Star Wars - Episode 1: A Little R & R (ff)
by Shadowen

It had been a tiring day. She was aching all over, which was understandable,
considering the tough workout her muscles had been given little than a day
before. But that celebration had taxed her to her limits. She needed some

She turned on the comm and got Rabe. "Send Sabe to me," she ordered, then
shut the commlink off, not even responding to the handmaiden's

"Good evening, Your Highness," Sabe said as she entered the queen's spacious
quarters. "You requested my company?"

"Yes," Amidala murmured, not even turning around from where she was looking
out the window of her chambers.

"What does my queen wish of me?" Sabe asked.

Amidala turned around, and Sabe took in her appearance. She had a mature
beauty for her youth, looking a few years older than her tender age of

In the white, almost angelic dress she wore currently, it made her look
exquisite. The ceremonial makeup had been removed, and her hair was unbound,
tumbling off her shoulders and spilling down her back, but she still looked
as regal as ever.

"I wish pleasure," Amidala replied, her voice husky.

While her expression remained placid, Sabe's eyes lit up. "What kind of
pleasure, Your Highness?" she breathed.

The queen stepped close to her handmaiden, pushed her hood away, then
enfolded her in her arms and kissed her softly. Despite how gentle the kiss
was, it was no peck; Amidala's tongue was giving Sabe's a harsh thrashing,
and both girls moaned audibly in delight.

Amidala broke the liplock, gently kissing her way to her handmaid's ear.
While Sabe wanted more mouth-to-mouth (not to mention tongue-to-tongue)
contact, she knew that her queen's total control of events so far could
only mean one thing-she was in *that* kind of a mood. The thought excited
her even further.

"Pleasure," the young queen hissed in Sabe's ear as she nibbled on it, "Of
the most carnal variety."

Sabe sighed contentedly and stroked Amidala's hair, but her queen grabbed
her hands and threw them off, stepping back. The handmaiden glanced into
Amidala's eyes for an instant, then away. The smoldering, lusty, "You're
*mine*" look in her eyes was too much for any of the queen's handmaidens
to handle for long-even Sabe, who was with her most often.

Amidala took her handmaiden's chin, forcing her to look into her eyes. The
intense, burning gaze made Sabe tremble with excitement. Despite her wanting
to not look into that too-intense stare, she found she couldn't look away as
Amidala's hands left her to pull off the handmaid's clothing.

The outer cloak was the first to go. Then, buttons holding the thin Nubian
silk blouse closed were undone, and the blouse itself was pulled off. The
lacy, almost flame-patterned bra (*everything* the handmaidens wore was
uniform) clasped at the front, and was taken away quickly. Idly, Amidala
stroked Sabe's small breasts, feeling satisfaction grow as her nipples
hardened. The handmaiden let out a soft whimper, resisting the urge to take
her queen's hands and guide them over her naked torso-that would just put
her off. The handmaidens all knew her moods, and to try and take even the
slightest control when she was in *this* kind of mood would be like a slap
to the face or a foul-mouthed insult.

"Take off the dress and panties," Amidala ordered, stepping past Sabe and
taking a seat in a high-backed chair. As she gazed at the topless handmaiden,
she added, "Slowly."

Like a stripper in a Corellian bar, Sabe erotically undressed, giving peeks
and hints of her legs, rump, and vagina. When she finished peeling off her
silky red-orange underwear, Amidala signaled her to stop, then beckoned her
closer. Obediently, Sabe came forward, stopping a step from her queen.

"Kneel." Without hesitation, she fell to her knees. Sabe's head was lowered,
playing at humility, trying not to smile with anticipation. "Strip me."

Sabe tried, but couldn't stop herself from smiling. "Yes, Majesty." Reaching
up, she went through the same process Amidala went through with her. She
pulled down the shoulders of the white dress and slipped it down the queen's
torso, shocked to see she had no bra. *She must have removed it since the
ceremony; I put it on myself...* She reached up and stroked Amidala's soft,
small breasts, stopping when Amidala caught her wrists.

"Later," the queen murmured. "For now, just do as you're told." Sabe nodded,
replying with, "I apologize, Highness." Her hands continued their work of
pulling the dress further, exposing her smooth stomach. A little further and
her white panties were revealed, and further, her silky-smooth legs. She put
her fingertips under the waist of Amidala's panties, slowly sliding them down
and off her ankles.

"Good." Amidala lifted a leg, exposing her already damp pussy. "Now, please
me. Use only your tongue and lips."

"Of course, my queen," Sabe breathed, leaning to kiss the folds of her box.
As she clamped her lips around Amidala's slit, she slipped her tongue in,
stroking and licking the soft flesh with the sole aim of giving her best
friend pleasure.

"Mmmm…that's…nice…ahhh…" Amidala sighed. "Oh, that's"

She wriggled on the chair, thrusting her hips harder against Sabe's face,
holding her by the hair and forcing her to lick and suck her dripping slot.
For a moment, Sabe wondered if she should protest; the way her mouth was
now, she could barely breathe through her nostrils. But she quickly decided
that if she could breathe, it was all right. And Amidala would not like her
whining right about now. "Nnn…now your fingers, too…" Obediently, Sabe
inserted two fingers from each hand, penetrating the queen's now-dripping

"Aaahhh!" her queen cried. "Sabe! Sabe! Don't stop!" Amidala gripped Sabe's
hair and forced her handmaiden to push her face harder against her pussy.
"Don't you dare stop! Oh!" She continued to buck her hips for a long time
as Sabe dutifully explored Amidala's young vagina with her fingers, licking
away and kissing the tender flesh. Finally, as Sabe managed to get her head
free from the young queen's control, she bit down hard on Amidala's clit,
causing her to cry out in mingled pain and pleasure, and she came
explosively, once more slamming her groin against Sabe's waiting mouth,
where she drank deeply of Amidala's nectar.

Panting, stroking her handmaid's hair, Amidala realized that her lust wasn't
yet sated. This was going to require some extreme measures. She glared down
at Sabe. "Get up here and kiss me. And make it good, or I'll punish you."

"As you wish, Your Highness," Sabe whispered reverently as she climbed into
Amidala's lap. Kissing her hard, she opened her mouth to accept the queen's
tongue, then quickly clamped down on it and began sucking eagerly, hoping to
get the queen going so they would *really* get nasty.

Amidala seemed surprised by the heavy sucking, but not at all unhappy. In
fact, she tried to get more of her tongue into Sabe's mouth, just to feel
more of the hot suction. They moaned simultaneously as their mouths pressed
harder together, and suddenly Amidala broke contact to run her tongue over
Sabe's moist lips. Sabe countered by crushing Amidala's lips again, kissing
her harder than ever, attempting to force her tongue down her throat, only
to have it sucked on. Letting out muffled groans and sighs, they tried to
outdo each other pleasurably, each giving the other's tongue a severe
thrashing with her own.

When they finally broke off, both gasped for air, and Amidala whimpered,

This worried the handmaiden. The tone in her voice was not at all dominant,
and she wondered if the queen's need for controlling matters had subsided
already. That meant she would be allowed to become dominant if she wished,
but she wasn't nearly as good at it as Amidala...

Then, she narrowed her eyes; they had that look in them again. "Good," she
purred, "But not good enough." Giving Sabe's tight rump a gentle slap,
causing her to yelp, she stood up and led her servant by the hand to the
bed, where she tossed the young woman down.

"On your hands and knees," the queen ordered, rummaging under the bed for
something. Sabe knew what it was; she had seen it-and used it, and been used
by it-enough times.

Or she thought she had. What Amidala came up with was similar to the dildo
they'd used before, but had a black leather harness attached to it. It was
also a bit larger. "Highness, I've never seen that before. What...?"

She smiled. "Of course you haven't. I've been saving it for a special
occasion." As Sabe opened her mouth to question further, Amidala cut her off
with, "Quiet! If you want to make noise, you'll be making a lot in a minute
or so." She gazed at Sabe again with that intense, lusty stare, and asked,
"I am not cruel, however. I must ask where my servant wishes to be punished."

Sabe thought for a long moment where she wanted it. Then, an adventurous
feeling creeping into her, and she whispered, "In the ass, Majesty, please."
She added the "please" just to excite Amidala, to make her feel more in

The queen fastened the strap-on dildo, moaning softly as the small knob on
the end of the dildo facing her slid into her sex. "Now," she purred,
crawling up behind her handmaiden and poising herself to take the plunge,
"Last chance to change your mind. Are you sure you want it in back?"

"Yes, Majesty," Sabe breathed. "Please?"

She smirked. "Begging for 'punishment'," Amidala joked as she placed the
head of the dildo at the entrance to her anus. "What next?" With that
pronouncement, she buried the stiff rubber pole in her handmaiden, causing
her to cry out in mingled pain and pleasure. "All right?"

"Y...yes...oh, Force…" Sabe whimpered.

"Good," Amidala cut her off, and began to piston in and out of her
handmaiden's tight ass.

"Ooooh..." the handmaid breathed as Amidala managed to get about three
quarters of the thick surrogate cock into her. "Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my,
oh my, oh my, oh my..." She just mumbled the words like a mantra, as if it
were the only thing she could think of to say in reaction.

Amidala let out a soft sigh as she entered deeper, deeper into Sabe. The
feel of the base of the dildo, and its small protrusion designed to give
the bearer pleasure, was delightful. Even as Sabe began to wail as her
asshole was stretched further, Amidala felt her orgasm coming closer.

She leaned over her closest friend without stopping her thrusts, whispering,
"Is it hurting, handmaid?"

Sabe replied with a dazed, "No more than expected, Highness." After regaining
her composure, she added, "And the pleasure is far greater." What little
control she had gained quickly slipped away as Amidala's unrelenting reaming
brought a wave of pleasure slamming into her brain. She began crying out with
each thrust, letting her queen know how wonderful the sensation was.

Amidala surprised her handmaid by letting out a whimpering, "Sabe," as she
slammed her hips harder and harder against the young woman's rear. Through
her dim, pleasure-fogged mind, Sabe realized that her queen was very close
to orgasm, probably almost as close as Sabe herself. Amidala slipped one
hand between Sabe's slender legs, pushing two lacquer-nailed fingers inside.
The added feeling brought on extra whines from the slender handmaiden.

Sabe signaled her orgasm with a wordless shriek, her back arched, every
muscle in her body taut, holding her rigidly in place on all fours. Unable
to help herself, Amidala pulled out and struggled out of the strap-on dildo,
putting a hand between her own thighs as she finally kicked the harness away,
frigging herself furiously. Barely recovered from her orgasm but needing to
fulfill her duty to the Queen, Sabe snatched up the dildo, then shoved it
into her queen's melting pussy. While the handmaid thrust the sex toy in and
out, Amidala began screaming in a way Sabe had never even heard before,
pleading for more as she fell backward from her sitting position to lie on
the massive bed. Her hips raised into the air, every tendon in her body
contracting at once, while she grasped the sheets with one hand and
finger-fucked herself with another. For a single instant that seemed to drag
on forever, she was frozen, mouth open, eyes wide, with a rubber cock in her
pussy and a finger on her clit, and then she beganto cum.

It was unlike anything either of them had experienced before. Four nearly a
minute Amidala came, pussy clenching around Sabe's fingers and the dildo,
screaming so loud as to rip her throat raw and wake up the entire palace

And without warning, it ended. Amidala collapsed like a condemned building,
her body finally finding complete relaxation. "Oh..." she whispered,

Sabe smiled as she put a finger to her queen's lips. "Hush, Majesty." She
ducked her head between Amidala's slim legs and began to lick affectionately.

"S-Sabe," Amidala managed to whispered. "Bring your cunt over here." The
handmaid complied, and the Queen of Naboo returned the favor of her lover,
lapping gently at the moist labia. They stayed in the 69 for several minutes,
each with the intent to tease and please the other. Sabe often withdrew her
tongue to use her fingers, and Amidala would refuse to penetrate the other
for minutes at a time. As time passed, their actions and sounds became more
frantic, each tonguing the other as if they could get themselves off by doing
it to their lover.

"Oh...Sabe..." Amidala gasped as she felt another orgasm rapidly approaching,
then remembered what she was supposed to be doing to Sabe, burying her face
deep between Sabe's legs and lapping, nipping, kissing away at the tender
tissue. Her handmaid squealed in response, apparently enjoying herself very

Their licking and kissing each other continued for several minutes, their
moans and sighs building to a crescendo, until finally they both reached a
relaxing, satisfying, simultaneous orgasm. Exhausted, Sabe cuddled up in
her queen's arms, throwing a leg over her, kissing her chin. "I love you,
Your High-"

"Hush," Amidala purred. "I'm Amidala. You know that."

Sabe giggled. "But Majesty, I hadn't known your need to be dominant had

Amidala toyed with her handmaiden's hair. "Don't worry, it has. I love you,

"I love you, Amidala."

The Queen hugged her lover closer, and whispered, "Tomorrow night, I'll be
Padme for you."



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