This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
copyright of Paramount.

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 2 (MFF,F-dom,oral,bond,humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

The next day, I was summoned into the captain’s quarters to find both Janeway
and Seven of Nine sitting on the sofa waiting for me to arrive. Seven looked
up at me and I smiled at her, happy to finally see the beautiful blond borg.
That was a mistake. The captain immediately began her discipline routine.

“Hey! Did I say you could smile at her? How dare you! You will show respect!
That’s going to cost you.” She then ordered me to strip off my uniform and
kneel in the middle of the room to wait for them to be ready. Once again, I
tried to hide my embarrassment as I bared all and knelt down in front of the
two women. Janeway picked up my crumpled clothes. Seven looked me over
curiously. Both women disappeared into the bedroom. I waited for a few
minutes, wondering what they had planned and wondering if I was going to be
able to bang Seven today like I’d done to Janeway yesterday.

Finally, Janeway emerged from the room with a pair of handcuffs and snapped
them on to my wrists behind me. As she did this she whispered into my ear.

“Remember. Don’t disappoint me.”

As she walked over to her chair the bedroom door slid open and Seven emerged.
My mouth dropped open. She wore tight black rubber trousers and a black
rubber corset. Her stiletto heels made her even taller and intimidating than
usual. In her gloved hand she carried a riding crop. I was speechless.

The blond goddess strolled over in front of me. “Hello, ensign. Are you ready
to pleasure me? Address me as mistress”.

“Y...Yes mistress”. I stammered. Seven walked closer to me so that her crotch
was directly in front of my face. I could see her camel toe clearly pressed
into the rubber pants.

“You can start by licking my boots clean. I hope I haven’t stepped in
anything unpleasant.” I lowered my head and brought my lips to the toe of
her boot. My tongue lashed out and I began my first task of the day. The
leather was smooth and left a bitter taste in my mouth. Seven moved her
feet around at different angles so that I could cover every part of them
including the soles and long pointed heels. Captain Janeway simply watched
silently from her chair.

My next task, said Seven, was to work my way up her leg and lick her crotch.
Needless to say I went about it hastily. Her long legs were incredible. By
the time my tongue found her crotch, my dick was rising. The rubber trousers
left nothing to the imagination and I busily went to work rubbing my tongue
over her smooth shiny pussy lips. After a minute or so of this wonderful
experience, Seven turned around and leant over ever so slightly. Her perfect
round ass thrust into my face and I licked at the crack of her rubber-clad
butt. Janeway smiled at Seven as the two women watched each other.

When Seven had had enough she turned back to face me and looked down at my
erect prick. She brushed it with her riding crop.

“You want me to play with this don’t you? You want to put this in me? Well
too bad! You think you’re worthy to fuck me? Ha! You worthless little slave!
Lean back. All you’ll get from me is a whipping!”

I leant back and Seven swiped the crop down at my hard cock. Again she
brought it up and back down on to my balls. I winced each time she gave me
a stroke. She whipped my genitals ten times and then made me thank her.

She yelled at me some more. “Worthless horrid little slave! You are going to
do whatever I say from now on and you’re never going to get me to touch that
slimy little penis of yours! You will...” At that moment Captain Janeway
stood up and cut off Seven’s tirade.

“Actually Seven, you no longer have authority over him. I wanted you to
take the role of the mistress for a little bit just so that your subsequent
domination is all the more degrading.” Janeway’s smile returned and Seven
stared aghast at the captain, her eyes wide open.

“Wha...but...ah...” stammered the borg belle. She didn’t understand what was
happening but I knew everything. At the first meeting I had with the captain,
this was exactly as she said the plan would go. She had told me that ever
since Seven had been on board Voyager, the captain had modified the borg
implant left in her head. It was wired to the brain and was a central part of
collective mind control. The captain had made Seven completely submissive to
her orders. At first it had been a security precaution but she soon found it
to be much more fun. Since Seven’s separation from the collective, she was
desperate to be given orders and commanded by another voice. Janeway filled
that void. The Captain had kept the freed borg as her personal sex slave for
months. Although Seven could feel the humiliation, she was unable to break
away from the commands. The orders that Janeway gave her were like a drug.
She was addicted. And the more she was degraded, the more her will to fight
the mind control broke down. The captain’s cruel joke of letting her be in
control for only a moment was another way to break down the woman’s resolve.

For me, things were about to get even more interesting.

“That’s right, whore,” continued Janeway. “You are going to do exactly as I
say, just as we’ve always done. And believe me, I have a few new tasks I have
in store for you!” The red-haired woman marched up to Seven and took the
riding crop from her hand. She then unzipped the blond babe’s corset, pulling
it away to reveal her large round tits. Seven was left defeated with nothing
to say. Janeway slid the zip down the borg’s rubber trouser leg and let the
garment fall to her ankles. I saw her long smooth legs and her perfect bald
pussy uncovered. Left only in her long black leather boots Seven of Nine was
ultimately left almost as naked as I was.

“Lie on the floor, slut,” the captain ordered Seven before reaching into a
desk drawer to produce a dildo and a cat-o-nine tails. “You are my lowest
slave. Lie down on the floor.” Janeway then dropped the medium-sized dildo
on the carpet by the woman’s head. “Put that in your mouth and suck on it to
show the ensign here how you are going to suck his slimy cock. Keep your ass

I watched as Seven placed the dildo in her mouth and began to suck vigorously
on it while Captain Janeway began to smack the tails over the woman’s large
firm buttocks. It was obviously something that they had done in the past.
Seven arched her back and kept her ass as high in the air as she could to
receive her punishment. Her hips thrust with each brutal slap of the leather
strips. My hard-on didn’t leave. All the time Janeway hurled abuse at her

“Suck on it, you filthy bitch! (SMACK) Keep your stinking ass up! (SMACK)
You like that don’t you? (SMACK) If you let that leave your mouth I’m going
to stick it up your shitter! (SMACK)”. The former borg moaned in a mix of
pleasure and frustration. This went on until Seven’s ass was bright red. The
captain, satisfied with her work, stood back and ordered Seven to sit up on
her knees. Janeway then removed her own clothes until she was wearing only
what appeared to be some type of brace around her waist. She fixed the dildo
to it and it became clear what her intention was.

“Tell me, slave Seven. You like it when I fuck you, right?”

“Yes captain. I love it captain. It makes me wet captain.”

“And you love to suck on fat dicks and gulp nasty cum, right?”

“Yes captain. I love it captain. It makes me wet captain.” Seven knew the

“So what are you waiting for? Get on your hands and knees and give the
ensign the best blow job you can!”

Seven immediately obeyed to my delight. My cock fully stiffened just as she
wrapped her luscious red lips around it. From behind her, Captain Janeway
carefully prodded Seven’s exposed cunt and slid the strap-on deep inside her.
Her head bobbed up and down as her tongue slobbered over my dick. She changed
her speed every now and then from fast to slow, teasing me. Janeway ploughed
away between her legs, grunting and slapping the already rosy cheeks before
her. Seven also kissed and licked at my sweaty balls, my pubic hair tickling
her nose as she massaged my nutsac with her tongue. How the tables had been

Janeway soon withdrew from her assault and walked behind me. For a second,
I was worried that she wanted to use the strap-on on her other slave but
luckily she merely unlocked the handcuffs so that the two of her subordinates
could be positioned in a 69 position. Seven of Nine’s dripping hairless twat
grinded on to my face as I slipped my tongue in to the orifice and tickled
her swollen clit. But it didn’t last long. Her vacuum-like mouth suddenly
brought me off and I splurged a load of semen into the goddess’s mouth. She
swallowed greedily as the hot sticky fluid hit her gullet. A drop of it ran
down her chin. Captain Janeway was proud. At the end of the evening I was
ordered back to my quarters while Seven would spend the night like every
night. Lying naked at the foot of her mistress’s bed. I slept well.


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