Star Wars - Episode 1: The Queen's Desire (f/b)
by Ninja

Chapter 1 - First Encounters

It had started innocently enough, Queen Amidala thought as the events of the
past few days flew by blurrishly in her mind. A rescue turned bad on Naboo
demanded her ship make emergency repairs on the nearest planet. That planet
had to be Tatooine. Disembarking, she disguised herself as her handmaiden,
Padme Naberrie in order to be allowed to join the team sent to explore the

Qui-Gon allowed her to join them reluctantly, warning her to stay close to
him. She did. As they entered the city, Master Qui-Gon Jinn instructed her
on how to act as people who were in the city were most likely to be of the
kind of folk who had no desire of being found. She had remembered her retort
was blunt and to the point. She wished now she had not rebeled even so
slightly against the wise Jedi Master.

Staring at the burning funeral pyre, she fought hard not to shed the tears
that threatened to burst forth from her eyes. Qui-Gon was a good man, one
whom could be trusted implicitly. The galaxy should have lots more men like
him. Being 14 years old was tough. Being a 14 year old queen, ruler of an
entire world was next to impossible. At times even she, herself, wondered
why the Naboo elected her. But her story didn't end with entering into a
Tatooine settlement.

She entered an establishment with Qui-Gon and Jar Jar Binks, a kooky tall
Gungan thief. When she was about to get settled into the business mindset,
things had shifted for her. Watto had called in his helper, a young boy. He
was cute. Well, he wasn't all THAT young. He looked about 10, about eight
inches shorter than her with dirty blond hair. She didn't really know what
to say to him as Qui-Gon and Watto left to bargain for the necessary hyper
drive parts. So instead, the boy started the conversation for her.

"Are you an angel?" he asked. She was taken off guard, "What?" So he asked
again, and explained that someone he knew explained that angels were a very
beautiful species that lived on a far away world. She was impressed, he
seemed very smart. Looks...brains...what more could a girl ask for. She was
taken by him, would have said so, too, but he continued explaining that he
was sold to Watto.

"You're a slave?" she asked seemingly unable to believe it. The boy
stiffened, sitting up a bit straighter, "I'm a person, and my name is
Anakin." She felt a bit ashamed. Nervousness set in as she was uncertain
how to rectify her behavior. Anakin kept talking a bit and Amidala was
listening intently. Well, she would have been if Jar Jar hadn't been
poking around with a Pit Droid that suddenly decided to spring around and
make loud noise when its "nose" was tapped.

Soon Qui-Gon and Watto arrived again and they decided to take their leave.
Amidala looked at Anakin and smiled, "It was nice to have met you." Turning
she left. "It was nice to have met you, too!" she heard him calling from
outside the establishment.

Chapter 2 - The Stirrings

Her story hadn't even stopped there. Walking for a short ways Jar Jar ran
into some trouble with a local podracer named Sebulba threatening to, as
Anakin put it, turn Jar Jar into orange goo. But, there again, the young
boy had stepped in and helped them out. Queen Amidala was beginning to
think that there was something very mysterious about him, indeed.

Informing the group that a sand storm was coming shortly after that, Anakin
invited them to stay at his house with his mother. It was while they were
eating that they disovered Anakin was into a very fast, very dangerous sport
called podracing. Much was discussed at the dinner table and a plan was
reached on how to easily acquire the parts needed to fix the broken hyper
drive on the star ship.

During the entire podrace, Amidala was tense, she was so affraid for her new
friend. But he was becoming more than just a friend in her heart. She was
beginning to have feelings for him. When Anakin won the podrace in 1st place,
her heart leapt for joy and she admited to herself that she had never known
such elation.

Later on the ship, she had approached the comm panel and reviewed the message
that she had recieved from her contact on Naboo. Things didn't look good and
she was more than a little worried. Since she was still disguised as her
handmaiden, Padme, she approached young Anakin who was sitting quietly by the
table. He confided to her that he was very cold. She brought him over a spare
blanket. Covering him softly, she looked down at him, not quite sure how to
express her love for him, not quite sure if love was a word she should use
around him.

She again was taken aback when he confessed that he had made something for
her. When she looked at it, her heart began beating faster, then began
swelling when he told her that he carved it himself to bring her good
fortune. She told him that she didn't need it. She told him that no matter
where she went she would always remember him and care for him. He then had
very bluntly told her that he cared for her, too. She wanted to cry. Anakin
was in love with Padme when all along it was Queen Amidala disguised as her
handmaiden. She wanted to tell him, but was affraid how he'd react.

Chapter 3 - The Awakening

As soon as he confesses his affections for her, she takes him into her arms
and kisses him with the utmost in passion. Her sexual hunger stirring deep
within her. Right there, with Jar Jar asleep not more than three feet away,
they kiss like there's no tomorrow. Anakin's always a very skillful kisser.
Always. His tongue always knows exactly what to do. With gentle caresses, his
hands stroke her cheeks and neck.

Soon she has stripped off all of her clothes and stands before the young boy
in the nude, but he doesn't sit idly by either. He is undressed soon as well.
Jar Jar just vanishes. He no longer is. They come together as one again,
their mouthes meeting hungrily, their kiss deep as their tongues dance to an
erotic tempo that only they can hear. His fingers and hands touching her all
over, everywhere, her young breasts, her barely hair-covered cunt. Shivers of
excitement course through her body every time. EVERY TIME.

She lays him back and kisses her way down his body, his little boy erection
standing up straight and proud. He's no longer wearing an innocent
expression, instead his face is smiling, he's got a confident expression,
one that's almost dark in its very nature. He's always laughing at her, he's
always looking down on her, making her feel lower than what she really is.
She is queen. QUEEN, she always reminds herself. But still the expression

Putting it out of her mind, she takes his hardness into her mouth and
lavishly works it over with her tongue. His expression never changes from
the confident smile, but she doesn't care. She never cares. He was once
very sweet and kind, and even though he's no longer sweet and kind, she
remembers him as he once was and that is what prompts her to go on.

Without waiting for any signal, she straddles him, sitting down swiftly,
Anakin's hardness plunging deeply inside of her. She always cries out in
pleasure/pain. The first feelings are always so incredible, so inevitable
she nearly has an orgasm right there. Her cunt is definately juicing enough.
With an incredibly fast pace she begins bouncing up and down on his suddenly
huge cock. She's not quite sure how it got so big, but she's not really in
the mood for caring. Her love, her affection, her young, handsome Anakin is
all that matters.

Placing her hand down between her legs, she slowly begins rubbing her aching
clitoris in fast paced circles, sending her higher and higher into oblivious
ecstacy. Her head is throbbing. Always throbbing, pounding. Her mouth then
drops open as she pinches her clit firmly, her breathing ragged and rushed.
Her young breasts bouncing slightly with every up-down motion, her eyes
squeezed tightly shut. No matter how many times she fucks him, she can't get
over the feeling that she is with someone other than her Anakin.

Soon, she cries out in pleasure as her vaginal walls clamp down around her
lovers hard cock milking his cum from the hard shaft, and then it happens.
She is impregnated on the spot as he releases his sperm into her womb.
Sweating profusely she collapses backwards out of breath.

Epilogue - Reality Bites

At least, that's the way it SHOULD have happened, Queen Amidala thought as
she glanced away from the funeral fires of Qui-Gon Jinn. Instead it was
merely a fantasy of hers. Something she thought of when by herself and needed
sexual relief. Her feelings for young Anakin were very real, but she could
never be with him, it just wouldn't work out. Things like that never work

Her mind a million miles away from the funeral pyre, back on board the space
ship just after leaving Tatooin, her heart ached for Anakin's confidence. For
his trust... for his love. Her lower lip threatened to quiver and give away
her emotions. But, maybe she should cry, maybe. No, she was the queen. But
still, shouldn't SOME grief be allowed.

Her mind wandered to the landing platform on Coruscant where she and Anakin
had exchanged a warm affectionate smile and her heart swelled larger than
before. Glancing away from the flames that licked the body of Qui-Gon, a tear
rolled down her cheek, and nobody who looked at her was the wiser.



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