Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

Well, I'm finally getting around to this popular request. My thanks to my
friend Mesmer Eyes for a suggestion that I'm using in the end. All comments
and suggestions/scenarios are welcomed. Enjoy.

HypnoTV: Sweet Valley High (f/f,mc)
by MAW

Contrary to popular opinion, twins do not think alike. A prime example of
this could be seen in Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. They were identical,
with the same long blonde hair, beautiful faces and gorgeous bodies.
Elizabeth was sometimes shy, even-headed and had a good heart. Jessica was
outgoing, flamboyant and, while not an idiot, wasn't as studious as her
sister. So, it was rare when the two could agree on something. But one thing
they could both agree on was Sam Truman. The new humanities teacher at Sweet
Valley High, Truman was a handsome man in his thirties, with dark hair and
a penchant for wearing sweaters and slacks even in the warmest of weather.
Both of the twins were smitten with him and therefore accepted when he
invited them to his home for some extra credit work.

"Do you think this looks okay?" Jessica asked as the two headed up the
stairs to Truman's apartment. She wore a red dress with the hem cut at her
thighs, showing off ample leg. Elizabeth was a little more conservative, but
her white shirt and red skirt were somewhat more outgoing than she usually

"Yes, you're fine," Elizabeth told her twin. "I don't know why you're
dressing like this. It's not like he's going to ask you out."

"Oh, and why are you going?"

"I need the extra credit."

"Please. Miss Honor Roll is going to dress up just so she can push her GPA
a few points past the genius meter?"

Liz decided to let the conversation die as they came to Truman's apartment.
He answered the knock and invited them in. His home was rather nice, a large
living room with a couch facing a plush chair. "Have a seat," he said. The
twins sat next to each other on a couch as Truman took a seat across from
them. "Basically, I wanted to do some tests with the two of you," Truman
explained. "It's part of a study I'm doing with siblings. Now, being twins,
you two have a connection that other siblings don't and that's something I
want to explore. With your permission, of course."

"I don't have any problems," Liz said.

"Hey, I'm ready," Jess chimed in.

Truman hid a smile, pleased at eager the two were to please him. "All right.
What I want to start out with is to put the two of you into a light hypnotic
trance. It's quite simple, nothing to be afraid of. I can't make you do
anything you don't want to do. Are you game?"

Jess was pretty eager to try. Liz was a little more resistant but her
sister's prodding and Truman's kind manner soon won her over. Truman closed
all the blinds and dimmed the lights, darkening the apartment. He walked to
the stereo and put on some soft music. He then took his seat across from the
twins. "All right, girls. First, sit back and relax. Close your eyes. Get
into the most relaxful position you can. Listen to my voice. Just relax and
listen to my voice. Breathe in and out. In and out. Nice, deep breaths. Try
to imagine the tensions you feel leaving you with each breath. Breathe in
and out. Nice and easy, in and out."

Truman spent a few minutes helping them concentrate on their breathing
before moving on with the induction. "Now, just keep listening to my voice,
girls. Keep listening. Concentrate on my voice. Try to block out everything
but that. Listening to my voice helps relax you. Every word I say relaxes
you. Every word I say helps you deeper into relaxation. Just keep listening
to my voice and every word I say makes you more and more relaxed. That's it,
it's all right, let the relaxation come over you. You want it to come over
you. Your bodies feel heavy with each word I say. Very heavy. As I continue
to speak, your bodies are feeling heavy. Your arms, your legs, all of your
muscles are now so heavy. It's impossible for you to move them. You can try,
but you can't. You can't move them and you don't want to. You don't want
to move them because they're so heavy and you're feeling so relaxed. So very

"Now, girls, as you listen to my voice and as you drift deeper and deeper
into relaxation, you know you can trust me. You want to trust me. You trust
every word I say, every word that makes you more and more relaxed. The more
relaxed you feel, the deeper you go into this wonderful state of relaxation,
the more you trust me. You want to trust me. Trust my voice and everything
it tells you. Everything my voice tells you is good. Very good. So very good.
You want to do anything my voice says. Anything at all. Anything."

Within three minutes, Liz and Jess were deeply entranced. Truman grinned as
he stood up and began removing his clothes before the oblivious pair. It was
true that he couldn't make them do anything they didn't want to do. The trick
was to make them want to do what he said. He figured they were deep enough
under now to obey his commands. "Liz, Jess, you're both feeling so good now.
So good and so relaxed. So very relaxed. You love this feeling of relaxation
so much. And you love me for bringing you into it. In fact, you love me
altogether girls. I've noticed the way you've looked at me in class. You both
want me to make love to you very much, don't you?"

"..yes.." The twins replied simultaneously.

"Yes, girls, you both want to do this very much. You trust me. You want to
do everything I say because everything I say makes you feel so good and so
relaxed. Now, girls, I want you both to stand up and take off all your
clothes. You want to do this. You want to be naked so I can make love to
you. Go ahead, girls, I'm waiting." The sisters stood and disrobed quickly.
Truman stared at the two hypnotized twins, getting a double dose of perfect
nudity. Their full breasts, their smooth legs, the blonde patch, all were
identical. If it weren't for the earrings Jess wore, he wouldn't have been
able to tell them apart. "Liz, I want you to come to me. Jess, sit back on
the couch. Don't worry, you'll have your turn soon."

Truman took Liz by the hand and pulled her to him. He kissed her full on
the lips. She was a little slow to respond, but eventually was returning
the kiss in full. He buried his head in between her breasts, licking the
curves as he pulled her in closer. He worked his hard cock into her pussy,
shoving inside. He began pushing himself in and out of her, his cock working
in hard strokes. Liz was soon into it, pushing herself onto him, kissing
him even harder. Her breasts crushed against his chest as they shoved
against one another in a smooth tempo, his cock working deeper and deeper
inside of her. Truman licked at one tightened nipple as he fucked the
beautiful girl, inhaling the scent of her nice perfume. Liz arched back in
her seat as they orgasmed, giving Truman another wonderful view of her

Truman slid out of Liz, who collapsed onto the seat. He strode over to the
other couch, where Jess withered in agony, waiting for his touch. He kissed
her and was almost overwhelmed by the passion she returned it with. He
squeezed her breasts as they kissed, loving the feelings of the strong
mounds underneath his hands. He broke off the kiss and turned Jess onto her
stomach. He rubbed that wonderful ass of hers for a moment before inserting
his cock into her pussy. He began pumping her, sliding his member in and out
of her with eagerness. Jess moaned in pleasure, gripping the arms of the
couch as Truman nailed her from behind. He squeezed her buttocks, using
them as handholds as he felt himself build up. He shot his wad into her,
causing her to cry in surprise and ecstasy.

He took each of them again before deciding on a finale. "Girls, come here
and suck my dick." The two mesmerized twins complied, each taking turns with
his hard cock. Jess teased with it, rubbing her hands along the member while
darting her tongue across its tip. Liz took it from her and put it in her
mouth, suckling on it. Truman moaned, his dick hurting as he did his best to
keep it inside, waiting until it was just right. The two girls began licking
together, their tongues roaming from the tip of the cock all the way down to
the balls. That was all Truman could take. He spat out, his semen trailing
onto the faces of both girls, yellow streams on their beautiful faces.

Twenty minutes later, Truman had the two cleaned and dressed and back on his
couch. Dressed himself, Truman gave them some last minute instructions. He
wiped their memories so they would have no recollection of what had happened.
He also implanted a trigger phrase that would instantly put them under again
whenever he wanted to. But he also put in something else.

"Girls, whenever you are entranced and you hear me say the word 'switchback',
you will instantly, at that very moment, believe you are your sister. Jess,
you will believe you are Liz. Liz, you will believe you are Jess. Even after
you come out of the trance, you will believe you are the other until you hear
me say 'switchback' again. Remember that."
_ _ _

So that was how Liz could be at cheerleader practice at the same time Truman
had her spread-eagled, his cock diving in and out of her. And how Jess could
be at the mall with her friends at the same time Truman was licking her
breasts. Sam Truman had achieved the enviable dream of making love to the
same woman at least twice a day.


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