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Date: 11/08/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, male solo sex, rape, male/female sex, interracial sex,
female solo sex, female/female sex, mind control, graphic violence, strong

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Kate/m/f

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Summary: Kate decides to go to a newfound male artist and allow him to paint
a nude portrait of her for Nick as a Christmas present, only to have her
unaware that he has a succubus inside of him.

Other Notes: This AU story is an answer to one of PEJA's Story/Word Prompt
Challenges and based on a picture entitled 'Paint Me' by an artist named Greg

Dedication: Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends!--ATK 2008

Special Unit Two: The Holiday Gift
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

If there are some of you folks out there with enough intelligence to get one
of your friends and/or co-workers something that you had allowed yourselves
to buy from either a department store like Macy's or a discount store like
Walmart as a Christmas present, you would indeed be able to live to see this
and many more holiday seasons to come but if there are some of you who had
decided to go the stupid route and have your friend's gift custom-made by
someone without ever knowing whether he or she was a kind and generous person
or not, you better make sure that your entire life insurance policy is all
paid up.

And you folks still want to know what I'm trying to get at, I might as well
go ahead and start telling you the story that I'm writing now which had began
in the city of Chicago, Illinois where if you were able to allow yourself to
step into a dry-cleaning establishment just to pick up your cleaning, all you
would be able to see is a dry-cleaning store and nothing else.

But if you were able to get yourself past the guy who was 'operating' the
'dry-cleaning store', go into the back of that place and walk down a flight
of steps, you would be able to place yourself inside the hidden headquarters
of a top-secret police division known as 'Special Unit Two', whose main
function was to police the 'links' -- or mythological beings if you prefer --
who happen to be living among the human population and make sure that the
'links' would never do any deadly harm to the innocent human inhabitants of
the city.

Anyway, it was on a cold and snowy late December morning that one of the
female detectives of Special Unit Two whose name happens to be Kate Benson
was talking to someone on the phone just in time for her partner, Detective
Nick O'Malley to finally walk himself over to his desk, plop the latest
edition of the Chicago Tribune on that very desk and said, "Sorry that I'm
late, Kate. It's just that I had some trouble getting my car started. "

"Don't you mean that you had gotten caught up in reading the sports section
of today's paper and forgot about the time, Nick?" that was the question that
a sarcastic Kate had asked Nick after she had hanged up the phone and before
her partner had looked at her with a small smile on his face and say, "Cute,
Kate. Not funny but cute. So, where are you off to now? I'll come along and
make sure that you stay out of trouble. "

"Oh, thanks, Nick. But no thanks. I'm just going to do some holiday gift
shopping for my family, that's all. See you later. ", that was the response
that Kate had given Nick after she had gotten herself out of her seat and put
on her coat, hat gloves and scarf and before she had given Nick a little
'goodbye' wave and walked herself over to the division chief who happens to
be an African-American male known as Captain Richard Page, who had looked at
Kate with a small smile on his face and asked, "Well, Kate? Are you on your
way to get Nick's Christmas gift done?"

"You better believe I am, Chief. Catch you later. Oh, and could you please do
me a favor and make sure that Carl keeps his big mouth shut about it?I really
don't want him to spoil Nick's holiday surprise. ", that was what Kate had
said to Captain Page before he had placed his gentle hand on her shoulder and
said, "You better believe I will, Kate. Catch you later. "

And then, after she had walked up the stairs and stepped out of Special Unit
Two's secret headquarters, Kate had walked herself into nearby multi-level
parking garage, gotten into her car and drove herself out of that very garage
and over to one of the many apartment buildings within the city.

And as soon as she had arrived at her destination, Kate had pulled herself up
into an empty parking spot, gotten out of her car and stepped into that very
apartment building where she had taken the elevator up to the seventh floor,
walked herself over to apartment 7-C and knocked on the door before a male
voice on the other side had said, "Hold on a minute! I'm coming!"

And after the door had unlocked and opened itself, it had allowed a young and
handsome male stud with curly red hair to stand in front of Kate, look at her
with a small smile and say, "Hi, you must be Joanna Ballentyne. I'm glad to
finally meet you in person. Please do come right on in and make yourself
comfortable in the home of Sebastian Davidov," before Kate had stepped into
the apartment, turned around, taken a deep breath and said, "Before we get
started on the portrait, Sebastian. I was curious about what had taken you so
long to answer the door. "

"Oh, that was because I had left the TV set on WMAQ-TV Channel 5 in order to
watch NBC-TV's own resident weatherman, Al Roker report today's weather on
The Today Show. Well, all you have to do now is get your clothes off and
place your naked body on that stool in order for me to start painting your
nude portrait, okay?" that was the question that Sebastian had asked Kate
before she had stripped off all of her clothes, sat herself down on the stool
and placed herself in the most sexual pose that she was able to place herself

And while Sebastian was painting the portrait of a bare-ass naked Kate, it
was back at Special Unit Two's secret headquarters that a curious Nick had
walked himself over to Captain Page, cleared his throat and asked, "Say,
Chief? Could you -- at least - tell me where my partner had gone to? It's
just that I can't help worrying about her being out there by herself," before
Captain Page had turned his eyes toward the unit's own representative in the
'Link' community known as Carl The Gnome and made sure that he actually was
reading his racing form.

And after he had done that, Captain Page had turned his eyes toward Nick, let
out a sigh and said, "Okay, Nick. All I could tell you is that she had gone
over to the home of some newfound artist named Sebastian Davidov in order to
have a custom-made portrait done for her to give it to someone as a Christmas
present. ", that had caused a shocked Carl to drop his racing form and say in
a soft voice, "Oh, no. It can't be her. Not again."

And as soon as a suddenly-concerned Carl had picked up the phone and began
calling one of his good friends, it was back at Sebastian's apartment that he
had finally put the finishing touches on the portrait, looked at Kate with a
small smile on his face and say, "Okay, Joanna. You could relax now. I'm all
done with the portrait. ", before a curious Kate had put on a snow-white
bathrobe, walked herself over to Sebastian, taken a good look at the finished
portrait, placed her hand on her chest and said, "Oooohhhh, Sebastian. It
really does look ssssoooohhhh wonderful. I really don't know how I'm going to
thank you for this."

"Oh, we'll get to that later. Right now, I'll just put this in a frame and
wrap it up for you, okay?" that was the question that Sebastian had asked
before he had taken the portrait into the next room before a small-smiling
Kate had taken a look at the view of the city from a window and let out a
sigh of relief at the fact that Nick's Christmas present was finally done but
that--of course--was before a bare-ass naked Sebastian had stepped out of
that other room and began stroking his stiff cock behind the unsuspecting

And after he had moved himself closer, grabbed Kate by the shoulder and
plopped her down on the sofa, Sebastian had placed himself on top of a
confused Kate, ripped the robe open, looked at Kate in the eyes and said, "I
really am... sorry about this, ... Joanna! It's just that... I've got a...
demon... inside me! And she wants... to feed on... your energy... right
now!", but just as a shocked Kate was about to say something in objection to
the whole idea, Sebastian had already started licking all over Kate's nude
body--all the way down to her exposed pussy and caress her uncovered breasts.

And as soon as Kate had placed her hands on Sebastian's bare shoulders and
was about to try to free herself from his grasp, her shocked eyes had
witnessed a nude female humanoid creature with blue hair, purple skin and
glowing yellow eyes stepping out of Sebastian's body, looking at the helpless
Kate with a small smile on her lips, pumping two of her fingers in and out of
her hot, wet pussy and caressing her own tits with the other hand before she
had moved herself closer, moved Sebastian out of the way and began licking on
Kate's cunt and caressing her mounds.

And then, after Sebastian had placed his stone hard dick inside the purple-
skinned female's asshole and his hands on her firm breasts and Kate had
placed her hands on the mysterious babe's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh,
yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Sebastian! Fuck the bitch! Fuck her in the ass
while she sucks my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!", it was back at Special Unit
Two's secret headquarters that a concerned Carl The Gnome had placed his hand
on Nick's shoulder and said, "Bad news, Nick. That Sebastian Davidov
character that Kate is suppossed to be meeting right now just happens to be
under the control of a really nasty bitch from hell named Roxanne Bond. And
what's worse is that Roxanne happens to be a succubus. That's a demon who
takes the form of a beautiful woman in order to seduce men in their dreams to
have sexual intercourse with them. That allows the bitch to draw energy from
those men in order to sustain themselves and do so often until the point of
exhaustion or the death of that victim. "

And after he had heard that, a suddenly-alarmed Nick had taken his gun out of
the desk drawer, put his winter coat on and said, "Oh, this is just fucking
great! Just what we don't need on this one holiday season! Another damn
fucking 'link' sucking the lifeforce out of everybody!", it was back at
Sebastian's apartment that he had placed his stiff cock inside Kate's pussy
and began licking on Roxanne's hot, moist snatch and she had placed her hands
on Kate's silky-smooth naked thighs and began sucking on her tits, causing a
sexually-energized Kate to place her hands on Roxanne's bare back and yell at

And after they had started moving themselves harder and faster and continued
doing that until they had all finally came and collapsed due to exhaustion,
Roxanne had placed herself back inside Sebastian's body and he had gotten
himself off the sofa, looked at Kate and noticed that she was unable to lift
herself up which had caused a saddened Sabastian to place his gentle hand on
her cheek and say, "I really am sorry about this, Joanna. "

Then, after poor Sebastian had stepped into the next room with the cloud of
shame and despair hanging over his head, Nick had stepped out of the
elevator, walked himself over to Sebastian's apartment door and knocked on
it, only for him to receive no answer and have no choice but to pull out his
gun and kick the door open just in time for Nick to find a helpless Kate's
bare-ass naked body on the sofa.

And of course, that was before Sebastian had stormed himself out of the next
room and looked at Nick with glowing yellow eyes and a crazed look on his
face and that had caused an enraged Nick to aim his gun at Sebastian and
blood-crazed Sebastian had charged himself towards Nick, grabbed him by the
coat and flung him across the room and into a wall.

And just as Nick was about to get himself back up, the demon-possessed
Sebastian had grabbed Nick by the throat, lifted him off the floor, looked at
him dead in the eyes and growled, "GUESS WHAT, SHIT-HEAD!IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO
DIE!", but just as Sebastian was about to slam his entire fist down Nick's
throat and pull all of his lungs out, Kate had surprisingly gotten enough
strength to lift herself up, pick up Nick's gun and fired it at Sebastian.

And after the injured victim of demon-possession had released his grip on
Nick, dropped himself down to the floor and let out a scream of intense pain,
he had looked up at Kate with Nick's gun in her hands and a single tear
running down her cheek just in time for her to say, "I really am sorry,
Sebastian," and fire Nick's gun straight at the possessed artist's face,
causing both him and the 'link' still inside of him to die instantly.

Just then, back inside Special Unit Two's secret headquarters, Nick had
opened the custom-made present that Kate had allowed Sebastian to paint for
him, everyone else in the entire squad room had let out a barrage of cheers
and whistles before Captain Page had turned around and said, "Okay, you
jokers! Okay! Knock it off! Well, Nick? What do you think?"

And after he had looked at both Kate and the nude portrait of her, a small-
smiling Nick had placed his gentle hand on his beautiful partner's shoulder,
looked at Captain Page and answered, "Well, Chief. Let's look at it this way.
Now, I could really double my pleasure and fun. ", causing everyone around
him to let out a strong dose of laughter before he had given Kate a small
kiss on the forehead and said, "Merry Christmas, Kate."



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