Star Wars - Episode 1: Processing The Queen (f/droids,ncon)
by Vcry Gunray

Queen Amidala, her handmaidens, the security chief Captain Panaka and several
others stood before Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray. Amidala shivered,
though somewhat comical in appearance, the Neimodian undoubtably had some
sadistic plans for her and her people. It seemed strange, though, that this
seemingly weak creature would suddenly grow the audacity to invade Naboo.
Secretly the young Queen wondered if Nute was really in charge here. Not that
that mattered now, it was important to focus on escape from the Federation's

"Process them," Nute Gunray said with a sly grin, waving his hand towards one
of the Command Battle Droids with yellow markings. This would be an amusing
venture indeed. As the captives were led away, Nute sighed to himself,
cursing his natural Nemodian cowardice. Perhaps one day he would work up the
courage to put his prisoners through the process himself, but for now, the
Battle Droids would suffice. He sighed again, and walked into his newly
claimed Throne Room.

Daultay Dofine, his long time comrade in the business, stood tinkering with
a device.

"Is the mechanism prepared, Dofine?" Gunray said with a mixture of anxiety
and giddyness.

"Yes, Viceroy," Dofine's Neimoidian accent was incredibly difficult for human
ears to comprehend, but the same was true of a Human's voice to a Neimoidian.

"Viceroy, if I may ask, may I hook up this time?"

Nute sighed again, "Dault, last time you hooked up, you made such a-"

"Not this time! I promise Viceroy!" Dofine smacked his lips together in a
Neimoidian gesture of pleading.

Nute sighed once more, "Very well. But don't short circuit again, this is
very delicate equipment!"

"Of course, Viceroy," Dofine grinned and clambered into a seat opposite a
strange array of equipment as Gunray did the same. "This round should be
incredibly fun, Viceroy... with her will power... oh, it will be astounding!"

Dofine waved his hand over a control panel with a holo of basic Neimoidian
anatomy on it, and pushed downwards. A series of machinery extended from the
black box-like structure in front of Nute and Daulty, and proceeded to engulf
the two Neimoidians, placing sensors and probes in various places on their
body. Videoscreen headsets extended from above thier heads and took their
place before the two Neimoidian's bulbous eyes.

With a hum the equipment came to life, Gunray could see from the optical
sensors of Commander OOM-9, and Dofine from those of X-37.

"We are ready, Commander. Begin the Process," Gunray spoke through a small
transmitter to OOM-9, the recieving end deep inside his head, only the droid
would hear his commands. Nute and Daultay sat back, ready to enjoy the show.

Within the high walls of Camp Five, OOM-9 led the royal captives to a small
alleyway, none of the other prisioners should be able to see or hear them
from here, and if they did, the two Droideka guards would solve that problem
rather easily. The duckbill head of OOM- 9 stared down at the young queen,
his optical sensor's projecting a nice picture to his masters, safe within
the palace.

"TRCY-4, take the men to Section Three Area Seventy Seven, you know what to
do," OOM-9's mechanical voice barked out his orders harshly, "X-37, bring out
the attachments."

"Roger, Roger," the droids said in unision. TRCY-4 led the men of the group
away, while X-37 opened a slick black case and removed two items. The young
Queen looked over the items briefly, pain devices no doubt. The kind that
adjust according to your response, the more you resist, the more the pain.
She'd heard many tales of that kind of device before, but, these didn't seem
to match the descriptions she'd overheard the guards talking about. For one
thing, they were small and rounded, not long sharp poles with -- Oh No!

Recognition immediatly hit the Queen. No, that couldn't be, but the
resemblance was more than enough to quell any doubts, dildos? But why would
a droid ever... it didn't make sense to Amidala, and from the puzzled look
of her handmaidens, it didn't to them either. She swallowed hard, gazing
at the devices as X-37 brought them to OOM-9.

The commanding droid just nodded, and all suspicions were put to rest as the
pair of droids fastened the devices to their crotches.

"Activate Penal Attachment."

"Roger, Roger."

The pair of droids moved closer to the Queen and her handmaidens, their
joints clicking as they moved closer. OOM-9 stood in front of the Queen,
X-37 in front of the handmaiden Rabe. OOM-9 recieved a series of orders
from Gunray in the command chair.

"Lick it," the Droids spoke in unision to the young ones situated in front
of them. Standing tall, Amidala growled and slapped the Commander in the side
of it's elongated head. The droid didn't seem effected by this whatsoever,
but back in the palace, Gunray wheeled backwards, a sharp pain in his face,
the sensors projecting whatever OOM-9 would feel to him!

"Bitch!" Gunray screamed, "HIT HER! KNOCK HER DOWN!"

OOM-9 raised his three pronged hand in the air and brought it down with great
force on the young Queen, knocking her off her feet. Some handmaidens went to
rush forward to her aid, but noted the Droidekas in the background and came
to a stop. Amidala rose slightly, looking to the droids penal attachment than
to the droid's blank face from her bruised right eye.

"Obey my commands or these Destroyer Droids will have to make examples of
your friends here," OOM-9 spoke in his monotonous tone.

Amidala knew the droid wasn't just using empty threats, and leaned forward
toward's the droid's new "penis."

"Suck it," OOM-9 repeated, is optical sensor's now looking down at the queen,
giving his masters a fine view of whatever would transpire. Per Gunray's
order, OOM-9 removed the fluffy black travel headress from the Queen, as not
to obstruct his view. Amidala reluctantly leaned forward, her lips brushed
against the tip of the attachment.

She shuddered at the feeling, the cold hard metal against her soft painted
face. OOM-9 continued to look down, this made the Queen very nervous, but she
knew what she had to do to save her friends. She slowly moved her hand to the
thick metal rod, grabbing it at the base, and holding it upright. She very,
very slowly licked from the base to the tip on the rod's underside, leaving a
thin trail of saliava. Despite her inexperience, she preformed quite well,
though one wouldn't know it from the blank face of the Battle Droid. She
engulfed the metal rod with her mouth, her red lips moving back and forth
over the long metal pole.

The Queen had never thought her first sexual experience would be with a
droid, but if all she had to do was this to keep her people alive, she could
handle it. The Queen moved her hand up and down the shaft in unision with her
mouth, slowly but surely gaining speed. She looked over to see Rabe, doing a
better job than she was, to be sure. Amidala wondered if she had experience
with this sort of thing. But that didn't matter right now. She had to
concentrate on the task at hand.

She stopped the pistoning with her head and pulled away from the rod
momentarily. Then, she proceeded to lick up the crotch of the droid, up the
length of the metal rod, briefly inserting it into her mouth, then repeating
the process. After a bit more of this, she felt the metalic rod begin to
vibrate slightly. Sensing this, she quickly took the whole thing into her
mouth, pistoning again. A clear, thick, oily substance began to slowly
secrete from the small hole at the rod's tip.

"Swallow," OOM-9 said in a casual manner. The liquid poured out and into her
mouth. She reluctantly tasted the sticky goo for a moment, then heartily
gulped it down. She turned to see Sabe finishing up with the other Battle

Slowly, Amidala and her handmaiden rose. Nute Gunray and Daultay Dofine sat
in their chairs, sweating and panting. Gunray made several hand gestures of
great relief in his chair, and slumped down, still looking in the video

"Viceroy," OOM-9's voice came into the devices audio system, "Shall I
commence with the usual act of intercourse, sir?"

"No, we've had enough for today," Gunray grinned, "There will be plenty of
time for that tommorrow. Take them to their holding places."

"Roger, Roger," and the audio and video cut off abruptly. The sensors and
equipment pulled away from the pair of Neimoidians and back into the large
black rectangular structure in front of them.

"Oh, that was great fun indeed, Viceroy!" Dofine seemed giddy, strange for
a Neimoidian to show such excitment.

"Don't get too excited, comrade. Now we must contact Lord Sidious and inform
him of our... progress..."

Gunray grinned evily, nothing could go wrong now.



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