Star Wars - Episode 1: Sin City (M/f,ncon,alien)
by PJ

The landing ramp of the Nubian cycled down, touching the surface of the
landing platform with a soft thud. Queen Amidala descended the ramp with
haughty grace, flanked by Guard Captain Panaka and Qui-Gon Jinn. Obi-Wan
stayed close to his master, only looking back once to wink at Rabe. Rabe
dipped her hooded head, her face hot. She glanced to her right, noticing
that Eirtae had wandered a short distance away to look up at the towering
skyscrapers of the capital.

"They're so tall!" gasped Eirtae when Rabe joined her. "I've never seen
buildings reach so far up into the sky!"

"Come on, the Queen is boarding the Supreme Chancellor's shuttle," urged
Rabe gently, taking the younger girl's left arm and guiding her towards the
waiting Chancellor's Guard.

"Do you think the Queen will let us visit the city?" whispered Eirtae

"Perhaps," nodded Rabe with a small smile, catching some of Eirtae's

* * *

"Majesty," said Rabe, entering the room where Amidala stood gazing out a
huge, circular window. "I have a request."

"What is it, Rabe?" replied Amidala, glancing at her handmaiden.

"Eirtae would like to see the sights of Coruscant. She is young and has never
been off-world before."

"Yes, I know," nodded Amidala, returning her gaze to the never-ending
skyline, the towers seemingly surrounded in bright red flame as the sun set.
"Have you prepared my garb for tomorrow morning's Senate meeting?"

"Yes, Majesty," bowed Rabe.

"Then Eirtae may go, with you along to keep her out of trouble," smiled
Amidala, regarding Rabe with amusement. "Have fun for me as well, please."

"Thank you, Majesty," grinned Rabe, bowing low before leaving the Queen.

* * *

"What should I wear, Rabe?" giggled Eirtae, her face glowing with
anticipation while she rummaged through her small trunk of clothes.

"Something plain and unpretentious, unless you want every thief in the city
assaulting us," replied Rabe acerbically.

"Spoilsport!" accused Eirtae, sticking her tongue out at Rabe before
returning her attention to the mass of clothing in front of her.

Rabe leaned against the wall, tapping her foot, then pacing the room, then
finally throwing up her hands and grabbing the first piece of clothing she
could seize and pressing it into Eirtae's arms.

* * *

The two young handmaidens left the Queen's reserved chambers well after
sunset. They wore long, flowing dark blue cloaks with hoods. Both girls wore
loose navy blue pants tucked into ankle boots, and plain, sky blue tunics.
Rabe wore her hair in a tight bun, but Eirtae let her shoulder length blonde
locks fall freely about her shoulders. Rabe summoned an automated shuttle,
which picked them up and then dove down into the dark bowels of the vast
metropolis. Eirtae practically placed her face on an observation window,
watching the brightly lit buildings slide by. The shuttle smoothly landed
on a landing pad next to a crowd-choked street. Rabe and Eirtae melded into
the crowd, nearly crushed against each other by the swarm of humans and
aliens around them. Rabe grabbed Eirtae's small hand, leading the way through
the throng to a side street that was much less populated. Bright store signs
glowed on either side of the boulevard, advertising clothing shops,
restaurants, and other businesses that catered to the citizens of Coruscant.
Eirtae broke free of Rabe, rushing into the closest clothing store, her eyes
alight with avarice. Rabe sighed, shaking her cowled head, following her
young companion into the shop.

* * *

"It's a bit...daring," observed Rabe while the two girls walked along the
edge of a massive courtyard, an immense, under-lit fountain spraying in the

"I like it! It makes me look like a Queen!" giggled Eirtae as she spun on her
heels, the filmy veils of her garment's sleeves fluttering like gauzy wings
around her. The top part of her outfit was a puffy tube top of hot pink, the
material so transparent an admirer could see Eirtae's nipples pressing
against the delicate, airy fabric. Eirtae's stomach was bare, but her legs
were draped in loose, reddish pink pantaloons, slits cut along the sides to
show Eirtae's slim, creamy white legs.

"More like a whore," grumbled Rabe.

"That's mean!" frowned Eirtae, her eyes becoming moist.

"I'm sorry!" apologized Rabe quickly. "You look very nice!"

"Thanks," sniffled Eirtae. "Hey! Let's get something to drink! I'm thirsty!"

Eirtae shot forward again, followed closely by Rabe. The girls entered a
large tavern, bright laser lights flashing across the ceiling, dancing girls
of every race swaying on small circular platforms spaced around the tavern's

"What will you lovely creatures be having tonight?" translated a small round
protocol droid hanging from the wookie bartender's well-tooled belt.

"May I suggest a Sumarian Sunset?" said a voice behind and to the left of

The young girl spun, looking up at a slim, rakishly dressed man with a
mischievous, crooked smile.

"Yes! That's what we'll have!" nodded Eirtae.

As Eirtae watched the tall, hairy wookie fix their drinks, Rabe crossed her
arms over her chest, regarding the man before her warily.

"And you are?" inquired Rabe with an upraised eyebrow.

"Benroy Rowe, miss, Republic Security," replied the man with a short bow.

"You've been following us?"

"From a discreet distance. It's standard procedure for visiting dignitaries,
and their entourages."

"I see," nodded Rabe, taking the tall, fluted glass offered to her by the

"This is really good!" grinned Eirtae, sipping her drink over and over.

"I'm glad you approve, my lady," said Benroy, offering his crooked smile

Eirtae giggled, blushing deeply, lowering her eyes to her glass.

Rabe sampled her drink, smiling appreciatively at the sweet taste.

"Very nice."

"I'm gratified that it pleases you," grinned the agent.

"Are you going to stand over us all night?"

"I can blend into the crowd if it will make you more comfortable," offered

"No, no, that's alright," replied Rabe with a small wave of her hand. "You
can stay."

"Benroy! What's he saying?" asked Eirtae, pointing at a squat Dug who stood
next to her, looking up at her with wide, hopeful eyes.

"He's asking if you would like to dance with him," called out Benroy over a
sudden crash of loud music.

"Sure!" smiled Eirtae widely, slurping the remainder of her drink, then
setting the empty glass aside before she followed the lank-limbed Dug towards
the dance area.

"Will she be safe? I've heard bad things about Dugs," frowned Rabe.

"They are no more completely good or evil than any other race in the galaxy,"
answered Benroy before sipping lightly from his own beverage.

"Is it exciting being a Security agent on Coruscant?" asked Rabe loudly over
the music.

"Not really. It's been quiet for years, the Jedi have seen to that,"
responded Benroy.

"Then why did you join Security?"

"Girls like men in uniform," grinned Benroy.

"Really!" sniffed Rabe, eyeing the handsome agent, then breaking into a warm

"Would you like to dance, lady handmaiden?"

"I would, good sir," nodded Rabe formally, taking Benroy's hand and letting
him guide her to the dance floor.

* * *

Eirtae and the Dug snuck out into the alley behind the tavern. The Dug
bumped Eirtae against the opposite wall, his small, manipulator hands
fondling the girl's thighs. Eirtae bit her lower lip, her body hot from
dancing and liquor. She allowed the Dug to pull down her pantaloons,
then lower her panties. He thrust his snout forward, rubbing her pussy
with his nose, his tongue flicking out to fondle her clit. Eirtae moaned
softly, her legs trembling as the alien sucked on her labia, his tongue
washing up and down her cunt. The girl grabbed the top of the Dug's head,
pushing his snout against her pussy, rubbing her slit on his wet tongue.

The stun rod barely touched Eirtae's left thigh, but it was enough to make
her body convulse violently before it slumped over the Dug. The alien
snarled in its own language, ordering his large, glistening subordinate to
pick up the unconscious girl and carry her after him.

* * *

"Can you see Eirtae?" asked Rabe breathlessly, her small hands resting on
Benroy's chest.

"No," replied the agent, his eyes narrowing, scanning everything around them
for some sign of the handmaiden.

"We should break up, look for her!" snapped Rabe, pushing away from Benroy.

"Stay with me!" countered Benroy, grasping Rabe's hand, holding it tight
while he combed the tavern for Eirtae. The agent searched every inch of the
room, but found nothing.

"Excuse me, sir?" offered the protocol droid on the bartender's belt.

"What is it?" snapped Benroy.

"My master says that if you're looking for your other companion, she went
with her dance partner through the far door."

"Damn it!" swore Benroy, pulling Rabe after him to the exit.

Benroy released Rabe to draw a small blaster pistol from the inside of his
black jacket. He opened the exit door, thrusting the pistol before him. Rabe
followed the agent outside, her hands clenched together.

"Nothing," growled Benroy, looking down both ends of the alley before
returning his gun to his jacket.

"Here!" corrected Rabe, squatting on the ground near the far wall to pick up
a piece of gauzy fabric.

"This is from Eirtae's new outfit!"

"She's been kidnapped! I'll call Control, have them put out a search for that

"We should hurry!" said Rabe, looking up at Benroy with fear-filled eyes.

* * *

"She will fetch a fine price, yes?" chuckled the Dug, addressing the tall,
robed Twi'lek in front of him.

"Yes, my master will be very pleased," grinned the taller alien, baring his
fangs in a cold smile as he turned his head to regard the bound captive.

Eirtae knelt on the cold floor, her arms manacled behind her back, a gag
fastened around her mouth. The girl's outfit was in tatters, providing no
protection from the leering gazes of her captors.

"I need to make final preparations to have her transported into Hutt space.
I will return in the morning with your fee."

"Excellent!" nodded the Dug, rubbing his manipulator hands together as he
followed the Twi'lek outside the room. "You! Guard her! Make sure she doesn't

The huge, bloated, tentacle-limbed creature rumbled in acknowledgment,
closing the door after his master. He swung his many eyestalks toward Eirtae,
his wide mouth opening, releasing a curtain of drool down his fat torso.
Eirtae moaned into her gag, trying to crawl away from the large creature with
her knees. The alien walked forward, his wide feet pounding into the floor as
he approached, closer and closer to the young girl. Eirtae screamed into her
gag, crawling faster until she lost her balance and fell over onto her side.
The alien loomed over her, tentacles writhing, eye stalks locked on her
helpless body. With a burbling groan, the alien bent down, tendrils reaching
behind Eirtae to free her arms, unbuckling the strap that gagged her mouth.

"Please, don't hurt me!" begged Eirtae, tears flowing down her cheeks.

The alien groaned, his eyestalks blinking, then his tentacles shot forward,
wrapping around Eirtae's arms and legs, pulling her towards him.

* * *

"The Dug is a known slaver. I don't know how he could have gotten on-planet,"
said the female agent with a shake of her head.

"Knowing the tastes of some of our Senators, I can make a few guesses,"
replied Benroy darkly. "Do we know where he stays?"

"A small warehouse in beta quadrant," answered the agent quickly. "Do you
want me to organize a team?"

"No! If the Chancellor hears about this we're in deep poodu! I'll take care
of it!"

"I'm coming with you!" declared Rabe.

"Forget it, Rabe. It's too dangerous!"

"The Queen ordered me to watch Eirtae! She's my responsibility!"


"I'm serious!"

Benroy sighed. "Very well. Here, take this."

The agent held out a blaster pistol to Rabe. The girl took it without
hesitation, checking the power cell, then slipping it behind her belt.

"Let's go," smiled Benroy without humor, leading the young handmaiden to
a waiting speeder transport.

* * *

Eirtae grimaced, her pussy throbbing as the alien thrust itself into her,
again and again, a never-ending assault on her cunt. Tentacles slithered
around her thighs, greasing them with reeking, clinging slime. She lay
trapped atop the alien's bloated body, its flesh pulsating beneath her
back and ass, tendrils squeezing her small, pale tits until she thought
they would be torn off. A thick tentacle coiled around her throat, its
phallic head bobbing in front of her face. It gave off an overpowering
musky stench, the smell nearly made the girl faint. Without warning, the
tentacle tip slipped into her gasping mouth, rolling between her jaws.
Eirtae moaned weakly, her naked body shuddering as her captor rammed up
into her belly, its cock oozing and writhing within her vagina.

The alien pushed on Eirtae's back, bending her forward, her small ass rising
up towards his dripping maw. He unwrapped a long, slime-slick tongue, licking
Eirtae's ass with it, stroking her cock-filled pussy. Eirtae moaned softly,
she closed her eyes, trying to banish the feeling of her honey slipping down
between her shivering thighs.

* * *

The warehouse was dark, no interior lights visible from Benroy and Rabe's
hiding place.

"Is anyone there?" asked Rabe in a whisper.

"Yes. One man on the roof with a blaster rifle," replied Benroy.

"What do we do?"

"Announce ourselves," said the Security agent, tossing a small globe to the
left of their position.

The globe rolled for several meters, then exploded in a bright sphere of
white light and sound. The guard on the roof ran to the edge, aiming and
firing his blaster at the source of the noise. Benroy raised his blaster
pistol, firing two quick shots that seared into the roof guard's chest.
The man fell limply off the roof, smashing wetly onto the ground.

"C'mon!" urged Benroy, running across the empty street to the main door of
the warehouse. Rabe stayed close, her blaster held in both hands, ready to
burn down any other guards who appeared. Benroy attached a lock breaker to
the door, the little device beeping several times before bleeping once.
Benroy retrieved his instrument, then slowly slid the large door open.
Agent and handmaiden tentatively walked into the warehouse's dark interior,
weapons ready.

A blaster shot rang out, knocking Benroy off his feet.

"Benroy!" screamed Rabe.

A heavy weight slammed into Rabe's right arm, pushing her to the floor.

"You are very troublesome, yes?" hissed the Dug, holding Rabe down with his
powerful walking arms while his smaller manipulators attempted to snatch
the girl's gun.

"What did you do with Eirtae?" shrieked Rabe, holding onto her pistol with
a death grip.

"Bind her tight, yes!" cackled the Dug, ripping Rabe's tunic open with his
small, sharp nails. "Sell her as slave to Hutts! Make much money, yes?"

"No!" screamed Rabe, stabbing the trigger of the blaster pistol.

The Dug shrieked, quivering in agony, then falling bonelessly onto his back.
A smoking hole in his chest showed where Rabe's blaster bolt had struck.

"Rabe! Are you alright?" demanded Benroy, laying his hand on the girl's left

"Yes," whispered Rabe, glancing down at her body, then covering herself with
her cloak when she noticed her breasts showing through the slash made in her
tunic by the Dug's nails.

Benroy chuckled softly while Rabe's face burned.

"We better free Eirtae," reminded Rabe, holding her cloak shut with her left
hand while grasping her blaster tightly with her right.

* * *

Eirtae choked as thick, viscous green cum gushed over her face, spilling
into her gasping mouth. The alien's milky semen flowed down her neck onto
her shaking breasts, clinging to her stomach as her tormentor pulled her
legs even wider apart, impaling her cunt over and over, his huge cock
pulsating with obscene lust as he probed ever deeper into her violated
womb. Eirtae was numb from the alien's abuse, the only thing she seemed
to feel was her own juices slithering down her legs, glistening on her
pussy while the fat alien beneath her shoved his bloated tendril of meat
between her young thighs.

Eirtae weakly raised her head when a noise sounded across the room. She
blinked her pain-filled eyes when she saw a blurry vision of a man and a
girl who looked amazingly like Rabe. The couple raised their blasters,
hesitating only briefly before opening fire on the large, multi-limbed
alien. The creature screamed, his howls of agony raking Eirtae's ears as
he died. The tentacles trapping Eirtae against the alien's body slackened,
and the naked girl fell to the floor.

"Eirtae! Eirtae!" exclaimed Rabe urgently, cradling the girl's slime-covered

"Rabe," smiled Eirtae wanly before she passed out.

* * *

"It's time for your bath, Majesty," informed Rabe from the bedroom doorway.

"Alright," nodded Amidala, stroking Eirtae's forehead one last time. The
Queen stood up from the chair she had sat in all night while she watched the
young handmaiden sleep.

"The doctor says she'll be fully recovered by the time you return from the
Senate meeting," said Rabe, escorting Amidala to the bathing chamber.

"Good. One less thing to worry about," murmured Amidala wearily.

"You'll make the Senate see, I have faith in you," smiled Rabe, taking
Amidala's hand briefly.

"I hope you are right," replied the Queen, returning Rabe's smile. The two
girls kissed softly, then entered the bathing room together to begin a
momentous day.

* * *

"Rabe?" whispered Eirtae when she woke up, her throat raw and aching.

"She's gone with the Queen. She'll return soon," answered Benroy, helping
the girl sit up so she could sip from a glass of water.

"You're Mr. Rowe," smiled Eirtae softly, leaning back into her pillows.

"Benroy, please," smiled the agent crookedly, holding lightly onto Eirtae's
hand. "You don't have to worry, the Dug and the alien are dead."

"Good," nodded Eirtae, her eyes hard. She looked at Benroy. "Thank you."

"It's my job," smiled Benroy, squeezing Eirtae's slim fingers.



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