the water for the Queen's bath. The Queen wasn't in the mood for a
bath so the water just drained normally. Amidala stepped into the pool naked
while Rabe waited for her by the showerhead. The handmaiden removed her own
heavy robe and stood in nothing more than a pair of panties that matched her
red and orange robes. While Amidala sat inside the tub washing her face and
body, Rabe knelt by the edge of the pool, washing her Queen's back. As Rabe
moved lower on the Queen's body Amidala became nervous that her handmaiden
might see signs of her rape. She quickly sunk down into the water and leaned
against the side of the pool. In this new position the water now beat down on
her chest making her young pert nipples hard.

Since it appeared as though Amidala didn't want to wash herself, Rabe knelt
further down, leaning forward over the edge of the tub and began to wash the
front side of the Queen, as her back was inaccessible. Amidala was deep in
thought, oblivious to everything else, mostly wondering if there were
actually any signs of rape, like sperm in her pussy, which she decided to
investigate. Not wanting to draw too much attention, Amidala started to wash
her legs and waste area, then her crouch and thin pubic hair. Subtly, she let
the soap slip out of her grasp and moved her hand onto her vagina. Slowly she
felt the lips, which were still swollen, then slipped her middle finger
inside to search for any semen. At this same time Rabe was beginning to wash
the Queen's breasts, which she did by filling both hands with liquid soap and
gripping her breasts fully in her hands while gently squeezing and massaging

Rabe noticed the Queen's hands between her legs, with one of her fingers
inside her pussy, deep inside and moving back and forth. Rabe took this as a
sign that Amidala was getting turned on by Rabe caressing her breasts. Not
wanting to embarrass the Queen, Rabe continued to grope Amidala's small
breasts more erotically. While still massaging them, Rabe began to pinch and
pull on the Queen's hard nipples, making them puffy with arousal. Amidala,
still with her finger buried inside her began feel something overcome her,
something in the pit of her stomach. Noticing the intensity of Rabe's washing
but thinking nothing of it she slipped another finger into her vagina. Rabe
saw this as a sign of good intentions on her part and continued more
forcefully. The feeling soon became familiar to Amidala and quickly stopped
her actions without a second thought. With that she realized she didn't
create it alone and noticed Rabe's passionate massaging of Amidala's tits.
It was obvious to Amidala that Rabe knew what she was doing and that she was
enjoying it as she could hear a light moan coming from Rabe.

Amidala placed her hands over Rabe's, stopping their movement, turned her
head and said, "Maybe later," in a seductive tone she didn't intend. Rabe
leaned forward, putting her lips next to Amidala's right ear, "Anytime you
want my Queen."

The day proceeded slowly for Amidala; with so much on her mind things took
longer to complete. Though she tried her best to act normal it was obvious
that some of her handmaidens were becoming suspicious. Other people like
Captain Panaka, her head of security, were also questioning the Queen from
time to time if everything were alright. Most of her schedule consisted of
meetings and council gatherings where they would continue to work out their
fragile alliance with the Gungans.

For her lunch Amidala opted to take a break as the Queen and go as Padme to
eat outside. Changing into a much lighter dress than her usual daytime attire
she was accompanied by a small squad of three soldiers along with Eirtae to
Virdugo Plunge, the largest waterfall in Theed. Settling near a corner of the
waterfall, close enough to enjoy the view but not close enough for danger of
falling, they setup a small picnic, which was a pleasant departure from her
usual elaborate meals. After laying down the cloth and basket, Padme let her
legs relax and she plopped down on the white blanket with a sigh or relief.
After a short moment she felt her face becoming wet and turned to watch as
the mist from the fall sprayed about, turning light into a rainbow before
landing again, covering everything with tiny beads of waters that glistened
in the bright sun. She loved being able to enjoy this, which was only
possible as Padme, it was so uplifting and fulfilling to be free, especially
since the last 12 hours had been very trying on her emotions. First with
dealing with rape and then hiding it, every time she looked at a man she
couldn't help but be flooded with thoughts of the night before. After a while
the images shifted from being raped by the Gungans to being raped by whom
ever she was looking at, it was becoming too much. But for now she could
pretend that it didn't happen to her, that it happened to Queen Amidala and
she was just Padme Naberrie.

One of the popular topics of conversation with all the handmaidens were boys.
After all they were surrounded by handsome well-built guards all day, it
would be hard not to think about them if you were a maturing young woman.
Padme and Eirtae were some 15 feet away from their escort and though they
could talk about how good they looked, how round their butt or how bulky
their chests were, the guards would hear them but it was part of the game,
something to make their usually boring lives interesting. The same went for
the guards, who liked to talk dirty about the handmaidens or discuss which
ones were virgins or who they might be sleeping with. None of the handmaidens
or Padme really minded the way the guards talked about them. They were men
after all and they were just fooling around, no action. Though it was playful
in nature, Padme couldn't help but have their talk take on another meaning
personally. She knew what they could do to her or for her and it frightened
and excited her at the same time. She knew many of the guards well as Padme,
and knew they were kind and very caring men. They had to be if they wanted to
be palace guards, they would never take a chance by placing someone violent
or unstable in a position that they could potentially harm or kill the Queen.

Her thoughts continued to wander but her attention was caught by a
conversation of the guards. It was about how the two men positioned to guard
the Queens bedchamber left early last night because the Queen was acting
bitchy. Though Padme was used to hearing complaints about the Queen, which
she found rather amusing at times, the fact that the guards had left early
infuriated her. It was so obvious that they were responsible for her being
captured and raped by Gungans, and they had to pay, though how she wasn't
sure yet. Already very confused and emotional, Padme let the matter drop
from her mind so she may enjoy at least one part of today.

After her relaxing lunch, Padme returned to her life as Queen Amidala and the
day proceeded as slow as before, if not more so since now she knew what she
was missing. Through it all however she decided how she was to deal with the
two guards who abandoned her room the night before. She would simply confront
them about it. Though she could, of course, have them punished, now was not
the time to do anything that might lead the Gungans to believe one thing or
another. They might learn that her soldiers are lazy or that her people are
overly strict and all actions in the palace these days were very publicly
known, as being secretive could also harm their potential relationship with
the Gungans.

On an evening that was un-comfortably hot for a person in normal, casual
clothes it was almost unbearable for Amidala who was all too happy for the
day to end. She went about her routines of undressing just as usual and
waited until Rabe was gone before doing anything about the guards. Amidala
let a few moments pass before pushing both doors open with all her power,
hoping they would swing far enough around that they might hit the guards.
Which they did, though not hard, just enough to get their attention, though
the sight of the sweaty Queen standing in front of them in nothing more than
her nightgown would have been enough. She just stood there for a moment,
waiting for them to take the look of shock off their faces.

"In here," is all she said as she headed back into the bedchamber, her skimpy
dress lifting up in the back as she walked briskly, giving the two guards a
peep show for a split second. She stopped in the middle of room, with her
back still to the guards and took a deep breath but held it for a moment,
unsure as to how she was going to do this. She turned to face them and
explained that while they weren't at war there were still threats as some
were sure to disagree with the alliance between the Gungans and the Naboo.
Expecting some kind of a response, Amidala stood there for a moment looking
back and forth between the two of them before realizing they usually weren't
permitted to have opinions, or at least make them known to people whom out
ranked them. Changing her tone a bit, the young Queen raised her voice and
made it very clear that this would not be tolerated in the future and any
further lax in duty would be met with harsh punishment. "Now get back to
your posts!" Amidala yelled at them just before they turned about and quickly

Letting out a sigh of relief as well as grief at the same time, she turned
out all but one light in the corner of the room by a window and walked over
to the end of her bed. She fell down onto it face first, and turned over so
her bare feet met the ground again. With a worried look on her face, she lay
there for the next hour, never moving an inch and never resting her eyes for
sleep. She thought about her rape, what it meant for her future, what would
become of it, if anything. Would it ever become public knowledge and what
would happen to those awful Gungans who raped her. She wondered about Rabe
and her encounter with her this morning, it wasn't the first time she had a
sexual encounter with one of her handmaidens, though never one so intense.
She though about what would happen to her people and to the Gungans with
their newfound alliance. She wondered if she could tolerate being a Queen
anymore. After an hour of deep self-evaluation, Amidala came to one simple
conclusion: she needed a change, a release from all the stress of having
millions of people relying on her every day.

Amidala sat up in her bed, drenched in sweat and decided she needed a shower
before she could comfortably fall asleep. In the bathing room she turned on
only a few lights, keeping it dim, just a light on the balcony and a light
set to low in ceiling above the pool. Removing her thin gown, Amidala
stepping into the pool and turned on the shower, leaving the setting for the
water to drain. She took the position she had early today laying under the
shower, propping herself against the side of the tub she closed her eyes and
completely relaxed, her hands running along her body, gently feeling the
softness of her skin and enjoying the near perfection of her body. Her hands
near her crotch, she decided to finish what she started that morning and
continue to search her vagina. Leaning over to get a better look, Amidala
stretched her pussy lips wide with both hands, studying her orifice with
careful eyes. She saw the little nub of her clitoris and gently rubbed it
with a finger while still keeping her lips spread open. It caused an
immediate response in her and a moan echoed from her lips. In her extremely
relaxed state the Queen cared not for a thing in the world, and she began to
rub her clit between her thumb and forefinger now using her other hand to
keep her lips open. Her moans increased along with her force as she rubbed
harder and faster, nearing an orgasm. Amidala threw her head back as her body
was overcome with pleasure, her hand moving in a fury, trying her best to
make the orgasm last. Hardly overcoming the first, she was hit by a second
and third orgasm before her body was exhausted and her hands could no longer
pleasure herself. Though she was happy with masturbation she felt something
missing, something the Gungans had given her the night before.

Just as she let her eyes rest a figure appeared in the corner of her eye on
the balcony. It was a Gungan, a naked Gungan with his large penis hanging low
between his legs. He walked slowly, his legs far apart making his large dick
even more noticeable as he walked past the light on the balcony and became a
mere silhouette of himself, the light over the bathing pool only lighting the
pool itself. Amidala pushed herself up; her hands quickly covered her mouth.
She was completely speechless. Though it would have been logical, she wasn't
afraid. Maybe it was that the Gungan was alone, maybe that she knew a simple
scream would alert literally hundreds of guards, and maybe it was that the
Gungan was naked and seemingly unarmed.

As he came close she let her hands fall from her mouth and her eyes moved
slowly up and down the bulky Gungan's body, trying to make out his features
in the dim light. The Gungan stopped right at the edge of the tub; Amidala
pushed herself over to him, kneeling in front of the large cock, water
rolling down her naked body. Amidala leaned to either side of the Gungan,
examining the large penis hanging only a few inches in front of her face.
It hung straight down from his waist, about 9 inches long with big saggy
balls and the foreskin still covering the head. Still on a sexual high,
Amidala reached out and touched the thick shaft lightly with her fingertips,
which she moved down the length of the large phallus, petting it as it began
to arch slightly with arousal. She brought her hand down to the emerging
head and rubbed the piss hole with her middle finger, collecting a drop of
pre-cum. She bent over slightly, bringing her face close enough to the cock
to feel it's heat and smelled her finger, the strong musky smell caused her
eyes to close for a moment before she licked the tip of her finger, her
tongue only slightly parting her lips. She felt the hardening cock begin to
rub against the side of her cheek as it rose from between the Gungan legs.
She placed her hand on the dick, holding it next to her cheek for a moment
until she opened her eyes again, and bent back as the dick grew to 12 inches.
Pointing straight out at her, Amidala reached forward with her right hand,
without hesitation, and gripped the hard shaft, her hand barely fitting
around the width. With her eyes locked onto the cock she leaned forward again
and ran her lips along the head while gently licking it with care, cleaning
the hole of any remaining fluid. Her left hand reached under neither and felt
the large balls with the whole of her hand, now snug in their sack, messaging
each in her palm. Moving her hand from there to atop the cock where she began
to stroke it with both hands, enjoying the sight of the foreskin moving along
the shaft as the pre-cum continuing to seep out.

Opening her mouth wide she guided the cock in, closing her lips tight around
the head as she sucked lightly on it, her tongue working slowly on the soft
skin with great skill. Her hands continued to move up and down the shaft,
faster as she felt it harden. Pulling the cock down with her hands and
widening her mouth, Amidala worked more of it length into her, it was only
the night before that she was taking almost 6 inches into her throat. Her
tongue was pressed tight to the bottom of her mouth as she worked it along
the underside of the shaft, stimulating the canal the semen would soon be
flowing in. She felt the cock turn rock hard in hands and the head flair with
the orgasm overcoming the Gungan. Amidala worked her hands even faster now
and tongue more forcefully as the Gungan began to shoot hot cum into her
waiting mouth and throat. After the first several shots, she pulled the cock
out and began to passionately lick and kiss the head as more sperm shot onto
her face and chest. Once the orgasm had subsided, Amidala's still sucked with
abandon on the cock, sperm dripping off her chin and oozing down her face as
her lips and tongue continued to caress the head, though never taking it
fully into her mouth. Her hands milked the shaft, as she licked up any last
semen she could get out of it. Letting the softening cock slid off her
tongue, Amidala cleared her eyes of cum before collecting the semen from the
rest of her body with her hands, already littered with sperm. She looked up
at the Gungan with her cum plastered face and flashed him a devilish smile
before wiping her face clean with delicate fingers and eating the last of
semen. The Gungan took a step back, turned and bounded for the balcony before
diving off it. The Queen rested her head on the side of the tub, looking out
into the night before drifting off into a deep sleep filled with passionate
dreams of wild, licentious sex.


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