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Author's note: Okay, okay, okay, here it is, the continuation of Voyager
Blue. Thanks to everybody who yelled at me to get it back on the road- it
shows you care :). Seriously, I will get Part V up sometime. No promises
as to when, but I will try, really, I will. Don't wanna disappoint my
loyal fans.

Star Trek - Voyager: Voyager Blue Part 4 (MF,inter)
by Tracy L Williams

Chapter 12

I am not enjoying this, Commander Chakotay told himself as he struggled to
fight back his impending orgasm. I am not enjoying the way Captain Janeway
is screaming in pleasure. I derive no satisfaction from having made her come
at least four times. This is strictly in the line of duty. I especially
don't like the way-

Janeway reached up and licked his nipple, teasing it and biting down lightly.
She had done this a number of times, and Chakotay had quickly learned exactly
how sensitive his nipples were. He breathed in sharply and Janeway smiled at
the effect. She ran her hands up and down the muscles in his back, lightly
scratching and smiling again as Chakotay let out an involuntary sigh.

"Enjoying yourself, Commander?" Janeway asked through her moans.

"I am... saving your life, Captain. I would hope that you would do the same
if our positions were reversed."

"Speaking of which," Janeway said, and rolled him over so that she was on
top. She looked down at him and ran her hands over his pectorals. "So why
don't you kiss me, Commander?"

Speech was becoming more difficult for Chakotay as Janeway rubbed his chest
and lightly tickled his chin. "That isn't the point, Captain. The disease is
sexual in nature, and, mmm, kissing wouldn't affect it."

"Fuck you, Chakotay," Janeway said, and slammed her mouth onto his.

He was surprised by the speed and ferocity of it, and initally resisted.
After a few seconds, though, he let her go to it. As she tickled his tongue
with hers, she reached back behind herself and rubbed his balls with the
palm of her warm hand.

Chakotay tensed and finally lost control, grunting in pleasure as he let
himself go and came copiously into his captain. Janeway moaned and burbled
through the whole thing, seeming to come yet again as he did. In the throes
of mutual orgasm, they rolled over another couple of times, nearly falling
off the conference table.

Chakotay rolled off her, exhausted. Janeway curled up next to him, playing
with the hairs on his chest, and steadily working her way downwards until
she was playing with his pubic hair. Once again, against his will, Chakotay
found himself responding.

At that moment, the doors to the conference room opened, and Kim, the Doctor,
Kes, Neelix, and a limping, grimacing Tom Paris came into the conference room
to see their two highest-ranking officers lying on the table in post-coital

"Laying some pipe on the good captain?" asked Paris.

'What a stupid phrase,' thought Kim.

"I am not enjoying this!" Chakotay called out.

"That would explain the erection," Paris remarked.

Chakotay quickly pulled up his pants (much to Janeway's dismay) and tried to
regain some of his composure. "What was the problem in the mess hall?" he

"Torres got it," Neelix stated.

"But the Love Doctor here took care of her," Kes noted admiringly. Chakotay
noticed that Kes had her both her hands down her pants.

The doctor ignored her. "Captain, you were preparing to tell us what food
you ingested before you were affected."

Janeway thought about it while idly masturbating. It was rather
disconcerting. Chakotay told Kim to try to fix the vibrator, and the ensign
got to work as Janeway brightened.

"Voyager Blue," Janeway sighed, in an almost dreamy voice.

Neelix started.

"A problem, Mr. Neelix?" Chakotay asked.

"Well, I made that... that drink. But I swear I didn't know what it would

"This does not make any sense," mused the doctor. "Surely not every single
person on the ship just happened to drink Voyager Blue." He addressed the
computer. "How many times has Voyager Blue been ordered through the

The answer was quick and clipped. "Three hundred and twenty-six times."

"That's impossible," said Janeway. "Far too many times."

"I have a theory," Neelix said slowly. "Computer, how many items of food
or drink have been ordered since Voyager Blue was programmed into the

There was a short pause while the computer calculated, and then came the
answer: "Three hundred and twenty-six."

"Oh no," Kes said, realization overcoming her.

"I did it," Neelix said in disbelief. "I misspoke... I told the computer that
the mix should be put in everything. I corrupted the whole replicator!" The
little alien looked ready to cry.

"But wait," Kes said. "You gave the captain and I different mixes."

Neelix looked up. "Yes, and?"

"I wasn't affected by the first one, but the captain was!"

Harry Kim looked up from the vibrator. "Computer, is there a difference
between the original Voyager Blue and the mix in the foods?"

"Working." Pause. "There is a 0.012% difference in the molecular structure
of the respective items."

The doctor took over. "Computer, please replicate one glass of Voyager Blue
and one, ah, bowl of potato chips."

"Potato chips?" asked Chakotay.

The items appeared in the replicator station, and the doctor took them.

"Captain, since you have science experience, I would like you to help me in
the lab with these samples." Janeway nodded and tried to get back into her
uniform while still masturbating. "Kes, your help would be appreciated as

"What can we do while we wait?" asked Chakotay.

"Get that vibrator fixed," Janeway said with a loving look at the object.
"And find Tuvok!"

Chapter 13

Tuvok had found T'Kaa, the young Vulcan ensign who had been overcome with the
desire for somebody to suck her breasts. They were in the science lab, hard
at work on finding a solution to the disease. Bullshit, they were fucking. If
you want technobabble, read the previous section over again.

They were in Tuvok's quarters. Tuvok had laid T'Kaa back on the floor and was
busily licking her left nipple. T'Kaa had put her foot up against Tuvok's
dick and was slowly rubbing it.

"This is highly illogical," T'Kaa sighed.

"True," Tuvok agreed around a mouthful of breast. "This situation must be
immediately remedied."

At that moment, the door opened and Chakotay and Tom Paris rushed in. Upon
seeing the two Vulcans in their amorous state, Chakotay rolled his eyes in a
'not again' gesture. Paris immediately took out his tricorder and scanned

"This is not a good time for a scan, Lieutenant," T'Kaa managed to get out.

"T'Kaa is correct, Lieutenant," Tuvok answered, while still teasing her
nipple. "She has informed me that the continued stimulation of her mammaries
is vital to her survival."

Paris frowned. "That's weird. I don't see anything here that suggests she's
in mortal danger. I think she's just, uh, really horny."

Tuvok looked up at T'Kaa in surprise. "A lie?"

T'Kaa considered. "An exaggeration," she finally said.

"A plagarism," Chakotay added.

They all looked at him oddly for a second.

"Tuvok, we need your help," Tom finally said. "We might have found the cause
of the problem."

The Vulcan looked from Tom to T'Kaa. "My duty requires me to leave you now."

T'Kaa looked heartbroken. "But who... but who... will..." She looked down
sadly at her breasts.

"Commander, I'm certain you don't need *me* any longer," Paris said eagerly.
"After all, science is not my strong point and-"

"Follow us, Mr. Paris," Chakotay grumbled, and left.

* * *

Down in the med lab, the Doctor was busy running a tricorder over Janeway's

"Captain, please, keep your hands away from your crotch," he said for the
fourth time. "This is a sensitive reading we are dealing with here."

Janeway sheepishly removed her finger from her pants. "Umm hmm," the doctor
said. "Estrogen level at 148 above normal. Much higher than usual.

"Kes, bring me the chips, if you would." He looked over at the kneeling
Ocampa, who currently had 11 inches of Neelix in her gullet. "Kes!"

"Gulughal?" she replied.

The doctor rolled his eyes and got it himself. "Captain, please eat some

"But aren't they infected with-"

He held out the bowl. Cautiously, Janeway ate a dozen chips. While she did
so, the doctor continued to run the tricorder over her.

"Estrogen level at 146 above normal," he said with satisfaction. "We have
solved the problem."

"How?" Janeway asked, still fighting the urge to rub herself.

"For some odd reason, your estrogen level falls when you eat the altered
Voyager Blue. In a way, it works as an antidote. I believe that the original
Voyager Blue will have a similar effect on the other infected crewmembers.
Kes, please come here."

Kes still had her lips wrapped tightly around Neelix's enormous dick.

"Kes, I need you now!" the doctor snapped, and pulled her off. The dick left
her mouth with a sound not unlike the stopper being pulled out of a full

"No- not now-" gasped Neelix.

"Duck!" cried Kes, and pulled the doctor to the ground with her.

Janeway didn't react quite as quickly, and therefore was in the way when
Neelix came with a great grunt. Apparently Talxians' ejaculate was every bit
as large as their penises. The incredible force of the blast caught Janeway
and knocked her halfway across the room, covered from head to toe in milky
white alien semen. She tried to get up, and was flattened again by the next
spurt. At this point she gave up and surrendered to it - and in her aroused
state, it wasn't all that bad. When it was finally over one and a half
minutes later, the captain was nearly unrecognizable under the sticky cream.

"Captain! Are you all right?" Kes cried.

Janeway struggled to her feet. "All right?" she asked, running her hand over
her face and licking it clean. "I came three times!"

"Thank you for sharing, Captain," interjected the doctor. He ran his
tricorder over Kes, who was still looking at the blissfully coated captain.
"Estrogen level, 120 above normal. Hmm. Kes, please drink some of this." He
handed her a glass of the original Voyager Blue, which she drank thirstily.
She had, after all, just been denied a large beverage.

As Kes finished the glass, the doctor smiled. "Estrogen level, 117 above
normal. Excellent."

"Wow, Neelix," Paris said, staring at Janeway as he, Chakotay, and Tuvok
entered the room. "Not bad."

Neelix looked sheepish.

"What have you determined, Doctor?" asked Tuvok.

"Ironically enough, the two strains of Voyager Blue act as antidotes to each
other," was the answer.

Chakotay looked relived. "So all we have to do is administer the different
strains to the infected people and we'll be fine?"

"It's not quite that simple. The strains act as antidotes, yes, but the
effect is much less pronounced. In other words, over 80 times the amount of
antidote is needed to counteract the effect of the original."

They all looked at each other for a moment. "There's no way we can replicate
that much food," Janeway said. "Even if we could, we can't issue an order for
all crewmen to eat 80 times the amount they usually do."

"Perhaps we could use a tachyon beam," suggested Paris.

Everybody stared at him.

"Well, it always worked on TNG..." he muttered.

"The most likely solution would be to flood the ship with the antidote as an
airborne agent," said the doctor.

"An excellent idea," said Janeway, finding her hand wandering down to her
crotch again. All the technobabble was making her horny. With an effort, she
redirected her hand from her waist to her communicator, tapping it. "Janeway
to Torres."

"GIVE ME THAT, YOU LITTLE PRICK!" was the screamed reply.

Chapter 14

Ensign Harry Kim leaped over the captain's chair, just barely escaping
B'Elanna Torres' grasping hands. 'Holy shit,' he thought. 'Three weeks ago I
was on my first mission, to explore the stars and discover new life. Now I'm
running around the bridge of a Intrepid-class starship with a dildo in my
hand, being chased by a horny Klingon. What gives?'

"I'm telling you," Kim cried out again, "it's not safe! The safety is broken,
let me work on it a little longer!"

"Fuck you!" screamed Torres. "I made that thing, I know what it can do, I
know what I can take, I want it inside me now, GIVE IT TO ME!" She dove at
him, but he quickly leaped out of the way, gracefully twisted his ankle and
nimbly slammed to the ground.

Seeing her chance, the naked Klingon jumped at him like a rabid beast. He
knew what she had done to Paris, and he was desperate. As quickly as he
could, he turned the vibrator all the way to '100' and slid it up into her
as she landed on him.

The effect was amazing. B'Elanna froze in midhowl, and her eyelids fluttered
spasmodically as her eyes rolled back into her head. She began to shake
uncontrollably, and her lips quivered in total and complete pleasure. Harry
was not exactly an highly experienced lover, but it was easy to tell that
Torres was in immediate and constant orgasm. He knew that such pleasure could
easily rip one's mind apart- the Cardassians, in an ironic gesture, would
often end an unsuccessful torture session by killing the victim by orgasm. It
was quick and effective, and allowed the Cardassians to claim they were
humanitarians. In this situation, though, Harry knew he couldn't let that
happen to B'Elanna. He withdrew the vibrator, and while Torres gasped and
tried to recover, made a mad dash for the turbolift.

He didn't quite make it. He heard an growl from behind him, and felt an
incredible weight slam into the back of his head, and watched everything go


Poor Harry!
Will he survive?
Will Torres be the first victim of death by vibrator?
Will Janeway take a shower?
Will the author ever get his lazy ass around to finishing Part V?
All the answers and more... the adventure continues on UPN!- I mean, in the
fifth thrilling installment of 'Voyager Blue'!


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