By Wonder Mike

Harry Kim was having a hard time working with Seven of Nine. She was the most
beautiful specimen he had ever seen, she blew the Delany Twins away. Seven
was probably the most intelligent human ever, but she was just regaining her
humanity, in some ways she was an infant.

It was too easy for Harry to have his way with her, so he was able to control
himself so far. He had creates a special Holodeck program that enabled him
to take care of his needs.

Harry was running his "Seven" program when Tom Paris walked in. He laughed
at the spectacle. Seven was on her knees sucking on Harry's cock. Harry had
his eyes closed and didn't see Tom walk in.

Tom's laugh snapped Harry out of his trance. Harry knew he was in trouble,
Captain Janeway would lose it if she found out what Harry was doing with the
Holodeck especially with a crew member.

Harry begged Tom not to tell, Tom told Harry to destroy the program and he
could forget about it, of course he had to try it once.

He walked over to Seven and she began to suck Tom's cock, Harry stood behind
her and slipped his cock into her tight pussy. He grabbed her around the
waist and started ramming it into her, Seven had swallowed all of Tom's cock.
He couldn't hold out anymore and shot his load down her throat.

Harry was not far behind him. He spun seven around and shot his load all over
her face. They were both ashamed about what they had done, but it was fun.
Maybe they would destroy the program tomorrow.

Seven was doing her normal ship wide maintenance on the ships system when
Neelix told her if she wanted the crew members to feel more comfortable
around her she would have to become more like them and relax, he told her she
could be perfect and Human. Seven agreed with his assessment and asked
him for suggestions. Neelix told her to go to the Holodeck and pick out an
early 20 century program and act it out, it would give her a sense of human

Seven ran a search of the programs and the first one that came up was Seven
of Nine. She thought that was interesting and activated it.

The setting was a beach front hotel room and she saw herself standing naked,
That WAS interesting. She walked over to herself and the hologram started to
undress her.

Seven just stood there to see what was going to happen next. The hologram
laid Seven on the bed and spread her legs The hologram buried her tongue into
Seven and began to lick her cunt. Seven thought this was a satisfactory
program, She spread her legs so the hologram would have further access to her

Seven had never had a sensation like this before and didn't now what to make
of it. It finally occurred to her that this must be sex. She pulled the
hologram's legs over so it was sitting on her face. Seven buried her tongue
into the hologram mimicking it's actions.

The hologram buried three fingers into Seven, and she was in heaven, Seven
would come to this program every day, she would also show all the crew
members what she had learned.

She reached up and slid three fingers into her perfect duplicate and they
both pushed and shoved there fingers into each other. Seven could do this

Unfortunately Seven was called to the Captains office. She shut down the
program and reported to Janeway's ready room.

Seven was late for duty and Janeway wasn't happy about it. She told Seven
that her crew status was tenuous at best and it was not like her to be late,
especially to be in the holodeck. Janeway wanted her to get a hobby, but her
duties had to come first.

Seven told her about the program, Janeway told her it was against regulations
to have a program featuring another crew member and the person who made it
would be dealt with.

Seven had to show the Captain what she had learned, she removed her jumpsuit
and instructed Janeway to do the same. Janeway told her she wouldn't, But
Seven grabbed her and told her resistance is futile.

Janeway tried to pull away but it was no use, Seven was twice as strong as
she was and tossed her on the bed. Seven's lust had overcome her reason. She
tossed the captain on her desk and buried her tongue into her. She had
learned quickly from her duplicate. She was already an expert.

Janeway quickly stopped struggling, it had been over three years since she
had gotten fucked and she needed it badly. Seven shoved a finger into Janeway
and all struggling stopped.

Seven had her tongue buried into the Captain and she was licking her inside
out. Seven then shoved her whole fist into her. Janeway couldn't even breathe
anymore, and she was loving it.

Seven ate her for an hour, and the crew was wondering where she was, she
heard the buzzing at her door and knew they were coming in. She called for
help and Tuvok came running in. Janeway saw the look of surprise on his face
even though he tried to hide it.

Janeway told him Seven was out of control and needed to be subdued. Tuvok
walked over to her and Seven bolted out of the door, she would find someone
to satisfy her, know that she had given the Captain what she needed.

Tuvok managed to get a shot off with his phaser, Seven went down. They took
her to the doctor to see what was wrong with her. The doctor told them she
just needed to be fucked into release.

The news spread around the crew like wild fire. It only took 15 minutes
before someone started up a sign up sheet that had 100 names on it. Janeway
had to control the crew and think of another way.

Janeway and the doctor were trying to find a way to satisfy Seven without
exposing her to the crew. One of her guards had another idea.

Seven was in her cell with her fingers buried into her cunt when her guard
told her he could take care of that itch. Seven invited hi in.

Seven was on her bed with her legs spread and the guard dropped his pants
and slammed his cock into her. Seven screamed yes, she needed it harder. She
rolled the guard over and sat astride him.

She began to jump up and down on the helpless crew member. He knew he was in
trouble now. There was no stopping Seven. She was going to fuck him to death.
What a way to go though.

The guard was begging her to stop, he had cum twice already and was finished.
Seven would not comply. He had no choice but to hit communicator and call for

Tuvok came in and stunned Seven and they pulled the limp guard out of the
cell. They knew something had to be done about Seven now, she was useless as
a crew member and a major distraction.

All anybody could think about was getting a piece of Seven of Nine, no work
was getting done. They needed a solution and something that would keep her
from losing it again.



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