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Please note that this story takes place in the earlier
episodes of the second series of Voyager, before the characters
Suder and Seska died.

Chapter Three.

Seven of Nine had locked her long, pale legs around Janeway's
back and held her steady as Chakotay spread her buttcheeks and began
pushing his cock in, fighting to get every inch he could into her
incredibly tight asshole.
"Maaaalpppffgghhh!!!!" Janeway cried in surprise ( and just a
little lust) as she felt her First Officer's cock parting her anus
and cramming as much into it as he could.
As Tom watched in shock, Chakotay managed to push nearly
every inch of his cock as deep into Janeway's bowels ass he could.
"She's done this before," laughed Suder,"Not much, but she's
beeen buttfucked before."
Tom was helpless to turn away, his eyes locked on Janeway's
beautiful, pale white asscheeks clenching and relaxing as her ass
accepted her First Officer's cock.
Chakotay had gotten it all in and out several times now, and
he began speeding up, plunging his dick in and out as rapidly as he
could while beneath him Janeway slid her tongue in and out, all around
inside of Seven of Nine's eager, gushing snatch.
Janeway had forced her hole to relax when the Commander had
first began fucking her, but now her anus was clasping down hard
around his shaft, driving him crazy with pleasure.
Chakotay was fucking her good now, his cock slamming in and
out of his Captain's butt, his fingers were now sliding in and out
of her juicy snatch as Janeway ate out the blonde beauty who had
once been a member of the Borg.
"You are so fucking tight!!" he cried, reveling in the
sensation of his cock being trapped in her white-hot rectum. In
fact it was so tight and hot that he didn't think he would last much
longer. Giving in to the pleasure, he began to thrust his hips faster
and faster, slapping against her ass as his cock invaded her anal passage.
Janeway cried out in pleasure as she tonguefucked her female
lover, Chakotay's skilled fingers were going to work on her cunt and
clit even as he fucked her ass.
And then, almost as one, the three were cumming.
Seven of Nine's legs gripped Janeway in a vicelike grip and
she pushed her hips up into the Captain's face as her juices exploded
from her snatch. She cried out in ecstasy as she felt the beautiful
woman's tongue shoved as deeply into her eager pussy as it could, and
her nose grinding into her clit.
Janeway's juices were flooding over Chakotay's fingers and her
ass clamping down tighter than ever on his cock. She was desperately
trying to eat up as much of her female lovers cum as she could,
eagerly sucking the juices from the former Borg womans slit.
Chakotay jammed his cock as deeply into his Captain's hot
ass, and then he was firing shot after shot of thick, ropey cum
deep into her bowels. He collapsed on top of her, pushing her face
even deeper into Seven of Nine's pussy, after a few seconds he
pulled his hips up, his cock pulling free slowly from the incredibly
tight asshole. Then he rolled over onto his back and lay there,
gasping for breath but with a satisfied smile on his face.
Tom did not hear the door to his quarters open behind him,
so he got a real shock when Janeway also rolled over and did what
she did.
She smiled seductively straight at him, wiping some of
Seven of Nine's cum from her mouth, then said,"Mr Paris, those..."

"...lifeforms are destroying everything in their path?"
And he realized he was back on the Bridge of Voyager.


"Fire only if fired upon," Janeway ordered,"We don't want
to take any chances."
Tuvok nodded.
"They're approaching, slowing to match our speed," Harry
"Send them a communication in all known languages," Janeway
replied,"Inform them that our intentions are peaceful."
Harry typed in the commands, sending the message.
"No response, Captain."
"Within firing range," Tuvok said," I can only assume that..."
A second later the ship was jolted as the harmonic beam
smashed into the shields.
"Shields at seventy percent," Tuvok noted,"If they fire as
one our Shields will not hold up."
"Very well," Janeway replied, keeping a cool head,"Full
power to main phaser banks, fire at will."
A second later Voyager fired, it's main phaser shooting
straight at the leading Gelatinous creature. The Bridge Crew watched
in shock as a small hole appeared in the creature, allowing the phaser
blast to travel through it's body without touching it.
"No affect, Captain," said Tuvok,"The creature appears to
have total control over it's molecular structure."
"Let's see how it responds to a barrage of photon
torpedoes," Janeway said,"Widespread."
Tuvok nodded and pushed in the commands, a second later the
photon torpedoes were blasting from Voyager, striking at the
creature in a wide spread designed to create maximum damage.
"It appears to have worked," said Tuvok,"The lead creature
has lost a great deal of it's bodymass and... wait, it appears to
be repairing itself, closing holes and damage."
"Another harmonic burst from the second creature," Harry
informed them.
"Full power to shields," Janeway ordered,"All decks prepare
for impact.
A second later the ship was jolted about again.
"Now the third is firing," Harry said, his voice barely
The ship was smashed with a blast again.
"Shields at 8 percent," Tuvok said, his voice still calm.
"Options?" asked Janeway.
"I see none," Tuvok said with the same calm voice,"If we
drop Shields and fire our entire complement of torpedoes at all
three creatures, we will not gain enough time to even repair one of
the gel packs."
"Captain," came a voice,"Please turn to your Emergency
Medical Channel."
"Not now, Doctor," Janeway replied.
"Captain, Security Officer O'Halloran has just been brought
to Sickbay with severe bruises to the larynx, I fear Mr Masters may
be roaming the ship unsupervised."
"There won't be a ship much longer," Janeway replied, not
unkindly. She turned to Tom,"Mr Paris, I refuse to believe we have
no options, dive!"
"Dive?" asked Tom.
"We don't have time for questions," she snapped,"Point the
nose of the ship down and dive, maximum impulse!"
Tom turned about and set the course, a second later the
damaged ship was diving down as fast as it could.
"Lieutenant Torres," Janeway said, tapping her comm
badge,"When I give the word, I want you to send the warpcore into
overload and eject it."
"That's an order," snapped Janeway,"On my mark!"
"The lifeforms are following, but they're not matching our
"They seem to lack our maneuverability," Tuvok said,"Captain,
if you plan to use the warpcore as a distraction to cover our
escape, may I remind you that without warp capabilities we stand
almost no chance of ever returning to the Alpha Quadrant."
"I'd rather live in the Delta Quadrant than die in it," she
replied,"And there's an old Earth saying,'we're there's life there is
"The lead is firing another Harmonic burst," Harry said.
"Taking evasive maneuvers," Tom muttered.
"The beam has missed," Tuvok said,"They have increased speed
to nearly our own but are having trouble keeping on the same course
as us."
"Mr Paris, I want you to keep an evasive course, we may not
have to lose the warpcore after all."
She turned to Tuvok,"Mr Tuvok, back in the twentieth century,
fighter planes used to evade guided missiles by firing metal debris
behind them to fool it."
"I believe it was called Chaff," nodded Tuvok.
"Can we mimic that?"
"I believe so, we could stand to lose the contents of
cargobay 2."
"Organise it," Janeway said,"Mr Paris, if there are any
asteroids or such in our path, put them between us and the lifeforms,
they'll only slow them down a few seconds, but it may be enough."
Tom began looking for anything he could put between them and
the creatures, they were no longer diving, but were now taking a
series of dips, rises, circling motions and whatever other trick
that Tom could pull out of the bag.
There was something strange going on in his head, he was trying
to remember what had happened between the time the temporal energy had
hit the ship and Janeway had asked him to steer them out of the
creatures course, but it just wouldn't register.
"Lieutenant Torres," she said, tapping her comm-badge again,"I
want you to get as many of your crew as you can spare to work on
repairing the structural bonds in the corrupted gel packs. Send them
up to Sickbay, you'll need the Doctor and Kess' help."
"Yes, sir," responded Torres without hesitation this time.
"Captain, Security has moved all essential cargo out of
cargobay 2, we can release it into space whenever you want."
"Not just yet, Mr Tuvok," she replied,"And get your Security
Personnel to work on finding Mr Masters."
"Captain!" cried Harry,"Long Range Sensors have detected three
new lifeforms on a direct heading for us!"
"What kind?" she asked.
"They're gelatinous lifeforms," Harry said,"Just like the ones
chasing us."
"Okay," she replied, not losing her cool,"Release the chaff
fore and aft, Mr Tuvok, we'll try and lose them inbetween."
Suddenly the ship was blasted, the Crew flying about all
over the Bridge.
"What was that?" Janeway yelled, struggling to her feet, Tuvok
was the only one who had been able to keep his feet.
"The three fired as one, crossing beams to cause an explosion
directly behind us."
"They couldn't hit us," muttered Janeway,"So they hit us with
a shockwave, did the Shields hold up?"
"The shields are gone," replied Tuvok,"And we are losing
"We can't keep up maximum impulse any longer, we're losing
power rapidly," Harry said,"The other three creatures are also
closing in."
"The shuttles," cried Janeway,"If we fire our shuttles
out on an automatic course, put them up to maximum warp, we might
be able to divert the creatures attention after them!"
Tuvok nodded,"Yes, it is ...."
Before he could finish they were blasted again.
"The three behind us are getting closer," Harry cried,"And
the three ahead of us are closing in!"
"That blast was closer than the other," Tuvok said,"They
seem to have found a pattern in Mr Paris' maneuvers."
"No way," yelled Tom,"I'm not using any pattern."
"Consciously, perhaps not," The Vulcan replied,"Captain, if
we release the shuttles now the creatures will most likely destroy us
before giving chase."
The ship was blasted yet again.
"Damage to decks 5 through 8!"
"Evacuate those decks, get them to Sickbay!" yelled
Janeway,"Mr Tuvok, eject the chaff!"
Tuvok typed in the commands and the doors to Cargobay 2 opened,
releasing the forcefields and letting the chaff fly free.
"Captain," said Tuvok,"The two lead creatures have bypassed the
chaff, the third is remaining behind and firing upon the chaff."
"Damn!" snapped Janeway,"Perhaps if we..."
This time the harmonic burst smashed directly into Voyager.
They were all thrown about, Tuvok's console exploded behind him
and he was thrown forward over Janeways command chair.
Everything went dark, seconds later lights returned, but dimmed
and casting ominous shadows all about.
"We've lost power!" Harry cried,"All available backups are
running," it was ironic, they had shut down most of their backup
systems in order to get Warp power, and now they had lost both.
"Helms dead," Tom said in disgust,"We're sitting ducks."
"Short range sensors are still operating," Harry
replied,"They're surrounding us."
"Moving in for the kill," Tuvok said, his voice still calm.
"Then we really are out of options," Janeway said, sounding
more irritated than anything,"Computer, is the self destruct program
still operational?"
"Negative," the computer replied, as emotionlessness as
Tuvok,"Primary and Secondary Circuits have been destroyed."
"Captain," cried Harry,"I'm registering fifty-seven temporal
bursts, small and localized."
"What now?" asked the Captain,"Space sharks?"
Tuvok - who had made his way back to his ruined console -
raised an eyebrow but said nothing, he knew Janeway had her own way
of dealing with stressful situations... in fact he was almost surprised
at how long they had lasted against the creatures, and he knew it was
entirely due to her.
"I'm registering Warp Signatures," Harry said in response to
Janeway's quip,"They appear to be small fighters, capable of holding
up to fifty human sized lifeforms."
"Now what the hell is going on?" muttered Tom, who crazily
enough had found himself thinking of Suder - the mad Betazed - in
what may have been his final moments. Now why would he be thinking
about him?.
"They are firing upon the creatures," Harry said,"But the
phaser modulation is unlike any I've ever seen... it's more like a
transport beam."
"Can we get it up on the main viewscreen?" asked Janeway, the
viewscreen had gone dead when power had gone down,"I want to see this."
"I'm diverting power from deck 6, which has been evacuated,"
Harry said,"We should be getting an image now."
Slowly the viewscreen came into focus, and the Bridge Crew
watched in fascination as the sleek, fast fighters zipped about the
massive jellyfish like creatures, blasting them with strange phasers
that appeared to rip large chunks out of the creatures despite their
attempts to alter their molecular structure.
"It's a massacre," whispered Janeway as she watched in
horrified fascination. The creatures were firing their harmonic
bursts, but they were too slow and so far not one of the fighters
had been even damaged.
"Who cares?" laughed Tom,"They're our salvation."
"No," grunted a voice and they turned about, their eyes growing
wide as they saw Norman Masters pushing the turbolift doors open,"Not
our saviors, they are the Jem'Hadar, and they're the harbringers
of all of our deaths."


The Doctor had faded for a second when the power went out, but
then the backups (all of which had been left active in Sickbay) had
kicked in and he had reappeared.
Now they were dealing with the numerous injuries as crew
stumbled in from damaged decks. Several of the Engineering Crew had
been working on corrupted gel packs, but now they were acting as
'nurses' for the Doctor and Kess.
The Sickbay doors opened once more and Neelix stumbled in,
clutching his face.
"Neelix!" cried Kess,"What's wrong?"
"I... I was making Burnubrian Thargle Soup when we were hit,
it exploded in my face, I think I'm burnt."
"Oh Neelix, I'm sorry..."
"That's okay," he chuckled,"It'll only take a few minutes to
"Not that," Kess said,"I'm sorry, because you're the least
injured person here, we have to leave you like this while we deal with
the worst."
Neelix paused for a second,"Oh," he said,"Well... okay then,
no problem."
And Kess was already busy with another patient.


As the last creature was destroyed, Norman slumped down into
Janeway's command chair. She was a little non-plussed, but said
"Okay, who are they?" asked Chakotay,"Why are they the
'harbringers of all our deaths?'"
"The Jem'Hadar are the... well, I guess you could call them the
grunts, of the Founders. They're only used as Enforcers and Footmen, if
they're here, they've come to kill me and anyone who knows of their plans
for the Federation. Except I'm hard to kill, so they're here to pave
the way for the one person who wants me dead more than anything else
in the Universe."
"The Immortal you claim is a traitor," said Tuvok,"This Conner
"Exactly," said Masters with a heavy sigh,"So enough pussyfooting
about, our only chance is if I can kill MaCleod... where's my sword?"
"Sword?" asked Janeway,"What sword?"
"No more games," snapped Norman,"When I woke up in your Sickbay
my sword was gone... where is it?"
"There was no sword on your person," said Tuvok,"And none in
your shuttle... perhaps it was destroyed by whatever wrecked your body?"
Norman closed his eyes, his body seemed to shrink into Janeway's
chair,"Without my sword, I don't stand a chance."
"Attention!" cried a harsh voice, the Jem'Hadar had opened a
communications channel to them,"You have on board a traitor to the
Federation/Dominion Treaty, prepare to be boarded."
"This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship
Voyager," responded Janeway, speaking with a confidence and authority
that belied the fact that her ship was totally vulnerable,"We have no
knowledge of any such Treaty, when we were pulled into this Quadrant
we had heard only rumors of the Dominion. What proof do you offer us?"
A face appeared on the screen, Janeway looked over at Harry
who shook his head in surprise, he had not brought up the visual, it
had been forced on them. The Jem'Hadar had a fierce, almost reptilian
"The Voyager disappeared from the Alpha Quadrant almost four
of your Earth years ago, how did you come to the Delta Quadrant? The
Federation has no Transwarp technology."
Janeway's eyes widened in surprise,"We have only been in this
Quadrant for just over a year, and we were brought here by a modified
tachyon beam from an advanced lifeform known as Caretaker."
"What game are you playing?" yelled Masters, standing up and
glaring fiercely at the Jem'hdar,"This isn't the Delta Quadrant, and
don't make me laugh at this crap about a Treaty... not after what you
did to the Romulans!"
The Jem'Hadar ignored Masters, speaking instead to Janeway.
"You ask for proof Captain, here it is."
It stepped aside and a new face appeared on screen, a man who
looked to be in his early thirties. He wore a dark trenchcoat and he
was unshaven, when he spoke his accent was unlike any Janeway had
heard before.
"Captain, my name is Russell Nash, Starfleet Security, I'm here
to arrest Norman Masters under the following charges, murder,
inciting a riot, wilful destruction of Federation property, aiding
and abetting members of the Maquis and most serious of all, for leading
a terrorist group of Cardassian rebels in the destruction of Space
Station Deep Space Nine and the murder of hundreds of Bajorans."
And when Janeway turned to look at Norman, she was horrified
to see he was smiling.


Suder looked at the man facing him, he didn't show any emotional
reaction, no surprise, no fear or happiness.
"Hello," he said,"What would you like?"
The man just smiled,"I'm just here to observe, and I think I'll
be using your eyes."


"This is laughable," Masters said, that same smile on his
face,"Captain, what's your involvement in all this?"
"What are you talking about?" she asked him,"And what's all
this about the destruction of DS9?"
"Poppycock," the Immortal responded,"Now what's your part in
this, why are you playing games with me?"
"Mr Masters," said Tuvok,"If you do not speak plainly, the
Captain will not be able to answer you?"
"All this crap about only being here for a year is what I
mean, you know very well you've been 'missing' for four years now."
"Mr Masters, I can assure you, we were pulled from the Alpha
Quadrant just over a year ago. I put it to you again that you
may have time-traveled."
"It is impossible for his kind to time-travel," said Nash,
who was watching from the viewscreen,"I'd take everything he says
with a pinch of salt."
"'His kind'!" snapped Masters,"You are my kind! Why bother
with the false name, you're Conner MaCleod and we all know it!"
"I'm acting as an operative for Starfleet Security," responded
Conner,"So for all intents and purposes my name is Russell Nash."
"You're all in on this together," Masters growled,"I can't
have time-traveled, it's not possible... this is the Alpha Quadrant!"
"You're in the Delta Quadrant," Conner said,"I don't know
about you, but I came here using the Dominion's Transwarp technology."
"Captain," whispered Tuvok in Janeway's ear as the two
Immortal's argued through the Viewscreen,"If the Dominion has transwarp
technology, why did we never encounter them before? They could easily
have made their way to the Alpha Quadrant from the Gamma."
"Agreed," replied Janeway, just as quietly,"Either one or
both of them are lying."
"Or at least think they're telling the truth," Tuvok said.
"Enough of this," the Jem'Hadar was saying, having replaced
Conner on the screen,"Captain Janeway, you have been ordered to hand
over the Fugitive, if you do not do so we will take him from you."
"Captain, I request asylum," Masters said.
"That will do you no good," said Tuvok,"If Mr Conners is indeed
from Starfleet Security, he will have documentation that will supersede
the Captain's authority."
"Your time is up," the Jem'hdar said,"Prepare to be boarded,
we are taking him back to the Alpha Quadrant, you can return with us
alive or dead, the Founder's don't care which."
And before Janeway could respond, Voyager was boarded by the
Jem'Hadar raiding parties.


Neelix breathed a sigh of relief as the last of the burns on
his face were repaired.
"That's much better."
"And that is also everyone," the Doctor commented,"Now we can
get to work on those gel packs."
Several Jem'Hadar beamed into Sickbay.
"This is an unexpected development," the Doctor commented.
O'Halloran charged forward, one of the Jem'Hadar gave him a
half snarl/half grin, then reached forward and grabbed him by the
collar, lifted him into the air and threw him through the air,
sending the large man over two beds and into Neelix.
"Please refrain from throwing my patients about," The Doctor
said,"Please state the nature of your medical emergency?"
The Jem'Hadar growled, and two of the others pulled free their
phaser rifles.
"You two," the lead Jem'Hadar said,"Move out and secure the
corridor," he nodded towards the other Jem'Hadar, who was glowering
at the shocked crewmembers with contempt,"You and I will remain here
to keep these sheep in line."
And the Doctor, keeping up the pretense of being nothing more
than an ordinary human, scanned their bodies, not bothering to create
a holograhic tricorder in his hand as he usually did.


As Conner spoke, his eyes never left Norman.
He had beamed aboard after the Jem'Hadar had secured the ship,
taking alot of precautions for an Immortal.
"Captain," he was saying,"It is indeed an honor, we were all
so sad when we thought Voyager was destroyed."
"Forget that crap!" spat Norman, his arms and legs manacled
together so he couldn't walk at more than a shuffle,"Why not just kill
me now, it's what you want!"
"You'll get a fair trial," Conner said,"And you can enjoy
a much longer life than those Bajorans and Starfleet Officers you
"You watch, Janeway," yelled Norman,"Once we get back to
Earth, I'll have an accident and lose my head! My life is in your
hands! Help me!"
"What would you have me do?" asked Janeway,"I'm hardly in a
position of power, my ship is defenseless and controlled by these
Jem'Hadar. I've just heard claims that you're a murderer and saboteur,
and you've given me no evidence of your claims that Mr Nash here is
trying to help the Dominion infiltrate Starfleet, which Mr Nash tells
me has negotiated a Treaty anyway."
"He's a traitor,!" roared Masters,"He has no authority here!"
Conner slapped him, hard.
"Don't you dare call me a traitor you murdering son of a bitch,"
he growled,"I wish I could kill you..."
"Mr Nash! even as your prisoner he has rights," Janeway
snapped, Conner whirled about and glared at her angrily, then dropped
the gaze and nodded.
"I am sorry, Captain, we have a long history."
"MaCleod," cried the lead Jem'Hadar,"The Vorta have contacted
us with instructions, we are to make basic repairs to Voyager and then
tow it to Deep Space Seven where we will rendezvous with the Enterprise,
where you, Masters and the crew of Voyager will transfer aboard to make
a quick return to Earth."
Conner grinned slightly,"The only problem with working with
the Jem'Hadar is that they follow their orders to the letter until they
receive new orders... and they only follow the orders of the Vorta or
the Founders. Still, I guess it will be nice for you to be getting
back home after all these years."
"Again, Mr Nash," said Janeway,"We've only been gone for just
over a year... and we still don't know where we are."
"We're in one of the uncharted, unexplored regions of the Alpha
Quadrant, there's a strange kind of distortion field here that affects
long range scanners, it was located about six months ago."
"It would seem the temporal field did indeed return us to the
Alpha Quadrant," said Tuvok.
"But why?" asked Chakotay,"How is it we just happened to get
hit with a field of pure energy... and why did your ships appear through
temporal fields?"
"Enough," snapped one of the Jem'Hadar,"We have our orders."
Conner smiled,"When the Jem'Hadar Fighters come out of Transwarp
Drive they emit tachyon particles that can be mistaken for Temporal
"We begin repairs now," yelled the Jem'hdar,"Janeway, get your
Crew to work!"

End Chapter Three of Seven.


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