Star Wars - Episode 1: In Service Of The Queen (ff,mast)
by TrekkerJT

The protesting whine of the royal starship's hyperdrive was a constant and
painful reminder to Queen Amidala that she had been forced to flee her
besieged homeworld, something that did not sit well with the ruler of Naboo.
It was not in her nature to run. She preferred to confront her problems.
That trait had earned her the confidence of her people, had gotten her
elected leader. Her rightful place was on the throne. The very thought that
representatives from the Trade Federation occupied the palace made her flesh
crawl and the bile rise in her throat. Her people were suffering . . . dying.
Friends . . . loved ones . . . all of them were in grave danger. Their very
way of life was threatened. She wanted to be there with them, to stand proud
as the representative of her subjects and a member of the royal house of
Naboo, to fight if necessary or die in the attempt.

Her misgivings aside, Amidala knew it would be foolish to ignore the advice
of a Jedi Master. Even though this course of action went against her better
instincts, she had to think of her people first. The Trade Federation had
moved swiftly, cutting off their communications with the Republic. That act
had been just a prelude. Her planet vulnerable and unable to call for help,
the droid troops of the Trade Federation had descended on her world like a
swarm of locusts. Hundreds . . . thousands . . . taking control of the
cities. The Naboo were a peaceful race. Their security forces were not
equipped to repel a threat of that magnitude. The one chance her people had
was for her to plead their case before the Galactic Senate in person as the
Jedi ambassador Qui-Gon Jinn had suggested. Her faith in Chancellor Valorum
was unwavering. She was certain once the Senate became aware of the situation
on Naboo the actions of the Trade Federation would be condemned. The threat
of sanctions against such a greedy race would have far more impact than a
blast from a laser cannon. She had to be patient. The fate of her people
depended on that. There was no more she could do for them until the ship
reached Coruscant.

Amidala sighed wearily. The events of the last few days had left her
exhausted and it was beginning to catch up with her. Sleep seemed an unlikely
companion under the circumstances. In the privacy of her bedchambers, she had
done away with her ceremonial robes and headdress in favor of the far simpler
tunic and trousers of the Naboo peasants in hopes that it would help her
relax. It seemed to be having the opposite effect. The coarse fabric was a
far cry from the linen of her robes but the roughness felt surprisingly good
against her skin. In the midst of such dreadful suffering, to experience even
a moment of pleasure was a gift.

Settling back in the plush comfort of her chair, Amidala slipped a hand down
the front of her trousers. The silken flesh between her legs was warm and
wet to the touch. Her fingers made small, lazy circles against her cleft,
massaging the swollen folds so moist with her arousal. She could feel the
tension easing from her knotted muscles, replaced with the tingling sensation
she coveted so. Her skin felt like it was on fire and she rubbed herself
faster, a soft moan escaping her lips when she bumped the hard little nub at
the top of her slit. She could bring herself to climax with just a few
well-directed strokes against the button of her clit but she wanted to savor
the pleasure that now flooded her being. Taking her time, she ran the tip of
her finger up and down the length of her slit, sometimes going inside, other
times just caressing the lips of her cunt. She could hover on the edge of
oblivion for hours touching herself like this. It was like floating in a
pool of warm water, soothing . . . calming. Amidala closed her eyes, giving
herself over to the sensations that coursed through her body. She could feel
the pressure buildling up in her belly, seeking release, the sense of urgency
growing as she rubbed herself harder . . . faster . . . paying more and more
attention to her budding clit . . . no longer teasing it but stroking it

The soft ping of the door chime echoed through her bedchambers. Amidala
withdrew the hand now sticky with her pleasure from her trousers, struggling
vainly for a modicum of stately composure. She called out for her visitor to
enter and smiled fondly as Rabe bustled into the room. Her trusted handmaiden
approached the chair and knelt before her, head bowed reverently.

"Forgive the intrusion, Your Highness," Rabe said. "Captain Panaka has asked
to speak with you."

"Captain Panaka feels he must check up on me and has invented some pretense
to do so," Amidala replied coolly. "Let him wait in the anteroom . . . at
least until I am done with you."

"Yes, Your Highness, " Rabe whispered.

Queen Amidala reached down, touching her wet finger to the other woman's
cheek and dragging it across those soft lips to let Rabe kiss it. Her
handmaiden did so eagerly, sucking the sweetness off her finger. She loved
the feel of Rabe's mouth on her and had honored it with her body more times
than she had the rest of her entourage of handmaiden's combined. The women
around her had all been schooled in the techniques of giving their Queen
pleasure and Amidala frequently put to use all her handmaidens had learned.
But there was something about Rabe in particular that excited her.

Amidala unsnapped her trousers, opening them just far enough to let Rabe
get at the heat of her cunt. Her handmaiden wasted no time in pushing that
heavenly tongue inside her. The woman licked frantically at the folds of her
pussy, devouring her, drinking up the juices the seeped from her loins. She
cupped the head bobbing up and down in her lap and held Rabe in place,
ensuring that hungry mouth stayed were she wanted it . . . on her cunt,
sucking her with abandon.

"Yes . . . take me, " Amidala muttered. She writhed excitedly in her chair,
thrusting her hips to meet each jab of Rabe's darting tongue. The bliss she
had so desperately sought on her own reared its head again, beckoning her
closer. This time she gave in to her passions without protest and when Rabe
began sucking on her clit Amidala unleashed her pleasure with a howl of
delicious agony. Her climax left her panting for breath. The room seemed to
be spinning around her. She was dimly aware of the hands lifting up her tunic
then she felt Rabe's mouth on her breast. Lips closed around her nipple and
the Queen moaned softly, raking her fingers through Rabe's hair as her
handmaiden suckled at her bosom. The woman moved from one breast to the
other, sucking her nipples to rock hard peaks. She arched her back to push
more of herself into Rabe's mouth and her handmaiden answered with flicks of
that skillful tongue over her nipples.

Amidala framed Rabe's face in her hands and bent down to kiss that lush
mouth, delighting in the taste of herself on her handmaiden's lips. Their
tongues danced around one another, sending shivers through her body. She
pulled back for no other reason but to gasp for air, staring longingly into
Rabe's eyes. Her favorite consort returned the look, wanton hands sliding
over her thighs.

"Oh . . . my Queen, " Rabe sighed.

Amidala licked her lips. "Let me look at you."

Rabe stood up and slowly began to undress for her, revealing more and more
of that luscious body to her widened eyes. The woman was exquisite, with
perfectly formed breasts capped by plump nipples that hardened under her
scrutinizing stare. Her gaze drifted down to the tuft of dark hair between
Rabe's muscular thighs and the Queen felt a pang of hunger deep in her belly.
She took the hands offered to her and let Rabe pull her from the chair into
a lover's embrace. Their lips met in a searing kiss. Amidala moved her hands
over Rabe's naked body, tracing the elegant curves she knew so well.

Finding the cleft of the other woman's bottom, Amidala teased it until she
heard Rabe moan softly. The need in the other woman's voice touched her like
a cool breeze breaking through the heat of summer. She pushed her handmaiden
onto the bed. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, Rabe began working her
trousers past her hips while Amidala pulled off her tunic.

Between the two of them she was quickly standing there naked. She crawled
into bed, the two of the side by side, legs intertwined, hands fondling the
other's breasts as queen and handmaiden kissed deeply . . . lost in each
other's arms . . . the universe beyond the door of the royal bedchambers
momentarily forgotten in the heat of passion.

Amidala rolled onto her back and pulled Rabe on top of her, kissing the other
woman deeply. Her handmaiden pressed hard into her cunt with an upraised knee
and she thrust her hips to meet it, moaning into the kiss as their bodies
slammed together. She grasped Rabe firmly by the buttocks and pulled her
lover tight against her, slopping her wet cunt all over Rabe's leg. Her
handmaiden's lips moved to her neck and Amidala cried out softly as Rabe
nibbled at her skin, lavishing her with kisses. She ran her hands over the
other woman's hard bottom, stroking the rounds of those tight buttocks.
Pulling them open, she found the puckered opening of Rabe's anus and pressed
into it with her finger. Rabe squealed with delight.

"Your Highness . . . yes . . . yes."

The Queen pushed her finger in a little deeper and Rabe moaned into her
shoulder, nuzzling against her as she deftly slid a finger in and out of the
woman's secret opening. Her handmaiden's knee wedged tight between her thighs
kept constant pressure on her sopping wet pussy, driving her wild with need.
The woman must have sensed her impatience for Rabe inched downward to kiss
her breasts, taking a nipple between those soft lips and sucking it. Her
handmaiden then proceeded to take each breast in turn, kissing them . . .
licking them . . . biting them gently. Neither breast was denied the
attentions of that hungry mouth, and whichever wasn't be sucked on hungrily
was being squeezed by a very determined hand.

"Oh . . . I must have you inside me!" Amidala cried.

Rabe moved down her belly with kisses, nudging her thighs apart and nestling
between them. Fingers teased her slit, stroking her gently. The Queen sucked
in a hissing breath as her lover stroked the length of her desire before
slipping inside. She suddenly found herself impaled on two fingers, arching
off the bed as Rabe thrust into her. There was nothing reserved about the way
her handmaiden took her. That was behind them. Rabe moved in and out of her
cunt and a frantic pace, loving her hard and fast and deep, making her body
wriggle on the bed. Her pussy clenched tight around the other woman's
fingers, sucking them in even deeper. She lifted her hips to meet each manic
thrust . . . grabbing fistfuls of bedcover . . . head rolling from side to
side. Looking down, Amidala met Rabe's eyes and held the other woman's gaze
for a long moment then watched as her handmaiden's mouth descended on the nub
that was her clit. The room exploded around her. Fire engulfed her. Queen
Amidala wailed piteously under the intensity of her climax, body arching
sharply off the bed as the orgasm surged through her. She lay there in a pool
of her own juices, reduced to a rubbery mass of flesh. Her breathing came in
ragged gasps and when her head stopped spinning she realized Rabe was
snuggled up alongside her, cupping a breast, nibbling on her ear.

"Mmm," Amidala purred. "You are the treasure of the galaxy."

"Your Highness is too kind, " Rabe whispered into her ear.

Amidala felt her strength returning . . . and her appetite for Rabe's
succulent flesh came with it. She rolled them both over and stared down
into the other woman's eyes, the heat of that gaze stoking her own fires.
Their lips met in a crushing, desperate kiss. Hands moved down her back
to fondle her buttocks and Amidala hummed with pleasure, finding Rabe's
tongue and sucking it playfully. Now it was her handmaiden's turn to moan.
She scooted further down the bed and drank in the sight of Rabe's heaving
bosom before taking a breast into her mouth. The flesh was sweet and her
hunger ravenous. Amidala gorged herself on Rabe's tantalizing breast,
stuffing as much into her mouth as she could. Her lover whimpered
underneath her, raking urgent fingers through her mane of auburn hair.
She answered the wordless plea with a gentle nip that made Rabe cry out,
the sound so delightful Amidala repeated her actions on Rabe's other
breast. Her tongue flicked wildly over the nipple, making the hardened
little nub even more so. The little pebbles that capped Rabe's breasts
seemed to be straining upwards for her kiss and she indulged them, sucking
them into her mouth . . . running her tongue over them . . . holding them
in her teeth and tugging gently. Rabe's quiet moans were her map to that
delicious body and the tone of them directed her attentions downward.
Sliding a hand over Rabe's flat tummy, she tangled her fingers in the damp
thatch of hair that covered the other woman's mound. Her handmaiden squirmed
anxiously on the bed, muttering nonsense that Amidala understood all the
same. She dipped a finger into Rabe's depths and was rewarded with a deep,
resounding groan.

"Oh . . . oh . . . Majesty!" Rabe blubbered.

Amidala slid her finger in and out of her handmaiden's cunt, continuing to
suckle a breast as she did so. The hot juices dribbling down her hand made
Amidala long for a taste of that rich honey. She left Rabe's breasts and
kissed her way down that undulating body until she was poised above her
lover's pussy. The air was thick with the scent of arousal and the Queen
inhaled that intoxicating musk, letting it fill her to capacity. Her fingers
still deep in Rabe's quivering pussy, Amidala used them to splay the puffy
red netherlips. Holding the open for a long moment she at last bent down
and burrowed her tongue in Rabe's wet heat. Her handmaiden squealed with
unabashed delight, thrashing wildly about the bed. Amidala ignored the
bucking hips and dire cries, lapping greedily at the mouthwatering treat
before her until she was certain her lover could take no more of the
glorious torture she was dishing out. She ran her tongue over Rabe's clit
then took the hard little nub between her lips, sucking it voraciously. Her
handmaiden erupted in orgasm, coming so hard it nearly pitched her from the
bed. Amidala hooked her arm around Rabe's leg, riding out the storm that was
her lover's climax, keeping her face in the thick of it and licking as fast
as she could to keep up with the flow. She kept at it until Rabe began to
settle down then clawed her way up the bed, folding her shivering handmaiden
into her arms.

The two of them stayed curled up together long after the last rumblings of
climax subsided, murmuring softly to one another, stroking each other's
sweaty bodies and losing all track of time. Amidala circled her finger around
Rabe's nipple and her handmaiden gurgled with pleasure.

"Your Highness . . . sh-shall I dress you so that you may receive Captain
Panaka?" Rabe asked.

Amidala dropped a kiss on Rabe's shoulder, the hand at her lover's breast on
the move. "I think Captain Panaka can wait a little bit longer . . . your
Queen hasn't finished with you just yet."



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