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MC T.V. - Sweet Valley High Part 2 (mc,incest,f/f,nc,mf)
by Yenoc

Jessica Wakefield got home after cheerleader practice. She still had on her
uniform which consisted of a tight sweater and a short pleated skirt. She was
a tease and liked to lead men on.

She was shallow and a snob. Jessica liked to wear tight, revealing outfits.
She was no where near as smart as her twin sister Liz. But she was a carbon
copy of her sister and a real looker.

Jessica entered the house and did not notice anything unusual. She seldom
paid attention to what went on around her if it didn't have to do with her.

The teen was a tramp but she was still a virgin. She had done some fooling
around on dates so she knew a little more about sex than her sister did.

Her body was lithe and trim like her sister's. They both worked out to stay
in shape. Jessica was obsessed with her looks and she wanted to be a model
if she ever graduated high school.

She was the captain of the cheerleaders, prom queen and every other
superficial title a stuck up bitch like her held in high school.

Jessica never worked hard for anything in her life and always sought the easy
way to do things. She would use people to get what she wanted and discard
them without a second thought.

Jessica went through the kitchen door and into the living room, where she got
the shock of her life. She stopped dead in her tracks and had a look of utter
astonishment on her face.

Her twin sister, Liz was naked and kneeling on the floor,bent over the couch.
A tall good looking guy was sitting on the sofa and Liz's head was buried in
his lap. They were both naked and Liz was sucking the guy's cock.

Jessica had given a few blow jobs in her time so she knew what Liz was doing.
She was totally shocked none the less. Jess never in her wildest dreams
thought she'd see her sister giving some man a blow job. The stranger looked
up at Jess and smiled.

Trent knew Jessica was in the house and she saw what he wanted her to. He had
fucked Liz all day and instructed her on the finer points of cock sucking.

Liz had adapted easily to her new role in life as a sex toy and she had no
qualms about sucking his cock. It seemed natural to her and Liz lived to
serve her master's needs. She knew her sister was observing them and it made
her pussy tingle with desire.

"LIZ!!" Jessica screeched. "What the HELL are you doing?" "What's going on
here?" Liz pulled her mouth off Trent's dick and smiled at her twin sister.
"Oh, hi Jess. I'm just enjoying this nice big, juicy cock." Liz stated and
went back to her task.

Jessica had a surprised look on her face. She glared at Trent. "What have
you done to my twin sister? Who are you?" she demanded. "I'm Trent and I'm
getting a blow job from your sister. Don't worry, you'll get to suck it soon
enough." he said.

"Get out of our house now or I'm calling the cops." Jessica bluffed. What a
ditz, Trent thought. He stared into her eyes and Jess froze on the spot. She
went into a deep trance and zoned out as she felt Trent enter her mind.

She couldn't move and she couldn't look away from his dark cold eyes. Jessica
felt odd and she felt a strange sensation in her head, like someone was
picking their way through her brain to find out everything about her.

Trent carefully delved through the layers of the teenager's mind and made
the proper adjustments to her personality. Jess knew he was in her head and
changing her in unknown ways. She tried to fight his control but his mind
powers were too much for the girl and Jess was quickly overwhelmed by him.

She saw bright colors before her eyes and she was becoming dazed and groggy
as she fell under his influence. Her rational mind screamed for her to resist
him. But Jess found herself wanting to obey Trent anyway.

Trent knew she would struggle for awhile but she would fall under his
influence. He could have simply erased her mind and started from scratch but
he liked to watch the internal struggle as his conquests fought with
themselves to deny what they were turning into.

He put all his mental commands into the girl's head so Jessica knew instantly
what was going to happen to her and what she would be doing to please him.
Her mind reeled as his mental images flooded her brain.

He was going to make her have sex with her sister! Jessica begged him to stop
but Trent ignored her pleas. She started crying like the frightened young
girl she was. Jessica was in for the worst time of her life.

Jessica yelled in alarm as she started taking off her cheerleader uniform.
She was embarassed and ashamed as she stripped naked for Trent. Jess tried
to fight him but her body would not respond. She was in serious trouble.

Liz got up and went to stand by her sister. Both girls were naked and Trent
compared their nubile teenage bodies. Jess saw Liz ogling her body and she
saw the look of lust in Liz's eyes.

Jessica would get no help from her sister, she was doomed. "Let's all go
upstairs to Jessica's bedroom so we can have some fun. Trent climbed the
steps and Liz eagerly followed him. Jessica tried to run for the front door,
but her body turned and went up the stairs with them.

Tears ran down her terrified face as she lowered her head in resignation and
went into her room with Trent and Liz. Jessica had no idea how drastically
her life was going to change.

* * *

Jessica Wakefield was lying flat on her back on the mattress. They were in
her bedroom. The room was dark and Trent sat in a corner, in the shadows so
he could watch Liz molest her twin sister. Jessica tried to fight back but
his mentral control over her was too strong.

She was going to be fucked by her own sister with a large dildo. Jessica
sobbed like a baby as in sank in that she was going to be raped by her sister
and lose her virginity to an artificial penis. Liz had put the dildo on the
nightstand next to the bed and she smiled cruelly as she watched her sibling
tremble in terror.

"All right, Liz, begin." Trent instructed his newest pupil from the darkness.
On cue, Jessica began to fondle her heaving breasts even as she cried and
begged her tormentors to stop. She tried to halt her actions but her body was
not hers to control.

Her hands were only objects intended to stimulate her and make her feel good.
Jessica rubbed her full breasts with gentle, senuous motions. Her nipples
were erect and standing up straight. The pink nubs were worked between her
thumbs and forefingers.

Jessica enjoyed the self gratification even as her mind screamed out for her
to stop. Her vagina was moist and she could feel the heat building in her
loins. The girl ran her hand over her trim, flat belly and felt the sparse
beginning of her soft pubic hair.

She was after her cunt and she slowly worked her hand down her body. Her
middle finger drifted into her damp slit like it had so many times before.
She drew her fingers across her sensitized clit. Jessica wanted to stop but
she could not.

The teenager was ashamed and mortified by what she was being forced to do.
No man had ever seen her nude before and here she was now, on her bed naked
and masturbating in front of a total stranger.

"OOOOHHH!" Jesse moaned through clenched teeth. "Please stop. Don't make me
do this. AAAHHH!" Trent sat quietly and observed the unfolding events.

The constant massaging of her clit made the fires in her burn hotter with
each passing second. Jessica pushed her hand down over her mound. She spread
her legs to give herself more access. She then worked her finger around in
the tight opening of her virgin pussy.

She was wet and warm inside and her fingers slid easily into her hole. Jess
glanced at the dildo that sat near her. She shuddered as she thought about
how the monster dick would soon be invading her cunt.

"Oh! Please fuck me! Fuck me!" Jess pleaded against her will. She was shocked
by the words and shook her head from side to side in denial. This can't be
happening to me, she thought.

Liz stood by and waited with anticipation. Trent already owned Liz Wakefield
and he had taken her cherry not too long ago. Liz belonged to him and she
liked the carnal desires he had awakened within her. She wanted to fuck her
twin sister badly.

When Trent finally ordered Liz to go to her sister, she was more than
willing. Jessica opened her eyes and saw her sister leaning over her. "Liz,
don't do this. You have to help me. Please! This is wrong, it's incest. I
know he's making you do this. Fight him!" Jessica tried to reason with the

"Trent is my master now, Jess. I want to do this. I've lusted fuck you for a
long time, I just kept my desires a secret. You are a hot cunt and you've got
me all hot and bothered." Liz told her sister. "Soon you will join me and
realize that Trent is your master as well."

"NO!!" Jessica screamed at them. "I will never give in and be his slave.
NEVER!!" In one swift motion, Liz bent down and her lips pulled Jessica's
erect nipple into her mouth. She sucked greedily on the hard nub. Jess drew
in a sharp breath and groaned.

Jessica was shocked when her own hand reached up and started to fondle her
sister's tits in return. "NO!" she yelled despair. But she could not control
her actions. The sensation of her sister sucking her nipple was tremendous.

Jessica dug her fingers into Liz's breasts as they swayed over her. She was
losing her mind and sense of identity. Jess writhed in lewd pleasure as Liz
sucked and tweaked her nipples. She felt Liz's hand move down her body as
her twin went to her crotch. Jess whailed in terror as a shiver went down her
spine. She didn't want to do this but her found herself secretly wanting
Liz's fingers in her pussy.

She knew it would feel good and she unconsciously opend her legs for her
sister. "OOOOHH! YES!!" Jessica hissed when Liz started stroking her clit.
Jess squirmed her hips on the mattress as she tried to elude Liz's prying

Her stomach jerked involuntarily as her sister worked the love button over
and over. Jess was feeling wonderful and she was almost ready to let Liz do
anything to her body. But her mind still rebelled against the forced
encounter with her sister.

Liz pulled Jessica's nipple deeper into her mouth and she licked the hard
tip. She was getting more aroused as her own tits were rubbed. Liz slid her
hand along the length of Jessica's slit.

Jessica threw her legs open as wide as possible, she lifted her hips off the
bed and sought to screw the fingers. She wanted Liz's digits in her cunt even
as she begged her twin to stop.

Liz drove her fingers into Jessica's warm pussy. "YES!" her sister responded
as Liz sawed her fingers in and out of her sister's pit. Jess thought she
would climax on the spot. The plunging fingers felt good and Liz was driving
her mad with need.

Jess pumped her hips up and down as she took part in the depraved incestuous
liasion. "Get the dildo." Trent told Liz. Jessica missed her sister's touch
and wanted more. When she saw Liz with the dildo, Jess gapsed in terror. "NO!
God, no! Don't do this. I'm a virgin!" she cried out to Trent.

Jessica knew that her sister was going to fuck her with the dildo. Liz's eyes
were ablaze with lust as Jessica curled up on the bed and tried to protect
herself. Liz hovered over Jessica and looked at the giant dildo she was

* * *

Liz licked the tip of the fake cock to moisten it. She was going to fuck
Jessica and enjoy the debauchery. Liz knelt down so that her knees were
planted on either side of Jessica's head and she opened her legs so that
her cunt was exposed over her sister's face.

She leaned forward over Jessica's body and pointed the dildo at her
glistening vagina. Liz rested on her elbows, this left her hands free to
violate her twin. Jessica's eyes widened in shock as Liz lowered her cunt
over her face. Jess had never even thought about eating another girl's
pussy and here was her sister's snatch being presented to her to orally

Jessica wanted to puke as she thought about what she was being forced to do.
Liz's vagina had a strong musky odor and Jess breathed in the pungent scent.
Of their own accord, Jessica's arms reached up and over Liz's thighs.

She gripped Liz's ass with each hand and pulled the cheeks apart to see her
sister's puckered anus. Jess slowly pulled apart the lips of her sibling's
cunt. The pink gash was directly over her mouth. Jessica howled in her mind
as her tongue shot from her mouth and slithered into her sister's crack.
Jessica got her first taste of pussy.

Liz lowered her cunt down on Jessica's face. The girl moaned as Jess ran her
tongue up and down the wet twat. Jessica raised her head and drove her tongue
deep into Liz's vaginal depths. Liz gasped as she felt the tongue in her

She placed the dildo against Jessica's cunt. The touch of the dildo at her
cunt made Jessica jump nervously. She wiggled her hips in an attempt to
escape the cock. But her efforts were in vain.

Liz slid the head into her sister's pussy. Jessica cried out in pain as she
was violated. The large dildo spread open her tight channel. Jess sobbed anew
as the prick worked into her cunt tube.

The pain was unbearable as Liz twisted the cock into her cunt. "Liz, stop!
Please! AAAAGGHHH! It hurts! Take it out. Somebody help me. Im being raped.
UUUNGGH!" Jessica yelled in agony. But her torment was far from over.

Liz grinned wickedly as she enjoyed Jessica's pain. With a sudden lunge, Liz
used all her strength to ram the dildo deep into her sister's cunt. She
stopped when the cock reached Jessica's hymen. This was what Liz had been
waiting for.

She withdrew the cock slightly and got a firm grip on the rod. Then she
lunged forward and slammed the cock into Jessica's battered cunt. The dildo
ripped through the thin membrane and Jessica let out a blood curdling scream
as she lost her precious virginity to her twin sister.

"NNNOOOOO! AARRGGGG! GOD NO! Take it out!" the girl bellowed in torture as
she was raped savagely. Liz giggled like a demented fool as she viciously
thrust the cock in and out of Jessica's pussy. The dildo was coated with her
sister's virgin blood.

Jessica continued to yell and shriek as she was raped by the huge dildo that
was tearing her insides apart. Liz was ecstatic as she ravaged her sister and
got revenge for all the years of humiliation and pain she had suffered at
Jessica's hands. The bitch was getting exactly what she deserved.

* * *

"AAGHHHH! It's too big! RRRRGHHHGGGG!" Jessica bellowed in agony. Despite her
protests, her hips arched up to meet the drilling dildo. Liz pounded her cunt
with a steady pace until the thing was sliding smoothly in and out of her
abused channel.

Jessica pushed her hips up and down to meet the lunging cock. She pushed her
tongue deeper into Liz's snatch. Liz fucked her sister with a slow natural
rhythm. When the head of the dildo was nearly out of her pussy, it would plow
back into her cunt harshly.

She kept munchingher sister's cunt even though she was disgusted by the act.
Liz's tits brushed against her belly and that made her feel more excited.
Jessica licked at Liz's cunt, her tongue lapping in and out in time to the
fucking in her own cunt. Jessica suddenly wanted to give pleasure to her
sister and make Liz climax.

Jessica's passion mounted as Liz thrust the dildo into her pussy with an ever
increasing tempo. Having Jessica lick her cunt was making Liz more aroused
and sending her to her own advancing climax.

Liz grinded her hips back and forth on Jessica's slick face. She pumped the
cock into her sister's ravenous cunt faster to bring the lewd joining to its
conclusion. Jessica slid her fingers in and out of Liz's gaping furrow,
sending the girl closer to her finish.

Jessica's mind was in turmoil. Her sanity was in a fragile state and she
could feel a new personality emerging within her soul. Her will power was
gone and her sense of being an individual was disappearing.

The new Jess was taking control and Trent's power was not to be denied. Jess
felt Liz spasm abover her and her own loins rippled erotically. Jess pushed
her hips upward to keep the dildo slamming into her box.

Liz's pussy grabbed at her tongue and Jess knew her sister was cumming.
as she came wildly. Jess rapidly swallowed her sister's sweet pussy juice.

Jessica was experiencing ecstatic joy and her whole body convulsed on the
bed. When Liz rammed the cock deep into her cunt, Jess exploded in multiple
roared as she climaxed on the hammering dildo.

The entire scene was depraved and obscene and Jessica loved every second of
it. She greedily sucked Liz's cunt. The sisters thrashed and bounced madly
on the bed as they came over and over. Jess jerked with a giant spasm as she
orgasmed repeatedly.

Jessica was afraid that Liz would stop the fucking and pulled her face away
from her sister's cunt. "Oh, damn. Give it to me Liz. Fuck me. Please!
AAAGHHH! Yes!" the teen begged her twin. Liz worked furiously at Jessica's

Liz kept climaxing as well but that did not prevent her from pistoning the
dildo back and forth in the girl's twitching hole. The sisters continued to
fuck and suck each other for several minutes before they finally collapsed
on the bed spent.

Liz rolled off Jessica and pulled the dildo out of her cunt with a loud
plop sound. She took the cock and started licking the thing clean of her
sister's fluids.

Jessica remained lying on her back as the reality of it all set into her
brain. Her mind was racing and she was now a changed person. She looked over
to Trent and said, "Master, I am your willing slave. Do with me as you will.
I live to serve only you."

Trent smiled in the darkness. He now had both Wakefield twins under his
control. Liz had become dominant and had a sadisitic streak in her. Jessica
was now meek and submissive. She gladly obeyed her sister's commands. Trent
decided to get in on the action.

* * *

Liz sat up on the bed and leaned back against the headboard. She lifted her
legs and bent them at the knees. She opened her thighs wide and presented her
pussy to her sister once more.

Jess got on her hands and knees and crawled between the girl's legs, she
lowered her head into Liz's crotch and placed her mouth near her loins. Trent
got up and stripped off his clothes. He got on the bed kneeled between
Jessica's legs. She gladly presented her backside to him.

Jessica pushed her tongue into her sister's cunt,Liz twisted and writhed on
the mattress. She abandoned herself to the pleasure Jess gave her. She reched
out with her hands to lock Jessica's head to her burning pussy.

Trent held his enormous cock and spread Jessica's ass cheeks. He placed the
thick cock head next to her puckered rectum. Then he pushed forward and
worked the head into her anus. He shoved into her asshole with great force
and Jess yelled in pain as she was sodomized.

She cried out as the cock entered her small spincter. The pain was
incredible. "OOOHHH!" Jessica squawked from the anal invasion. Jessica felt
a mixture of pleasure and pain, she tried to hold onto the pleasure.

Trent shoved forward and cruelly shoved the enitre length of his cock into
her rectum. "AAAAAAHHHH! It hurts!!!" Jessica hollered in agony as her
asshole was torn apart. Liz forced Jess to keep eating her cunt. Jessica
grunted in defeat. She was finally beaten and had no will left to resist.

She buried her face in her sister's wet cunt and started to lick once more.
Jessica relaxed her anal muscles as she at last accepted her fate. Trent
slammed his cock in and out of her stretched anus.

Trent moved his pole back and forth in her ass until he was able to fuck into
her with ease. Jessica moaned and shoved her ass back on his cock as she
impaled her asshole on his manhood.

Jessica felt intense pleasure as Trent plowed into her ass again and again.
She lifted her backside up and moved with him as he sawed in and out of her
rectum. Jessica then drove her tongue back into Liz's slit.

Liz squirmed her hips as she enjoyed her sibling's mouth and tongue. Liz
reached up with her hands and started rubbing her tits. She cupped the mounds
and pinched the erect nipples.

As Jessica's licking beame more furious, Liz knew she about to climax. Trent
plunged his cock harder into Jessica's asshole. Her anus seemed to suck at
his prick. Jess frantically pumped her fingers in and out of Liz's cunt. They
were all close to climaxing together.

Jessica pressed her mouth firmly onto Liz's cunt and drank her sister's love
juice. Liz arched her hips up in the throes of a tremendous climax. Her
screams of delight sounded throughout the bedroom. Jess dove her fingers
deeply into Liz's womb.

Jessica erupted into her own climax as Trent pounded her asshole. She bucked
her hips up and down on his cock. Her actions triggered Trent's climax and he
came too.

White hot, sticky cum blew from his throbbing cock and shot deep into
Jessica's bowels. The girl shouted in joy as she came endlessly. Her cries of
pleasure sent Liz into another series of intense orgasms. The girls shook and
flounced about as they came.

Jess gyrated her hips in circles as she fucked her master's cock. Trent's
creamy seed drenched her asshole and seeped out of the rear opening. Jessica
babbled incoherantly and begged him to cum in her asshole.

She wriggled her buttocks against his spewing organ. Jess was completely lost
in her climaxes and she gave herself to Trent totally. "More! Give me more!"
came her muffled cry from Liz's thrashing loins.

Liz came along with her sister and each girl knew it was only the beginning.
Their incestuous coupling would continue from that point on and they would
both serve Trent's whims.

Trent unloaded buckets of sperm into Jessica's rectum and she drained his
cock dry. He pulled out of her asshole and Liz eagerly cleaned his cock with
her mouth.

He was spent and sat down to watch the twins continue to fuck one another.
Liz was eating Jessica's cunt and sucking his cum from her pussy. She scooped
some semen from her sister's asshole and fed it to Jessica, who ingested the
spunk as if it were the food of the gods.

* * *

Trennt remained in Sweet Valley for a couple of days and put the twin through
their paces. They were quick learners and did anything he ordered them to.
Liz and Jessica Wakefield revelled in their roles as his sex slaves.

They fucked Trent and each other with great skill and passion. Trent was
pleased. He had successfully turned the twins into his personal cum sluts.
The twins were sad when he left, but they knew Trent woud return and summon
them again. In the mean time, Liz and Jess had each other to play with.

The end.


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