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Star Trek: Voyager The Queen Breaks Seven Part 1
by Eridan

Timeline: This is what happens in an alternative universe after the Queen
has kidnapped Seven of Nine (Dark Frontier). Here, the Queen is much more
impatient - and innovative - than in the known Star Trek universe. Frustrated
by Seven's ongoing attempt to resist her influence, she tries a new, rather
unorthodox method to break Seven....

Well, here goes the story....

As Seven woke up, she was surprised by the fact that she did not stand in the
regeneration alcove the Queen had provided her with.

In fact, she was laying on an assimilation table - but in a rather unusual
way. Normally, the victims of the Borg were laid down on their backs so they
could be assimilated better. Seven, however, was laying on her stomach, the
cold steel brushing against her firm, big tits. The cold steel.....she was
completely naked.

Confused, the former Borg drone tried to stand find herself cuffed
to the table with steel clamps. She shut her eyes, opened them again and
frowned. This could not be possible. The rational part of her was telling her
that the Queen might have changed her mind and was going to assimilate her...
but then, why was she naked? Clothing was completely ignored during the
assimilation process.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of footsteps next to her. She tried to turn
her head but found out that it was held in place with a steel ring. But
then, long metallic legs came into her view. The Queen had arrived. The
personification of the Collective knelt down next to her and said, smiling
"I am glad to see that you are awake...dear."

Her voice was friendly, but also sarcastic.

"What have you done to me?" Seven asked, furiously. "You said you would not
assimilate me!"

The Queen nodded. "I said that. And who is saying I am going to assimilate
you? I need you as what you individual."

"Then...why am I laying here? What are you going to do with me?"

The Queen shrugged. "Well...lets simply say I am tired of your behavior. You
are trying to resist us when you have no chance. I am going to change that."

Seven spat out. "I am an individual! I won't give in to your attempts to
destroy the human race."

The Queen smiled "I knew you would say that....and I was looking forward to

She moved her head and suddenly, Seven felt something cold touch her ass.
Then, steel clamps were gripping her asscheeks tightly, prying them apart. It
hurt and Seven let out a yelp of pain. The yelp soon became a loud scream as
something hot and long was rammed into her ass. Then, it began to twist and
turn before it began moving inside of her. Seven cried, not able to believe
the intensive pain this treatment caused her.

The Queen obviously took quite a deal of pleasure out of seeing Seven in
pain. She wiped the tears away from Seven's cheeks and tasted them.

"Interesting taste....." she said, still smiling, while her eyes had taken on
a hard glitter Seven had never seen before.

Seven's vision became blurred by the pain in her ass. Her own screams made it
almost impossible to listen to the Queen.

"What you feel inside your rectum is a long stick resembling the shape of a
male penis. Humans call it a....dildo...I used a large size....especially for

All Seven could bring out was a pain-laden "Why?"

The Queen frowned. Then, suddenly, she went around Seven and climbed on top
of her. Parting her own metal legs to allow the dildo unlimited access to
Seven's tortured anus, she reached around and cupped Seven's breasts before
fondling them roughly.

Seven gasped at the Queen's weight on top of her but there was nothing she
could do. The dildo kept moving in and out of her ass, raping her brutally
while the Queen abused her breasts and now whispered "I did some research...
it is known by many races that a brutal sexual treatment can be used to break
one's will. It has been used quite often in many cultures...."

After uttering these words she lowered her head and began to lick Seven's
neck, slowly and sensually. As her tongue made small circles on the white,
creamy skin, the Queen once again brought her finger to Seven's face and
wiped away the tears. This time, however, she forced the finger into Seven's
mouth and made her lick her own tears away.

Seven even cried harder at this humiliation. The Queen just continued to play
with her tits and lick her neck.

But after a while, she was growing tired of this. She climbed off her victim
and stepped in front of her again. By now, Seven had stopped crying and was
just whimpering at the pain the dildo caused her. It felt like a burning rod
inside her ass.

The Queen looked down on Seven and frowned again. She wondered how long Seven
would be able to stand this. It would surely prove quite boring to just stand
there and watch....but...who said she would have to watch? The Queen brought
her hands up to her metallic shoulders and activated a circuit.

Suddenly, the metallic torso fell reveal the body of a beautiful
woman, completely nude. This was the body the Queen hid under the metallic
torso when she joined this body. Here and there, small circuits could be seen
and the junctions between her shoulders and her chest were clearly visible...
but the rest of the body was flawless. The Queen had small, but firm tits and
a hairless pussy.

Seven gasped at the sight of the Queen's body, knowing what might be next.

The Queen smirked at the shocked expression on Seven's face.

"Look at this body, Seven", she said, "For you will get to know it better
than your own..."

Then, the Queen knelt down so that her breasts were just inches away from
Seven's face, "Lick my tits, Seven....I want to feel your tongue touch my

Seven just closed her eyes. She wasn't going to do this! She would not
surrender! The pain in her ass was still overwhelming but she would stand it!
She really believed that.

The Queen shook her head at Seven's refusal. "You really think it cannot get
any worse, don't you? Well, I will show you that you are wrong."

Suddenly, the dildo in Seven's ass began to speed up...and it grew bigger!

Seven's eyes flew open at this new dimension of pain, far away from
everything she had ever experienced. The young woman opened her mouth and let
out a loud hoarse scream as her ass was pummeled with brute force.

The Queen seized this chance and pressed her left breast on Seven's mouth so
that her nipple was between the ex-Borg's lips.

"Suck it, Seven! Suck it and I will make it better!"

The pain was rapidly reducing Seven's resistance. All she wanted now was this
pain to end! Slowly and reluctantly she closed her lips around the Queen's
nipple and began to suck.

And indeed: as soon as the Queen realized Seven was caressing her breast the
dildo in her ass shriveled and got slow. It never stopped moving but she
could endure the pain.

The Queen raked her long fingers through Seven's hair and murmured with
closed eyes "That's it, Seven...suck it...."

After a while, the dildo began to increase it's speed again and Seven closed
her eyes in misery and groaned in pain.

The Queen laughed and stood up, fondling her own tits. Then, she stepped
close to Seven and said "Make me ready....lick my tighs...make me wet."

By now, the dildo had resumed it's old big size and Seven somehow knew it
would grow bigger. She knew that the Queen was achieving her goal - breaking
her will - but Seven did not think she could stand this pain again.

So she stacked out her tongue and began to slowly lick the Queen's legs up
and down as far as she could get with her tongue and her head still held in
place by the cold steel ring.

She could not fully reach the inside of the Queen's tights as the Queen would
have probably wished but a quick glance up the Queen's nude body showed her
that it was enough. The Queen had closed her eyes and was fondling her tits,
pinching and stroking the nipples. It was almost a mesmerizing sight to see.
Somehow it was...fascinating. The Queen had such a sensual manner when doing
anything...even a step by her became arousing...and now Seven was witnessing
this. The dildo had stopped moving and withdrawn so that now only the tip was
resting inside of her.

Seven began licking the Queen's legs again, this time out of arousal not of
fear of the pain. As she continued with this business, the Queen looked down
and smiled. The first step was done. But even though Seven seemed willing,
the Queen had to make sure of there would have to be a bit more
humiliation and pain in store for Seven.

The dildo withdrew from Seven's anus after having received a mental order
from the Queen. It was attached to the assimilation table by some sort of
flexible metal arm.

At the same time, the Queen took a step back and ordered two drones to come
closer. They grabbed Seven's arms and legs as the metal clamps suddenly gave
way, releasing her.

But before she could make any attempt to escape, the drones turned her over
and placed her on her back before the clamps gripped her arms and legs again,
holding her in place again.

Without any warning, the dildo was rammed into Seven's tight pussy, causing
her to scream again. The dildo sped up soon and Seven struggled against her
bonds to get away from the device that was the source of her pain. But the
resistance was futile. Though she felt like the dildo was ripping her to
shreds, she stopped fighting after a while. It was a waste of energy.

She laid back and whimpered slowly....she did not have enough power left to
scream or even cry, The Queen waited till the last attempts to escape had
ended, then she climbed on top of the table and began lower herself on
Seven's beautiful face. Seven opened her eyes in shock as she realized what
she was supposed to do.

She tried to move her mouth away by tossing her head from side to side. But
the Queen simply enlargened the dildo and Seven froze in shock as her pussy
almost began to bleed.

As Seven gasped, the Queen lowered her pussy on Seven's open mouth and
started humping the young woman's face. As the Queen used Seven's lips,
tongue and nose to bring herself off, the dildo began to withdraw from
Seven's overstretched and aching pussy.

Again and again, Seven's head was knocked back by the force the Queen put
into her thrusts. The Queen used her face to full extent, smearing her pussy
juices all over the ex-Borg's face. It became increasingly difficult for
Seven to breathe because the Queen seemed not to care whether Seven got
enough oxygen or not.

Seven was sure the Queen would continue riding her face even if she, Seven,
would become unconscious. Again, her head was slammed back into the table,
causing Seven to see stars for a short moment.

Suddenly, she heard a strange sound. At first, she thought it was a humming
of some sort, but then she realized it came from the Queen herself.


The Queen had taken the dildo into her mouth and was now sucking on it,
tasting Seven's juices on the long artificial penis. She was sucking on it
as if it was a real man she was sucking off. All the time she kept riding
Seven's face mercilessly.

And then she came.

The Queen came with the force of a thunderstorm, covering Seven's entire face
in her juices.

"Yes, Seven, good girl", she screamed as she ground her pussy into Seven's
mouth one more time. How long had it been that the Queen had come the last

Seven had to swallow the Queen's juices that were flowing into her mouth as
wave after wave of orgasms had the Queen bucking and shaking on top of Seven.
Finally, it was over.

At least that was what Seven thought. However, the Queen said "That was
fine. You did a good job, Seven. However, I am far from through with you.
Or better, I am finally getting into the spirit of this."

With these words, she adjusted her position a bit...and now lowered her ass
onto Seven's mouth. "Eat my ass, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 001. Eat my
ass, Seven! Stick your tongue into!" she ordered as she pressed her
ass on Seven's face.

Reluctanly, Seven waited for the Queen to part her asscheeks before entering
the Queen's rectum with the tip of her tongue. The Queen would never tire
out, Seven knew that.....and Seven was almost completely broken.....Was there
any chance she coulkd get away...or would she have to stay here and become
the Queen's sex slave?

To be continued?


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