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Please note that this story takes place in the earlier
episodes of the second series of Voyager, before the characters
Suder and Seska died.

Chapter Four.

Janeway collapsed onto her bed with a grateful sigh.
Conner had been right, the Jem'Hadar followed their orders to
the letter. They had been ordered to make basic repairs to Voyager, and
as none of them had any idea how to repair a ship as advanced as this,
they had gotten Janeway's crew to do it... under their guidance and
fierce supervision.
Torres had made an ambitious estimate that it would take 36
hours to make basic repairs to Voyager, and the Jem'Hadar had given them
- They don't even take rank into consideration, - she thought
with a wry smile. Her uniform was soaked through with sweat, her hair
a tangled mess around her shoulders (the bun she usually kept it in
had unraveled after the first seven hours), she had worked as hard
as the rest of the Crew... and she had no right to complain, why should
they do something she wasn't willing to?
Eventually she had convinced Conner that her Crew were never
Immortal nor Jem'Hadar, and the work would have to proceed in shifts
if he wanted it to be done right. And so now she was taking a quick
break before she joined the first shift.
- Should have kept my big mouth shut, - she thought, then
groaned as the door pinged.
"Come in," she moaned.
The door opened and Tuvok walked in, he was lightly sweating
but still looked in fine condition.
"Damn your Vulcan constitution," she chuckled,"I could use a
little right now."
Tuvok frowned slightly,"It is only natural that my race have
greater Cardio-Vascular Endurance than your own," he said,"Given that
the atmosphere on Vulcan is thinner than your own and our sun closer,
"I'm too tired, Mr Tuvok," she replied,"Just tell me what it
is you came here to tell me."
He paused for a second, than continued.
"Are you familiar with Dr Edmund Changs Theory of Probability?"
he asked.
"Of course, it was required reading at the Academy for anyone
interested in Science," she closed her eyes, resting them for a
moment as her tired mind grabbed at the information,"He worked out a
formula for predicting the probability of events occurring, based on
Synchronicity, which is the theory that the Universe has an underlying
order that connects everything to everything else. It turned out to
be remarkably accurate in predicting the probability of past events,
but entirely useless at future predictions."
"Which in turn gave credence to Eudan's Theory that the
future is not on a pre-ordained path."
Janeway sighed,"I'm very tired, Mr Tuvok," she said,"So don't
tell me you've disturbed my sleep for a pop quiz."
"I have spent the last three hours going over the formula in
my mind, trying to discover the probability of the events of the last
day occurring naturally. By that I mean the probability of a field of
pure energy spontaneously erupting around us, accidently returning
us to the Alpha Quadrant where we encountered one of only two known
human Immortal's in the Universe, being attacked by strange, gelatinous
creatures, saved by the Dominion's foot soldiers and meeting the second
of the two known human immortals in the Universe."
Janeway couldn't help but smile, her own mind was responding to
the challenge, running through Chang's Formula in an attempt to come
to the conclusion.
"There are so many variables," she said after a couple of
minutes,"It would take me days to figure it out even if I was fully
awake," she didn't bother to hide the fact she was impressed with
Tuvok, who had obviously figured it out after only three hours, three
hours when he had been working as hard as the rest of the Crew.
"Eventually, Captain," the Vulcan said,"You would find yourself
caught in a loop, your working running back into itself," he paused,"I
assume you know what that means?"
"It means that it's not only impossible, but totally improbable
as well... which in turn means that either one of the variables is
false, we're being lied to or there's a variable we're unaware of."
"Precisely," returned the Vulcan,"And I have no idea which it


Harry stifled a yawn and went back to work on the console.
Everyone had been given an hour long break, after that a
selected group would have to work for two hours before being replaced
by a second shift, then a third and then back to the first. Harry was
on the third shift, so he had decided to finish off repairing the
corrupted memory banks in his Science Console... only it seemed
everytime he nearly had it fixed, something else would break into
sparks, fall apart or simply sit there blankly, doing nothing and
being totally unresponsive.
- If I didn't know better, - he thought, - I'd say the damn
thing didn't want to be fixed! -


The door beeped again, Janeway let loose a low groan of
mock despair.
"Can I never sleep?" she asked herself, then quickly spoke
before Tuvok could answer the question,"Come."
The door opened and someone stepped in, Janeway was almost as
surprised by the fact that her face remained as calm and expressionless
as Tuvok's as by who it was.
- This certainly is an interesting turn of events, - she
thought, - But at least now I know that someone is being actively
deceptive. -
The man standing in Janeway's room was The Doctor.


Conner was approaching the Brig when it hit him, charging his
body with incredible energy and setting every nerve ending in his
body on fire with sexual desire.
Down the corridor was a woman, he knew she was from
Engineering, but hadn't had a chance to discover her name... he had
been working as hard as everyone to repair Voyager for the trip home.
"You... you are a Consort," he gasped, staring at the
beautiful half-klingon,"Of all the places, why here?"
Torres had dropped the supplies she was carrying, her eyes
clouded with lust, she began moving towards him.
Even as his mind desperately tried to maintain control, his
body was moving forward to meet her.


"Captain," said the Doctor, the door closing behind him,"I have
taken the liberty of scanning these Jem'Hadar creatures... discreetly
of course."
Janeway exchanged a look with Tuvok, she was trying to hide the
fact that she knew whoever this man was, he was not the Doctor.
"And?" she asked.
"I have discovered a weakness," the Doctor said,"They appear to
have an inbuilt genetic deficiency, an addiction they are incapable of
beating to a chemical compound called Tetra-cell White."
"How does this relate to our situation?" she asked.
"Well, I assumed we could use this weakness for whatever
strategic plan you are formulating?" he sounded confused, as if this
had been obvious.
"Doctor," said Tuvok,"Are you suggesting that the Captain
disregard orders from Starfleet? That is mutiny as you should well be
The Doctor frowned at the intrusion.
"These Jem'Hadar, they're footsoldiers... the first line of
defense and offense according to Mr Masters, why send so many ships in
if you're going after a shuttle with one Immortal in it? They have some
ulterior motive, and I don't believe this talk about a Treaty... the
peace process would take years, and we've only been gone for four."
- That same mistake, - thought Janeway, - Obviously that
temporal field did bring Voyager into the future as well as back to the
Alpha Quadrant, since we've only been gone a little over a year. -
"Doctor, I trust Mr Nash," she said,"And until I hear evidence
convincing me that the Treaty is false, I will do my best to comply
with his orders, in this situation he outranks me."
"I see," said the Doctor,"Forgive me, Captain, I must return
to Sickbay."
The Doctor left, after a few moments Tuvok spoke.
"Unless remarkable technological breakthroughs have occurred in
the last ten or fifteen minutes, that was not the Doctor."
"Agreed," she replied,"We're very lucky, it seems that while
the Dominion is smart enough to copy one of our Crew Members right down
to facial and gestural positions, they're at least unaware that he is
a hologram... so they're not perfect."
"You are suggesting we attempt to wrest control of the ship from
them?" enquired Tuvok.
"In this case it's not mutiny," she said,"As it seems that Mr
Masters was telling the truth, Russell Nash... or should I say Conner
MaCleod, is a traitor."
"We must be careful," said Tuvok,"Obviously some members of
this Dominion are shapeshifters, we were fortunate in this case that
they chose the Doctor... had it been Ensign Kim or Lieutenant Torres,
you may have fallen into the trap."
"Me?" she asked, raising an eyebrow in imitation of him,"What
about you?"
"Despite my reservations to Mr MaCleods veracity, I would never
endorse mutiny unless it was the final possibility."
"Sometimes, Tuvok," Janeway said, stifling a yawn as she began
to think of a strategy,"I get the feeling your laughing at all of us."
"If I was," returned Tuvok immediately,"I would suspect myself
to be a shapeshifter, disguised as a Vulcan."
Janeway's eyes widened in surprise.
"Why, Mr Tuvok, I think you just made a joke!"


The doors opened and he stepped through.
"What are you doing?" yelled one of two Jem'Hadar guards,"You
are not allowed to leave your quarters! How did you open those doors?"
"Forget it boys," said Suder with a grin more imaginative
creatures would have regarded as creepy,"This conversation never
happened, I was never here."
The two Jem'Hadar returned to their preparatory stance, feet
slightly spread, arms at their sides and eyes straight ahead. They
seemed to have forgotten Suder was there.
"Great," laughed the sociopathic Betazed, rubbing his hands
together with glee,"There's a great fuck going on that I wouldn't miss
for the world!"


Conner grabbed Torres by the neck, pulled her forward and kissed
her passionately. Her mouth opened and she eagerly accepted his
probing tongue, her own pushing past it and exploring the moist, warm
confines of his mouth.
His hands were pushing up her tight uniform top, reaching for
her large, plump breasts. She moaned in excitement, her hands grabbing
at the gray undershirt and pulling it up from over his hands.
They had broken their kiss while she had removed her top, and
now they reconnected, their tongues sliding slowly, languorously against
each other. His spare hand had been around the back of her neck, but
now he slid it down past the breast that wasn't being groped, trailing
his fingers over her waist and then down under the waistband of her
tight uniform pants. He grinned around her tongue, happy to see she
wasn't wearing panties.
Torres was already dripping wet, and now his fingers were
playing over her clitoris, sliding just inside her pussy and getting
her hotter by the second. Her mouth was open wide as she gasped in
pleasure, her eyes shut as she felt the ecstasy run through her not just
of a physical nature, but also on a genetic scale.

Conner released her beautiful, brown-skinned breast and moved
his hand down to the back of her pants. Breaking their kiss at last,
he turned her about and bent her waist forward.
All he was interested in was a good, hard fuck... and it was
all Torres wanted. Her mind was grappling with the fact that this man
she had only just met face to face was about to fuck her like an
animal, and that she was not only going to let him, but she was
looking forward to it.
- If you were a full consort, - her mind gasped, - You wouldn't
even be able to think these thoughts, why was it not like this with
Norman? Sure the connection was powerful, but nothing like this! -
Conner took a second to admire her beautiful ass, then he was
wrenching his pants free, his hard-on bouncing free. She put her elbows
down and rested her head on her arms, her eyes closed in pleasurable
anticipation as she prepared for what she was sure would be the fuck
of her life.
Conner paused at the moment before penetration, the anticipation
was almost more exciting than the moment itself, and then he pushed
forward, his cock slamming deep into her tight cunt.


Hogan was almost around the corridor when he heard the groans
of pleasure.
"What the...?" he started, moving forward... until he found
himself back at the beginning of the corridor.
He stood in shocked disbelief for a few seconds, then moved
forward with a purposeful stride.... and found himself back at the
beginning of the corridor.
He raised an eyebrow in an uncanny impersonation of Tuvok, then
tried again.


Conner was fucking her hard, his hands around her waist and
feeling up her plump breasts as his cock slammed in and out of her
juicy, eager pussy.
"SO FUCKING TIGHT!" he roared, feeling that same feeling of
pleasure permeating every cell in his body.
He tweaked her nipples between thumb and forefinger as he
fucked her, slamming his hips against her beautifully curved ass,
feeling her tight, juicy cunt gripping onto his cock.
The fuck was fast and hard, he as going at it like there was
no tomorrow, and she was fucking him back as hard as she could,
desperate to cram every las inch of his swollen member into her tight
little snatch as she could.
He loved the warm feel of her beautiful, plump breasts as he
kneaded them together, he had fucked thousands of woman in the over
eight hundred years of his life, but he didn't think that he had ever
felt a pair as nice as these since he had done Dana Scully, the
consort who had taken up with his cousin Duncan for several months.
He loved the way her ass bounced back against his hips as he
pushed forward, letting him get as much of his cock into her as he
He was jackhammering now, his hips almost a blur as he fucked
her faster and faster, each stroke of his cock pulling nearly out of
her desperately clasping cunt before pounding back in to the hilt.
"YES! YES!" she screamed,"GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK ME RAW!"
He was certainly doing his best, he could feel the cum boiling
up in his balls but almost didn't want the fuck to end... he had abstained
from sex for the last few months, totally obsessed with capturing Norman
and returning him to Earth, where he would take his head and receive the
Ultimate Prize.
Suddenly, Torres came with a cry that was as much shock as it
was pleasure. Her ecstasy had been building to a crescendo, but she
hadn't expected to cum just yet... it was almost as if some outside
force had set her off easily. All further thoughts disappeared though,
as she felt the white-hot tidal wave of pleasure washed over her body,
setting every nerve ending on fire with sensation. Her cunt grabbed
Conner's cock so tight that for a second the Immortal thought that he
was fucking her asshole, and then it was loosening up, then tightening
again, it felt like she was milking his cock.
"Oh hell!" he grunted and then he was pounding his cum deep
into her lovetunnel, shot after shot of the sticky white sperm shooting
into her womb... and it was probably lucky for Torres that Immortals
couldn't have children, because he hadn't fucked in so long it was almost
certain he would have gotten her pregnant.
"YES!" he cried, hunching over and keeping a firm grip on her
tits, he pushed his cock as far forward as he could, grinding his pelvis
against her butt.
Torres lay still, breathing deeply with a small, satisfied small
on her face. Opening her eyes slowly she looked up and gasped when she
saw Suder looking at her appreciatively.
"You!" she cried in shock as she saw the madman, she rolled
over, pulling free from a surprised Conner. It was ironic that her
first thought was not that he had seen her naked, but that he was out
of his quarters... and now that she had rolled into a prepared battle
stance she had revealed every inch of her beautiful body to him.
"Calm down, Lieutenant," laughed the Betazed,"I've seen what
I've come to see, and you got a nice fuck out of it... I know you've
been feeling," he smirked,"A trifle anxious lately."
"What the hell?" she started, noting that Conner was reaching
for his trenchcoat, which he had discarded when preparing for their
lovemaking... she sighed to herself, - face facts B'Elanna, it was
nothing more than pure animal fucking, not lovemaking, and you loved
every second of it. -
In fact, her pussy was still wet, and even as she watched
Conner from the corner of her eye she was getting hornier and hornier.
"Listen, Suder," she gasped, fighting the sensations for the
moment, wondering why it was so much harder to battle it with Conner
than it was with Norman,"I don't know how you got out of..."
Suder seemed bored, raising his right hand he snapped his
fingers and...

... B'Elanna was making her way down the corridor with several
repaired gel packs when she realized she was getting near the Brig.
- Better not go anywhere near Norman, in case what happened
last time happens again, - she thought, and headed for the right
hand corridor, which was longer but risk free.
Seconds later in the next corridor, Conner came to the Bridge,
he was surprised to see no Jem'Hadar guarding the doors, but figured
they would be inside to make absolutely sure that Norman didn't find
a way to get free.


Hogan tapped his comm badge.
"Commander Chakotay, come in please?"
"Chakotay here, what is it?" like several other members of
the crew, the Commander had kept on working through the break, spurred
on by the knowledge that they were back in the Alpha Quadrant.
"Commander," said Hogan, once more attempting to walk to the
end of the Corridor,"I'm having some troubles..."
He cut off as he found himself walking around the corner
"Yes?" asked Chakotay.
"Sir, I think you better get down here immediately, because
either I'm going mad or those temporal fields are beginning to affect


Janeway stifled yet another yawn, it wasn't that she was
mentally tired, but her body was physically exhausted.
"We have not detected any sign of temporal activity anywhere
on the ship," Tuvok was saying to Chakotay and Hogan,"We ran extensive
diagnostic scans around the brig and also found nothing, perhaps it
was a hallucination brought on by lack of sleep?"
"I don't think so," said Hogan,"When Commander Chakotay and
I scanned the surveillance records all we saw was me walking around
the corner a couple of minutes after Officer Nash entered the Brig,
but look at the tricorder I was had with me at the time, check the
Tuvok frowned slightly when he checked the instrument, then
handed it to Janeway, saying enigmatically,"We have found at least one
other variable then Captain."
Janeway looked at the Tricorders chronometer, which should have
given the same time as the Computer... but it was seven minutes ahead.


"Do they suspect?" the Vorta asked, sitting in the carefully
cloaked ship off Voyager's port bow.
"I think Janeway suspects something," said the Jem'Hadar
Commander,"But it is suspicion only."
"Understandable, given the sudden turn of events," she
commented,"But I think she has too much faith in Starfleet to believe
that Nash is a traitor... and even he does not realize our true
"They suspect," snapped a new voice, and the two twisted about
as they came face to face with a young Jem'Hadar.
"How dare you speak to your Superiors in such a..." started the
Commander, and then his eyes widened as the stripling's features
changed from the rough, horned face of a Jem'Hadar to the almost
unfinished look of one of the Founders.
As the Commander snapped to immediate attention, the Vorta
dropped to one knee, hanging her head in obeisance.
"Up," snapped the Founder, taking the two aliens subjugation
as a matter of course,"I visited the Captain and her Security Officer
in her quarters, disguised as the Ships Doctor...," she paused before
continuing,"I now know that they are aware we are not telling them
the truth," The Founder did not mention that Janeway and Tuvok had
known she was not The Doctor, it would not do to let her cannon-fodder
realize she was neither a God nor a Queen. And she was infuriated, not
knowing how they had seen through her disguise, she had copied every
mannerism, every inflection of voice, everything about The Doctor, and
still they had known she was not truly him.
"Do they know why we are here?"
"They have no idea, in fact they seem to believe they have
truly returned to the Alpha Quadrant readily enough, despite the fact
we have offered them no definitive proof other than Officer Nash."
The Communications console beeped, the Vorta looked at the
Founder, awaiting permission to acknowledge the call. Once she had
it she activated the scrambler.
"We have obtained one of their uncorrupted gel packs, as
ordered," came the rough Jem'Hadar voice,"We await further instructions."
"Proceed as planned, keep an eye on Nash as well as Masters, we
may have to dispose of them if they cause too much trouble," interrupted
the Founder. The Jem'Hadar obviously recognized the voice, because it
snapped an obedient yes and broke communications... ready to die to
fulfill it's orders.


"Go on, kill me now, I know you want to."
"Actually my body is urging me to return you to Earth, because
that's where the final confrontation must take place," replied Conner
without looking up, he was peeling an orange and seemed more interested
in it than Norman.
"I want no part of it," returned Norman,"I resisted the Gathering,
you can too! We could both live forever."
Conner finally did look up, he regarded the Immortal held in
place by the forcefield with contempt,"How the hell did you live so
long?" he asked,"Why you, of all the Immortals? You were always one of
the weakest, how did you outlive everyone else?"
"Because I'm smart," replied Norman angrily,"I discovered the
Watchers a week after I became Immortal," Conner's eyes widened in
surprise, that would mean that Norman had discovered the strange group
of mortals who kept tabs on the Immortals in the 19th century, over one
hundred years before his cousin Duncan had.
"That's right," he spat,"I infiltrated their ranks and because
of that I know where every known Immortal was in the world at any given
time. I lived as far away as I could from them, never more than a few
minutes from Holy Ground. I used smarts to defeat Immortals when they
came for me, playing one of against each other," he actually
smiled,"Who do you think brought together that little mini-gathering
in New York back in the 1980's?"
Conner leaped up from his chair,"Bullshit!"
"Bull true," chuckled Norman,"I used my immortality not just to
learn how to fight, but to study, learn new things. I found out where
a group of the strongest Immortals was living through the Watchers,
discovered their habits, hangouts etc, and setup subliminal messages in
billboards, restaurant menus and the like... the messages meant nothing
to mortals, but to Immortals it set a recurring idea in their head that
they had to get to New York for the Gathering... only it wasn't the
real Gathering, I was hoping you'd kill each other off, but of course
you survived. You and the Kurgen were the ones everyone feared the most,
after that was your cousin of course."
Conner was mere inches from the Forcefield now, snarling angrily
at Norman,"And you took care of him, didn't you!"
"He squealed like a stuck pig when those assassins took him
down," laughed Norman.
Conner raised a fist in anger, then slowly lowered it, allowing
a bitter smile to cross his lips.
"Almost had me," he said,"Like you said, you've studied, and you
were hoping to enrage me into a stupid mistake, let you out of the
brig and make your escape... how were you expecting to get past me?"
Norman just grinned, tapped his nose a couple of times, then lay
down on his bunk, staring at the ceiling.

End Chapter Four of Seven.


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