BY Wonder Mike

The doctor ran more test on the restrained Seven, unfortunately nobody had
ever developed anything to suppress lust, it ad never been a problem before.
He thought that she would recover on her own though, once she had her orgasm.

The crew slipped the sign up list into her ready room. Janeway was surprised
to see Tuvok's name on the top of the list. Janeway decided, if anybody went
first it would be her. But there had to be a better way.

The doctor told her the best way was the holodeck, that was what started
the problem and it was a way to satisfy her without putting any of the crew
in danger.

Janeway ordered Seven transported to the holodeck. She was untied and naked.
a bed was created and Seven ran to it. She laid on the bed and spread her
legs. She jammed four fingers into her pussy and were working them

A large group had gathered in a viewing room, a crew member was selling
tickets when Tuvok sent everybody away, discipline was quickly flying out
of the window.

Janeway ordered 5 Klingon warriors into the holodeck with Seven. They were
naked and erect with 15 inch cocks.

The first Klingon jumped on top of Seven and slammed his cock into her. She
wrapped her legs around her and started thrusting up. The Klingon was
slamming down into her. Janeway was amazed, it was a rare human female who
could take on a Klingon, but Seven wasn't completely human.

The other Klingon's wanted their chance. They pulled their partner off
of Seven and began to fight. Seven would have none of this. She grabbed the
nearest one and threw him on the bed. She jumped on top of him and rode
his cock wildly.

Seven pinned his arms down and was jumping up and down on him. The Klingon
was grunting and panting, he did not want to look weak in front of his

Another Klingon climbed on top of Seven and slipped his ridged cock inside of
Seven along side of his partner. Seven barely slowed down on her wild ride.
It took her a couple of minutes but she was building up speed.

The third Klingon shoved his cock into Seven's mouth, she began sucking him
like a pro. She was an incredibly quick study. The three Klingon's who were
fucking her were losing control. It had taken 20 minutes but they wee losing
it. They all shot their loads inside of her.

There were only two Klingon's left, Janeway was worried, her plan wasn't
working. She could always bring in more but maybe they weren't enough. If
Klingon's couldn't do the job who could?

The last two Klingon's took their turn. Seven was bent over and the Klingon
entered her from behind. He started to ram his cock into her and his partner
shoved his cock into her mouth.

Seven rocked back so she was on top of the Klingon facing away from him, she
then pulled his cock out of her ass and shoved it into her asshole. She
placed her hands on his chest and began to ride him. She had no trouble at
all accepting his entire 15 inches.

The last Klingon pushed her back so she was laying bak to chest on the
Klingon in her ass, and he slid his cock into her pussy.

Seven kicked her legs up and down forcing both cocks deeper inside of her.
This was what she needed. The Klingon's fucked her has hard as they could for
half an hour, but it was not enough. They both shot their loads deep inside
of her but Seven did not have her 1st ever orgasm.

Janeway was disappointed, she had to think of something else but Klingon's
were the best that anybody knew of, Crew members kept volunteering, but she
quickly dismissed them, they were not helping at all.

B'Elanna Torres thought of something. She figured a humanoid would not
suffice, she could design a machine that could do the job. Janeway told her
to bring a design to her.

B'Elanna designed a machine that worked like a simple oil derrick. She placed
a rod that was 18 inches long and the thickness of her arm. Seven would lay
underneath it and it would pump up and down into her.

Janeway told Seven of the device, all she had to do was remove her fingers
from her pussy. She was able to comply for a minute and the device
materialized above her.

Seven spread her legs and the rod slipped inside of her. Seven was on her
back with her legs straight up in the air. She was kicking up trying to force
the rod deeper.

Janeway turned on the device and it started to pump up and down. Seven
squealed in delight, as it started to go faster and faster.

each stroke also caused the rod to go deeper inside of her until it was
completely buried. Janeway turned it on to full power. The rod was moving so
fast it looked like it was not moving. Seven was screaming for more.

It took 2 hours but the machine finally wore Seven out she had a squirting
orgasm and passed out.

They transported her to sick bay. when Seven awoke she was back to normal,
the doctor explained about lust and sex and how she should go about it. Seven
understood and new the Holodeck would be the best place for her to have sex.

Janeway started a signup sheet for the Holodeck, all the female crew members
were requesting time now.



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