Star Trek - Voyager: The Beginning Of A Long Journey Part 1: The Academy
by CTsotsoras ([email protected]) (MM/F,F/F,voy)

San Francisco : Starfleet Academy, Day One


The new Starfleet Cadets froze under the command of the big muscular
instructor with the rank of a Lieutenant. A young Commander walked between
their rows and every time he stopped in front of one cadet he yelled his
name and rank.


The Commander looked at the young readhaired woman. He liked her and ask
himself if she would be a good student. He hoped not. He smiled and walked

One Week Later

The rain was falling with menace in the Starfleeet Academy Training Field.
They make it so. They had intepentend weather control in the Academy Training
Field and making the Cadets run in the rain was very eficient!

The instructor and the Commander were in the office of the second one looking
outside the window. Under the heavy rain two young Cadets run with full
equipment around the field. They ware the two worst of their class.


"Commander, they are the two worst in their class!"

"I Know, is one of them Janeway?"

"Yes Sir!"

"How does it look?"

"Well Sir, the one is going to break and leave but Janeway want so much to
join Starfleet that she will accept every proposal to stay."


"Absolutely Sir!"

"Okay stop the rain and bring them here!"

"Both Sir?"

"Why not? We dont have nothing to lose! But send the other one first!"

"Yes Sir."

One hour later Kathryn Janeway sat nervous in outside the office of Commander
Paris. The class instructur in the chair in the other side of the room stayed
cool by reading something in a PADD. Suddenly the door opened and the other
Cadet run out crying.

"What happened? Sara?"

"Don't you get it? She is out of here!" The instructur answered.

Kathryn felled dizzy. <> she thought. < She always wanted to be a Starfleet officer! And now she was two minutes away
to be thrown out of the Academy!>>

Now! She would do what ever possible to stay!

The instructor saw the look in her face and grinced. She was ready.

"Janeway! In my office!"

"Yes Sir."

She walked in and the door closed behind her. Outside the instructor stand up
and locked the outside door of the office and put a "Don't disturb" sign in
the monitor. He told her to sit and she obeyed.

"Well Janeway?"


"I ask you something and I am sure you know what! Don't play innocent to me!"

"Yes Sir!"

He gsve her a PADD with her notes.

"I am sure you know that you are the worst in your Class!"

"Worst? That can't be! Sara..."

"Sara quit! You are the last now! And you know what I have to do!"

"Now Sir please! I promise you I will improve myself!"

"I am afraid that's not enought Cadet!"

"Sir PLEASE I do everything you want! Please don't let me fail!"

"Everything? What do you mean Cadet?"

"I'll clean your quarters, shine your boots, wash dishes and cook for you!"

"You make me laugh! The Cadets DO those things! I am the Commander, forgot?"

Janeway lowered her head she knew she lost and her dream was over.



Her eyes focused in his lips waiting for his answer, her last hope.

"As you know my wife is in a ship in the other side of the Federation. Its
difficult for a man to live without a woman for auch long time!"

He stopped and waited for her reaction. Janeway was speechless. Did he
proposed to sleep with him to stay in the Academy? She could'nt believe it!



"I remember you saying 'Everything,' right?"


He took her chin in his hand and raised her head so he could see in her eyes.

"Was that a tear or just another drop of water from her wet hair? Never

He walked around her and kneeled behind her. He pushed her hair away and
licked her ear! Janeway felt her body shivering and she knew it wasn't the
wet clothes she was wearing.


"Sir please now!"

"Wanna fly?"

"Now but...."

"Don't worry, you are not the first to stay that way!"

"Sir! I...."

"You want to stay here and I need a good reason to do so! Even if that reason
is 'Personal'!"

"And you are not letting me fail?"

He smiled and cupped her breast.

"Now! You are a hot woman, its our best chance."


"The instructor needs a good reason too!"

Janeway jumped up and ran to the door only to fall in the hands off the
insructur waiting behind her.


"Don't ask me! Ask her!"

He looked at Kathryn. She looked at him and then the Commander and nodded
possitively. The instructor pushed her softly back to the office and the
door closed behind them.

"Take of those wet clothes! You get a cold like that."

Kathryn removed her jacket, shirt and pants and stood between them only in
her underwear. They looked at her long slender legs and medium sized tight
breasts and smiled. They knew how she looked naked from the cameras they
instaled in the shower's and their rooms.

"Take them off! They are not the best thing a young woman can wear!"

"They are practical in field."

"We are not in field. And we don't need them in way!"

The instructor put a kiss in her soulder and unbuttoned her bra. He let him
fall in the floor and cupped her breasts. Paris started to remove his uniform
and Kathryn could easily see that he was semi-erect.

When he was naked he came closer and the instructur stopped his game with her
nipples and pushed her down. Paris grabbed her red hair and pressed her in
his crotch.

"Blow me!"


"Blow me! You know what that's it!"


Kathryn started to lick his shaft and sucked his cockhead until he was rock
hard. Then she opened her mouth and took him inside inch by inch until he hit
the back of her mouth.

"Relax your muscles! Then you will take more in!"

She looked him with her eyes full with tears beggin him not to.

"Want to fly?"

She nodded no and make a try. Few inches more gone through but she started to
gag. Paris took a few inches back and let her breath.

"Coordinate your moves Cadet!"

He pushed back in and Kathryn was able to take even more of his lenght in.

"That's it Cadet! There still hope for you!"

Meanwille the instructor was also nude and kneeled behind her. He ripped her
pantyhose apart and started to play with her pussy and anus. Kathryn's eyes
openned wide and as a scream tried to came out, her throat opened wider and
Paris shoved the rest of his twelve inches in her!

Kathryn closed her eyes and remembered her days in her parents farm in Iowa.
The night she watched her sister having sex with the two boys from the
neighbours farm. She remember that she hated her because she liked the one
boy and her sister took him away from her. She remembered that from that
night on she dreamed to take away every boyfriend her sister had and do with
him what she saw that night. She never had the guts for it so she tooked the
decision to go to Starfleet.

She opened her eyes and came back to reality.

A cock in her mouth, a finger in her pussy and ass.

She was there and her sister was not! She was the one the men's wanted! She
was where she wanted to be!


She grabbed Paris buttocks and start to move her head up and down his cock
sucking him with eager.

"We have a change here! A serious improvement in behaviour!"

"Down here also Commander! She is getting wet!"

Kathryn felt the fingers removing from her holes and moments later something
slapping her face. She opened her eyes and saw her instructur standing beside
the Commander slapping her with his cock. She let one hand loose from the
Commander and grab the butt of the instructor. She took the Commander's penis
out off her mouth and sucked the penis of the instructor. She started to
change from one cock to the other making the two officers moan in pleasure.
Suddenly the Commander stopped her.

"Enough! We don't want to come so soon! Right?"

"Right Commander!"

They kneeled beside her and kissed her. Their tongues invading her mouth and
hers attacking back in their own. They fondle her breasts and pinched her
nipples. It was her turn to moan. They kissed her and pushed her on the soft
carpet. She knew it was time for the real game and spreaded her long legs
wide open. The instructor kissed his way to her hot wet cunt wille the
Commander stayed at her breasts.

She understood that they were a good team and that the instructor was loyal
to his superior in everything. He kissed the inner side of her tights making
his way to his objective. He stopped for a moment to admire her well trimmed
pussy hair, just a small triangle on her pubic. The swollen clit and the
blood red pussy lips.

Then he dove his tongue in her wet pleasure making her moan loud and arch her
back. She put her slender legs around his neck and push him in her crotch.
She was in the edge of an powerful orgasm when he drew back. She moaned in
discomfort but she knew that's was the game.

The Commander took his position between her legs and put them on his
soulders. He grabbed his cock and drove it in her wet entrance.



He shoved his cock with a long slow move all the way in and both moaned with
pure pleasure! She moaned because he was bigger then her vibrator and he
because she was the tightest pussy he fucked in the last few years.

They started to really fuck harder and faster with every stroke and this time
they both got satisfaction. He came grunting and spraying his cum in her
pussy and feeling that drive her also over the edge and she yelled her
pleasure with loud screams.

He fall on top of her, her legs fell from his soulders and she embraced his
waist with them. They kissed and smiled.

"Am I through Sir?"

"Not yet Cadet! Not yet!"

He moved away and the instructor positioned himself in his place. Kathryn
placed her legs on her soulders and opened wide. She grabbed his buttock and
pulled him inside her. They started fucking harder then before and they had
their orgasms in few minutes making a mix of two men's sperm and her own
juices inside her pussy.

Their bodies were sweaty and their breath heavy.

"Clean up!"


"You know! Clean our cocks with your tongue!"


Kathryn crawled onto the couch they were sitting and start to lick the cocks
clear. The taste of the sperm and girl juices on them turned her on again and
she started to suck them back to life and not just clean them.

"I thing we created a monster!"

"Yea! I like it Sir!"

She sucked them both until they came in her throat and she swallowed every
drop of their sperm.



"Am I through?"

"Well for the moment, yes, if the Commander agrees!"

"I agree! But Cadet Janeway, you have to 'prove' to us that you don't have
fall back."

"I promise I will be the 'best' Cadet you ever had!"

They wore their uniforms and left the office.

* * *

A young Vulcan Lieutenant assigned with the task to test the security systems
of the Academy came wildly as he stroked his erect cock with what he was
seeing. He had bypassed the safety codes and he was waching live what was
going in Commander's office. It was not logical for a Vulcan to have feelings
but that young woman was making him loose control!

"One day Janeway you will lick MY cock that way. And I will fuck your pussy
hard! I swear in my name! Tuvok!"

* * *

Kathryn returned in her room an went under the shower to wash her shore pussy
and ass. When she walk out her roommate was back and looked at her.

"Well? How was it?"

"How was what Jayne?"

"C'monn Kathryn! You was in Commander's Office with the instructor! Everybody
knows what that means, they fucked you!"

"I don't know what are you talking about! Really!"

"Kathryn look at me! I am redhead too! You think its a coincidence? They
ordered the redheads in the nearest rooms and fuck everyone of them!
Yesterday was my turn! Didn't know?


"Oh my God you didn'y! You must feel bad with my questions! I am so sorry!"

"Its ok Jayne. Its some relief to know that I am not the only one. I really
feel good that I will not have to take those huge cocks every day!"

"Why? Didn't like it?"

"Of course, I did! I just want to be a good student too! And its difficult to
accomplish the tasks of the academy with shore pussy and ass!"

"Yea I know! I still have problems when I walk!"

"Let me see!"

I thought you were a scientist!"

"I grew up in a big family! You learn to handle bruises and stuff."

Jane opened her legs and let Kathryn have a look. Kathryn smiled with her
well known expresion and before Jayne could do something she lowered her head
and licked her pussy lips!

"God Kathryn what...? Geez that's great! Ohhh...yes!"

"You see? I am a good Doctor too!"

She dove in again between Jayne's legs and started to worked her pussy with
her tongue and her ass with her finger. Jayne was moaning louder and louder
with every stroke of Kathryn's tongue and it didn take long before she came
covering Kathryn's face with her juices. Then it was her turn to check
Kathryn's bruise.

* * *

During the next few weeks Janeway was spending more and more time in the
Commander's office. Except the Commander and the instructor their other
officers, who taught in the Academy, to joined the group and Janeway found
herself more then one time double and triple penetrated.

They discovered that she was some kind of affect to anal sex and they were
willing to give her as much as possible ass fucking they could. She on her
side found out that she enjoyed sex a lot. In the first survival training
mission she screwed every male in her class making the other females angry
with her but she didn't care.

On her first leave she returned to her parents' farm and took her sisters
ex-boyfriends and even her newly married husband. She was very proud of
herself for that payback!

She rose to became the number one Cadet of her class.

Tuvoc was always there waching her, dreaming of her and stroking his cock
like crazy.

* * *

The day of her graduation her Commander called her into his office. Kathryn
was happy and horny but she found him alone. She was disapointed.

"What happenwd! I thought we gonna have a good by party!"

"Not today Cadet! Not today!"

"What happened?"

"Today is a bad day Kathryn. I have to give you your instructions. You have
a post in a Starfleet ship."

"Sir... how could I make it in that ship?"

"Its okay, I know the Captain, he is my best friend and I had informed him
for you."

"You mean...?"

"Yes you are going to have a lot of fun and many chances to explore the outer

"Thank you sir!"


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