Star Wars - Episode 1: Obi-Wan And Amidala (M/f)
by Flakjack

Obi-Wan Kenobi gazed into the blazing fire consuming the body of his friend
and mentor, Qui-Gon Jinn. The acrid smell of burning flesh stung Obi-Wan's
nose. The body, covered in a white shroud that was now charred, would be
reduced to nothing but bone ash.

The others around Obi-Wan bowed their heads in remembrance of a great Jedi
Knight. Yoda, the little green gnome turned Jedi Master, leaned on his
ever-present walking stick. Senator Palpatine was staring off into the
distance, the flickering orange light of the funeral pyre throwing the crags
of his face into sharp relief. There, next to the boy Anakin, stood Queen
Amidala resplendent in her royal robes. Such an enigma, Obi-Wan thought, so
beautiful, so old beyond her years.

A gentle breeze blew, fanning the flames and carrying Qui-Gon's ashes into
the night.

he soft grass soothed Obi-Wan's bare feet as he strode across the Royal
Gardens. Alderaan bedgrass, he remembered from a previous visit to that lush
water planet. Around him, towering trees and miniscule shrubs shared the
garden grounds with pale-light illuminators. Far below, he could hear the
crashing of the waves against the cliffs.

Obi-Wan sensed someone nearby. He listened carefully to the sound of light
footfalls behind him. The swish of a paper-thin robe and an enticing scent,
of crushed rose petals: he knew who it was.

"It's past midnight, Obi-Wan," the Queen said. Her deep brown eyes shone
darkly in the light of the illuminators set among the trees. Her face was
unadorned, without the white makeup that so starkly accentuated her features.
Her chestnut hair flowed softly over her shoulders and blended with her deep
blue night robe.

"Your Highness," Obi-Wan offered his greeting. "I just needed some time
alone; your gardens seemed the best place." He was startled by her simple
beauty so unlike anything he had seen before.

The Queen smiled, a slight upturning of the ends of her full lips. "I better
be leaving then," she said.

"Oh no, it's perfectly all right," Obi-Wan replied. He turned to lean against
the stone wall that encircled the gardens. Far beneath his feet, the dark sea
churned. "Nothing quite like a garden to soothe the soul."

The Queen stepped next to Obi-Wan. She stood only as tall as his shoulders.
He had to look down as she spoke. "Indeed. I come here too, when I'm
troubled." Her voice dropped to a whisper: "I'm sorry about your loss. He was
a good man."

Obi-Wan let out a faint sigh. The grief would not let him go, would it? "I
saw how he died," he said. "When Darth Maul stabbed him through the heart,
it felt as if he had done the same to me. Qui-Gon was more than a friend. He
was a father I never had."

The Queen sensed Obi-Wan's unease. She put a hand on his arm. There was no
point dwelling on this painful subject. "I hear you will have to return to
Coruscant soon," she said.

The soft touch of her heand was surprising but not unwelcome. "Yes," he
replied. "I have to begin training Anakin in the ways of the Jedi. I would
like to ask you something, Your High-"

The Queen laughed, a purring sound that caressed Obi-Wan's ears. "No need for
formalities here. I am Amidala." She leaned closer.

"Amidala, pardon me, but how does one so young shoulder a responsibility so
great? The care of an entire world?"

That feline laugh again, slowly awakening hidden portions of Obi-Wan's mind.
"There were those who thought me too young to rule," she explained. "They
didn't understand that age is no barrier. I was trained in the ways of
government while still a child. All this, for good or bad, has led some to
think me more mature than I appear."

"I definitely think so, Your..." Obi-Wan stammered. "Amidala." He turned
completely to gaze into her eyes.

"Obi-Wan, these are trying times," she whispered. Slowly, she looked up at
Obi-Wan's face. She brought both her hands to his arms, feeling the sinewy
muscles there.

The soft light of the illuminators gave Amidala's face a radiant glow. Her
lips, so red, so tempting. Obi-Wan ran his fingers through her luxuriant hair
as he bent down and kissed her.

His mind reeled. She was opening up to him, his tongue intertwined with hers.
He could taste the delicate wine she had drank earlier. He was intoxicated!
How he wanted this woman-child!

Amidala's hands now strayed to his chest, deftly undoing the knots that held
his tunic together. She put a palm on his bare chest, feeling his heart
thumping mightily.

Obi-Wan tore himself from her lips and parted away the robe collar to expose
her neck. That lovely expanse of flesh, tinged with the scent of her rose
perfume. He hungrily lapped at her neck, her quickening breath and moans
drowning out his own heartbeat. She was sweet...

Her hands found his and guided them to her shoulders. She moaned softly into
his ear, encouraging him further. "Aaah, Obi-Wan," she moaned.

Amidala's robe glided off her shoulders. She wore nothing underneath. Her
pale skin shone, her dark nipples on her small, firm breasts erect in the
night air.

"Use the Force," Obi-Wan muttered under his breath. She was so stunning; he
would burn to ashes in his desire for her. Gently, he suckled a nipple in his

Amidala threw her head back in ecstasy. She held Obi-Wan to her breast. No
matter if it suffocated him because of the fire coursing through her body.
She whimpered into his hair, wrapping a leg around his thigh.

Obi-Wan could stand it no longer. One hand shot down between her legs, over
the sparse hair below her belly. The wetness from her cunt lips coated his
fingers. One finger, then two, slid into her slick channel. His thumb tweaked
at her clit.

Amidala was frantic. She gasped in pleasure as Obi-Wan's fingers slipped
inside her. She thrust her hips at him, wanting the delicious probing and
tickling to continue. Her moans grew louder as she hung on to his neck. Her
insides were melting, her lust for him unchecked.

With a quick tug Amidala undid the buckle to Obi-Wan's pants. Obi-Wan groaned
when he felt Amidala's small hand around his cock. She squeezed, milked the
shaft in slow, delicious strokes. Her hand felt like hot wax on his iron-hard
cock. He wanted to enter her now. Her needed her, so badly...

Sensing his desire, Amidala whispered "Now." She leaned back against the
stone wall. Her slim, smooth legs wrapped tightly around Obi-Wan's thighs.
With both hands she clung to his shoulders.

Obi-Wan guided his cock between her legs. How he wanted to thrust in like an
animal! He rubbed the head between her moist lips and slowly inserted himself
into her. The sensation was amazing; she was so tight, so wet and the heat
almost unbearable.

Moaning as she was slowly impaled on Obi-Wan's cock, Amidala had never felt
so full. Her insides were being stretched by his red-hot iron of pleasure.
She shifted her legs to increase his penetration of her.

All the way in, Obi-Wan began stroking in and out. He was engulfed in this
delicious tug of war. Amidala's moans drove him on as he pulled out nearly
all the way, leaving just the head in, and the jerking up into her. He heard
her gasp each time he slammed his way back inside.

Amidala thought her mind was being split by the sheer joy of it. Obi-Wan's
tremendous cock pistoning its way in and out of her body sent ripples of
pleasure coursing through her. Her moans were so loud now that her bodyguards
would probably be alarmed. Ah, but she didn't care...

Not much longer, Obi-Wan thought. He could feel a tingling in his loins now.
He thrust faster into Amidala, groaning as her soft wetness gripped him like
a vise. His hands gripped her waist tightly.

She knew he was coming. She felt him swell up deep inside her. His thrusts
shook her fragile frame. Suddenly, she cried out as a thunderbolt of pleasure
shot through her body.

Obi-Wan groaned as he thrust deep inside Amidala's body. Her tight channel
convulsed around his cock. He could feel each mighty contraction trying to
squeeze the life out of him. He threw his head back and exploded inside her.

Amidala moaned, feeling her insides being pumped full of Obi-Wan's seed. Her
hips ground up and down trying to milk all the cum out of him.

Completely spent, Obi-Wan leaned on Amidala. Both were panting heavily. They
collapsed onto the soft grass. Obi-Wan held Amidala in his arms as they lay
intertwined. He could feel her gentle breathing on his neck; he could see the
sheen of sweat covering her flawless skin in the low light. So lovely, so
young, so fragile, he thought. "What trying times we have for all of us," he
whispered into her ear.

She only moaned softly. Obi-Wan kissed her forehead and looked up at the sky.
The dawn would arrive soon.



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