Star Wars - Episode 1: Padme Mauled Part 2 (MF+,BDSM,oral,ncon,drugs,mc)
by Pjurado

As clouds skuttled across the night sky, the Scimitar sliced soundlessly
through the air and slipped into the Royal Starport. The dagger-shaped
starship revolved in the middle of the wide hanger before touching down
lightly. Nute Gunray tapped his gray fingertips together in agitation,
Rune Haako kept his hands enfolded within the wide sleeves of his ornate
robes, he could feel the weight of the sealed scrollcase at his side even
through his heavy garments, the case contained the treaty he had drawn
up, the treaty that would grant the Trade Federation full authority to
control all business ventures of the planet Naboo, and legalize the
presence of Trade Federation troops upon the world.

The landing ramp of the Scimitar hissed open and fell to the hanger deck.
Nute and Rune both tensed when the Sith disgorged from his lethal craft with
the young Naboo queen walking before him.

Nute examined the queen closely as she approached, Maul's black-gloved right
hand resting upon her small right shoulder. Queen Amidala's right cheek was
bruised, she kept her tear-swollen eyes downcast and let the Sith herd her
along without protest. The quiet girl wore a crudely made blue tunic and no
breeches, her thin, inner thighs were heavily bruised, and long welts ran
along both of the girl-child's gold-brown limbs.

A short distance away from the waiting Neimoidians, Maul squeezed Padme's
little shoulder, she halted instantly.

"Good, you have found her," nodded Nute, clasping his long, gray-green
fingers together. "Have you convinced her to sign our treaty?"

Maul squeezed Padme's shoulder again.

"Y...yes, I will sign your treaty," murmured Padme, dropping her tiny chin to
her chest, tears spilling down her smooth cheeks.

"Excellent!" nodded Rune, taking the scrollcase from his gilded belt. "Let
us go to the throne room, there the young queen can sign the treaty and
legitimize our occupation of Naboo."

Maul turned Padme to face him, the little queen hesitantly looked up into the
Sith's angry eyes.

"You will go with the Viceroy and sign his treaty, then go to your apartments
and wait for me."

"I will," nodded Padme, quickly lowering her tear-filled, brown eyes and
following after the impatient Neimoidians.

Maul spun around and climbed back into the Scimitar, his black cloak swirling
around his lean frame.

* * *

"The Jedi are here?" repeated Maul incredulously, his fiery eyes glowing with

"Only the Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi," clarified Darth Sidious, hands tucked
into the wide folds of his long, black robes, his face hidden in the shadows
of his heavy cowl. "He returned to the Royal Palace with the queen's
handmaidens after you forced them to leave Tatooine without Amidala. As an
emissary of the Senate the Neimoidians can't act against the boy."

"I will kill him, my master," vowed Maul, bowing his horn-crowned head.

"Not...yet," replied the Sith Lord, raising a placating hand. "I want you
to seed the royal court with spies loyal to us, I don't trust the Trade
Federation, they may do something foolish now that the treaty has been

Maul thought for a moment, he raised his tattooed face to address his master,
"The Handmaidens? They have the freedom of the Royal Palace."

"Very good, my apprentice," nodded Sidious with a cold smile. "They will make
the perfect agents to keep watch over the Neimoidians, and our puppet queen."

* * *

Padme opened one of the tall doors to her apartments and entered. Sabe, Rabe,
and Eirtae shot up to their feet from the chairs and couch they had rested
upon, their eyes wide, mouths hanging open.

"Your Highness! You're back!" exclaimed all three young girls at once, racing
each other to reach Padme and embrace her.

Padme offered her crying handmaidens a fragile, sad smile, then she gently
removed herself from their eager arms to sit by a raging fire roaring within
the spacious chamber's marble fireplace.

"Can I get you anything, Your Highness?" offered Rabe.

"Some wine, please," replied Padme softly, her eyes locked upon the dancing

The three handmaidens glanced significantly at each other, Rabe left to get
the brooding queen wine, Sabe crossed the chamber to kneel by Padme's left,
placing her palm comfortingly over her best friend's hand, Eirtae knelt
before Padme, she bit her lip to stifle a gasp when she beheld her queen's
welt-covered legs, the purple bruise upon Amidala's cheek.

"Are pain, Your Highness?" whispered Eirtae gently.

"A little, it's alright, Eirtae," said Padme faintly.

Eirtae stood, "I'll get a first-aid kit."

The practical handmaiden left in a swirl of crimson, Sabe continued to watch
Padme, rubbing the young girl's small, cold hand.

"I gave them Naboo, Sabe," whispered Padme, weeping quietly, the fire turning
her tears to sparkling diamonds.

"What? You...signed the Neimoidians' treaty?" whispered Sabe sharply.

Padme nodded violently. "I...I had to do it. The Sith...he did...terrible
things to me, I...I couldn't fight him..."

Padme began sobbing. Sabe hugged her friend to her, Padme clung to the
handmaiden, burying her beautiful, bruised face in her best friend's

* * *

Maul thrust open the doors to the queen's apartments and exploded inside.
The Sith found Padme surrounded by her handmaidens, Sabe held Amidala's left
hand, Rabe was in the middle of refilling the queen's crystal glass with more
red wine, Eirtae applied a salve to the bruised girl's slender legs.

"You will come with me, little queen, your handmaidens will also accompany
us," ordered the glaring Sith.

Eirtae stood and drew out a hold-out blaster that she leveled at Maul, Rabe
snatched a vibroblade from her right boot and raised it to throw.

"Wait! Don't attack him!" shouted Padme, jumping to her feet, waving her
handmaidens down.

Maul growled and tensed, his right hand disappeared within the folds of his
black cloak. "Let them try, Padme, a lesson would serve them well."

Eirtae's finger started to caress the trigger of her blaster, Padme stepped
in front of the weapon. "Eirtae! Lower your weapon!"

Frowning at the queen, Eirtae reluctantly lowered her blaster, Rabe sheathed
her wetly gleaming blade.

"We...we will obey the Sith," swallowed Padme, addressing all three of her
disbelieving handmaidens.

"Listen to your queen, children, her obedience has saved your lives," sneered
Maul, relaxing his posture. "Tell them to leave their weapons behind."

"Eirtae, Rabe, leave your weapons here," commanded Padme.

Sharing a long look between them, Eirtae and Rabe slowly discarded their
hidden weapons.

"We've wasted enough time," growled Maul, walking back through the open doors
into the dark hallway.

"Your Highness?" questioned Sabe, clinging to Padme's limp hand.

"Come with me," said Padme without emotion, leading Sabe and the other two
handmaidens out into the shadowed hall.

* * *

Maul shoved open the stiff, rusted, metal door and strode into the darkness.
Padme traced her fingers along the winding stone wall of the spiral stair,
her friends close behind as she entered the dark, web-veiled dungeon the Sith
had led them to.

"A legacy of your predecessor, little queen," said Maul from the dark, until
orange flames exploded from stubby torches set within iron sconces upon each
thick pillar of the wide, musty chamber.

"King Veruna built this?" murmured Padme incredulously, her wide, brown eyes
drinking in the rough-walled vault.

"Indeed, little queen," smiled Maul wolfishly. "Yes, he was very progressive,
in many ways."

Sabe, Rabe, and Eirtae filed into the torch-lit dungeon, they were as
astonished of the existence of the secret vault as Padme was.

A dozen thick, cracked pillars of gray marble lined the dungeon, six to each
side. The sputtering torches were set upon the pillars facing the roughly
chiseled walls, the sides of the pillars facing their opposites were set with
a single, heavy, iron ring each, hanging from each heavy ring was a length of
dull chain, each end of the chain held a thick, blood-encrusted manacle.

Maul hefted one of the rusted manacles, "Tell your handmaidens to strip,
little queen."

"What are you going to do to them?" demanded Padme while the three
handmaidens drew in their breath and glared balefully at the Sith.

"Are you questioning my command?" purred Maul, fixing Padme with his
glittering eyes.

Padme's short legs buckled. ""

Amidala turned to face her staring handmaidens. "Take off your clothes,

Eirtae started to protest, "Your Highness, I don't know why you're listening
to this..."

"STRIP NOW!" screamed Padme, her body trembling violently.

Eirtae stumbled back. None of the handmaidens had ever heard Padme scream at

Staring at Padme wordlessly, Sabe began removing her flowing scarlet robes.
Rabe glanced at Sabe, then followed her friend's example. Eirtae didn't move
for several moments, Padme pleaded with the girl to obey her with enormous,
begging eyes, Eirtae finally sighed explosively and started undressing.

Sabe was the first to be completely naked.

"Come here, pretty one," beckoned Maul.

When Padme didn't say anything, avoided her best friend's gaze, Sabe crossed
the torch-lit chamber to stand before the demonic, black-garbed stranger.
Maul grabbed Sabe's small wrists and put them into the nearest pair of
manacles, locking the metal cuffs tightly in place. Running his bright,
lustful eyes over Sabe's ripe, naked body, Maul walked to the next pillar
and manacled Rabe when the short, young girl tentatively joined him. Eirtae
glared hatefully at the Sith when she walked to the pillar he indicated.
Maul pouted his crimson lips at the glaring girl, then snatched her wrists
and roughly locked them within the hanging restraints.

Taking a strip of black cloth from his leather belt, Maul bound the wide
cloth around Eirtae's furious eyes, he blindfolded each naked handmaiden,
cinching the thick, black stripes firmly in place.

Padme pressed her back against the pitted stone wall by the stairwell, she
brought her small hands to her mouth when she heard a metallic grinding
sound, something moved in the flickering shadows on the far side of the
dungeon, a squat, ovoid shape was rising on thin, spider-like limbs, it
gleamed obsidian beneath the dancing torchlight.

The Sith droid tapped across the stone floor upon its tapered, skeletal legs,
six glittering limbs rising and falling with thoughtful deliberation, an
oriface irised open where its mouth would be, a long, tube-shaped proboscis
snaked out, the tip molded to fit the contours of a humanoid's mouth.

Padme started crying, "Please...don't hurt them!"

"I don't plan to, little queen," sneered Maul, stroking the slick shell of
the droid as it fitted the molded rubber mask of its black snout over Sabe's
small mouth, sealing around her working, screaming lips, then stifling her
cries when it gushed thick, viscous fluid into her gaping mouth.

Sabe started writhing against the pillar she was chained to, her fingers
flexed and clenched helplessly above her head, the chains holding up her slim
arms jingled wildly from her frantic, blind gyrations.

Padme slipped down the wall to the hard, stone floor, sobbing into her
clenched fists, weeping eyes locked upon her best friend's struggling, nude

Maul crossed the chamber and squatted beside Padme, he reached into a pocket
of his cloak, withdrew a tiny, crystal vial. Padme blinked her tear-filled
eyes and stopped sobbing when she saw what the tiny vial contained.

The horn-crowned Sith slipped the crystal vial into Padme's small hands, he
stroked her braided, dark brown hair. "It's important that you continue to
obey me, Padme. Perhaps this small offering will make things easier for you."

Rising, Maul returned to the droid and Sabe. The chained, naked girl's
struggles had eased, she hung limply in her manacles now, swallowing the
blood-warm poison the Sith droid pumped through her slack, trapped lips.
Rabe and Eirtae tried vainly to look through their thick blindfolds, they
tugged upon the heavy manacles that bound their wrists, their naked young
bodies swayed against the tall pillars they were chained to, but they were
completely within the Sith's power, Padme knew it, and knew there was
nothing she could do to save them.

Wiping at her tear-swollen eyes, Padme stared hard at the tiny vial Maul had
given her. Sniffling, Padme popped open the vial and raised it to her little
nose, she snorted the vial's glittering contents, then relaxed against the
dungeon wall, a languid smile spreading across her face even as Maul removed
the droid's rubber snout from Sabe's open, drooling lips and fastened it upon
Rabe's little mouth, the obsidian Sith droid shivering with pleasure as it
began vomiting dark, warm, syrupy bile down the naked handmaiden's gagging


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