Star Wars - Episode 1: Padme And Jar Jar (m/f,alien)
by Malek

WARNING! This story contains adult content and should not be read by anyone
under the age of 18! It contains inappropriate material for children!

This is a story about Padme and Jar Jar. It is my first writing of this sort
so please forgive the errors and what not. It does not really have a point
but what do you expect from this type of literature?


Jar-Jar went into a room on the ship looking for a place to jerk him off.
Seeing Queen Amidala and her servants made him hard just thinking about
touching them. He wanted some place quiet and found a very nice empty room in
the back of the ship.

"Mesa thinks no one be in here. Anyone be in here?" Jar-Jar asked nervously.
Jar-Jar went into the room and lay down on the couch. He pulled his pants
down just enough to allow his cock to fling out. Slowly touching it, it grew
to a larger size and he began stroking his 16 inches with both his hands on
both sides of his dick. As he pumped his cock, he heard a knock at the door.
He suddenly pulled up his pants but saw that his hard on showed through them.
He ran to the closet and quickly slid the door over as he heard the room's
door open.

Padme walked into the private quarters aboard her ship. She was looking for
some place to be alone from the rest of the people onboard and hoped she had
found the perfect spot. She had been waiting all day to finger herself but
never had the time or privacy to. Padme locked the door to the room and sat
down on her bed. She laid her back flat against the blanket. Moving her hand
down to her pants, she proceeded to unbutton her pants. She pulled them
partially down, exposing her panties. Padme then moved her hand under her
panties and placed her small slender finger into her hole. She wiggled her
finger inside her cunt, swirling it around and moving it in and out. As she
fingered herself, she thrust her hips up and down.

Jar-Jar watched as she masturbated. The bed was right against the closet
and he had a full view of the show. His cock was rock hard and his pants
stretched as it tried to hold his 16-inch piece pushing to get out. Jar-Jar
started rubbing his gunganhood as he felt some dampness coming through the
cloth. He unzipped his pants and immediately his cock sprung out. He grasped
it and again started to stroke his piece with both hands as he watched Padme
fuck herself.

Padme's finger was soaked with her juice as it moved in and out of her. She
rolled over on her stomach and placed her ass upward in the air. Padme pulled
her pants all the way down and then moved her panties. Her panties clung to
her body from the sweat and she slowly peeled them off her, exposing her
perfectly round and tender ass and leaving the panties hanging on her knees.
Jar-Jar could see a small patch of hair on her hole and he sped up his
motion. Then with her right hand, she placed two of her fingers into her hole
and began moving them around in circles.

"Mm... Oh yeah..." Padme moaned as she moved her fingers in and out of her
cunt. Then with her other hand she moved her finger above her hole and placed
her pointer finger slowly on her asshole. She moved it around it in circles,
teasing her anal opening. Then slowly she placed it into her rear. Padme's
finger slowly entered her asshole and then she began moving in and out,
giving herself a double penetration. Her moaning increased, as did her speed.

Jar-Jar could not take this anymore. He was on the verge of climaxing and
pulled his pants down. With one hand, his stroked his cock, jamming the top
into the rim of his cock's head, and with the other, he massaged his balls.
He rolled his balls in his hand and stroked. Jar-Jar moaned aloud and shot
his load through the holes in the closet door.

Padme opened her eyes as she was splashed on her face with the hot white
cream. She looked around and went over to the closet. She opened the door and
Jar-Jar stood there with his hand stroking his going limp gunganhood covered
with his cream.

"Mesa thinks you wanta pipes cleaned." Jar-Jar said as she looked at him. The
sight of her face with the small splash of his cum on her turned Jar-Jar on.
He continued to stroke his cock when Padme licked the wad of cum on her cheek
off and swallowed it. Jar-Jar's cock went hard again as soon as he saw this.
Her eyes widened when she saw the 16-inch phallus before her. She moved her
hand down to his cock and began stroking him, feeling the left over cum on it
and using it as a lubricant. Now both small hands grabbed his member and
stroked it up and down.

"Jar-Jar, I want you to help me get off." Padme ordered him more than
requested a favor. With no hesitation, Jar-Jar grabbed Padme's shoulders and
lowered her onto the bed. He moved down to her small cunt and they moved into
a 69 position. Padme moaned as she received the oral treatment. Then in one
quick move Jar-Jar shot his tongue inside her. Padme jumped at the feeling of
the thin muscular tongue moving around inside her. Her juices filled up and
Jar-Jar swallowed it as fast as she could put it out.

Padme stared at the large pulsing organ before her. She had never given a
blowjob before and was not sure about what to do. Jar-Jar's large piece waved
back and forth, as he pleasured her. Quickly Padme lunged at the cock,
stretching her small lips over its head. She could taste the salty pre cum at
the eye of his cock. She moved her tongue around the head of it and licked
into the hole on the head. One of her hands grabbed his cock and grasped the
large vein. She could feel it pulse and began stroking up and down the shaft
of it. Her other hand moved onto his balls, he had two sacks, one behind the
other. She slowly rolled them in her hand and then jiggled them. With her
tongue, she licked up and down the shaft of his phallus, and with her hand,
she again jiggled the piece. Jar-Jar jumped at the feeling and leaked some
cum out. Padme saw the small flow of cream come out of his head and circled
around the head of the member, licking up the overflow. She then placed the
entire top of the cock into her small mouth and stroked up and down with her
two small hands.

Jar-Jar began thrusting in her mouth, keeping his cock's head in her warm
throat. She stroked faster and faster as Jar-Jar spasmed up and unleashed a
huge flow of his load into her mouth. Padme barely swallowed it all it flowed
outward onto his gunganhood. As his cock grew limp, Padme licked around the
shaft, cleaning it of his jism. She was able to fit the whole piece in her
mouth and cleaned it thoroughly. The fellatio made Jar-Jar's cock become a
little harder and soon it was again hard!

"Wesa Gungan's can go longa time!" Jar-Jar stated.

Padme lay on her back and placed her arms up behind her head. Jar-Jar walked
to t he edge of the bed and placed his phallus at her opening. He rubbed the
bottom of the shaft along side her cunt, hitting her clitoris. Then he pulled
back and placed his dripping dick at her twat. He moved the head in slowly
and rubbed it around into her labia. Then he rammed all of his 16 inches into
her. He stroked into and out of her with his muscular cock. His butt muscles
pulsed as it thrust into her. Padme began yelping as she felt the monster
cock move in and out of her. Every inch of his meat stroked her pussy and
rubbed against her g-spot causing her to moan louder and louder. Padme loved
the feeling of the large penis stroking in and out of her hole, she felt it
pulse and give off warm heat as it pumped her.

"Jar-Jar shoot your load into me!" Padme yelled.

Spasming again, Jar-Jar felt his load travel through his meat into as it
pulsed out of his cock. Padme felt the jism hit her insides, squirt after
squirt of it, warming her from the inside with his warm sticky cream. Padme
finally came from this as her vagina began contracting and her muscles
clenched down on Jar-Jar's meat stroking it even more. She smiled as she felt
herself cum and enjoyed the warmth of his meat inside her. Feeling that his
cock was STILL hard, Jar-Jar removed his meat from her cunt and walked up on
the bed on his knees. He sat his naked rear down on her abdomen and she began
stroking his cock. Padme could see that his balls were actually enlarged with
more sperm. With both her hands, she stroked his cock as he laid it against
her small breasts and pumped them. She felt his balls twitch and spasm as she
saw his meat grow with the amount of sperm that was coming. Placing her hand
over his cock's head, he shot the huge load repeatedly, soaking Padme. More
and more loads of sperm ejaculated out of his member onto Padme. She was
soaked with the cum and he finally relaxed. Padme smiled and felt his limp
cock lay between her breasts. She moved her hand into the cream on her
stomach and rubbed it around. Jar-Jar smiled and shook his cock against her

"Mesa like you, Jar-Jar!" Padme said as she smiled at him. All Jar-Jar did
was twitch his ears.



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