Star Wars - Episode 1: The Lust Of The Sith (M/ff,bond,whip)
by PJ

Darth Maul left the two whining Neimoidians in the Queen's Throne Room, his
long, black cloak making him part of the darkness that filled the long
passageway. He glanced to his right, through the tall, narrow windows that
lined the outer hallway displaying the clear, peaceful night sky of Naboo.
Maul clasped his gloved hands behind his back, filled with barely restrained
energy, the power of the Dark Side whispering to him, begging him to let go
of his inhibitions. Using the mental discipline his race was noted for, Maul
ignored the Dark Side's seductive murmurs, instead he concentrated on his
surroundings, mapping the Palace's layout in his mind while he explored every
chamber and every dark corridor.

"Why are you stationed here?" demanded Darth Maul from a battle droid who
stood on one side of a highly polished wooden door.

"I was ordered to guard the Queen's handmaidens that she left behind when she
fled Naboo," replied the droid.

"You are dismissed," commanded Maul with a slash of his left arm.

"Roger, roger," nodded the battle droid, marching loudly down the hallway
with one companion at its side.

When the droids were lost from sight, Maul unlocked the portal and walked

Sache stood up abruptly, leaving Yane's side, where she sat bent over with
despair on a window ledge.

"Who are you?" demanded the raven-haired girl.

"I am Darth Maul, a warrior of the Sith," replied Maul proudly, his golden
eyes raking up and down Sache's body.

Sache backed away a step from the ominous man, his lust for her almost

Yane turned her head slowly to see who Sache was speaking with. When the
red-maned girl beheld Maul, she gasped, covering her open mouth with her

"You will both come with me," ordered Maul, reaching out to both girls with
tendrils of the Force, binding their wills to his.

Yane stood up, joining Sache on the short journey to the Sith's side.

Maul caressed Sache's left cheek, a gift from a master to a cherished pet.
The Sith turned his back on the two handmaidens, leaving the spacious room
with his prizes trailing behind.

* * *

Darth Maul led Sache and Yane to his Infiltrator, which rested in a secluded
open courtyard of the immense Palace. He touched a control on the wrist link
he wore on his left arm, and the landing ramp of the Infiltrator hissed open,
smoothly lowering to the ground. Maul strode up the ramp, the handmaidens
close behind. When Sache and Yane were inside, Maul tapped in another command
on his link, and the ramp cycled shut.

Punching more orders into his link, the deck in the main cabin slid open,
allowing a large, circular bed to rise up from its storage bay.

"Remove your clothing," said Maul as he walked towards a storage compartment
next to the port bulkhead.

Sache and Yane obediently slid out of their bright red robes, standing naked
on the deck, arms resting against their sides, awaiting Maul's next command.

"Come here, Sache," instructed Maul.

Sache walked forward until the Sith motioned for her to stop.

Maul touched another control on his link, lowering a set of chains and wrist
manacles from the bulkhead above.

"Raise your arms."

Sache raised up her slim pale white arms, the flesh of her armpits smooth and

Maul called on the Force, which positioned the manacles around Sache's
upraised wrists and snapped them firmly shut.

Maul walked slowly behind Sache, uncoiling a gleaming silver shock whip. He
released her mind from his control, his thin lips curling into a malevolent

"What...? Where am I?" stammered Sache, her voice laced with fear.

Maul slashed forward with the shock whip, smacking Sache's right shoulder.

Sache screamed, her entire body convulsing from the nerve-shattering jolt
conveyed by the whip. Maul continued to smile as he lashed Sache's back,
buttocks, and thighs with his weapon. Sache screamed again and again, her
voice becoming raw, her throat constricting from the undescribable agony.
The naked girl hung limply in her wrist bonds, her skin seared with narrow
red bruises.

"Climb onto the bed," said Maul towards Yane.

The redhead quickly complied, lying on her right side upon the bed so she
could face Maul and her bound friend.

"Finger your pussy."

Yane dipped her left index finger into her young cunt, stroking her slit,
prying the folds of her pussy open for her master's pleasure.

Maul moved close to Sache's body, inhaling the reek of her sweat beading on
her hot flesh. He reached around her left hip, squeezing her left breast in
his hand, clenching tighter and tighter until she groaned with pain. He
licked from the base of her spine to the back of her neck, sampling the
flavor of her skin, relishing her pain as well as her body. Maul yanked back
on Sache's dark hair, his gloved left hand sliding down her slim belly to
her crotch. He rubbed her cunt, the leather of his glove caressing her clit,
teasing it until the little nub became stiff with excitement.

"No," moaned Sache while she felt her pussy grow moist from the Sith's touch.
Maul purred like a stalking lion into Sache's left ear. He lightly probed
into the girl's slit, the inside of her vagina glistening with her forming
juices. Maul glanced at Yane on the bed, the young girl masturbating with
both of her hands between her closed legs, moaning weakly as the Sith filled
her with more and more lust.

"Your young friend's mind is weak," observed Maul, whispering softly into
Sache's ear. "I hardly have to use any power at all to make her act like a

If Sache had any retort, she didn't use it because Maul resumed his sensual
assault on her helpless body, scratching the opening of her cunt with his
left hand while cupping her right breast with the other, fondling the small,
dangling mound of young flesh. Sache moaned deeply, her legs trembling, her
hips shaking as the Sith poked his fingers into her pussy, pushing them
deeper and deeper into her musky honey pot.

Maul retrieved a leather strip from his belt. He fastened it around Sache's
mouth, gagging her neatly. The Sith opened the front of his pants before
brandishing his long cock next to Sache's bare, taut ass. He rubbed the bound
girl's left buttock, then pried her crack open, inserting his shaft into
Sache's cunt. Sache screamed into her gag, eyes wide while Maul rammed his
meat into her belly. He started pumping back and forth, holding her steady
by placing his left palm over her clenched stomach, his right palm slapping
her right buttock as he violated her. The chains holding Sache's arms up
chimed melodically while Maul pumped deeper into Sache, their bodies slamming
together, Sache's tits jiggling with each powerful thrust.

Maul humped against Sache's ass without letup, pounding into her again and
again until the girl thought he would rip her in two. With a sharp grunt,
Maul orgasmed inside Sache, squirting his seed within her.

"Come here," commanded Maul to Yane.

The gleaming, naked girl rolled off the bed, kneeling in front of Maul.

"Suck it."

Yane wrapped her small fingers around the base of Maul's cock, covering the
dripping tip with her mouth, her smooth cheeks becoming taut as she sucked
deeply on the Sith's prick. Maul groaned softly, closing his golden eyes,
biting his lower lip while he stroked Yane's rich, red hair. Yane took the
entire length of Maul's cock into her throat, her tongue caressing the
engorged vein that ran from base to tip. Yane withdrew her lips, licking the
throbbing head, enfolding just the tip with her hot mouth, her tongue tasting
the cum that still lingered. Maul reached down, fondling Yane's left breast
while she rubbed her lips and nose over the head of his penis, inhaling his
overpowering, irresistible scent.

Maul grabbed Yane's small shoulders, pulled her up, and pushed her roughly
on top of the bed. He crawled aboard after her, pushing her slim legs apart,
tilting her crotch up for easier penetration. Maul bent down to lick Yane's
small kneecaps. He rubbed his lips up both of her warm thighs, licking her
tiny cunt when it came within reach. Yane moaned loudly, arching her back so
Maul could devour her pussy. The Sith wrapped his arms around Yane's waist,
burying his mouth in her cunt, sucking loudly on her fuck hole. Yane's whole
body shivered, her tender lips quivered as sensual fire exploded between her

Maul pulled away from Yane's pussy, her honey flowing down his red chin. He
straightened, hands resting on Yane's rounded hips while he rubbed his erect
cock up and down the young girl's slit. He thrust violently into Yane's
vagina, impaling her over and over in quick succession. Yane groaned, drool
flecking her lips, her tits quivering from the impacts. Maul raised Yane's
right leg, placing it against his left shoulder. He licked the warm, silky,
young flesh, then gnawed on it like he would a piece of fowl. Again and again
he entered Yane's cunt, her vagina clasping his cock, sucking it deep into
her stomach. Maul's thrusts became harder, his crotch crashing against hers
with the force of a battle cruiser. Yane closed her eyes, mouth slack, small
fingers clawing at the soft silk sheets beneath her. The Sith rammed his cock
into Yane one last time, then released a torrent of hot cum into her womb.

Darth Maul climbed off the disheveled bed, walking to a nearby counter
to retrieve a bottle of water. He drank deeply, the water restoring his
strength. Setting the bottle down, Maul regarded the two naked handmaidens
before him, one hanging bonelessly from her wrist manacles, the other
supine and panting upon his bed.

The Sith pulled out the shock whip from beneath his belt. He sent a charge
through its length, approaching Sache with a wicked light in his narrowed,
golden eyes.



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