ST - Voyager: The Beginning Of A Long Journey Pt 4: Before The First Mission
by CTsotsoras ([email protected]) (M/F,MM/F,FF,alien,inter,orgy)

Few days later: Deep Space Nine

She walked to the promenade of DS9 and the males there looked strangely at
her. She saw lust and something horny in their eyes but she did'nt think that
somethng could be wrong. She walked to the bar and the Ferengi bartender
walked to her and welcomed her with a weird grin in his face.

"Ohh Allready a Captain! What can I do for you?"

"What's this 'Already a Captain!' crack all about?"

"Eeeee... just wanted to say that so know, a compliment."

"Yea! Sure! Were can I find Commander Sisko?"

"He is in a holo-suite, he doesn't want to be disturbed!"

"I am his supperior! He wouldn't say anything! Which one?"

"That's not a good...."

"I already asked one time too many Ferengi! Don't piss me off!"

"Number two! Over there!"

"That's better."

She walked to the direction he had pointed wen a strange man blocked her way.

"I am sorry! Commander Sisko ordered that nobody can get in!"

"Who are you?"

"Station security Chief Odo!"

"The shifter! Do you see my rank?"

"This is a Bajoran station! I wear a Bajoran uniform and you do not."

Kathryn smiled and hit her combadge.

"Mr. Kim? Beamed the creature that's blocking my way to the other side of the

"Yes, Captain."

Odo opened his mouth to say something but it was too late. The blue light of
the beam ray had him.

She opened the door of the holo-suite and walked in.

The surrundings looked like cheap bar on earth of the 20th century. She
walked to the bar and ignored the glimpses she recived.

"I am lookin for Sisko."

"I thought Ben was with you!"

"No! Were is he?"

"In the back room."

She entered the room and found Sisko nude and a white woman sucked his cock.
She wondered why he did this. She had seen many beautiful women on the

He tried to cover his naked body and as he pull the women away Kathryn looked
at her face for the first time. It was her!

Commander Sisko had a hologram of her! And she had just sucked his cock! Then
she thought at the look of all that men outside and she understood. Everybody
had used that holoprogramm!

She looked at Sisko and he was still erect.

"Computer! Deactivate all holo-persons!"

The holo-Kathryn disappeared.

"Captain Janeway...I..."

"Sss...I am sure you don't called her Captain! What did you called her?"


"Then call me slut too!"

Kathryn stroked the big cock of the surprised Sisko and smiled.

"Call me slut!"



"Ss...suck me slut!"

She kissed his chest and travelled her way down. She opened her mouth and
took his whole lenght inside her hot wet mouth. Sisko moaned at the
increadible sensation she was giving him.

Suddenly Odo's voice came from his combadge.

"Commander are you okay?"

"Yes, Constable. Why?"

"Captain Janeway walked in there!"

"I know! Don't worry I am not disturbed. I had just finished off with the

"Okay sorry to disturb sir. Odo out."

Odo and Quark breathed in relief not knowing that Sisko was enjoying the
services of the original!

Quark's eys fell to a young ensign at the bar and walked to him knowing easy
prey at first sight.

Sisko looked down again and was surpprised she was still sucking his cock and
at the same time she had removed her uniform.

She pull her head back with a loud slurping sound. She stood up and laid her
body up on to the table. She spread her legs and with her hand pulled her
pussy lips apart.

Sisko knew what he had to do.

He took his cock in the hand and put the head in her pussy lips making her
moan. He pushed his head past her folds and took his hand away. He grabbed
her by the thin waist and bent over her.

"How do you like it? Slut?"

"You said it! Slut! I am not nothing more than your hologram! Do me the way
you do her!"

"Okay slut! Here it comes!"

He rammed his cock all the way into her pussy and they both groan in
pleasure. Sisko fucked Janeway mercilessly for ten minutes then withdraw and
laid in a leather couch. Kathryn lowered herself over him and impaled her
pussy in his huge cock riding him wild. He squeezed her breast with one hand
while Kathryn sucked the finger of the other one.

When Sisko was sure he had enought saliva on his fingers he put first one
then two and finally three fingers in her ass and finger fucked her. Kathryn
felt like she was in heaven, she rode him faster and faster in the rhythm of
his thrusts in her pussy and ass and soon she had her first orgasm. Sisko
needed a bit longer since he already had shot two loads into her holo-copy.

She felt his hot sperm shooting in the walls of her pussy and screamed loud
in pleasure.

"God is that programm good Dad!!"

"Jake! What...."

"Hi dad can i join? I love that holoslut!"


Janeway smiled at Benjamin and closed her eye to make him clear that this was
okay. That turn him up again and he started to thrust his cock in her pussy.

"Ok son! But you got to get the back door!"

"No problem dad! I love to screw the slut from behind!"

Janeway grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Jake kneeled behind her
and guided his cock in her dark hole.

"Jake! Dont forget to lubricate her before geting in!"

"Why? She is just a holo-slut!"


Kathryn noded it was okay with her and Sisko stopped talking and started

Kathryn felt Jake's cockhead in her anus and knew he was huge. She hoped that
there was enough saliva left from Sisko's finger fucking and she was upset
for stopping him when he tried to make his son lubricate her first.

As his head ripped her ass apart she screamed out louder then ever. Ben
closed her mouth with his hand and she tasted her own shit! The two Sisko's
now had their huge cocks all the way inside her. Ben gave the signal and
they started to fuck her with long and powerfull thrusts.

Janeway felt a wave of orgasms washing over her and loud moans, cries and
screams was the only thing that was coming out of her mouth! The Siskos on
both sides of her used the worst language they knew talking to her with the
worst words they knew. And not only in Earth languages!

The young Sisko was the first to come spraying his juices in her bowls with
strong thrusts and animalistic groaning. Ben kept it up litle bit longer and
he filled her up together with his son's second time.

They fell breathless on the couch and closed their eyes trying to regain some

"Boy Quark knows how to make holoprograms. What do you say dad?"

"Well son nothing is like the real thing!"

"Yea! Sure! Stop kidding we never gona have a shot at the real white slut!"

Kathryn was smiling when she felt something slap at her face and opened her

Jake was holding his cock in her face. He wanted her to clean him up. Ben

Kathryn took one in each hand and licked them clean making Jake to comment
more about her. When she finished and before Ben could do something Jake
spoke to the computer.

"Computer! End programm!"

"Jake no!"

Kathryn and Ben's eyes almost popped out when they heard him. She slammed to
the floor making a thumping noise and she screamed loud in pain and surprise.

It was Jake's turn to make big eyes as he watched his father helping a REAL
woman to stand up. Jake was shocked. It was not a hologram!


"Its okay son."

"I..I did'nt know..."

"Ssss..Young man you have proved your self in a real woman! You don't have to
be sorry! I wanted it too and i enjoyed it!" said Kathryn getting closer to
him. She put her hands around him and kiss him deeply in the mouth. Then she
kissed Ben too.

When they dressed they beamed Jake in his room to make sure that nobody will
think something wrong. And they walked out talking and laughing about their
"baseball" game.

Everybody looked at them and thought how lucky Sisko was not to be caught
with her holo-copy. She would've had him executed if she ever found out!

Kathryn sat at the bar beside a bald fat alien and ordered a whiskey with
real alcohol. The bartender placed a glass in front of her. He was undressing
her with his eyes and he had his hands closed into tight fists to keep them
away from rubing his ears.

Suddenly she felt a hand in her soulder and turn around. A tall young woman
stood in front of her smilling wide. The woman embraced her and Kathryn felt
the air leaving her lungs from the presure.

"Kathryn! I am so glad to see you!"

"Excuse me! Do we know each other?"

"Look at those!"

She pointed at the spots running in the sides of her head down her neck and
dissapear under her uniform.

"You are a Trill. So?"

"So? How many Trills did you know?"

"Just one..Curzon....Dax! Dax? Is that you?"

"You won!"

"I don't beleve this! You really changed! I never though that you will choose
a woman as a host!"


"You know... you liked to...fuck."

"So what? I liked to be fucked too!"

"And the host?"

"Common Kathryn! You don't really think I buy something without trying it

"You want to say that...Curzon and..."

"My name now is Jadzia! And yes Curzon Dax had fucked me!"

"Wow! Unbelieveble!"

"Not at all! Well, enought from me! What are you doing here?"

"Well, I got my own ship and I am looking for Tuvok!"

"Your own ship! Well fucked I guess!"

"You know Admiral Paris right?"

"Well you knew Curzon. First in every orgy. And girl Paris knew to plan some!
But tell me about Tuvok!"

"I sent him to infiltrate the Maquis but their ship is missing in the
Badlands. If they hurt him I'll cut their balls off and make them eat them!"

"I am glad you are with Starfleet and not with the others. Tell me have you
see the Commander?"

"Yes he was in the holodeck."

"Shit! You didn catch him with....?"

"Yes I did!"

"Shit! Is he still alive?"

"Alive and dry."

"Dry? Dont tell didn't! I don't beleve you."

"Ask him! Ask his son also!"

"Now! You are a slut you know?"

"What about you Dax! You liked sluts and you said you fucked Jadzia. Is she

"Well yes. But you've only been here few hours!"

"Three! And thats enough!"

"Girl, I like you."

"Are you talking as Curzon, Dax or Jadzia?"

"All of them. Listen I need your opinion for something. Will you help me?"

"Yes what is it?"

"I'll show you. Come with me."

"Let me pay first."

"No! I'll pay! Quark! Put this on my acount!"

"Shit! You have an acount by a Ferengi? Who did! Don't tell me! I
don't want to know!"

"You have a dirty mind! I just pay in the end of the month! That's all!"

"Now I'm relieved."

They go to Jadzia quarters and Kathryn sat on the couch. Jadzia gave her a
glass of K'ingon bloodwine and she disappeared to the bedroom.

"That's it! What do you think?"

Kathryn turned her head and her jaw dropped. Jadzia was holding a huge twin
headed dildo!

"I...I'm speechless!"

"Do you like it? Feel it! I want to know your opinion!"

Kathryn took it in her hands and feeled the weight and his structure. It was
very realistic. Even the color. She did'nt know the material but she could
see Jadzia's look. She knew were the thing was going and she liked it. Her
pussy was geting wet again.

She smiled at Jadzia and started to lick the head of the dildo. Jadzia took
the other head and licked it too.

They started to suck the thick long dildo without using their hands. Their
hands were busy to remove their uniforms.

When they got naked they started to fondle each others' breasts. Kathryn
cupped Jadzia's full breasts while Jadzia pinched Kathryn's dark brown

Jadzia took the dildo out of her mouth and laid back in the couch.

"Dax had fucked you many times. Now its your turn!"

"It will be my pleasure!" Said Kathryn taking the dildo out of her mouth too.

She put her side of the dildo in Jadzia's wet pussy entrance and pushed
slowly forward. Jadzia arched her back and moaned deeply. That gave Kathryn
the motivation to thrust harder and deeper. She bend forward and licked
Jadzias clit.

Jadzia put her hands in the back of Kathryn's head and pushed it in her
crotch. Kathryn responded by sucking Jadzia's clit.

Suddenly Jadzia started to shake and Kathryn was surpised to see how powerful
her orgasm was. Kathryn licked as much she could from the flow of juices that
ran out of Jadzia's pussy.

Jadzia fell breathless back releasing Kathryn's head.

Kathryn tried to pull the dildo out but Jadzia stopped her.

"We are not finished yet dear!"


Jadzia pushed her back. She took the other end and shoved it in Kathryn's
pussy. She thrust with her hips and both women moaned in unisson as they
fucked each other.

Their started to thrust their hips faster and faster. They pinched their
nipples and they both come wild.

They separate their bodies and pull the dildo out of their pussys. They
licked the two cockheads clean with their tongues tasting each others pussy

Jadzia spoke first.


"Yes, that will be great!"

They walked to the showed and Kathryn was surprised to see it was a water
shower. Jadzia explaned that it was a Cardassian stasion and they prefered
water then sonic showers. Kathryn didn't complain and helped her soap her
beautiful body.

"Tell me Dax..."


"That shapeshifter, your security officer. How is he?"

"Odo? What do you mean?"

"You know..."

"Oh! You mean in sexual matters!"

"Exactly! Tell me."

"Well I tried him few times and he is more like a dildo. He didn't have any

"That's sad."

"Yeah! With little passion it still makes wonderful triple penetrations."

"Triple...!? How? you mean."

"I mean he can change his form as he wishes! He had two cocks in his crotch
and fucked my pussy and ass and at his hand he created a third one and shoved
it into my mouth. But there is no life in it, like dildos!"

"Shit. I wish I had more time to test him but I have a mission to complete."

"You mean saving Tuvok?"

"I sent him to infiltrate the Maquis group and he didn't report as usual. I
am going to the Badlands to find him."

"I remember him. He was your lover too right?"

"Right. When we come back I promise I'll let you get a shot of him if you
give me a shot of your Odo."

"Okay. But you know that is possible your friend is.."

"Dead? If they hurt him I'll cut their balls off and make them eat them!"

"Auch! I am glad I choose a female host!"

"I am glad too!"

They kissed passionately and Kathryn dressed. Kathryn left to go to Voyager
leaving Jadzia in her quarters.

* * *

She heard the door bell and grabbed her robe.

"Jadzia is me, Nerys!"

"Come in!"

Kira walked in and looked at the nude body of her best friend.

"Lucky today?"


"Someone from Voyager I assume."

"Yes, the Captain."

"The redhead?"

"Yes! What about you?"

"Two ensigns. They fall in Quark's net and needed help. It was fantastic. The
older one, Tom, was experiend and the young one, Harry, was full of energy.
They fucked my brains out!"

"I will say you fucked them dry!"

"Well that too. Did you used that?"

"Yes both of us!"

Nerys took the dildo and tasted it. She found out which side Jadzia had used
and which one was Kathryn's. Jadzia was always amazed by her ability to
reconize someone from the taste of their juices with her tongue.

They walked to the window and watched Voyager leaving the dock. Nerys hand
slid in Jadzia's ass and soon they forget about it.

Jadzia will never see Voyager or it's captain again. And Kira will have to
wait seven years.

Sisko and Jacke will never use holo-Kathryn again. The programm will never
reach the original.

Voyager: Few days later

"Computer! Lockalize crewman Mitchell!"

"Crewman Mitchell is on Jeffrey's 27c."

Kathryn crawled to surpised her crewmember with the third biggest cock
onboard. When she opened the hatch she was unable to see him but she heared
loud moans.

She snuck carefully and her eyes opened wide.

Mitchell was laying nude on the floor and a young Bajoran woman was sucking his
huge cock. Kathryn reconised her as crewman Celes Tal.

She was angry at the young woman who stoled her pray. But she could not keep
her laughing when she saw how bad she was in cock sucking. Mitchell and Celes
jumped up in surprise and tried to cover themselves in panic. When they saw
that it was the Captain their panic grow even more!

"Crew! Relax! Mitchell! Celes! Relax!"

"Captain.. We... I..."

"You young lady are incompetent to make a dessent blow job! Look and learn!"

Kathryn took the limp cock and stroked it. Her tongue played with the head
and it was hard again.

"Pay attention girl!" said Kathryn pulling Celes closer to the scene. She
opened her mouth and let the whole cock disappear inside!

Celes was watching her Captain suck Mitchell's cock and her eyes were wide
open. She had never thought that Janeway would ever do something like that
with her lower crew members and she had never thought she would be so good
at that.

Mitchell on the other side didn't think at all. He closed his eyes and enjoyed
the cock sucking abilities of his superior officer.

Kathryn sucked eagerly the big cock and grabbed his butt to use him as a hold
to take it deeper in her throat. She felt his cock pulsating and getting
harder and she was sure he was about to come very soon. She opened her eyes
and made sure that Celes was watchind carefully.

Then Mitchell shot his load inside his Captain's throat and she swallowed every
drop of his sperm with her thirsty mouth.

She pressed her lips tight around the base of his cock and pulled her head
slowly backward making a loud slurpy noise making sure he was dry. She turned
to Celes and Mitchell and smiled wide showing her white teeth.

"Now Celes that's how you suck cock! Get it?"

"Yes ma'am!"

"We are not going to talk with ranks in such occasions right? Call me

"Yes M... Kathryn."

"Cap... Kathryn that was great! That was the best blowjob I ever had!"

"Thank you. You have a nice cock too. Now Celes show us what you learned!"

Celes was ready to bend to Mitchell's cock when the communicator of the Captain

"Bridge to the Captain!"

"Janeway here!"

"Captain! We are in the Badlands ma'am!"

"I am on my way! Janeway out. Okay you two! Back to your stations!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Oh and something else, when we're finished here report to my quartiers. I
WILL check if you learned something today and teach you some other tricks
with cock!"

"Yes ma'am!"

She walked to the bridge and looked at Lt. Stadl. Her hair was a mess and her
first officer had a stupid smile in his face. Kathryn noticed to punished
them for fucking in the bridge while on duty but for the women they have
other problems.

Navigate inside the badlands and avoid turbulences. Tom Paris was also there
giving instructions.

Suddenly Harry Kim reported a big energy wave heading to them. They tried to
avoid it but it was impossible.

The wave hit them with full strenght. Few minutes later they stood still.

The Voyager was in the Delta Quantrant.

The ship's long range sensors had detected a big unidentified array near by.
Kathryn ordered Tom Paris, who raplaced the dead Stadl to fly them there.

When they arrived they tried to communicate without luck.

Suddenly, the array scanned the ship and few seconds later a light surrounded
them and they all gone!

* * *

Kathryn woke up in a strange place, she felt she was nude and her legs were
wide open.

She looked around and saw the female members of her crew in the same position
with her. She also saw few women she didn't know but they had familiar
characteristics. She assumed they must be the females of the Maquis.

She heard a noise and looked between her legs. A probe hose was moving
torwards her pussy as well a dozen others to the other females.

Screams covered the noise of the machines as the probes penetrated
simultaniusly into their vaginas.

Kathryn didn't scream, she just bite her lip and pushed her nails into her
palm until she bleed.

Few seconds later it was all over and the most women were unconcious. The few
that didn't pass out were crying and soabing from pain. Kathryn looked around
her and she was angry. Very angry. She almost felt sorry for whoever did this
because she knew what she would do to them when she got her hands on them.

The light was there again and they found themselves back to the ship again.
But not all. The young ensign Kim was missing. Kathryn was mad. She had lost
many of her crew, including her first officer and medical staff. She knew
they were dead but Kim was missing. She was determinated to find him.

They communicate with the Maquis ship and after a verbal fight they agree to
co-operate since they're also missing one of their crew members. B'Elanna

They beamed back to the station but the alien who controled it didn't want to
help them or explain what's going on. He just sent them back to their ships
and through them far enough from the station as a demonstration of power.

He didn't knew how stuborn Janeway was.

They made the decision that Kim and Torres must be on the planet that had
been supported from the Caretaker with large energy transfers. The set course
to that planet.

They spoted a small shuttle and made contact with it. A weird allien, with
yelloy-brown skin and spots, answered and introduced his self as Neelix.

Janeway asked him if he knew this area of space and if he was willing to help
them. He answered yes and said he was very expensive.

"What do you want for your services?"

"Water! Lots of water!"

"Janeway smiled, obviusly their replicator technology will be a precious help
in this part of space."

She agreed and called him to come over to Voyager.

He was surprised by the transporter technonogy also. The Voyager crew was
also surprised. By his smell! It was disgusting.

He gave them some co-ordinates and they changed their course to go there.

Janeway ordered Tuvok to escort their guest to a quarter and let him have a
good bath. Tuvok agreed telling her that this was a very logical decision.

About an hour later Janeway sent Tuvok to bring their guest to the bridge.
Tuvok instead insisted that she should come to the guest. She was curious,
but she followed with his wish.

She entered the guest's quarters and looked worried at her security chief.

"Tuvok! What's wrong?"

"Nothing Kathryn. I just wanted you to see something!"

She followed him to the bathroom and her eyes opened wide.

Their guest, Neelix was standing there nude. His body wa covered by spots but
Kahrin didn't noticed. She had eyes only for the thing between his legs! Or
better the things!

He had two cocks! One was bigger, about twenty inches long and three or four
thick! The small one, compare to the other one, was easy twelve inches and
litlle bit thinner but impressive compared to human standards!

He saw her gaze and covered himself and started to cry. Janeway was shocked.
Did she brake some rule? Some local tradition?

"Mr. Neelix! I am sorry I didn wanted to offend you!"

"I am sorry Captain Janeway that I am so small and weak."

Kathryn could swear she saw Tuvok open his eyes and drop his chin but she
felt dizzy and had to support her weight in the door frame.


"Yes! I am below average in my race! Why do you think I am traveling alone?
No woman will ever go with me!"

"Mr. Neelix."

Kathryn restrained her power and put a hand in his soulder. He turn him
torwards her and smiled.

"Mr. Neelix, I thing you just found a home!"

"What do you m... Ohhh Captain...."

Kathryn took one cock in each hand and started to stroke. She sealed his
mouth with a kiss making him stop talking.

Tuvok retreated quietly and stood guard outside the door.

Kathryn undressed under his hungry eyes and kneeled in front of him. She
started to suck the small one while she stroke the other.

She was sucking the small one and she was slaping her own face with the

Neelix had enough of sucking and wanted to fuck her. He was alone for a long
time. Kathryn didn't have anything against it, she was hungry to take both
cocks inside her.

She laid on the edge of the bed and Neelix positioned himself between her
always atractive slender legs.

He aimed his small one at her pussy and entered slowlly because he didn't
know her physiology. When he found out that her pussy could stretch and
adjust to his size he started to fucked her hard.

Kathryn moaned in pleasure as she recived by his cock and felt his big one
rubing on her belly. Her belly was already glistering from his pre-cum.

Kathryn scooped up some with her fingers and tasted it. She found it

She moaned louder as she felt his fingers in her ass.

"I think you are ready Captain!"


He didn't answered. He just pulled his dick out causing her protest that she
wanted him back again.

Neelix flipped her over. She was on her knees with her upper body resting on
the bed.

She felt his cock head in her back entrance and she grabbed the sheets in her
fists. She shoved her head in a pillow in the same time as Neelix pushed his
dick pass her tight asshole. Kathryn screamed in the pillow as Neelix started
to fuck her wild.

He enjoyed the strange feeling of an ass around his cock since his race
didn't use to ass fuck but the females had two pussyholes. That's why the
males had two cocks. Now with this strange species he had to find new ways
to fuck with both cocks!

As the pain passed by Kathryn rose her head from the pillow so she could
breath. She was glad to have taken advandage of every alien species she met
back home and the holodeck facilities on the starships. Now she started to
enjoy the assfuck she was receiving from that big cock.

She felt a short sharp pain and heard a "pop," she felt her ass become empty
and wondered what was wrong this time.

Neelix turned her over again and looked at her. Then he look between them and
she followed his gaze. She saw his big cock aiming at her pussy. She knew
that the moment of truth was there. She took a deep breath sampling her
courage and nodded that she was ready.

Neelix pushed his huge cockhead and stretched her pussy to the limits. They
both groaned like animals. Neelix fucking for the first time something so
tight and Janeway taking something so big. He slowly pushed forward inch by
inch. Then moved back waiting for her to recover and pushed forward again.

When Kathryn felt the small one poking her ass cheeks she knew it was time
for the final step. She grabbed her ass cheeks and parted them. Neelix took
his cock and aimed at her ass. When he pushed forward she was for the first
time double penetrated by a single person.

Pushing slowly forward not to hurt her, Neelix was very soon all the way in
her. To his big surprise she had take him all in! He had never had a woman
to take both of his tools inside her. Not even the best whores he knew!

He started to really fuck her and she screamed louder and louder. Suddenly
Tuvok stood on the other side of the bed.

"I have to make sure that the noise level you do did not go through the


He pushed his cock in her face and she willing and eagerly suck it all.
Neelix was amazed. That woman was the biggest whore he ever saw. She could
make a fortune in the whore houses of the sector!

With that thought his small cock shot his load in her ass the same time as
Tuvok shot his load down her thursty throat!

Kathryn came to and then she pushed Neelix away. He pulled his cock out
surprised by her reaction.

"Relax! I lost your first load and I want to be sure I got the second!"

"Oh! Okay!"

She started to suck and stroke his big cock and soon Neelix was cumming all
over her face! She had shallowed as much she could but it was too much even
for her! Kathryn and Tuvok were impressed by the quantities he shot and
wondered what could happend if he was an average or big Talaxian!

Kathryn's body shivered when she thought that she could fucked by something
even biger!

"Captain, must I remind you of our mission?"

"No Tuvok. After such a nice fuck my mind works better! Mr. Neelix what do
you know about that array?"

"Well the creature is very powerful! If you look for your friends you sould
trust me and go with me to the fifth planet. I think I know a way to get in

Janeway to the bridge set course to the fifth planet of the system!

"Yes Captain!"

Kathryn cleaned up by scooping the sperm with her fingers and swallowing it.
Then she and Tuvok dressed and let their guest get some rest before they
arrived to the planet. They do the same in Kathryn's quarter sleeping in each
others arms.

* * *

When they arrived to the planet they followed Neelix's instructions and
beamed down together with big water containers as a move of good will.

There the saw for the first time another Delta species the Ocampa, specific
a young fragile girl of the species, in the hands of the Kazon. She had
obviously been raped and beaten up.

She fell into the arms of Neelix and cried. Kathryn tried hard not to kill
every Kazon male around her. It was Tuvok's Vulcanian coolness that stopped
her. But when they started to get agressive she found better to follow
Neelix's advice and retreat to the ship.

On Voyager Neelix told them that Kes, the young Ocampa girl, was special. She
was one of the few who had made it througth the force field and she knew the
way to take them inside so they could find Kim and Torres.

Kathryn's thoughts were elsewhere. How was possible that this litlle girl
been Neelix's lover! She knew she was from the way they looked each other and
the way they acted on the planet. Was it possible that her small frame was
able to do the thing she had such a hard time to do? Take both Neelix's

She smiled and she thought it was time for Tuvok to place his cameras to the
guest quarters.

The smile faded suddenly. The cameras! She looked angry at Tuvok, he was the
only one with access to cameras quarters and security data bank!

Now she knew were the Ferengi in Deep Space Nine had found the references to
make a such detailed hologramm of her!

She was really pissed off when she overrode the lock to his door and entered
his quarters. He looked surprised at her without knowing what was happening.

Kathryn looked at the whole scene and laugh. He was sitting nude in front of
six monitors stroking his cock with his right hand and zapping through the
different cameras with some remote in his left.

Kathryn locked the doors again and got closer to him. She looked at the
monitors and asked him if he saw something interesting.

Her hand already replaced his around his shaft.

In the first one she saw that Neelix was really fucking Kes with both cocks.
She saw Mitchell sodomising Celes and the two Delany twins in a small orgy
with Tom Paris!

He remind her of his father!

In the other monitors she could see her empty quarters, ensign Annie Jetal
taking a shower and in the last one a view of Tuvok with her stroking his

"I dont like this!"

"Me either!"

She undressed and impaled herself on his huge cock. She bent her head and
kiss him in the mouth. She started to ride him and they both looked at the
monitor. They liked the view!

* * *

The next morning they beamed to the planet and Kes helped them to find the
way throught the caves and the force field.

They found Harry and B'Elanna in the middle of a huge orgy with dozens
Ocampa. Both males and females.

When the Ocampa saw the new ones they moved their way. Most of the Voyager
crew and the Maquis pulled their weapons to defend themselves.

But Kathryn was faster. Half nude she joined the party while Tuvok was
positioning three cameras he allways had with him.

When he finished he joined too. That made the rest of the away team put down
their guns and do the same.

Kathryn was double penetrated by two Ocampas when Kes came close to her
holding an older man by the hand.

She introduced him as her father and Janeway said she was pleased to learn
the father of Kes. He was pleased to learn the woman who saved his daughter's

When she sucked his cock down her throat. Then, when they ware both pleased
to learn each other!

* * *

Three days later, and after every crew members of the Voyager and the Maquis
had thier fun in the Ocampa city they left the planet.

They arrived back to the Caretaker's array and they beamed on board. They
tried to convince him to send them back home but he was too weak.

Not even Kathryn's sucking abilities could'nt help. He died.

When the Kazon came, she had to make the hardest decicion of her life. She
destroyed the array to stop the Kazon taking advantage of it. The Maquis were
really mad at her but after she threatened them to be thrown into the vacuum
of space if they didn't co-operate.

Since the Maquis ship was destroyed in their battle with those brutaly rude
species called Kazon. They had to use the Voyager both Starfleet and the

Kathryn convinced Tuvok that it will be better if the Captain of the Maquis,
Chakotay, would be her first officer and not him. Tuvok agreed under special
conditions. She will never fuck with Chakotay and she will let him fucked her
ass any time he wanted to!

She agreed and bent over to seal the agreement!

* * *

Chakotay was on the bridge the next morning. He had saw how she acted with
the Ocampa and could'nt wait to put his hands on that fine piece of meat. He
was ex-Starfleet and he knew about redheads!

Kathryn and Tuvok walked in and Tuvok smiled when he saw his expression.

Kathryn took her place and looked over at Tom Paris who was on Ops.

"Course to the Alpha quadrant Mr. Paris!"

"Yes ma'am!"

'I wonder if he is as qood as his father?" Thought Kathryn with a huge smile
in her face!

The long journey had begun.



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