The following story deals with themes of explicit sex. If you're not
old enough to be here, you're not old enough to read it. Scram.

Sweet Valley High: Time Stop (m/f,ncon)
by Anonymous

I spend most of my days now in crowded places. Parks. Trains. Concerts.
Wherever I'm sure to find lots of people. Days that I'm not in a crowd I'm
sleeping. I'll sleep all day sometimes. Because time means nothing to me
any more. Not since I was struck by lightning up in Eaton Canyon when I
was in the tenth grade.

It wasn't even a week after that accident that I discovered my talent. I
had been walking to school and had realized that I was going to be very
late. I kept thinking to myself, "I wish time would stop." After repeating
this several times, I got the sense that something was definitely wrong. I
stopped and looked around, listening. It was deadly quiet, and no movement
was visible -- no trees, no leaves, no birds. Then I saw it -- a bird,
directly above me about five feet, in midflight, but frozen in midair. It
didn't take long for me to realize that time was stopped. I just wanted to
know if it was me who had made it stop.

I thought to myself repeatedly, "I wish time would start." Sure enough,
after I had repeated it five times, the bird above me suddenly resumed his
flight, the wind blew through the trees, the sounds of the highway nearby
were there again. I whooped with glee -- I could stop time! I stopped it
again and walked on to school, arriving several minutes early instead of
late, as I had expected.

As I moved through the halls of motionless people toward my locker, I stopped
to look at the people as I passed. They were completely motionless, almost
like mannequins. Being in the tenth grade and an average adolescent, I
naturally started to think about what the girls looked like naked, as I did
every day. Also, being an average adolescent, I began to feel my cock stiffen
at the mere thought of naked sophomore misses, and had the urge to jack off.

Why not? I was, for all intents and purposes, alone, wasn't I? These people
couldn't see me. But, before I did anything incriminating, I decided to do
a test. Tim, my friend from English class, was standing at the top of the
stairs, getting ready to descend. I stood directly in front of him, and said,
"Tim, if you can hear me right now, when I start time in a few seconds, you
will come over to my locker, ok?"

I went and stood by my locker, making sure nobody was looking my direction,
and started time again. The halls were suddenly teeming with movement,
clanking and slamming of lockers, and loud, boistrous talk. The suddenness of
the clamor shook me up a little, and I made a mental note to be ready for it
in the future.

I then turned my gaze to Tim, who was supposed to come to my locker. He
proceeded down the steps, oblivious to any suggestion I had tried to give him
just a moment before. Apparently, nobody could detect my movements when I had
time stopped. So I stopped time again. I was getting better at finding the
right mental images to stop and start time. Now I only had to repeat the wish
to myself twice before it became reality.

Once again, the hallway was brought to utter silence. I looked around at
all the pretty girls, standing in clusters, bent over lockers, and my dirty
little mind was going crazy with fantasies about every one of them. I
imagined all of them bent over forward, on their elbows and knees, with
their ass sticking up in the air and their legs spread open a bit, and their
delicious, little, virgin cunts peeking out at me. Whereas before, I had to
"sneak a peek" at their crotches and breasts (so as not to get caught), I
now could go right up to the prettiest girls in school and look at their
bodies from inches away.

I now had a full-fledged erection which strained painfully in my jeans. So
I popped open my Levis buttonfly and let my cock spring out. I stopped for
a second and looked around, just to be sure nobody looked like they had
noticed. After a couple seconds of frontal exposure, I stopped and pondered
that concept: I was standing with my cock out in the hallway of my high
school, with my classmates all round me, totally oblivious to my
indiscretion. The concept blew me away.

Then it struck me. I don't know why it hadn't before. All at once I realized
that if nobody could see ME naked in the hallway, they wouldn't be able to
see me strip someone ELSE, either! They wouldn't be able to see me move their
body into fascinating, exciting positions. They wouldn't be able to see me
fuck them to my cock's content, then either re-dress them and put them back
where they were, or simply leave them naked and dripping cum in the middle of
the hallway when I started time again. This thought made my heart start to
thump into my throat with excitement. Now it had come down to a matter of,
"Who should I defile first?" There were some really sexy seniors who treated
me like shit. Maybe they'd be my first unwilling exhibitionists.

But for now, I was so horny that my cock was ready to split the skin, so I
decided I just had to fuck someone -- fast! Who would it be... I looked
around the hall for someone nearby that I had fantasized about before, and
saw Jessica Wakefield. My first victim.

Jessica Wakefield was a junior, about five-eight, 120 pounds, and built like
a model. She kept her straight, light blonde hair cut above her shoulders,
and it curled over onto her face, bringing out her large, dark blue eyes and
perky nose. She really didn't have large breasts, but they were very nicely
sized about like small grapefruits. Her figure narrowed from her shoulders
to her waist, which was no more than 25 or 26 inches, then it cut nicely
outward into the smoothest, roundest ass I'd ever seen, which she was
obviously aware of since she wore painted-on jeans whenever possible.

The only trouble with Jessica was that she was a complete and total bitch.
She was a gold-digging, backstabbing, two-faced snob, with about three or
four good friends who made it a practice to go around school and simply be
better than everyone else. Naturally, she would not associate with someone
like me- just an average teenage sex fiend. Well, she didn't have a say in
the matter now. She was also a cheerleader.

I walked up to her and wasted no time pulling her sweater up over her head,
and her jeans down to her ankles. Fumbling around, I managed to unclasp her
bra and pull it up off her breasts. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got
my first glimpse of her perfection. Perfectly tanned breasts, indicating she
was a topless sunbather, poked up at me with small, pink nipples. I bent down
and kissed and nuzzled each one for a moment, savoring her scent and the feel
of her soft breasts beneath my fingers and lips.

I then kept moving down her body, post haste, to her panties. They were
somewhat sheer as it was, so I could see a dark patch of hair underneath
them in the crotch. Jessica was neatly shaved, though, each silken, tanned
thigh rose steadily towards her thinly-veiled cunt, and there wasn't a hair
to be found - either on her legs or around the panties. I slowly reached my
hands up so they were resting on her hips, and I hooked my thumbs into the
waistband of her panties. With a single, firm but slow movement, I lowered
her panties to her ankles and got my first glimpse of a naked woman. Every
inch of her body was tanned, including the skin surrounding her vulva. She
must have been not just a topless, but a totally nude, sunbather. Her cunt
lips were small and clean, tucked away, hardly visible. Hell, she wasn't
excited about any of this. How was I going to get in!

Some hand cream in her purse solved that problem in a hurry. I took it out
and lathered all over my cock, then walked over behind her and lowered her
to the cool floor of the hallway, bending her over forward. I adjusted her
body so that she was in my ideal sex position -- all fours, cunt wide open
and ready for rear-entry! My cock was almost aching from excitement. I
wasted no more time and plunged my cock into Jessica Wakefield's tight cunt.
My first time ever inside ANYones cunt, and it was Jessica's. It felt so
amazingly soft and warm, and I was already so excited, that I felt an orgasm
come on after about two strokes. I bent over her and reached around to grab
her tits, and pulled her body tight against mine as I began to spew my spunk
into her little bitchy cunt.

Spent, I stayed kneeling there for a few moments, then pulled out. A large
dollop of my cum oozed from her vagina onto the cool floor, and I realized
that this is my chance to put this little bitch in her place. I pulled on my
clothes and walked around to all the people in the hall, turning their faces
to her. Then I started time.

The clamor in the hallway that ensued was deafening. The people nearby whose
faces were focused on her began laughing and pointing, and it wasn't more
than a few seconds before everyone in the hall was rushing to see what all
the commotion was about. Jessica Wakefield paused, terribly confused for a
few seconds, before she understood what had happened. She let out a shriek
of horror, and scuttled to her feet, tripping over her lowered panties once
and falling to the floor, which only caused the audience to roar with glee.
She shuffled to the nearest classroom, pants halfway up her legs, and slammed
the door behind her. I grinned inwardly at her embarrassment.

I walked slowly to my classroom, elated with my newly-discovered power. Every
girl I saw, I knew I could fuck any time I wanted. Every person I saw that I
hated, I knew I could embarrass the hell out of at any time, as many times as
I wanted. I felt tremendous power. It was very gratifying.

Being that I was a horny little teen, it wasn't long before my sexual
fantasies started to get the better of me again, and I felt that familiar
tingling in my cock that meant I was getting a spontaneous erection. It was
quite difficult, actually, to avoid, being that every pretty girl I saw
suddenly became a prospective sexual object, whereas I wouldn't have stood
a chance with any of them, before.

I started contemplating who I would victimize next. There was Liz Wakefield,
the pretty twin of Jessica who sat in front of me in homeroom. She was a nice
girl, so I decided I wouldn't embarrass her, but god, how I wanted to see her
fair skinned, nude body underneath me as I relieved my raging hard-on in her
little adolescent cunt! Yes, I decided, she would be next.

I sat down in my seat and waited patiently for her to arrive. The class
slowly filled as I eyed each girl with a newfound perspective. I found myself
thinking, "Yes... No... Yes..." as each girl passed by the front of the
class. I was having a blast! My hard-on was raging by now, and I pulled my
shirt over my crotch to conceal it. Then Liz walked in.

She was wearing a knee-length Spring floral dress with a matching bow resting
in her long, straight, blonde hair. Her face was simply angelic! Fair, clean
skin, with just a hint of makeup. She smiled and sat down, and her fragrance
filled my nostrils. I couldn't take it any more; I immediately stopped time.

I knelt down on the floor beside her desk, turned her body toward me and
pulled her legs from underneath the desktop so that her knees were at my
chest. Then I slowly spread them, savoring the concept that I was going to
have my way with her. When her legs were spread as far apart as I could get
them to go, I started to roll the floral dress up her thighs until I could
see her plain, white cotton panties. Little red hairs were sticking out the
sides around her crotch.

I contemplated how I would get to her breasts, and realized that the dress
needed to be pulled up over her head, so I stood up and lifted her from her
seat into my arms, carefully balancing her ass on the desk, and pulled the
dress up. To my surprise, she was not wearing a bra. Her small, firm breasts
bounced as the hem rose up and over her head. Then she stood before me,
wearing only her panties and flats.

Liz had a firm, trim body, with a subtle figure, and she was very
fair-skinned. Her blonde hair fell down around her shoulders, which
contrasted beautifully with her smooth, ivory body. My eyes focused on her
breasts, which were standing firm and still, with light pink nipples that
stood out slightly. I leaned over to kiss and nuzzle them, and felt the
warmth of her flesh against my lips. I wrapped one arm around her waist and
pulled her body close to mine, feeling her softness, her warmth, smelling
her luxurious scent. I kissed her neck and then her mouth, which tasted
sweet like honeysuckle, and I licked her lips softly, parting them a little
so that I could feel her warm mouth around my tongue.

With my free hand, I reached down and slid inside her panties, feeling her
soft, smooth ass. My fingers caressed her buttocks and rubbed in circles
further downward, until I reached the bottom of her cheek, and I grabbed it
firmly and pressed her groin against mine and ground my raging hard-on
against her mound, through our clothes.

Sitting her back down on the chair, I kneeled once more until my face was
inches from her panties, and I slowly pulled one side of the material away,
revealing what, to this day, was the most beautiful cunt I've ever seen. Her
hair was a deeper blonde than on her head, and it flowed in soft curls all
around her mound, growing thinner as I descended. Liz's clitoris was
visible -- perhaps she was horny, too -- and her outer lips were pinkish
and full. Her inner lips were thin and spread open a bit, as her legs were
stretched wide by my being between them, and those dark pink lips were
slightly glistening with moisture, that covered them all the way down to
her vagina--which itself was wet and glistening. Could she feel what was
going on? I convinced myself that it must be subconscious if she could, so
I didn't worry.

I lifted her ass from the chair slightly as I removed the panties completely,
and pulled off her shoes. Liz was now completely nude, and I gazed at her up
and down with awe at her phenomenal beauty, just before I lowered my head to
her cunt and began sucking and licking it all over. I flicked my tongue over
and over against her clit, thinking that, even if her mind was stopped in
time, her body might be able to get pleasure. As I sucked and nuzzled her
lips and clit, I brought my middle finger to her vagina, and slowly worked
it in, using my saliva and her juices as a tangy, fragrant lubricant.

No sooner had I put my finger in about two inches, when I felt a smooth
membrane against my fingertip. Liz was a virgin! At last, I'd finally get to
feel what it's like to deflower a virgin. I slowly removed my finger from her
cunt and wiped the juices onto her nipples, which, surprisingly, were now
fully distended and a deep pink, the size of pencil erasers. I was right --
her body could feel the pleasure, even though her mind was in limbo!

Standing, I practically tore my pants off pulling them down, and I really
did manage to lose a button on my shirt as I removed that. Now totally nude
myself, I once again kneeled, pulled Liz's legs apart and get in between
them, pulling her body forward in the seat so that our chests rubbed
together. The sensation of her warm breasts, with their hard nipples, rubbing
all over my chest was more than I could take, and I just lost control at that

I reached around Liz's waist and chest and wrapped my arms tightly around
her, squeezing her body tightly against mine, my cock standing vertically
between us, rubbing her wet cunt with its underside. I began moving our
bodies in slow undulations, sliding my hard prick up and down her slick lips,
while in the meantime I was nibbling and licking her mouth's lips, breathing
furiously with excitement. This didn't last long, though, before I could wait
no longer. I had to fuck her at once.

Reaching in between our bodies, I lowered my cock, brushing its tip over her
clit, which to my surprise, caused her body to shudder. I wondered if I would
be able to give her body an orgasm without her being present within it. I
decided to try.

As my cock poised at her vagina, ready to enter, I took my thumbs and placed
them on her clit and begain to rub in a circular pattern, pulling the loose
sheath of skin over it around and around. Each revolution made her body
twitch ever so slightly. I must have been doing something right.

In one slow but firm movement, I then inserted my cock entirely into her,
popping her cherry and causing her body to tense up from head to toe. Her
muscles began to quiver, and I suspected she was cumming, so I began to rub
furiously at her clit, while my cock slowly slid in and out of her. The
sensation of fucking someone was much different with Liz than it had been
with Jessica. Liz was much tighter, and her body was much softer and warmer.
I was having what was to become the best sex of my life that day in History
class, and had I known it I would have made it last much, much longer.

As it was, Liz was cumming again and again, as evidenced by her repeated
tensing and twitching, and by the warmth and wetness of her cunt, which
seemed to grow wetter and wetter with each passing stroke. I was getting
close to spilling my seed, when Liz began to actually make small moaning
sounds. That was enough to put me over the top. I felt a contraction that
began in my groin, and spread slowly over my entire body. All my movement
stopped where the wave of tightness washed over me. Then there was a
sensation of tremendous pressure in my cock, like lungs just before a
sneeze, and I sat teetering on that brink for what seemed like an eternity.
Then my cock begain to pulsate, and in a series of some twenty body-shaking
pumps, I felt as though I were releasing cup's worth after cup's worth of
spunk into this teen's tiny, tight, hot cunt.

Then I collapsed. My body was simply drained -- literally and figuratively.
I sat with my twitching cock inside Liz's tight, twitching cunt. We sat there
for a good five minutes, both shaking and twitching every few seconds. I
looked at Liz's lovely face, how her red hair bangs down in front of her
large, green eyes, how her smooth, white skin was the setting for her full,
dark red lips, that sat, parted slightly, glistening with moisture. I needed
to kiss them again. I sat, kissing her for another few minutes, while my cock
grew limp and began to slide out of her. I felt my cum oozing from her, and
I knew it was going to be quite a bit.

I cleaned her up, using the Kleenex from the teacher's desk, then stopped and
took one last good look at her before I began putting her clothes back on. Of
all the sights I would like to see again today, it would be that 16-year-old
Liz, just once more; to have my way with her for another day.

I carefully pulled her panties back up her legs, and adjusted them nicely
around her hips. Her dress I pulled over her head and flipped her hair up
through the hole, then carefully pulled her arms through the short sleeves
and lowered the material over her torso, and down to her knees. Sliding her
shoes on, I realized I hadn't yet dressed, so I did, then I sat back in my
deskchair, took a deep breath, and started time.

As expected, the class was immediately thrown back into the clamor that it
had been in prior to my interlude. Liz seemed not to notice anything at
first, but then she got up and quickly excused herself to the restroom. No,
Liz, your period didn't come early, it's just me.


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