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Suder and Seska died.

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Star Trek Voyager : Temptations
A Sequel To
Star Trek DS9 : Immortal Voyagers

Part One

When Tom stepped onto the Bridge he was only mildly
surprised to see that Kess was topless.
"Hello Tom," she said with a happy smile,"Would you mind
if I sucked your dick?"
His eyes widened, and he gulped.
"Excuse me?" he asked,"I don't think I heard that right?"
"Please Tom?" she whined,"I really, really want to," she
reached forward and cupped his groin,"Can I suck it, I've never
sucked one before and I want you to be my first."
Tom looked about, the other Bridge Crew didn't even seem to
notice, they just went on about their business.
"Ahhh, well if you really want to... sure!"
Kess' face lit up with radiant joy, and she was down on her
knees almost before his astonished eyes could register it. She
grabbed his tight fitting pants (the crotch area of which had been
stretching even as he first saw Kess) around the waist and pulled
them down, his cock bouncing free from it's cloth confinement.
He still couldn't believe what was happening, one of Kess'
delicate hands was sliding around his shaft, gripping it tightly
and then stroking up and down it's length several times - getting
it good and hard.
She looked up at him with a devilish grin, then opened her
mouth wide and brought her head forward, engulfing his cock in her
warm, moist mouth.
"Hum!" he gasped as he felt her mouth slide down the length
of his member, deepthroating him like an expert. She didn't even
seem to gag.
Her eyes looked up at him as her head bobbed up and down
over his dick, sucking his cock for all she was worth. Running
her tongue expertly along the underside of his shaft, her teeth
lightly running across the head of his penis, sending shivers of
excitement and pleasure throughout his hips.
"Ooooh yeah," he moaned,"Suck it, suck me!"
"TOM!" yelled a voice and he winced, he turned his head
about and his heart missed a beat as he saw her.
B'Elanna Torres stood three feet behind him, feet apart,
arms on hips and a scowl on her face... and totally naked.
Tom stared with undisguised lust at her body, muscular
without losing her femininity, large breasts rising and falling
rapidly as if she was excited... or agitated, her body lightly
coated in sweat.
"B'Elanna?" he stammered, trying not to look at her
delicious body and failing miserably,"Uh, I can explain..."
"Forget the explanations, Paris," she snapped,"Just get
down on your back and get ready for the fuck of a lifetime!"
He hesitated only a second before he dropped down onto
the floor. Kess had disappeared, he didn't even notice.
The beautiful Half Klingon/Half Human woman straddled
him, her cunt only inches from his cock. He could swear that he
could feel the heat coming from her pussy is waves, and he pushed
his hips up so his cock was pressing against her cunt.
B'Elannna grinned and suddenly pushed down, her tight
vaginal passage spreading open and accepting his member eagerly
inside of her.
Slowly, ever so slowly, The former Marqui outlaw began to
raise and lower her body, her tight cunt sliding up and down the
length of his cock. He stared in wonder at her now fully stuffed
pussy almost in disbelief, still unable to comprehend how this
turn of events had come about. Around him the Bridge Crew still
went on as if nothing was happening.
"Ooooh Tom," moaned B'Elanna,as she bounced up and down on
top of him,"You're cock is just so big, I love it! I love it! fuck
Tom looked down at his own cock as her cunt slammed up and
down around it.
- Well hey! My cock is big... I've never had any complaints
before, but it's fucking huge all of a sudden!! How about that! -
Then he dropped his head back and just happily watched her
big breasts bounce up and down as he allowed the brilliant sensation
of her tight snatch gripping his cock to wash over him.
B'Elanna began grinding her hips against Tom's, making
little humps that barely moved her pussy from his cock but made her
cunt seem tighter than ever around his dick.
"Ahhh! You're so tight," he moaned,"I always knew you
would be... so fucking tight!"
He began the same little fucking motions, pushing his groin
against hers, getting his cock as deep up into her pussy as he could.
She began fucking him faster all of a sudden, seemingly desperate to
orgasm as fast as she could. She arched her back back as far as she
could, pushing her ass down against him. Her eyes rolled back in
her head and her mouth came open, she was obviously ready to cum.
"Ooooh yes!" she squealed,"AHHH TOM!!! I'M GOING TO WAKE UP
"Huh? B'Elanna?" asked Tom, wondering what kind of ecstatic
cry of pleasure that was supposed to be.
And then his eyes came open, he was lying in his bed in his
quarters. His sheets were soaked through with sweat and the
computer was calling out a personalized 'wake up call' Harry had
programmed for him so he wouldn't have to worry about being late to
the Bridge.
"Damn, if I don't get some soon..." he muttered, rolled out
of bed and made his way to the shower.


Ensign Harry Kim smiled slightly when he saw Tom yawn,
wouldn't he ever learn that if he wanted to get to the Bridge on time
he'd have to stop spending so much time in his Paris Bar Holoprogram.
- Oh well, at least he was on time today, - Harry thought
to himself.
The turbolift doors opened and the Captain stepped onto the Bridge,
she looked a little flushed... most likely from her daily workout. She
sat down in her command chair with an audible sigh of relief.
Harry smiled at the Captain, he considered asking her about
her workout but decided against it... Janeway kept a more casual
relationship with her crew than most captains, but not that casual...
and besides, Tuvok was on the bridge.
"So then," said Janeway,"Has anything interesting happened
while I was off the bridge."
"Captain," said Tuvok,"It is standard procedure to inform
the captain of any events of moment that occurs while they are
absent from the bridge, furthermore..."
"Forget it Tuvok," said Janeway with a smile,"A simple no
would have done."
Tuvok raised an eyebrow, opened his mouth to comment, then
thought better of it and went back to his Security Console.
Harry also put his concentration back to his console, this
particular section of the Delta Quadrant seemed relatively quiet
compared to previous ones they had passed through... so far they had
only been attacked twice.
His console began to emit a beeping noise, frowning the young
ensign checked the readings.
"Captain? We may have a problem here..."
"Ensign?" asked Janeway.
"I'm reading a very faint warp signature ahead of us, but it's
appeared from nowhere."
"Nowhere?" questioned Tuvok,"That hardly seems logical."
"I'm just calling it like I see it... sir," replied Harry,
realizing his tone had been less than respectful, but then, his
exposure to Maquis crewmembers had had it's affect. He checked the
console,"That's strange."
"Perhaps you'd care to share your information with us, Mr
Kim?" asked Janeway, and the ensign remembered that despite the more
familiar approach Janeway took to the bridge crew, she could be a
hard-ass when she wanted to.
"The warpcore signature is getting stronger and stronger, and
remaining at a constant distance from Voyager... but the warp engines
aren't active."
"I would concur then," said Tuvok,"With Ensign Kim's assertion
that this is indeed, strange."
Harry's eyes widened in shock, but not at Tuvok's comment,
rather it was the information running across his console.
"Massive Energy Wave out of nowhere! Heading right for us at
warp eight!"
"Evasive maneuvers..." Janeway started to yell, and then the
wave smashed full force into Voyager.

Chakotay came awake with a start, sleep dissipated in an
instant as the instincts honed as a Maquis captain came to the fore.
There was no red alert, but he was sure the ship had been
hit by something... and something powerful.
"Chakotay to bridge, come in!" he yelled, scooping his
communicator from the table and activating it... no response.
"Chakotay to bridge, is anyone hearing this?"
"Commander," came Janeway's voice and he breathed a sigh of

"Captain? Thank goodness... what happened?"
"Hmmmm? Chakotay, I really think you should get up here,
you'll have to see this to believe it."

"...confirmed Captain," Harry was saying as Chakotay stepped
out of the turbolift,"Pure temporal energy."
"Temporal energy?" asked Chakotay,"Is that what hit us?"
"Not just temporal energy," replied Janeway,"But pure temporal
"I don't see the distinction?"
"You see Commander," Tuvok said,"Past instances in which
individuals or spacecraft have traveled through time has been through
manipulation of tachyon particles or the very primitive and dangerous
method of slingshotting a star at speeds in excess of warp 9.9. Pure
temporal energy is, in essence... time itself."
"So you're saying we were hit by time?"
"An incredibly compressed field of time would be a more accurate
way of putting it?" said Harry.
"Forget that," Tom said from the helm,"Check that out," he
pointed at the viewscreen.
Chakotay looked up and gasped in surprise.
"Is that what I think it is?"
Janeway placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled.
"Yes it is."
On the viewscreen in front of them, floating in space like it
had every right to be there... was a Federation Shuttlecraft.


"I'm not detecting any noxious gases, no matter/anti-matter
containment leaks." Harry said as he scanned the shuttle with the
tricorder,"Also no lifesigns."
"Are there any signs of modifications to the warp engines,
or perhaps the Nacelles?" asked Tom.
"It didn't come through via Transwarp drive, Mr Paris,"
Janeway said with a grin,"Most likely it's an unarmed scout ship fitted
with sensors to send back information via the same burst of temporal
energy that brought it here."
"Just an experiment that happened to end up here?" asked
Tom,"Hell of a coincidence."
"I won't spit in Lady Luck's face if you don't," replied
the Captain with a slight grin,"Is it safe to open, Mr Kim ?"
"I don't see why not," replied Harry,"I'll open it now."
Janeway motioned to the two Security Men in the cargobay
with them, not taking any chances.
Harry walked to the shuttle and typed in the override code,
the doorway at the end of the shuttle slowly opened with a low
humming noise.
"Right," said Janeway, stepping forward with the two
Security men on either side of her,"Let's take a look."
And that's when the monster leaped out at her.


"Listen," said the traitor,"I need to speak to Seska."
"Seska is busy servicing the Maj," replied the Kazon on the
other end of the secret communications monitor,"Give me the
information and I will pass it on to her."
He fought off a desire to scream at the Kazon, calming himself
and then repeating his statement.
"I need to speak Seska."
"If you would like," muttered the Kazon,"I could bring the
communications monitor to her, but you would have trouble
understanding her with the Maj's cock in her mouth. Tell me and I
will pass the information onto her."
"I've run out of time," replied the traitor,"I'll make contact
at the same time tomorrow... with Seska and only Seska."
Before the Kazon could answer he shut down the comm-link.


Janeway was moving even as the creature flew towards her,
pushing her weight back on her legs and reaching forward to grab it's
outstretched arms. Pulling it she went down onto her back and
released it as it was jerked off balance, she rolled backwards and it
smashed facefirst into the cargobay floor.
The two Securitymen waited till she rolled clear, then blasted
their phasers at it as it attempted to rise from the ground. It
resisted for a few seconds, then collapsed, stunned unconscious.
Janeway was already getting too her feet, Harry and Tom still
stood where they had been, mouths wide at the sudden turn of events,
trying to process what had just happened.
"Well Mr Kim," Janneway asked,"Just what constitutes a life
sign with you then?"
And incredibly Harry found himself blushing.


"I read you Captain," Tuvok was saying,"But there's no sign of
this creature of yours on our sensors."
"Yes, it seems to be blind to our sensors... I don't know
what it is, it doesn't look like any race from the Alpha or Delta
Quadrant I've ever seen. Just lock in on Security Officer O'Halloran
and transport him and anything within ten feet of him to Sickbay."
The Vulcan typed in the appropriate commands.


"Hmmm, this looks like a particularly bad case of radiation
poisoning... hasn't been a case anywhere near this severe since
the latter half of the twentieth century," the Doctor commented as
soon as he saw the creature.
It's body was a mess of pulsating, festering sores... it's
skin so badly burnt that it looked almost liquid. Where it's eyes,
nose, mouth and ears should have been were vacant holes. It's basic
shape was humanoid, but it didn't appear to have genitalia. At the
doors to Sickbay, Security Officer O'Halloran waited patiently.
"Tricorder doesn't register him as even existing," continued
the Doctor,"So I'm not sure how Captain Janeway expects me to
diagnose him."
"Or her," said Kess,"Why should it be a male?"
"Why not?" returned the Doctor,"Although if it makes it
easier for you to deal with I shall refer to it as a she."
"Perhaps," Kess laughed,"You're afraid to admit that you may
have made an erroneous pre-conception."
"Erroneous pre-conception? You've been having lessons with
Tuvok again, haven't you..." he broke off and looked down at the
instruments before him,"That's strange."
"What is it Doctor?"
"The creatures lifesigns just appeared on this console, very
faint... but there where they weren't before."
"Maybe when it's unconscious it stops blocking off our
O'Halloran began approaching the two of them.
"The lifesigns are getting stronger... in fact, they're
beginning to look like the readings for a healthy, vital human ma...
uh, humanoid person."
"DOCTOR!" cried Kess, looking down at her tricorder in alarm,
"I'm reading a massive energy discharge... !"
Then they were hit by a powerful wave of pure temporal energy.

Five Minutes Later.

They forced the doors to Sickbay open, Chakotay and the three
Securitymen scooted quickly in, phasers at the ready to fire.
"Ahhh, Commander Chakotay," said the Doctor, standing over
the unconscious bodies of O'Halloran and Kess, his back to them,"I've
just been chatting with our visitor here... I must say it's interesting
that I wasn't affected by the temporal field in the slightest... whereas
Kess and O'Halloran were knocked out, perhaps due to their proximity
to the field when it appeared."
"Doctor?" asked Chakotay, pointing at the examination table,"Who
is that?"
The Doctor turned and looked at the healthy looking man
sitting on the examination table behind him."
"Oh him? This is Norman Masters, who you've been referring to
as 'the creature'" said the Doctor, almost disinterested,"He's an

Fifteen Minutes Later.

"My story is a very, very, very long one," Norman said with
a wry smile,"However, I can give you the short version of how I got
here if you'd prefer."
"I'd love to hear both," replied Janeway,"But let's hear the
short version first."
"I was on DS9 visiting with old business contacts before
making my way to Beta Prometheus to discuss a trade deal with
some of their pirates... eh, well they call themselves traders.
While there I discovered a connection between the Founders
of the Dominion and my own race of Immortals, I was trying to get
in contact with the Federation when the last of my race - Conner
MaCleod - arrived on the Station and teamed up with Odo, a member of
the Dominion pretending to be on our side to capture me. Luckily
for me they left me in the hands of the Enterprise while they
tried to stage a hostile takeover of the Station by manipulating the
Cardassians... the takeover failed and I managed to escape while the
Enterprise was enroute back to Earth. I had to clear my name so
they would take me seriously and made my way to the Badlands to hide
out with the Maquis - warn them at least - and I got hit with some sort
of modified Tachyon beam... next thing I know I'm here in your
Sickbay." (*)
He laughed,"But now I'm at least a little safer, we need to
get word to Starfleet Headquarters..." his smiled faded as he saw the
look on her face,"What's the matter?"
"You don't realize what's happened, do you?"
"Sure I do, I got hit by some sort of Maquis booby trap and you
found me. This is the Voyager, I heard you were lost in the Badlands
but you're just undercover, right? I mean... this is important enough
to break your cover for isn't it? If the Dominion is successful then
there won't be a Federation anymore."
"Mr Masters, the tachyon beam came from the mate of a being
we call the Caretaker that pulled you here into this Quadrant for
some reason... perhaps out of some misguided attempt at revenge for
what it believes was the Caretaker's murder... you're not in the
Alpha Quadrant anymore."
"Then where am I?"
"This is the Delta Quadrant, the tachyon beam pulled you
here through a modified timewarp."
Norman's eyes widened and he began to laugh, Janeway stared
at him in confusion. She looked up at the Doctor, who shrugged.
"I'm sorry," he said after a few moments, drying an eye,"You
see, modified or not, timewarps don't affect me... Immortals can't
"I don't understand," said Janeway,"You are in the Delta
"It's impossible," smiled Norman,"But I think I know what it
is too... you say you were hit by a field of temporal energy and then
you found me? Well that's it!"
"What?" asked Janeway hope, raising impossibly in her mind.
"I'm not in the Delta Quadrant... you're in the Alpha Quadrant!"


"What do you think?" asked B'Elanna,"Our long range scanners
have been inoperative since the temporal field hit us, and our
short range scanners don't recognize the area of space... they
can't even tell us if it's the section of space we were in when the
Temporal Field hit us. And with the Warp Engines temporarily out
of commission we're going nowhere fast."
"What about this monster?" asked Neelix, looking concerned,"As
Morale Officer it's my duty to keep the crew both informed and
keep their spirits up. They've been hearing all about a monster
attacking the Captain."
"First off, Neelix," Chakotay replied,"Norman is the
'monster', the Doctor says after the second temporal field hit the
so-called creature began to heal at a remarkably rapid rate,
he eventually became the Mr Masters we now have in our sickbay."
"That is correct," said the Doctor from the Monitor where he
was observing the meeting,"A quick scan revealed his physiology to
be a slight variation of human beings, with an incredibly advanced
immune system."
"Thank you Doctor," said Chakotay, turning his attention back
to Neelix,"Secondly, let's not let out the fact that we might have
been returned to the Alpha Quadrant to the Crew, we don't want to
raise any false hopes until we know just where we are."
"The shuttle is in fine condition," Harry said,"There isn't
even any tachyon residue... if I hadn't seen the temporal field myself
I'd think it was one of our own shuttles. The memory banks are empty
however, there isn't even an old flight plan in the backup files."
"What we have then," said Janeway,"Is an Immortal who claims
to have gone into the Badlands, been hit with a Tachyon beam that
ruined his mind and body but couldn't move him even one second in the
timestream. Then by an incredibly remarkable coincidence we were hit
by a field of 'pure time' and came across his shuttle... either in the
Alpha or Delta Quadrant. Worse, if what he says is true, and the Doctor
says traditional truth veracity tests won't be an accurate judge since
as an Immortal he may have some ability to affect his own brain
patterns or blood pressuure levels, then the Federation stands in
danger of being overthrown by the Dominion... a group we ourselves know
very little about"
"I think our best bet," said Tom,"Is to just pilot Voyager
somewhere... anywhere and see if we can't recognize something...
if we run into the Kazon or someone like that we know we're in the
Delta Quadrant... if we bump into the Klingons we're in the Alpha
"Nice idea, Paris," scoffed B'Elanna,"What if we're in
the middle of a Kazon sector... or worse yet in a Vidian Sector, and
they start surrounding us? With our long range scanners down we'll
never see them coming until it's too late... and it'll take months,
maybe even years to get to the nearest inhabitable planet if we can't
get those Warp Engines up and running."
Tom bit back a remark and nodded, it made sense.
"Enough bickering amongst ourselves," Janeway said, taking
command of the situation,"Here's what we do, we keep Norman under
'arrest', let him around the ship but keep a guard on him at all
times. B'Elanna, get your Engineering Crew to work on the Warp
Engines, then you and Harry get those long range scanners back up as
soon as we can. The ship runs as usual until we can confirm his story
and find out if we really are home."
They all nodded and quickly made their way off to their
jobs until only Janeway and Chakotay were left.
"Captain," he asked,"Something is bothering you, what?"
She smiled,"You know Commander, an old lover of mine once
told me I was a difficult person to read... but you always seem to
understand what I'm thinking."
"Well enough to know you're evading the question," Chakotay
replied with a smile,"What is bothering you?"
"We've been trying to get home ever since we got here," she
replied finally,"And now we may just be home and it doesn't feel...
I don't know, it doesn't feel right?"
"I know," said Chakotay with a nod,"One second we're in the
Delta Quadrant, the next we're quite possibly back in the Alpha
Quadrant, no fanfare, no great battle or adrenalin charged ride
through a collapsing wormhole... we're just back."
"I guess what worries me," Janeway said,"Is if we are back,
then what happens next? I mean after we deal with Masters and this
possible Dominion threat what happens to this crew?"
Chakotay chuckled,"Two crews with wildly differing views
forced together to make one and beyond all expectations we've gelled
together like it was meant to be... what does happen next? Will me and
the other Maquis be arrested and sent to the New Zealand Penal Colony?"
"There are worse fates than that, ask Tom," laughed Janeway.
Chakotay grinned despite himself,"We've formed relationships,
friendships that never got the chance to build into something more..."
He cut off suddenly, looking embarrassed, Janeway smiled at
him, wanting to reassure him, tell him he wasn't the only one who
felt that way,, but... but it wasn't the place of the Captain to
form a relationship with a member of her crew.
"Come on Chakotay," she said, stepping past him,"We have our
duty to return to."
And after a few seconds he followed her.


"Hmmm, your lymph nodes are remarkable, I'd like to take a
sample if I could?" The Doctor was saying.
"I heard this ship was advanced," replied Norman, ignoring
the Doctor's question,"But this is incredible, you're actually a
"I assure you," the Doctor said smugly,"I am much more than
just a hologram, I am programmed with the medical knowledge of....."
His voice cut off in irritation as the Sickbay doors opened
and B'Elanna stepped in.
"Excuse Me Doctor," she said,"I just have to check the
memory banks of your database to see how the temporal field... uh..
it...," she wiped an arm across her forehead, unable to take her
eyes from Norman, whom she had not yet met in person,"I... umm,..
that is..."
"Lt. Torres, are you all right? You seem flustered."
"Huh?" she asked, seemingly annoyed at being distracted from
looking at the Immortal,"Yes, I'm fine... uhhh," she closed her eyes
and concentrated,"Me and Harry are trying to get the long range
sensors up and running... we need to check how the temporal field
that came up in here affected your equipment and instrumentation."
"Hmmmm?" murmured the Doctor, running a tricorder up and down
the length of her body,"Your blood pressure has risen, your heartbeat
and pulse rate is accelerated, but I don't see any reason why... aha!"
B'Elanna was paying him no attention, staring transfixed at
Norman, who was doing the same to her.
"Well," said the Doctor, looking at them with a touch of
concern,"The two of you are releasing a unique chemical pheromone
which is bonding and causing a physiological reaction... I've never
seen anything like it before."
The Sickbay doors opened once more and Kess entered, before
they could close the Doctor called out to O'Halloran, who was
stationed outside, to come in.
"What's going on?" asked Kess, looking at Torres in
confusion,"What's all this about pheromones?"
"Mr O'Halloran," said the Doctor,"Can you please remove Lt.
Torres from Sickbay and inform Mr Kim that he will have to run the
tests himself."
"Remove me? Wha... no!" cried B'Elanna, looking concerned.
"It... would... be best," whispered Norman,"She will be
unable to control herself much longer."
"Lt, please come with me," said O'Halloran, Torres looked
like she was going to resist, then left the Sickbay.
"I assume you know what that was all about?" Kess asked
Norman,"If so..."
"If so," overrode the Doctor with a stern glance at
Kess,"You may feel free to consult with your medical doctor with
total confidence."
"It's all right," said Norman with a grin, wiping some
sweat from his forehead,"I assume that the Lt is as least partly
"One of her parents was a human, yes," confirmed the
"Just as we Immortals are a subspecies of human, there is
another subspecies known as Consorts. They are humans who give off
a pheromone when they come near us, we give off our own and it
creates an almost irresistible physical desire between the two. I
think that Torres' human parent must have held the genetic potential
of a Consort," he gave a little chuckle,"If both her parents had been
human we'd be screwing hard on the floor right now... as it is the
Klingon part of her cancels it out slightly and we were both able
to resist fairly well."
"Fascinating," the Doctor said finally,"It's much like the
Dunarfian Wartfrog, which gives off a pheromone that attracts female
of the species in their hundreds. They can't resist him and he mates
with each of them."
"Nice for the males," said Kess,"Isn't there an overpopulation
"Not really, you see after the females give birth they
release a pheromone that males are helpless to resist. The males
show up in their hundreds and are eaten alive by the newly born
young, of which only three out of ten are male."
"Just keep us separated," said Norman,"Whilst Consorts don't
eat their lovers, they have been known to inadvertently cause their
deaths. You see, sometimes the pheromone bonding causes such
overwhelming physical sensation that we don't 'sense' other Immortals
in the vicinity." (**)
"Ah yes, this 'sense' of yours, how does it work?"
Norman just stared at the Doctor for close to ten seconds,
a look of non-comprehension on his face.
"Your hearing is in perfect working order," the Doctor
said at last,"Do you wish me to repeat myself anyway?"
Norman laughed,"No, no Doctor, I'm sorry... I have no idea
how it works... no one has ever bothered to ask me and the Watchers
never explained it to me."
"A group of humans who 'watched' us over the centuries,
chronicling our history, the last of them died with Duncan MaCleod
a long time ago."
Kess shook her head,"I'm confused, I thought it was Conner
MaCleod and you and him were the last of the Immortals?"
"Both," replied Norman with a grin of commiseration,"Duncan
MaCleod was his 'cousin', he was one of the Watcher's favorites to
win the Quickening."
"Please Kess," said the Doctor,"Norman may have an eternity
to explain his race to you... you have less than a decade to learn how
to become a Doctor."
"Yes Doctor," she said, dropping her head,"I'll do my best."


(*) - This is Norman's special spin on what happened in
my original DS9 story - Immortal Voyagers - available upon request.
(**) - One such case was chronicled in my Highlander/X-Files
Crossover, available upon request from - [email protected]

End Chapter One of Seven.


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