by Ninja

Chapter 3


Rabč softly knocked on the queen's door. In her
hand was a tray on which sat a crystaline glass of
water a ceramic cup of warm milk and a small
mint. Waiting patiently for the response to come in,
Rabč smiled softly at the guard on her right. When no
answer came, she knocked on the door again, slightly
louder. Still no answer. Rabč turned to face the
guards, her only interest was protecting the queen's
modesty, "You are relieved of duty for now, gentlemen,"
she began, "but I will come and get you when I want
you back."

Both guards looked at each other and then back to
the handmaiden, nodding, they smiled and both walked
towards the break room. Waiting until they had
rounded the corner and out of earshot, Rabč slowly
opened the door, glancing once at Amidala's bed to
tell her all she needed to know. She slowly closed
the door.

The soft click alerted Amidala to someone's presence
and her eyes flew open and her hand quickly moved from
what she'd been doing to cover her young breasts. The
queen's brows furrowed when she spotted her handmaiden,
and then realized why she was here. Sighing deeply, she
wrapped her sheet around her and stood, approaching Rabč,
"Uh, thank you." she stammered.

The handmaiden looked downward, "Please do not be
offended of my intrusion, highness, but it was time for
your usual drink and mint." Indicating the small tray,
Rabč took a step back towards the door.

Amidala stepped closer and softly lay a hand on her
handmaiden's shoulder, breathing deeply, the orgasm
that she had been building towards was now dwindling
rapidly, but the friendship of her handmaidens was more

"It's allright, Rabč, really." she smiled reassuringly.
The handmaiden nodded and without thinking, blurted out,
"I can help you, highness." Amidala blinked once, a
confused look on her face. Rabč quickly explained, "My
queen, ever since you returned from Tatooine, the others
and I knew of your virtually nightly excapades. Do not
forget that we do your laundry, highness."

Amidala blushed deep red, looking downward. Rabč
took a step closer and reached out to gently caress
Amidala's cheek, "Highness, I would be honored." Amidala
stood and stared at her handmaiden blankly, unsure of
what to say. For the first time in her life she was
confronted with something she knew nothing about.
Not waiting any longer, Rabč stepped closer and
gently lowered the queen's bed sheets from around her
body and pressed her lips to the queen's lips.

Amidala inhaled quickly as she parted her lips,
allowing her handmaiden's tongue to slowly enter her
mouth. Softly, she closed her lips around Rabč's
tongue and sucked on it softly. Her handmaiden could
not help but to smile and her hands found the queen's
small breasts and she caressed them softly. Amidala
moaned softly, her orgasm mounting once again.

Rabč slowly walked the queen to her bed and lay her
down. Climbing between Amidala's legs, she slowly
spread them, bringing her face close toher mistress'
pussy, inhaling quickly, enjoying the pungent fragrance.

Without further warning, Rabč's tongue was out and
exploring every nook and cranny of Amidala's pussy lips
and cunt. The queen gasped loudly, throwing her head
back, her young breasts thrust upwards, being sent
skyward to pleasures unknown before.

Her handmaiden swiftly thrust her tongue inside her
queen's pussy, tongue-fucking her gently and swiftly at
the same time. Amidala's cunt spasmed around her
handmaiden's tongue. Gasping loudly, she cried out,
cumming hard, very hard. Rabč smiled to herself
accomplishing her goal. The queen's orgasm lasted a
full minute, after which she lay down and
closed her eyes. Soon afterwards she was sound asleep.


"Unconscious Bliss"

Rabč sat on the side of Amidala's bed looking at her
contented face. The queen's face showed satisfaction,
pleasure, happiness, contentment. Everything Rabč had
hoped to bring her highness. Standing slowly, she
pulled the sheets up to cover the queen. Rabč slowly
approached the door, reaching for the handle. But
before opening it, she turned to face her queen.

"I know your love is for young Anakin, highness,"
she began, "and I know that it runs deeply and someday
you will make a way to be with him." Looking downward,
she fought to find the right words. "But until that day
arrives, highness," she continued, "I will always be at
your beckon call."

Opening the door slowly, she stepped outside and
silently closed it behind her. Well, Rabč thought,
time to find those guards and inform them they're
back on duty. Grinning to herself, she walked with a
spring in her step to the break room. They'd just
never know exactly what happened, she thought.
They'd just never know.



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