by Ninja

Chapter 2


Darkness had befallen the Theed Palace on Naboo.
The entirety of the Jedi Council were welcomed as
honored guests of the palace and were given
elaborate rooms, but Obi-Wan knew that they would
not take advantage of their luxurious surroundings.
They were Jedi, modest, humble, powerful in
their own right. He knew they had no need of an
expensive and decorative array of clothing. Simple
robes suited them all fine.

Still, Obi-Wan smiled to himself as he tucked
Anakin in bed, lightly resting his hand on the
boy's shoulder, "You did well, young padawan. I
am proud of you."

Anakin smiled in return, "Good night, Master
Obi-Wan." Ben Kenobi looked down on the boy as
he rose and slowly backed towards the door before
turning and opening it.

As he walked down the hall, he passed by the
queen and her handmaidens as they were walking
the other way. Stopping, he bowed respectfully,
and then carried on his way.

Silence surrounded the group of young ladies as
they trodded towards young Anakin's suite. Amidala
stopped in front of the door, turned and glanced at
her handmaidens, who all nodded in turn. Slowly,
she opened the door her her handsome young boy's
room and closed it behind her, confident her
handmaidens would not disturb them.

As soon as Anakin realized it was the queen who
had entered he sat up smiling softly as he sleepily
rubbed his eyes. "Hi," he managed to keep it
from sounding exhausted. Amidala smiled and sat
on the side of his bed, looking at him. "I wanted
to tell you earlier how proud I am of you." she
confessed slowly, "you probably saved all of Naboo."

Anakin smiled softly, looking up at her, still
thinking she was an Angel from Iego, "It was nothing."
Strangely enough, he meant it. Amidala smiled,
scooting closer to him, her hand gently caressing his
cheek, "I'm serious, Annie. If you had not have blown
up the battle ship, several Naboo pilots would have
died. The droid armies would have captured the
Gungans, the Jedi Obi-Wan would have been more than
overpowered by the droids and we'd all be dead or

Anakin looked into her eyes, nodding slowly, not
one of the fake nods he often gives frequently when
Watto is lecturing him and he's not really paying
attention, he was listening to her, letting the full
weight of what she said sink in. Amidala smiled and
leaned forward, softly pressing her lips to his,
kissing him tenderly, allowing her lips to linger
perhaps a bit longer than necessary. She inhaled
sharply as they kissed, sheer excitement rushing
all over her body.

Pulling back, she fought the quivering in her
voice and smiled, "Thank you, Anakin. Sleep well,
my brave padawan." Standing, she approached the
door, then looked back over her shoulder to see
Anakin laying down smiling softly at her. Smiling
in return, she opened the door and stepped outside
to join her handmaidens.


Turning in, Amidala closed the door to her chambers
behind her, leaving her handmaidens to return to their
own rooms. Despite the peaceful nature of the Naboo,
there were still two Royal Guards placed outside her

Slowly approaching her bed, she stripped off her
regal robes and undergarments. She approached the
full length mirror and looked at herself. Looked at
all of herself. She was very attractive. She didn't
have overly large breasts like her mother had, but
she still had nice sized ones.

She liked to keep her crotch hair trimmed lightly,
even though there wasn't much there, she still liked
to trim it.

Glancing quickly back to the door to make sure that
nobody was entering she quickly made her way over to
her bed, grinning broadly. Her latest "adventures"
with Anakin exciting her to no end. She just HAD to
touch herself. Quickly climbing between the sheets,
she pulled them up over her belly, leaving her breasts
bare to the air in the room, her fingers lightly
exploring her nether region. She gasped softly in
pleasure as her fingernail gently scraped her clitoris.
Her body recieved several tiny electrical tingles
from this stimulation.

She had wanted to make her pleasure last, but she
was so lust-driven it wasn't even funny anymore.
Slowly, she sank a finger into the cavern of her
pussy, pumping it slowly in and out. Her back arched,
she thrust her breasts skyward, lost in pleasures she
had yet to experience. She was completely unsure as
to how she got so arroused so quickly, but she
enjoyed the sensations so far. She just wished she
had something bigger.

That thought was lost on her as her warm finger
constatnly brushed up against her erect clit as she
was frantically pumping it in her virgin cunt.
Her gasping was growing louder, as she grew less
and less aware of the guards at her door. Her brows
were knit tightly as her finger sent her higher
and higher on her pleasure trip.


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