Star Wars - Episode 1: The Sexual Menace (MF,Mf,bf,bF,inc,voy,mc)
by Darth

They walked into the junk shop, the Jedi, handmaiden and Gungan. The shop
owner took the Jedi out back, leaving the girl and alien in the presence of
a young boy. The boy's eyes traced the lines of the girl's body, from her
pert, undeveloped breasts, to her tight buttocks. He looked up to find her
looking at him. She was beautiful, he couldn't look away. He managed to find
his voice at last. "Are you an Angel?" He asked.

"What?" She said.

"An angel. They're the most beautiful creatures in the universe."

"I don't think so," she replied. "You're a funny little boy. What's your

"Anakin. Anakin Skywalker."

"I'm Padme," Said the girl. Just then the Jedi came storming out and told
them they were leaving. "I'm glad to have met you Anakin." She called out
after her. The boy let them get out, and then ran out of the shop door
after them. He wasn't going to let Padme get away. They hadn't gone far
when the Gungan, Jar Jar, got into trouble with one of the locals. He was
saved by the appearance of Anakin, who told the alien that Jar Jar had big
connections. The alien let him go, and Anakin walked off with the group.
Just then a sandstorm whipped up, and Anakin invited the others back to
his home. They would never get back to their ship in time, so they went
with him.

When they got back Anakins mother was surprised to see so many people. She
was an attractive woman on her mid thirties. The Jedi introduced himself.
"I'm Qui-Gon Jinn. Your son was kind enough to offer us shelter."

"I'm Shmi Skywalker. Welcome."

Soon they were all sitting down to a meal, and chatting politely. "Have you
come to free us?" Asked Anakin.

"Maybe." Replied Qui-Gon. "I would want some sort of service in exchange

"Like what?" He asked.

"One night with your mother." Replied the Jedi, looking over at Shmi. Her
face had gone rigid.

"Never." She said. "I'd rather be a virtuous slave than a free whore."

"Please yourself." He replied. Shmi looked at her son, saw the silent
pleading in his eyes. She knew he hated being a slave. "Would it be that
much to give up?"

"Alright." She sighed. "I'll do it."

"Excellent. And tomorrow you'll be free."

Padme looked at the Jedi in shock. She couldn't believe what he'd just done.
She caught Anakin looking at her several times during the meal. She could see
he was looking at her body. She just stayed silent.

Later, Shmi spoke to Qui-Gon. "I don't want Anakin to see what we're doing
tonight. Will you be able to stop him?"

"Yes, of course. I'll speak to him and Padme now." Shmi called the two kids
over, and left for her room. Qui-Gon did indeed have a plan so he wouldn't
be interrupted tonight. "Anakin," He said, "I've seen the way you've been
looking at Padme, how would you like to do anything you want with her

Padme's mouth dropped open. How could he just offer her to someone like that?

"I love to." Put in Anakin.

Padme got out the beginnings of a protest, but the Jedi brought the full
power of his mind suggestion to bear. "You Padme, will do anything Anakin
asks you to."

"Of course." She said.

* * *

Back at their ship, similar things were going on. Obi-Wan had fucked all the
Queen's handmaidens, and had set his sights on the Queen. He had had to use
force persuasion on the handmaidens, but he was wondering how to get the
Queen alone. He needn't have bothered. As soon as he entered the audience
room on the ship, the Queen announced that she and the Jedi had some
important business to discuss in her private chambers.

When they got there Obi-Wan spoke. "What is this business your highness?"

"There is no business," She replied. "I merely wanted to get you alone."

"Why?" He asked. She gave him a scornful look.

"Do you think I don't know that you've been fucking the shit out of my
handmaidens? I want some of it. Now."

Obi-Wan couldn't believe his luck. She was practically ordering him to shag
her. "How can I refuse your highness?"

She reached up and pulled off her black feathered headdress, letting her long
brown hair tumble down to her waist. Obi-Wan squeezed her breasts, feeling
the immature flesh. He frowned. He knew the Queen was young, but he didn't
know exactly how old she was. He asked.

"Fourteen." She replied.

He was staggered. With her decorative face paint on she looked at least
eighteen. Still, as long as she had a cunt he didn't care. She slipped his
brown robe his shoulders and onto the floor. As she started undoing the
fastenings on her gown, he wondered if she used the white paint on her
whole body. He looked at her hands. They were white today, but hey weren't
usually. As the gown slipped to the floor, he saw that her whole body was
indeed painted white.

She saw him looking. "Only on special occasions." She said.

"You planned this?" He asked incredulously.

"Of course." She kissed him, and he felt her crotch, and touched only the
barest tuft of pubic hair. She slid down onto her knees in front of him,
unfastening his trousers as she did so. They dropped to the floor, and she
took hold of his enormous cock. She kissed the head gently until it rose
up hard in front of her face. She started to slide it slowly into her mouth,
taking a little more each time, until she had the whole length in her mouth
and down her throat. He groaned. "Am I a good cocksucker?" she asked.

He could only nod. Her white face contrasted sharply with the earthy colour
of his dick. His dick felt like it was going to explode under her
ministrations. It was all he could do to stop his legs buckling. He felt his
spunk working its way up his dick and just let it fly. She swallowed most of
the first few spurts, though some dribbled down her chin, but he just kept
cumming. She moved back before she started to gag on it, and the next few
jets hit her in the face before tailing off. He dropped to his knees, and
she picked him up and laid him in the bed.

"You're not done yet," she said.

He saw her fanny hovering above his face, it's deep red colour contrasting
sharply with the surrounding pale white. She mashed it down onto his face,
and he drove his tongue up into it. She moaned as she took his cock into her
mouth once more in an attempt to get him up again. He was soon hard, and she
climbed off his face, ready to fuck herself on his cock. He looked up at her
as she grasped his cock, positioning it at the entrance to her twat. She
lowered herself, slowly sliding his prick into the warm, tight embrace of
her vagina.

About two inches in she encountered some resistance, and just let herself
drop. The pain was sharp and stabbing, but soon over. She began to twist
and rock on his penis, and was soon fucking like a demented demon. Anyone
watching would never believe they were looking at a Queen. She started
cumming quickly, and when Obi-Wan reached up and started playing with her
small tits she exploded into orgasm. Her cunt started to spasm, the muscles
gripping Obi-Wan's cock tighter and tighter until he could no longer hold
on to his load. He came in one agonizing thin stream, such was the grip on
his dick. When he could finally relax she rolled off him. Obi-Wan got up,
dressing in his Jedi robes. Queen Amidala lay languid on her bed.

"Pick something for me to wear." She said.

He looked until he found something revealing. And then laid out a transparent
green robe. She put it on. He couldn't even tell she had any pubes with it
on, and it looked so erotic he wanted to come again just looking at her.
Together they walked out into the audience room.

* * *

Night had fallen on the planet. Qui-Gon and Shmi had gone to her room,
leaving Anakin and Padme alone.

"Come on," said Anakin, "Lets go see what they're doing."

Padme, under the Jedi's mind suggestion spell, agreed.

They knelt down and peeked through the keyhole. They were both naked in the
room, kissing. Shmi had the jedi's cock in her hand and was slowly wanking
him. Qui-Gon started to play with her tits, moving his mouth to suck on her
nipples. Anakin watched in fascination as Qui-Gon lowered his mother on to
the bed and spread her legs, revealing her huge bush. He slowly started to
kiss around her genitals, his tongue flicking over her cunt. Shmi started to
groan, holding Qui-Gon's head into her crotch. Her body started to buck and
twist on the bed as she cried out loud, and then subsided. They switched
places, Shmi kneeling in front of Qui-Gon. She slid his dick into her mouth,
sucking him off.

Anakin watched transfixed as his mother brought the Jedi off. He remembered
when he and Kitster had tried wanking each other off, it had felt so good.
Then Kitster had put it up his bum, and he had come up there. He wondered if
the Jedi would do that to his mom.

Qui-Gon started to grunt as his spunk began to work its way up his cock.
Padme wouldn't have admitted it, but this display of sexuality was making her
wet. She was still a virgin at fourteen years old, but now she felt like
trying some of the things the handmaidens had described to her. Anakin saw
his mom draw back suddenly, and then a jet of semen hit her in the face,
followed by another, and another. When it was finished, his mother's face was
covered in the sticky white fluid.

Anakin had seen enough though. Grabbing Padme's hand, he headed off to his
bedroom. He shut the door behind him. "Take your clothes off," he said to

She was clad in rough servants clothing to fit in on Tatooine. She took her
boots off first, then her jacket. Unfastening the front of her dress, she let
it drop to the ground. She was totally naked underneath. Anakin looked her
over. Sparse pubic hair, along with small but perfectly formed tits. He
stripped off his clothes, showing the girl his small, erect, dick, and stood
next to her. They kissed, and Padme copied what she had seen before, slowly
beginning to wank him off.

Anakin started to kiss her tits and suck her nipples. She walked backwards,
and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs for Anakin. He took the hint,
and put his face to her young cunt. He began to lick, and Padme grasped his
head in her hands, and guided his tongue around vagina. He found her clit,
and she gasped at the incredible sensation it provoked. She would have
continued without the mind suggestion now. As he kept licking and sucking,
her groans got louder, and she could feel her body begin to tense. With a
surge of pleasure she came, and her whole body went limp.

Anakin finished, and got up. Padme sat up and knelt on the floor, wanting
to repay him. He sat down, and she lowered her head to his small hairless
dick. She sucked it gently, moving her tongue across the head. Sabe had
once told her how to give a good blowjob, and she tried to remember what
she had said. Anakin was simply in heaven. The moment Padme's warm, wet
mouth had descended onto his cock he thought it was bliss. Unfortunately
he knew he couldn't hold on long. He did his best, but soon he shot his
load into Padme's mouth. She swallowed most of it, but as her mouth filled
with hot cum, she knew she couldn't take it all, and opened her mouth,
letting some of it dribble out and down onto her tits. She wiped it off
and lay on the bed on her back. She spread her legs, ready to receive
Anakin's already hard dick.

He was about 4" long, and he didn't seem quite so small when faced with her
tiny opening. He slid the head into the tight grip of her fanny, and then
seemed to meet some resistance. He pulled back slightly, and pushed, getting
it all the way in this time. Padme gasped as his cock tore through her hymen,
sending a jolt of pain through her. He settled on top of her and started to
thrust. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her as they
kissed. She felt Anakin come quite quickly in her, but he just kept going
until he was hard again. She shifted position slightly, so that his thrusting
dick was rubbing against her clitoris. Soon she was cumming almost

When Anakin could finally no longer get it hard again, they both relaxed.
They were exhausted, and fell asleep with his dick still inside her.

* * *

When they woke up, they both got dressed and walked into Anakin's mom's room.
They froze when they saw that they were shagging. Shmi was on all fours and
Qui-Gon was fucking her hard from behind. Shmi looked up at her son as
Qui-Gon continued to pound into her. Anakin looked at her dangling tits
swaying under her body, and couldn't move. Padme dragged him out of the room,
where they waited for them to finish.

When they came out, they all went off to the race that Anakin was competing
in that day. Shmi seemed to avoid her son's gaze, and to Padme, Anakin seemed
to be looking at his mother with sexual intent.

When they got to the race hangar, Anakin saw Sebulba being massaged by two
female slaves to relax him. "Will you do something like that for me?" he
asked Padme.

"Sure," she replied, "In fact, why don't I suck you off?"

"Here?" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, it'll be fun. I bet we won't even get a second glance." Anakin stood,
stunned, as Padme wandered off somewhere.

He waited by his pod for Padme to return. His mother and Qui-Gon were nearby.

"Mom, have you seen Padme?"

"Why honey? What's wrong?" Shmi asked.

"She promised she'd suck me off before the race."

Qui-Gon smirked at Shmi's sudden discomfort. Just then Padme appeared. She
knelt in front of him and pulled his trousers down in a business like manner.

"Sit down Anakin," she said.

Anakin sat in the chair behind him, and spread his legs for her. Padme's wet
lips started to kiss his limp dick, then she began taking it into her mouth
as it hardened. Padme started sucking in earnest, prompting groans of
pleasure from Anakin.

"Anakin," said Qui-Gon, "how would you like to fuck your mother?"

Anakin jumped. "I'd love that!" He exclaimed.

"Well if you win this race, your mother will let you do anything you want
with her."

Anakin looked at his mother, desire shining in his face, embarrassment and
humiliation in hers. He realised he was about to cum, and tensed his muscles
to try and shoot as much spunk as possible into Padme's mouth. She did her
best to take it all, but again some leaked out of her mouth and dribbled down
her body. Anakin slouched in his chair, and Padme pulled his trousers back
up, tucking his cock away.

The race began, and Anakin got off to a good start. Padme wasn't really
interested though, and switched off until it was announced that Anakin had

Anakin climbed out of his pod in the hangar, and ran to his friends.

"Mom," he said, "I wanna do it now."

"Now?" She asked. "Here?"

"Over in our pit," he replied. They walked over, Qui-Gon and Padme behind
them. Anakin started to strip. "Take you clothes off mom," he said.

Reluctantly Shmi also started to strip, until they were both naked. He lay
in the sand of the floor.

"Get me hard," he said.

Shmi knelt between his legs and started sucking on his soft dick, until it
was erect. Then she got up and straddled his small body, positioning his cock
at the entrance to her vagina. She let herself drop slowly onto it, burying
her son's prick into her hairy muff. She began to twist on top of him, and he
came very quickly, but stayed hard, so he told her to get up and get on all
fours. She did that, and he knelt behind her. He found the delicate rosette
of her asshole, aimed his dick, and pushed. She gasped as he violated her
anus, and began thrusting hard. Padme could see the shame on Shmi's face as
she was buttfucked by her young son.

Shmi felt it as Anakin came inside her. Despite herself, Shmi couldn't help
getting a little turned on when Anakin shot his load inside her. What can it
hurt, she thought. He enjoyed it, and so, she realised, did she. Anakin
pulled out of her ass and she turned round. His limp prick was in his hand
as he tried to rub the shit from his mother's anus off it.

"Here son, let me," she said.

He let go of his cock and Shmi lowered her mouth to it. She sucked him clean
as his dick hardened in her mouth. He started to moan, his dick was twitching
in her mouth. Gently she pushed him onto his back, and then spread his
buttcheeks. She began to tickle his anus with her fingers, and suddenly
pushed a finger into his arse. He shot his load instantly into her mouth. She
forced a second finger into him, and another spurt of cum, even bigger than
the first, hit the back of her throat. She swallowed it all, and took the
remaining spurts with ease.

* * *

Qui-Gon informed Obi-Wan that they were returning to the ship.

"Understood," said Obi-Wan. He looked at Queen Amidala.

"You'd better fuck me quickly before they get back," she said.

"I've got a treat for you today," Obi-Wan said. "Roll over."

Amidala rolled onto her stomach. She hadn't had her whole body painted white
today, so her tight pink ass pointed up at Obi-Wan. He pulled her buttocks
apart and aimed his cock at the tiny hole of her anus. She shrieked as he
pushed his way into her, past her incredibly tight sphincter.

"Stop! Stop!" She wailed. "It's too big!"

Obi-Wan looked at her face, contorted in pain. She obviously wasn't joking.
He tried to pull out of her, but couldn't. The head of his cock was getting
stuck at the entrance of her anus. No matter how hard he pulled, he couldn't
get it out.

"Pull it out, please!" Amidala sobbed at him.

"I can't," he groaned, "You're too tight."

"Well do something, you're splitting me in half," she replied.

"I'm going to have to cum," he said. "Hold still."

He started to push his way back into her, loosening her up a little, in
preparation for the thrusting he knew he would need to cum and be able to
withdraw. Amidala gritted her teeth as the giant cock forced its way up
her back passage. Obi-Wan began to thrust, sending a shock of pain through
the young Queen's body every time he did so. She felt like she was going
to split in half every time he thrust. Relief surged through her when she
felt Obi-Wan shoot his load, and the pressure on her arse decreased as his
cock shrunk. He gently pulled out of her, and she rolled onto her back.

Obi-Wan stood up, and pulled his trousers up. "I'd better go and see
Qui-Gon," he said. "Are you alright?"

She nodded. "Yes," she said. "I'm sure I might have some difficulty walking
for a while though."

He grinned. "You'll be fine," he said, and walked out.

Amidala lay on her bed for a while, exhausted. Her legs were spread wide,
and she could see her cunt in the mirror on the wall. She reached down to
it with her hand, and started to stroke herself. She had masturbated before
of course, but she watched herself in the mirror as she did it. She noticed
how she jerked every time she brushed her clit. As she neared her climax
she was astonished at how red and swollen her fanny had become. She squeezed
her cunt in her hand, pushing several fingers inside herself as she came.
She lay there, when she became aware that she was being watched. She turned
to see Padme and a young boy looking at her.

"Who is this?" She asked Padme, gesturing at Anakin.

"Anakin Skywalker your majesty. Anakin, meet Queen Amidala."

Anakin stared at the naked Queen in front of him. "H-hello your majesty,"
he managed to stutter.

"Hello Anakin," She replied. "Like what you see?" Anakin nodded. "Padme,"
the Queen said, "Leave us for a while. Alert me if there is anything that
needs my attention."

Padme smiled and bowed before leaving the room.

* * *

"Come here Anakin," Amidala said. "Take off your clothes."

Anakin did as he was told, and sat on the bed next to the Queen after
stripping his clothes off. Amidala stared at his cock, it was much bigger
than she would have expected. Maybe it was something to do with Jedi she
thought, Obi-wans cock was massive.

"Have you ever done this sort of thing before Anakin?"

Anakin looked at her and answered, "I did it with Padme yesterday and today,
and I did it with my mom after the race today."

"Would you like to do it with me?" She asked. Anakin smiled and nodded.
The Queen smiled back.

"Good." She said.

She pushed Anakin onto his back on the huge bed, and touched his hairless
cock. It was already hard of course, but it managed to get slightly harder
at her touch. Amidala planted her pussy over Anakins face, and lowered her
mouth to his cock. At 4" she could easily take the whole thing, although
she frequently played with the head with her tongue. She knew she was the
best at giving blowjobs on the whole ship, which was probably why Obi-wan
kept coming back to her.

Anakin was exploring her pussy with his tongue, and had gone over everything
that had seemed to get Padme excited, except the clit. He couldn't find that
little button at the top of the Queens pussy. He spread her pussy lips far
apart at the top and ran his tongue up to the top of her crack until he
heard a loud groan from the Queen. He ran his tongue over that area again,
eliciting another groan, and then he felt it, a small bump near the top of
her pussy. It was smaller than Padme's, but he concentrated his efforts on
that now, aware of the pressure building in his groin to cum.

Amidala couldn't believe this young boy was giving such good head, she was
going to cum soon. She hoped he could hold out until she came. It was too
much for Anakin though, the expert blowjob he was receiving sent him over
the edge and he blew his wad right down Amidala's throat. Several thick
ropes of sperm flew into her mouth which she swallowed, only a tiny bit
leaking out of the corner of her mouth. To her surprise he stayed rock hard
in her mouth. She turned round and straddled his stomach.

"Do you want to fuck me Anakin?" She asked him.

"Yes, your Highness," He replied.

She laughed gently. "Here in my bedroom you may call me Amidala, Anakin."

She held herself over his dick and positioned it at the entrance to her
pussy, lowering herself just a little way onto it. Only the head was in, she
took her hand away, and lowered herself completely onto his cock. She wasn't
quite as tight as Padme, thought Anakin, but the way she moved her hips made
him feel so good! She took his hands and placed them on her breasts, guiding
them around her body. She knew she was going to cum soon, and from the look
of ecstasy on Anakin's face he probably wasn't far off. She wanted to bring
them both off together, and rocked a little faster on Anakins cock. She
started to moan involuntarily, that was it, she had to cum...Her orgasm
knocked her forward on top of Anakin, and she was dimly aware that he was
shooting greasy jets of sperm into her womb, her pussy clasping at his dick
trying to milk the last few spurts out of it. Amidala looked into Anakin's

"Was it good for you?" She asked, her eyes twinkling.

"U-u-unbelievable!" He gasped out.

"Good," She said, "We can do it again sometime."

* * *

Obi-wan met up with Qui-gon as soon as the repairs to the ship had gotten
under way.

"How did you do while I was away then?" asked Qui-gon.

Obi-wan smirked. "I got the handmaidens, Rabe and Eirtae, and the Queen."
Qui-gon looked impressed. "What about you?" asked Obi-wan.

"I got the boys mother, and I managed to get the boy to fuck Padme. And I
got him to fuck his own mother."

Obi-wan laughed. "Try and fuck the Queen sometime, she's dynamite."

* * *

Padme caught up with Anakin some hours later, and sat down beside him on
the bed he had been given. "What did you think of the Queen?" She asked,
although she already had a good idea. Anakin blushed slightly.

"She was amazing," He admitted. Padme nodded.

"Did you think she was beautiful too?" He nodded, but then said, "Not as
beautiful as you though."

Padme smiled, she had no doubt the boy meant every word. She pulled the hood
of her handmaidens garb back, shaking out some of her long dark hair. Gently,
not giving a reason, she pushed Anakin slowly onto his back, and then climbed
on top of him, straddling him across his stomach. She took his hands, and
moved them under the loose dress.

Anakin let her take his hands, felt the smooth skin of her thighs slide under
his palms and his fingers. She kept moving them up until they were on her
hips, and from there he moved them up to try and discover the waistband of
her panties. As he reached further up it became clear she wan't wearing any,
and he looked up at her, but her eyes merely twinkled.

"Further up," She whispered.

He moved his hands up as requested, encountering only the warm, yielding
flesh of her breasts, no bra. He began to play with them a little, twisting
the nipples and squeezing her breasts. Not hard, but she was getting worked
up over it.

"Oh, Anakin..." She murmured.

She began grinding her crotch against his body, and as he worked her tits
she began pulling off his clothes. His pants ended up simply around his
ankles, but he wasn't even thinking about that. He could feel Padme's wet
pussy grind against his stomach, and sometimes catching the head of his
dick too. Usually his dick slipped between the crack of her ass, and he was
close to cumming from that. At last he could stand it no longer, and jets
of spunk shot from his cock, making a gooey mess of Padme's ass crack.

Padme looked down at him, and pulled her dress off, revealing her totally
naked body. Anakin couldn't take his eyes away from the almost hairless
pussy, as he watched the girl lift herself up and hold his erect cock at
the entrance to her cunt. She slid down slowly, making them both groan in

Again they began to fuck, Padme controlling the pace. Though Anakin came
several times he remained hard throughout, and his sperm made her pussy even
wetter, until each time she dropped back down on his cock was accompanied by
a squelching sound, a mixture of cum and pussy juice being squeezed from her
cunt. Finally she felt herself getting hotter as her orgasm approached, and
Anakin too could feel the walls of her vagina rippling along his cock as the
muscles contracted, finally squeezing him tight as she came. He exploded
inside her again once more, and held her to him as they both relaxed. Tired
from their exertions, they fell asleep together.

* * *

As they were coming into Coruscant, Amidala asked how long it would take for
them to land. "Around 20 minutes your Highness," replied the pilot.

She seemed to digest this and got up from her throne, motioning Obi-wan to
follow her. He followed behind her swaying ass, resisting the urge to look
at it. The Queen's outfits had got progressively sluttier since she lost her
virginity to Obi-wan, and this one was black, but very nearly transparent.
Every curve of her body could be made out, and it was plainly visible that
she was wearing nothing underneath the dress.

When they got into the Queen's bedroom she knelt down in front of Obi-wan
and pulled his cock out, and began running her tongue up and down the length
of the hardening shaft. "Why are Jedi's cocks so big?" She asked.

Obi-wan grinned. "I don't know, its just something that happens. The more
powerful you are in the force, the bigger cock and more sexual stamina you

"It must come in handy," Said Amidala.

Obi-wan chuckled. "It has its good points," he replied.

Amidala took the now hard cock and swallowed the whole 9", her nose resting
in Obi-wans pubic hair. Obi-wan groaned. Of all the girls on the ship, she
was by far the best cocksucker, although he hadn't sampled Padme yet. He'd
have to try and get her on Coruscant. Amidala knew they did not have long,
so she put her full attention to the blowjob she was giving Obi-wan. It did
not take long before he was shooting his cum down her throat. She stood up,
and turned away from him, bending over and resting her hands on the bed in
front of her. Obi-wan pulled the dress up and draped it over her back so it
would not fall down again, and pressed the head of his cock into her pussy.
She groaned as it filled her, and he started slamming into her.

"Harder," she moaned, spurring him on to new heights. She could feel her
orgasm building, when Obi-wan pushed a finger into her tight little anus.
This sent her over the edge, and she fell face first onto the bed as her
legs gave way beneath her. She felt Obi-wan shoot his load deep inside her,
and lay there as she regained her breath. Obi-wan pulled out and stood up,
putting his cock away. Amidala stood up too, simply brushing her dress back
in place.

"Are you going out like that?" Asked Obi-wan. Amidala looked at him. "Why
not?" She asked.

"You've got cum running down your legs," replied Obi-wan.

Amidala looked down and half smiled as she saw that he was right, and then
walked out past him to where her handmaidens were waiting to escort her off
the ship.


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