Star Trek - Voyager:
The Secret Logs Of Mistress Janeway Part 4: Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres
by Mistress Nova (MF,FF,MFF,BDSM)

Captain's Personal Log:

Oddly enough, the suggestion came from Mr. Kim. I was, in fact, suspicious
that Mr. Paris had put him up to it. But he was staring at me with that
guileless face as he drank tea. We were in my quarters relaxing on the sofa.
Voyager had been through one of its more interesting weeks, and we were both
still too frazzled for anything remotely sexual. We were exchanging foot

"She's lonely," he said. "I've been watching her. She has friends, but
nothing that makes her... nothing that... she's like I was before the

He was blushing very sweetly. I smiled at him. "You are very thoughtful, Mr.
Kim. But you must realize that Lt. Torres may have a problem with the kind
of affection that the Mistress offers. Her heritage prompts her to take
relationships very seriously."

"She's only part Klingon and she wasn't raised on the homeworld," he said.
"She could be fairly open."

"Besides, I never thought I would be... would be... a subject of a Mistress."
He was very embarrassed, but determined to get this out. "The sessions have
kept me sane. Everyone needs physical closeness and fulfillment with another.
She's all alone."

"But what makes you think that she would respond to the Mistress?" I had
watched Torres myself from time to time, because she is a magnificent woman
with strongly felt passions. "I've never noticed anything that would indicate
her openness to the Mistress."

"You have Chakotay," he said simply. I was startled. "Yes, I know. So does

"I'm sorry I wasn't the one to tell you." I looked at his face carefully. He
didn't seem to be distressed.

"We know you had your reasons. We still get our time with you."

"I didn't want you to worry about him," I said.

"The Mistress wouldn't hurt us." he said then smiled. "Anyway, you know she
wants the Commander. The Commander will do anything for the Mistress."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Any man would," he replied without a trace of irony.

For that, he received a long, hot kiss. He responded warmly.

"Perhaps, I can lure her into our circle. But I wouldn't unless she knew
the true nature of it. Chakotay certainly won't be involved unless there is
informed consent. There may be a way. Don't worry, Mr. Kim, I'll find it."

"The Mistress is kind," he said. "May I now massage your back?"

Mr. Paris interrupted on the intercom. He asked to come by. Something about
his tone made Mr. Kim consent. I agreed and there was an immediate ring at
my door. He entered at my summons looking tired and rattled and in need of
sympathetic company. He started to sink to his knees, but I motioned for
him to sit. "Have some tea," I said. "We were just relaxing."

He looked uncharacteristically grateful. I wondered about how Chakotay was
feeling. I wondered about Torres. We had been through a very hard time.

We drank camomile tea then exchanged massages. The pair of them fell asleep
scattered in my quarters. Mr. Kim was in my bed -- no doubt to protect me
from sleepwalkers. Mr. Paris was curled up on the chaise lounge. I allowed
it. They seemed to need to be close to me.

"Janeway to Chakotay," I said quietly. The Commander was on last watch so
that we had someone from the core staff on all shifts. When he responded, I
asked in a way that he would understand if there was anything he needed from
me. He said not at this time, but soon. The fatigue was in his voice. I
acknowledged and wished him a good night.

I turned my attention to Torres. My own introduction to the world of the
Mistress began with literature on the subject. Up until then, I would have
called myself relatively provincial in sexual practices. But the words
seduced me and conjured images that sparked my imagination and stirred my
flesh to act out. If Torres had any inclination toward submitting to a
Mistress, she would respond to the literature first.

I chose two 20th century authors that had been instrumental in my own
introduction. Thea Devine for her prose extolling the power of the female
body over the male being and Anne Rampling or Rice for her works on the
joys of Mistress-hood. It was a risk. She could be deeply offended by those
explicit works and think me very strange. I decided to take the chance.

"Janeway to Torres," I said. Upon her response, I asked if she was still
awake and if I could come by. She responded in the affirmative to both. I
brought some tea for her. She didn't look as agitated as my subjects, but I
felt that she was. I told her that I was unable to rest after our ordeal
and thought she may like some tea and reading material. Torres was surprised
and pleased. She had been up working on more engineering problems. I told
her to knock off and try to relax. She accepted my gifts and I bid her
goodnight. I had but to wait.

* * *

Being a Captain has it advantages. Among them, is deciding when a crewman
needs time off. I decided that my First Officer needed recreation. Mr. Tuvok
saw no further need for the round the clock command presence, so Commander
Chakotay had to consent. He rang my bell at 2000. I was waiting for him, but
not as he expected.

Chakotay entered looking like he hadn't slept in days. His hands went to the
collar of his uniform as though he was going to strip for me. No, I said. I
had been sitting on my sofa. I rose and went to him. As I walked, I allowed
the thin robe I was wearing to fall off my shoulders to the floor. I was
naked when I embraced him offering my lips.

He sighed as his mouth crushed mine. He pulled me hard against him during
that thick, wet kiss. My head started to spin. I held onto his neck. My legs
were lifted up from under me. We fell onto my bed. He was still kissing me
thoroughly, lazily. With him, it always seemed as though it was the first
time. He was learning me again. I was trying to undress him.

Chakotay stilled my hands while his tongue glided down my neck to my breasts.
I was gasping and moaning with each lap and swirl and tug and nibble on my
rock hard nipples. Please, I moaned.

"No, it's been so long since I've tasted you," he replied casually tossing
one of my legs over his shoulder. He was settling between my legs.

"You are impudent," I growled. His response was to begin licking my clit. I
was seeing stars and crying out with each intense wave of pleasure. For a
moment, I was dazed. I was still tugging at his uniform.

"I am more than happy to help the Mistress," he whispered with a smile. The
uniform was shucked in short order. My hands were immediately occupied with
re-acquainting myself with his skin. I didn't get much of a chance. He soon
entered me thickly and completely. I held on with my arms and legs as he
thrust against me. I grew light headed. He kissed me and I went over. He
came with me.

"So, how are the boys?" He asked. I was lying on his chest. Chakotay was
stroking my hair and my back.

I looked up at him with an arched brow. "You really are quite impudent. Were
it not such an effort, I'd beat you senseless."

He squeezed me.

"Little Tommy is still upset about being nearly blown up, but he's sleeping
in his own room now without a nightlight. Little Harry doesn't talk much, but
remains underfoot, so he's probably still upset," I replied drily. "How are

"Better than yesterday," he said. "It just hits me now and then that we are
all alone out here. No cavalry coming. Then, I'm okay again. Especially now."

I smiled a small smile. "Same here to both parts."

"How long do you think things will last with them?" His voice was neutral. I
felt no ulterior motive behind the words.

I shrugged. "Until we get home or until they form serious relationships. Both
will if we remain out here long enough. At some point, they will no longer
need the Mistress. And I will let them go."

We were silent for a time. I was thinking. Chakotay was just experiencing the
moment, and apparently listening to my thoughts.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked.

"Lieutenant Torres," I replied. "How is she?"

He thought for a moment. "Probably not as well as she believes. She keeps a
lot bottled up inside. Why?"

"This whole experience makes me wonder about some of my command staff," I
replied truthfully. "She seldom seeks me out, and she is difficult to really

"She respects you. To get her to open up, she has to trust you on a personal
level," he said. "You may have to initiate that yourself."

"Do you find her attractive?"

I felt the laughter in his chest. I found myself on my back. "Are you going
to tell me what you're up to?"

I smiled at him. "No."

He sighed. "I'm not a eunuch. Of course, I noticed that she is beautiful.
I'll even admit to the occasional lecherous thought about her. Is there
anything else you're burning to find out?"

"I'll let you know."

"Okay," he replied. Then he kissed me. We forgot about the rest of the crew
for a time. The only thing in the universe for me was his mouth on mine and
the thick, stiff penis pushing into me.

* * *

The next morning, I was having coffee in the Mess checking over reports by
Tuvok. I didn't notice Torres come in. Suddenly, she was standing in front
of me with tray in hand.

"May I join you, Captain?"

"Please," I replied. I put aside the report and turned my attention to the
lieutenant who was pushing her breakfast around her plate.

"Did you try the tea?" I asked.

"Yes, I did, but..."


She glanced up at me. "Those novels kept me awake all night."

"Oh, dear," I said with a wicked smile. "I hadn't thought of that. They can
be very... engrossing."

"Yes, ma'am. I mean... you read a lot of these?"

"I have a respectable collection. What did you think of them?" I sipped my
coffee trying not to look too anxious about her reply. I was afraid she might
be offended by them. That would stop everything before it began. She pushed
her food around some more.

"The women are so -- so powerful, yet somehow they're feminine. I liked how
they were controlling the relationship by simply being women," she said in a
hushed voice. "I always thought of physical strength as involving muscles.
They use their softness... their... you know."

Torres blushed. I smiled and sighed. It begins, I thought. "Yes, I know."

"It's just that in human relationships, there is the illusion of equality but
there is always the ancient game of control. In Klingon relationships, it's
not a question of who controls."

"But in either case, females have the power, because they have what the male
desires," I said. "By reveling in your femininity, you wield power over their
flesh. And all females know men are controlled by that flesh."

Torres laughed. She began to eat. "Captain, I had no idea you had this...
this side to you."

"I don't tell just anyone. I have my mystique to maintain," I said drily.

"May I borrow some other novels?"

"Of course, but for tonight, just use the tea and don't re-read. You need
your rest," I said.

"We'd be hard pressed explaining to the Doctor why you're so tired."

Torres laughed again. "He'd look at us both with that deadpan face and say,
I see. Perhaps you'd be better off restricting you literary adventures to...

"Dickens," I said.

"Or Dr. Suess," Torres said. We were both laughing out loud. "I couldn't face
that," she said.

"I'll get the books to you tomorrow."

I parted company with her feeling very pleased and very wet. My body was
tingling all over with the possibilities.

* * *

After the repairs were completed, Voyager was under way again. We gratefully
lurched into a lull. My crew was still reeling. The Holodecks were well
occupied. My subjects were looking at me during my watch with anticipation.
I was fighting exhaustion. The Mistress must not be weak, but I had been
shouldering so much of late. I was still pursuing Torres. She had borrowed a
good deal of my erotic collection in the last several days. I knew we were
going to go to the next level of experience soon. If I was up to it.

I was in my Ready Room falling asleep over some charts when my bell chimed.
At my summons, Paris and Kim entered. They didn't look pleased.

"Yes, gentlemen?"

"We know Chakotay will be on last watch again for the next few days," Kim
said. "We want you to decide who should serve you."

I sighed. "I don't know if I'm up to either of you tonight."

"You shouldn't be alone, Mistress. You've been through too much," Kim said.
"And you're too exhausted to control him."

Paris bristled. "And I'm tired of you thinking you have to protect every fair
damsel from me. The Mistress doesn't need protection and I want to serve

Normally, I would have had them wrestle naked for the privilege, but that
was impractical in my Ready Room. Paris was looking particularly wounded and
indignant. I realized that I was harder on him than my other two. I sighed.

"Harry, I can handle Mr. Paris. You may serve tomorrow." I said. "Then you
can alternate."

"But, Mistress..."

"You are a dear to worry, but don't," I said. "You will behave, won't you,
Mr. Paris? You value that fair hide of yours?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now, back to your posts, you're distracting me." I said. "And play nice

They both rolled their eyes at me and departed.

"Torres to Janeway."

"Janeway here."

"I have some questions to go over with you, may I come up there?" She asked.

"Why don't I come down there," I said. "I need to stretch my legs."

"Thank you, Captain."

In Engineering, we went over some problems with engine efficiency and the
final damage control reports.

"We should be running with optimal efficiency for some time if we don't pass
warp 5," she said.

"That's fine," I replied. "Anything else?"

"I wanted to talk some more," Torres said. "The way we did the other morning.
I have more questions about your novels."

"How about dinner?" I said. "I have nothing pressing until 2100. Let's make
it 1800 hours."

"Great. Thank you, Captain."

"I'll see you tonight."

We ate in my Ready Room. Neelix was very enthusiastic to set up something
'exciting for our palates.' We settled on my sofa to reduce the formality.

"So, how are you enjoying the divine Thea and naughty Anne?" I asked over

"A little too much," Torres said. "I'm almost embarrassed to say."

"After what we've both read? Don't be silly. You can tell me anything," I

"I'm beginning to... to... think things."

"What things?"

"About myself... about other crewmen."

I looked at her thoughtfully. "Are you beginning to notice how your body
feels in the cool air when you're naked? Or how the soft fabrics of your
nightclothes make you tingle as they slide over your skin."

Torres was silent, but her cheeks were flaming.

"Are you noticing the scent and texture of your fellow crewmen's hair... the
shapes of their hands... or their lips?"

"Captain? You look at this, too?"

"Not all the time. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to think a coherent
thought," I admitted. "But now and then, I let the Jezebel or the Lisa in me

"How does it feel?"

"Glorious. It's like reading the books or the Holodeck," I said. "It's
indulging in healthy fantasy."

She was silent for a while. We ate while she gathered her thoughts.

"I've thought about really doing... really being one of those women," she

"Whoa," I said. "This sort of... endeavor is a lifestyle. It can't be done
half measure or people get hurt physically and emotionally. You must begin
in a more benign setting. I have a holoprogram that you can watch or
participate in."

"Captain, this is an intimate part of yourself you're sharing with me,"
Torres said.

"And high time I did," I replied. "B'Elanna, we've been through so much.
We've depended on each other time and time again, yet I know very little
more about you than I did a year ago. I thought I should bare my soul

"I'm glad you did," Torres said. "There aren't any women since... since."

"I know."

"I don't have many people to talk to in general, let alone about female

"Neither do I. Believe me, if we can talk about this, we can talk about
anything," I said.

"Take the holoprogram and enjoy. Let's have dinner in a few days."

"I'd like that," Torres said with a dazzling smile. "Permission to speak
freely, Captain."

"Haven't we been doing just that?"

"Take some of your own advice. You look exhausted."

"You're absolutely right, Lieutenant," I said. "I have a very restful and
relaxing evening planned."

* * *

I was floating in a beautiful oblivion. Why was still unclear to me. When
Paris assumed the position before me, he begged so eloquently for the chance
to touch me the way Kim and Chakotay had. He only wanted to massage me and
make me sleep.

"Please, Mistress, please let me."

I looked into his enigmatic eyes for a time then turned from him and walked
to my bed. I laid face down on it. He came to me and began at my feet. He
slid my boots off then started to rub my soles.

And I was in heaven. He was methodical, thorough. He didn't miss one fatigued
muscle up my legs, over my buttocks, to the small of my back, up my spine to
my neck. I was almost purring beneath his fingers. Gently, he turned me over
to massage my temples.

I felt his warm lips cover mine. His tongue sought the inside of my mouth and
lingered sweetly. I began to respond to his seeking, probing kiss. He was
arousing me gently. I was too sleepy to be angry or to fight him.

"Paris... behave..." I breathed when he raised his lips from mine.

He responded by sucking my nipples until I was arching toward his mouth and
moaning softly. In my lethargic haze, I felt him part my thighs. Then his hot
mouth was lapping and sucking me. I held his head involuntarily as he made me
come time after time. I lost track of everything. It could have been hours
from that moment when he kissed me again. I felt him enter me.

"Mistress, you are beyond incredible," he whispered against my ear.

"You'll pay... Paris... oh, god...."

"I know.... Mistress... I know."

Vaguely, I heard him acknowledge my threat as he reached a strenuous climax.
I did as well then lapsed into a deep sleep.

* * *

I was working a couple of days later in my Ready Room. That is, the general
idea was supposed to be work. Mr. Paris was on my mind. And revenge. I could
think of little else. He had been marvelous. Even through the haze, I was
slayed by his talent. However, the Mistress could not allow such a
transgression. But how to discipline him without killing him. I did not trust
my own hand with the whip in it.

Torres interrupted my thoughts. She wanted to come by for something I could
tell was superfluous. I suggested knocking off duty early for a working
dinner at 1500. Mr. Paris could wait. My next subject was just about ready.

"You have slaves, don't you?" Torres said quietly. We had been chatting about
engineering matters for twenty minutes. It took me just a little off guard.
"On Voyager, I mean?"

"What makes you say that?"

"You have to. There is no way someone who created that holoprogram could do
without them," she said. "You have them, don't you?"

"You haven't checked up on me?"

"I would never pry into your privacy," Torres said.

"Thank you, B'Elanna," I replied. "Yes, I do."

"How many?"

I smiled.

She was looking at me carefully as I sipped at my wine. "Paris has to be one

She smiled at my reaction. "Who else? Kim? You were able to get Kim?"

I still said nothing. She narrowed her eyes considering me. "Who else would
you consider a challenge? Who else..."

I continued to eat. I waited for her as she thought.

"Chakotay..." she said. "You made Chakotay..."

"Not exactly," I said. "I chose Kim and Paris and took great care in
bringing them over to me. Though, at the moment, I wonder about the sanity
of recruiting Paris. The Commander more or less barged into my domain
uninvited. I still wouldn't call him a slave."

"But he comes to you," she said. "He submits to you?"

"He does."

"I watched the holoprogram," she said. "Then, I had to participate. I have
to learn to do this. I've never felt so much power. Will you teach me?"

"Perhaps," I replied. "In considering this, you must know that to do this
well, you must have empathy with your slaves. You must feel what they feel
and learn the level of trust that is required from them. Your are a powerful
woman, B'Elanna. You could damage someone without really thinking about it.
The equipment I use is dangerous in the wrong hands. If you are not prepared
to be a slave, you can never be Mistress to one."

Torres ate thoughtfully for a while. "You would bring me into the circle?"

"If that is your wish," I replied. "It is always your choice. You may begin
and stop. You can choose to forget all about it. That is the first thing to
remember about being a Mistress. There must be consent."

"I cannot forget about it," she said. "And after all that you have told me,
I have to trust you. I will submit to training. Can we begin soon?"

"If only I could," I replied. "Mr. Paris has made a grave transgression. He
must be punished this night or he will think that I will allow more. This
vexes me, because I really want to kill him."

"I have a punishment that would be suitable for him," Torres said. "I've
wanted to do this since he locked one of the Delanys out of his quarters

"How long will it take?"

"Not more than an hour."

"He won't be harmed?"

"Only his gigantic ego."

I liked the twinkle in her eyes. "All right. I'll cancel his session. Affect
this punishment and meet me at my quarters at 2100."

I heard from Neelix first. I had just covered the Outfit suitably when my
bell rang. At my summons, he stormed in highly agitated.

"Practical jokes, is what they call them, but I won't have it in my Mess," he
said. "And not in front of Kes."

"Perhaps you should explain," I said.

"He was there with his tray and everything was fine," Neelix said.


"Lieutenant Paris. The next thing I know, his clothes disappeared. He grabbed
someone else's tray, spilling my soup everywhere and ran out the room."

I sank onto a chair in stunned silence.

"I share your reaction, Captain," he said. "I trust you will find the guilty
party and punish them immediately."

"Absolutely," I said trying very hard to hide the mirth I was feeling. "It
will be done tonight."

"Thank you, Captain," he said. "Good night."


I ordered wine from the replicator. For some reason, I was very nervous about
Torres, though she had pleased me greatly.

"Paris to Janeway."

"Janeway here."

There was a pause. "Mistress..."

"Yes, Tom, I'm here."

"You said I would pay, and you weren't kidding," he said.

"I am the Mistress. Are you contrite?"

"Am I ever." His voice was soft and self-depreciating. "I meant to behave,
Mistress, I really did. But you were just too tempting. I couldn't stop..."

I almost believed him.

"May I come back to you?" He sounded afraid.

"Not tonight. Soon."

"Thank you, Mistress," he said. "It was worth it. It was worth everything."

I smiled. "Your impertinence demands the lash, Mister. Sleep well."

"Paris out."

My bell rang again. Torres entered. She was as nervous as I was. I sat her
down on the sofa and gave her some wine.

"My deepest thanks and congratulations," I said. "Paris was properly punished
and is now completely mollified. Mr. Neelix is in an uproar, but I can handle

She smiled wickedly. "I heard. I'll give you the command codes in case you
need them again."

I nodded watching her sip her drink.

"Are you sure about this, B'Elanna?" I asked.

She looked at me levelly. "Yes."

"Yes, Mistress," I said. "Remember this, I will always be your mistress."

I was gazing at her intently allowing her to feel my power and assurance. She
was fascinated.

"Yes, Mistress."

I stood before her and took off my tunic. "This is a very traditional outfit
for a dominatrix. Yours should reflect your own taste and style."

"Is it real leather?"

"Yes. Please, feel the texture."

Torres rose and felt my corset first. Then the garter belt. "They're so soft.
Doesn't the hide chafe you?"

"Silk lined. The gloves are a satin look, but it is a fine sensor-woven
synthetic," I said.

"A new wrinkle to an old profession."

Torres felt my hands. Then she examined them closely. "I wondered how you
could feel nuances with them," she said. "They're amazing."

"I have the schematics on file. You may copy them," I said. "Are you ready?"

She inhaled deeply. "Yes, Mistress."

"Remove your clothing and leave them in here," I said then turned and went
into my bedroom. As I waited, I laid the Equipment out on the bed and lowered
the restraints. I felt a pride in my possessions that I wanted to share with

Torres entered with her chin up. Her gaze was level with mine. She was
incredibly beautiful. I motioned for her to come to me, then to stop.

"I installed the restraints myself," I said indicating the fur lined cuffs
dangling from the ceiling. "They are strong enough to handle even a Vulcan

Torres arched a brow at me and I smiled. "When his seven year cycle is up,
how else will I handle him?"

She smiled at that too.

"May I, Mistress?" She asked.

"Please, examine them. I will give you all the data necessary."

I allowed her the time to look over the apparatus with an engineer's mind.
When she was satisfied, she returned to the spot I had indicated.

"I am ready," she said.

"Raise your hands and let the cuffs slide over your wrists. Then relax," I

The cuffs moved into place. I secured her ankles. She tested the bonds with
all of her strength. Then she looked wide eyed at me.

"Feel the helplessness, B'Elanna?" I asked. "That is how your slaves feel.
They will be at your complete mercy. The trust they have must be very great
that you will not damage them."

"I begin to see," she said. "The power is heady..."

"Are you wet with it... the thought of it?"

She smiled slightly. "Yes, Mistress..."

I drew her attention to the bed. "I have collected the Equipment over many
years. Some of the pieces I may make a gift to you should you pass training.
Others, you will have to replicate because their weight and length are a
matter of body type."

She looked at each piece carefully as I picked it up and brought it to her
for scrutiny.

"My bed has restraints as well," I said. "How do you feel?"

She thought for a moment. "Very... aware of myself."

"Do you fear me?"

"No, Mistress."

"Good," I said. I picked up a soft leather blindfold. "I will blindfold you
to increase the sensation and as an exercise of trust. Remember, you may stop
me and there will be no consequences against you."

"I understand."

I blindfolded her. She inhaled deeply stilling herself.

"Choose, B'Elanna. Pleasure first or pain?"

"Pain, Mistress."

"As you wish."

I went to Equipment and chose the cat o'nine tails. It wasn't the lightest of
my whips, but it wasn't the most painful.

"The cat o'nine tails is for discipline, but not deep punishment. It stings
like hell, but doesn't cause serious damage," I said. I let four good blows
fall. Torres reacted, but I could tell that they did no harm.

"The light bull whip is for more serious cases. There are those who truly
feel they need pain before they deserve pleasure."

Again, I let four blows fall. They welted her skin.

"On a human male, there would have been blood drawn," I said. "It is
imperative that the punishment meet the desire of your slave."

"I understand," she said between deep breaths. "I want to feel the extreme,
Mistress. So that I may know."

"The heavy bull whip," I said. "Never have I use it for more than a threat.
On a human male, it rends flesh."

"Please, Mistress..."

I gave her only two lashes, but with all my strength. I drew blood. She
gasped in pain.

"I am pleased with you," I said as I administered first aid and healed the
wounds. "Know that you cannot be truly angry when giving punishment. In your
rage, you will not hear pleas to stop. Remember, this is about fantasy and


"Yes, B'Elanna... Trust me now to give you pleasure...."

I began by touching her. I started at her face tracing her lips then down
her throat feeling her supple skin. Her musculature was perfect over her
shoulders and down her back. I caressed her beautiful behind then down her
legs. She was tense at first, but I was very slow as I moved. By the time
I reached for her hard nipples, she was trembling under my touch. I fondled
them until she was moaning under my hands.

Then I sucked them as my hand drifted over her stomach down between her
thighs. I sucked her nipples while I worked two fingers inside her. Torres
pulled at the restraints gasping out loud. I had to eat her. She was so wet
and throbbing. I knelt before her and attacked with my mouth lapping and
sucking at her until she cried out repeatedly. It was more intense a
reaction than she had had to the whip. She was delicious.

I rested on the floor for a moment before releasing her. She fell to her
knees before me breathing deeply. I told her to remove the blindfold and she
complied. I then handed her a robe and told her to come with me to my living

When she sat across from me, I handed her another glass of wine. She met my
eyes with a new hunger in them. I was thrilled.

"Thank you, Mistress," she said.

"It was a pleasure, B'Elanna," I said. "You are an extraordinary pupil. You
deserve a reward."

"A reward?"

"You may join my Circle as a Mistress in Training," I said. "Each of my
slaves is different. I have not and will never lash Kim."


"He does not require or desire physical discipline. He is giving and sincere.
He will obey your command. You just give him pleasure and allow him to

"He would serve me?"

"He suggested I seek you, my dear," I said. "Mr. Kim is most thoughtful. He
sensed you were lonely."

She smiled sadly. "I was."

"Mr. Paris will wait for a bit. He would consider a dual session a
reward no matter what we put him through, and he still has to pay
for his transgressions," I said. "He is incorrigible, but I adore

"I know," she said. "You are so careful not to hurt him."

"It would be easy to. He does pique a woman's anger."

"He does do that," she said. "Then my reward is..."

"Chakotay," I replied. "Not as a slave, mind you. I will have you join one
of our sessions."

"He would allow it?" She almost whispered it.

"He is attracted to you, my dear. That is not a problem," I said. "But I
must be sure that you remember the nature of this circle. There are no
strings. There are no demands. We are there for a moment at a time. When
serious relationships form outside of the circle, we must allow it. The
Mistress is ultimately concerned with the emotional pleasure of the slave.
Can you do that with the Commander?"

She didn't answer. She sipped her wine. "I think I can. I mean, my view of
him may be romanticized. I want to be close to him, to you and the circle.
I've been alone so long. I can try."

"Honest enough," I said. "If Chakotay agrees for our next session, I will
summon you. You will take my lead."

"Yes, Mistress," she said with a smile. Torres then leaned forward and hugged
me. "Thank you, Mistress."

"We must now prepare, my young Mistress."

* * *

Chakotay came to me the next night frustrated and ready. There were no
preliminaries. No talk. He stripped, I stripped and we went at it for an
hour. Later, we ate a meal in bed.

"I still feel the need within you, Commander," I said.

"It's been a stressful couple of days," he replied.

"How would you like a treat?" I said.

He looked at me sideways. "What does the Mistress have in mind?"

"We bring in another of my subjects."

"One of the boys?" He was incredulous.

"My new subject," I replied.

He stared at me befuddled. Then he thought while he ate. The Commander looked
at me again. "Not Torres..."

"Why not Torres?"

"You got to her?" he asked. "How?"

"I'm training her to be a Mistress," I said. "She has responded very well."

"So, now you want to gang up on me and rip me to shreds," he said. "Isn't
Paris free tonight?"

"We want to combine our talents to bring you pleasure, Commander," I said.
I set aside our plates and settled on his chest facing him. "We both want
your attention. We want to show you how much."

He wasn't budging. "She is a strongly impassioned person. You know how she
can be when she... she pursues something she... wants." He didn't look at me.

"Feeling like prey, Commander?"

"This isn't meant for your amusement, Mistress," he said through gritted
teeth. He got up from bed to pace the floor. "It will be damned hard to keep
the relationship at the emotional level of a friendship after a session like

"I never thought Paris could keep quiet about such an amazing secret, but he
has," I replied. "For what one desires, no price is too high. Torres has
tasted the pleasures of my lifestyle. She will not go back."

"But what if she can't handle the emotional separation?"

"Torres handles a lot more than this every day with a growing maturity and
grace," I said. "She is entering the life well informed and very determined.
And she is waiting. Will you reject her?"

"I have a choice?"

"Always," I said. "You know that I never lack playmates. Besides, I may want
to keep her for myself a while longer. She is delicious."

Chakotay got hard and angry.

"Janeway to Torres."

"Yes, Captain."


"Yes, Mistress."

"Mr. Chakotay, you're welcome to watch."

Chakotay yanked a towel off my counter and wrapped it around him. It didn't
hide the erection. He sat on my chaise and glared at me. He didn't seem to
know whether he wanted to hit me or take me. I realized that someday he
would take me on. I wondered if I'd enjoy him spanking me.

When the door rang, I called for Torres to enter. I sipped wine and waited
while she removed her clothing in the other room. When she entered, I was
waiting at the foot of the bed so I could watch her and Chakotay. Torres
made me proud. Her head was held high. Her walk was slow and sensuous. She
sank to her knees and bowed her head.

"Mr. Chakotay is reluctant to play right now," I said. "Shall we proceed?
Look at me, B'Elanna."

Her dark eyes glinted with pure mischief when they met mine. "Yes, Mistress,"
she replied.

"On the bed and shackle your right wrist," I said. I turned away from
Chakotay, but I could feel his eyes burning into my back. I finished
shackling Torres to the bed.

Torres' eyes were locked on mine. They were intense. They were luminous. She
knew the powerful effect this scene was having on the Commander. She was
enjoying it.

I was drawn to her, and she didn't turn when my mouth covered hers. She
surprised me with the passion of her tongue. We forgot Chakotay was there for
a moment just kissing. I broke the kiss to taste her nipples. I tugged at
them and worked my fingers between her legs. Her body bucked against mine.

"Be still, B'Elanna, we've just started," I said. She was very wet and I
wanted to taste her again. As I lapped at her sweetness, Torres moaned and
fought for control of herself.

The next thing I knew, Chakotay was with us. He had freed Torres' wrists and
was parallel with her. His pelvis was near her head. She moved up on her
elbows and stared at him first beckoning his kiss. He leaned down and
attacked her mouth. She grew wetter with the kiss. I went back to eating her
just as Torres broke the kiss to take him into her mouth.

I knew the bastard was watching us both and enjoying it beyond reason. I
concentrated on making Torres come. She was nearly there. I felt the tremors
in her body just as Chakotay nearly shouted his climax. Torres fell back on
the mattress and rocked with the orgasm then stilled.

She and I shared champagne afterward while the Commander lay on the bed
staring at us. We were silent, but still communicating.

"I fear for every man on this ship," he said finally.

"You should," I said.

Chakotay settled onto his back looking exhausted but content.

"I think we've worn out the Commander," I said.

"So I see," Torres said. "Should I go?"

"No. Let's get some sleep."

I climbed over Chakotay. He sleepily looped an arm around me and settled me
against one side. He reached over to bring Torres against the other side. I
wiggled free enough to cover us all and dimmed the lights. Torres reached
over to my arm which was thrown across the Commander's abdomen and caressed

I looked at her. She sleepily whispered, "Thank you, Mistress."

We linked arms and held each other and Chakotay and drifted to sleep.

I would have to remember to reward dear, thoughtful Mr. Kim.


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