Star Wars - Episode 1: The Queen's Inquistion (M/f,ncon,alien)
by Mike Jenner

"And now that your little insurrection has failed your Highness, you WILL
sign the treaty" Nute Gunray said calmly, almost enjoying the words.

Her plan to capture the trade viceroys a failure, Queen Amidala, in her
guise as Padme the hand maiden, now stood in the throne room with only
the Neimodian and his droid, her own people having been taken away to be
imprisoned or executed.

Amidala drew a deep breath and calmly stated "I will not sign anything
Chancellor. You cannot make me". As the words left her mouth she knew how
untrue this was and her mind began to race, conjuring up images as to what
Gunray would do to her to make her comply. She knew it was only a matter
of time before she was beaten.

"Queen Amidala, let me explain. In your very own dungeon awaits a Torellian
Torturer by the name of Tyro The Inquisitor. I am sure he will be delighted
to bring about your capitulation but let me warn you, it will not be
pleasant. You will suffer great pain and humiliation. I urge you to
re-consider". Gunray said calmly, almost genuinely.

The reputation of Torellians was well known to Amidala and fear gripped her
immediately. But she refused to show it and finally uttered definitely "Do
as you will, Viceroy. I will die before I sign the treaty".

Gunray gave a wry smile. "I doubt Tyro will allow you that escape your
majesty". And then, almost spitting, Gunray commanded the Queen to be taken
to the dungeon.

The old dungeon in the palace of Theed hadn't been used in decades and a
musty damp smell pervaded Amidala's nose as she shivered in the corner,
awaiting her fate. She had been trained about dealing with pain but knew
that the Torellian Torturer would employ techniques that were beyond
anything she could take.

As she stood there, her hair in a ponytail, her young body trembling, Amidala
looked like the 14 year old girl she was rather than a Queen of an entire
planet. She was alone, scared. But she knew she had to try to hold out as
long as she could.

Suddenly, the door opened and into the dungeon stepped Tyro, wearing what
appeared to be a surgeon's tunic. He stood at over 7 foot tall and was very
overweight, even for a Torellian. Amidala felt her stomach churn with terror.
In his hand was a large bag, which Amidala feared contained his hideous
instruments of suffering.

"Your majesty. Or should I call you Padme? This is going to be most
interesting" Tyro said, her calmly.

He removed a small device from his bag and passed it to Amidala. "Please put
this headband on my dear" he asked.

Amidala recognized the device. It was a Discipliner, used on certain worlds
to control slaves and prisoners. Strapped to the forehead, it could inflict
horrendous pain in the mind. Amidala refused.

"Please don't refuse me your Highness, I am not patient" Tyro said. At that,
Tyro grabbed Amidala's ponytail, wrenching her head back sharply and forcing
the headband into place around her temples. "There, now we can begin" Tyro
said, returning to his calm self.

The young Queen tried to remove the headband but it was clamped fast and it
wouldn't move. She knew that she was now within Tyro's power.

"Let me tell you what I am going to do" Tyro announced, using the
psychological advantage of making a torture victim aware of what was to
happen. He continued "First, I will have some fun with you, then I will
humiliate you. Then after I rape you I will inflict indescribably pain
upon you. Personally, I don't think we'll need to get that far, you'll
be begging me to let you sign that treaty within an hour" Tyro said

"Tell me, Queen Amidala, are you a virgin?" Amidala drew a deep breath and
remained silent.

Tyro stabbed at a small controller in his hand and Amidala felt a sudden
stabbing pain in her head, like an acute headache. She winced but remained

"This is just level one of the Disipliner" said Tyro. "It has 10 levels in
total, the final one being enough to destroy your mind". At that he flicked
the setting to level two and instantly the thumping pain in Amidala's head
increased, causing her to let out a groan. Her breathing increased as she
struggled to cope with the pain but still she did not talk.

Tyro increased the pain to level three and Amidala whimpered, her hands
moving to her head in a vain effort to remove the headband.

Suddenly, the pain stopped and Amidala slumped, gasping for breath. If that
was level three, how could she possible stand any more?

"Answer me, Amidala. Are you a virgin?" Amidala delayed but spotting Tyro's
finger on the controller, finally spoke. "Yes, of course I am. I am only 14

"14 yes, but you are a woman, or at least starting to become one. Tell me,
do you masturbate?" Asked Tyro.

Amidala was ashamed to answer and instead just stared at Tyro. But then
the pain engulfed her again and she knew she had to respond. "Yes, yes I
masturbate" she said through teeth clenched against the pain.

"Good said Tyro. I would like to see that. Undress for me please". He

Amidala's eyes welled with tears. The level three pain was still hammering
at her head but she could not give in to this request. No man had ever seen
her naked.

Sensing further defiance, Tyro increased the pain to the next level. Amidala
screamed as the unbearable searing pain ripped at her mind. She fell to the
floor, clutching her head, screaming. The pain stopped.

Tyro didn't need to ask again. Slowly, Amidala began to remove her clothes
until she stood only in her white bra and panties. She was sobbing with fear
and rage, her young body trembling.

"Take them all off" said Tyro calmly, fingering the controller device.
Terrified of another burst of pain, Amidala had to comply. She slipped her
bra off to reveal her tiny, girl-like breasts, capped with small pink nipples
which jutted outwards. Then she stepped out of her panties and Tyro gazed at
the small arrow of dark pubic hair that had only just started to grow between
Amidala's legs.

Tyro began to rub his groin through his tunic, disgusting Amidala. And then,
he slipped his trousers off to reveal a massive, erect, ugly penis with
glistened with sweat. Amidala almost passed out with the fear of that thing
invading her, violating her body. She was more scared than she had ever been
in her life and involuntarily she wet herself, a thin trickle of urine
dripping to the floor of the cell.

"Scared your highness?. I like that. But what a big baby, wetting yourself.
Time to teach baby a lesson I think. Clean up your mess….. lick it up" Tyro
said, still slowly playing with himself.

Amidala found a new inner strength, fuelled by rage and she spat at Tyro. He
rewarded her with a new stab of pain. "Lick it bitch" he insisted again and
increased the torture device a further level. Amiadala wailed in pain as the
device burnt into her mind. It stopped and she slumped forward, her face to
the floor. Slowly she moved to the tiny puddle she had made.

"DO IT" Tyro commanded and forced Amidala's face into the puddle with one
hand whilst tugging painfully at her ponytail with the other. The stone
floor grazed the queen's cheek and the warm yellow pool stung her there
immediately. Crying uncontrollably now, Amidala began to lick her own urine,
the acid stinging her tongue.

After a few minutes, Tyro commanded her to stop and the Queen lay on the
floor, face down, naked and crying, totally humiliated.

"Play with yourself for me" Tyro said calmly.

The Queen turned onto her back to face Tyro. "Go to hell you monster" she
screamed and regretted it immediately as the headband came back to life, now
at level six.

"Aaaggghhhh" screamed Amidala as she writhed in agony on the floor, clutching
her head, trying to stop the unbearable pain inside her. Her mind was on
fire, her very sole being eaten by wave after wave of unbearable unrelenting
energy. Amidala's face was contorted in pain, her hair caked to her forehead
by beads of sweat. Her jaw fell open and now she couldn't even tell if she
was actually screaming or not. All she knew was the pain.

It stopped and after a few minutes Amidala did what Tyro had commanded and
masturbated. It was so humiliating, having him watch this most private of

"Faster, finger yourself faster," Tyro said and Amidala had to oblige. Her
hand rubbed frantically at her young, barely pubescent vagina but there was
no pleasure. Amidala normally enjoyed masturbation and had often spent many
wondrous hours alone in her room, giving herself climax after climax,
wondering what it would be like to have a man inside her. But now this was
just mechanical, a perverted display for a monster done merely to avoid more

Tyro was now rubbing himself faster and faster, desperately excited by the
sight of this 14-year-old naked girl masturbating beneath him. As he neared
his climax, he moved his whole body towards Amidala's and, shoving his
engorged cock by her head, spurted his hot white come into her mouth and
onto her face and hair. Then he wiped his dripping member against her flesh.
The smell and taste made Amidala feel nauseous and she literally had to hold
back her vomit.

After a few moments, Tyro got up and dressed. He handed Amidala a towel.

"Clean yourself up. I'll be back soon". He said and departed, taking
Amidala's clothes with him. The Queen lay sobbing on the cold floor, knowing
what was going to be next.

Tyro returned within the hour and was now naked, his penis erect again. He
moved toward Amidala until she could smell his sweat.

Tyro grabbed Amidala's crotch and slipped three fingers into her, causing her
to cry out.

"Ah yes, my little virgin Queen, I forgot, you are untouched. Not for long

At that, Tyro shoved Amidala roughly to the floor and fell between her
thighs, pushing her legs apart. Amidala knew she was to be raped and tried
to relax to keep it from hurting. But she was too scared to be anything
other than tense.

On top, with his cock nudging against Amidala's pubic region, Tyro clawed at
her, squeezing her small breasts together painfully so that he could lick
both nipples together. And then, without warning, he thrust forward, his cock
entering Amidala's vagina with a ferocity that was unparalleled. Amidala
shrieked in pain as his cock shoved into her, tearing her hymen. He was too
big for her and his cock was stretching her vagina awfully. He thrust deeper,
grunting as he did so and all Amidala could do was lie there, taking his
weight and then terrible burning fire that rage between her legs.

Suddenly, Tyro withdrew and Amidala lay holding her aching genitals, a small
trickle of blood dripping from her labia where the hymen had been broken.

But then Tyro flipped Amidala over and grabbing her ponytail, wrenched her
head up towards him so he could kiss her whilst standing behind. She braced
herself for another penetration but with horror realized that his cock was
now resting between the cheeks of her buttocks. He was going to sodomise her.

"No, please, not that. Not there, anything but that" Amidala begged.

"Sign the treaty then" said Tyro.

Amidala bit her lips. She couldn't sign, it would condemn her people. She
would have to take the pain. She braced herself for Tyro's entry.

The man's cock throbbed against Amidala's anus, the head just pushing into
the opening.

This pain was bad enough and Amidala knew she wouldn't be able to take his
whole member inside her.

"Please... please" she begged, sobbing "at least... use some... Lubricati..."

Amidala could not complete her sentence as tyro shoved his cock hard into her
tight anus, using the weight of his body to slide his full length into her.

"Aaaaaggaggaghhhhhhhh" Amidala cried out. The pain was unbearable and her
eyes rolled back in their sockets as she blacked out for a few moments. When
she regained consciousness seconds later, she could fell Tyro's fingers
roughly being shoved in and out of her vagina as he continued to violate her
from behind, his penis tearing at her most sensitive part. So deep was he
thrusting into her anus, the pressure was almost enough to make Amidala's
bowels let go and she had to struggle not to mess herself.

After what seemed like hours, Tyro came, withdrawing as he did so and
splattering his sticky hot white jism over Amidala's buttocks and the opening
of her sore anus, which was now smeared with a tiny film of blood.

As the Queen lay there face down, whimpering from her ordeal, Tyro lifted
something else from his bag.

"Now, how about that treaty?" He said. Amidala lifted her head and squinted
through mists of her tears to see Tyro holding large, chrome penile shaped
object which was about as long as her forearm. It was obvious what this was
going to do to her.

Amidala broke down. She couldn't take any more of this hideous abuse. Her
body was wracked with pain, her most private parts exposed and violated.

Her voice cracked and trembling, Amidala spoke the words she dreaded.

"No, please, I can't... can't bear anymore. I'll... Sign... the... treaty.

The young Queen faded into blissful unconsciousness.



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