This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
copyright of Paramount.

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 17 (F-dom,bond,exhib,humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

Captain Janeway had lied to Torres for the last time. Upon returning to
their private bedroom to deliver some well deserved pain to the masochistic
klingon officer, she had decided that she'd rather use B'Elanna to satisfy
her own needs for the rest of the night. B'Elanna had been furious but unable
to speak out. She wished she'd never agreed to the degrading deal. It was
obvious that the captain was just using her. At first, Torres had been
spanked, whipped or beaten in almost every session she attended. After some
time, that had grown less and less regular. Now, it was all but non-existent.
Janeway would willingly punish Seven with pain but, knowing that Torres
craved it, gave her none. All she received was humiliation and that had never
turned her on. It was time to change things.

B'Elanna arrived at the captain's quarters earlier than normal. She found the
door unlocked and hit the control panel code to enter. The living space was
empty. Torres could hear the sound of female voices and moans coming from the
captain's bedroom. She took a deep breath and without stopping to knock or
alert the people inside of her presence, she opened the door and marched

Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine jumped in surprise at the intrusion,
grabbing for the bedsheets to cover themselves. They were both naked, lying
next to each other under the tacky leopard-skin blanket. They had clearly
been caught in the middle of some sexual act. When they looked up to see
B'Elanna, they stopped panicking. Janeway put her hand on her chest, feeling
her heart hammering wildly. She thought she'd been busted by another crew
member during an emergency drill or something of that nature. Her career
flashed before her eyes before she saw the familiar klingon face and a wave
of relief swept over her.

"Lieutenant! What the hell are you...? My god! Don't just walk in here like
that! Can't you knock?!" flustered the captain.

"Sorry, Captain," replied Torres, "I pressed the buzzer but I don't think you
heard me."

Janeway stared at the chief engineer for a long moment. That could be true.
She may not have heard the buzzer. Still, she'd had the life frightened out
of her.

"Well what is it you want?!" she snapped looking at the bedside clock,
"You're early."

"I know. I thought I'd better tell you I can't make it to our session today.
I have to see the doctor about my...uh...neck. Its been hurting real bad
since that collar thing and I should get it checked out before I do any real
damage to it. You know, so that I can do the best I can when I am here."

"Oh. Well..." Janeway seemed slightly confused. This was a first. Usually
she wouldn't allow days off but she didn't want Torres to be to injured to
perform properly. "I guess I broke you then, huh? Played too rough for you?"

Torres swallowed her pride and said "I guess so, captain. You sure are
stronger than I thought."

Kathryn smiled and Torres smiled back but for other reasons. Janeway nodded
and waved her out. "Ok, B'Elanna. But make sure you're fixed up and good to
go tomorrow."

"No problem!" Torres bowed to her and left the room. There could be no
turning back now. Her hatred for Janeway was growing by the day. Rather than
getting some physical gratification, she had lost her klingon honor. Revenge
would be a dish best served cold. As she walked towards the door of the
quarters, Seven emerged from the bedroom. B'Elanna had thought the borg had
been nude but saw now that she was wearing an incredibly embarrassing pair
of diapers. Seven saw she was being stared at and blushed.

"The captain wants something to eat," she said, explaining her errand.

B'Elanna made sure the bedroom door was closed and quickly whispered to the
taller woman "I'm going to meet you in the astrometrics lab today. If the
captain asks, it's simply about our onboard duties, got it?"

Seven paused, looking confused but calm as always. "If you must," she said
then turned and sauntered to the kitchen. Torres hoped she could trust

* * *

Torres met Seven just as she said she would. With her, she had the device
that she had designed for Janeway to use on Seven's neural implant all those
months ago. Seven's reliance on the captain's domination would gradually
diminish though it would take some time to completely disappear. Even though
she felt like she was betraying her queen, she felt a sense of gratitude to
her old klingon enemy. Torres began to tell her the plan that would hopefully
get them both out of this humiliating experience forever. They knew the risk
they were taking. They just hoped luck was with them today.

* * *

Without B'Elanna, Kathryn had only Seven to please her for the evening. She
was beginning to run out of ideas over how to degrade the luscious woman. She
didn't feel like implanting anything drastic tonite so the slave's duty would
be simply to get the captain off as much as possible.

"Perhaps some good old fashioned muff diving!" she announced, taking off her
uniform for the day and watching as Seven did the same. She let Seven lie
down on the sofa so that her head hung off the side of the cushion. The
captain stood naked with her legs apart and Seven's head between them.

"Go on, slut."

Seven of Nine ran her hands up Janeway's legs and held on to her as she
raised her head and buried her face into the captain's musky crotch. She
gobbled at the old pussy while Kathryn gazed out the large windows, watching
the pretty stars of the Delta Quadrant fly past. Life couldn't get much
better than this, she thought.

Seven didn't stop lapping at her mistress's flaps as her eyes looked out
from under the older woman's naked frame. Torres approached silently, the
hypodermic needle in her hand raised above her head...

* * *

Janeway opened her eyes and the world swirled back into focus. She saw her
two slave officers standing above her. They were both dressed in uniform
which struck her as strange since she preferred them in her own fashions or
nothing at all. Had she fallen asleep? Was she late for duty? What was going

She was in her quarters. Her head felt light. She attempted to move but found
she couldn't. She looked down to discover that she was naked. Not only that
but her arms seemed to be fastened behind her back. Her ankles too were tied
with them. She was lying on her side, on her own carpet, hog-tied. What the
hell was this?! They'd tied her up! How dare they?! The sudden realization
infuriated her. She looked up at the two women and started to scream at

...only to find that she couldn't do that either. Her mouth was gagged by
something and her jaw was already open. Torres smirked at the captain's
expression behind the ballgag. Janeway rolled onto her front to try to
squirm free. Failing that, she rolled back on her side, shaking her head
wildly, desperate to stand up and beat her two subs to hell for such

"This isn't a game, Kathryn," spoke Torres. "This is IT for you. We've had
enough of being your playthings. You lied to me about this being something
I'd like. Now it's time for me...for get our own back." B'Elanna's
voice was full of menace.

Janeway's eyes grew wide. This couldn't be happening. She was helpless at the
whim of two people who she'd persistently tortured. But she was the captain
of the ship. They wouldn't dare do anything more to her. They'd be thrown in
the brig for a framed misdemeanor and stripped of their ranks. They'd be sent
to a penal colony if Voyager ever made it back to earth. They wouldn't dare
do anything to her...surely.

"Seven, would you be so kind as to hold this bitch still," asked
Torres. Janeway was shocked that Torres had referred to her that way. Her
astonishment took a back seat to the struggle against Seven of Nine's hands
grabbing her shoulders and pinning them down firmly to the floor. "Resistance
is futile". She sat down on the captain's chest, her expression unreadable.
The young woman was strong. Well, after all the activity she'd been doing,
she had to be.

Kathryn looked up to see Torres kneeling down above her head. A buzzing noise
started in her ear and Janeway looked about to see where it was coming from.
The laser needle glinted in the light.

"You branded us for life, you bitch. Now it's your turn," B'Elanna brought
the tool towards Janeway's face.

The captain screamed a muffled scream under her gag that couldn't be heard
outside the room. A hand pressed against her neck, choking her and keeping
her head still. Kathryn grunted in horror as she felt the needle press into
her forehead and the lazer beam began to sting her skin. The engineer laughed
as she ran the device over her former mistress's startled brow. The procedure
took all of one minute but the affects would last a lifetime. The buzzing
stopped and B'Elanna shuffled back, picking up a different tool. Janeway
never saw what it was but it soon became obvious. She felt the warm lazer
being dragged over her hair, burning through it and stroking her scalp. She
watched in dismay as her beautiful red hair that she had been so proud of
fell in clusters on to the floor around her. Torres brough out a mirror to
hold up in front of her victim. Janeway saw a reflection that she didn't
recognize at first. Slowly, she surveyed her new appearance, her horrified
features, her bald head, the big red ball between her teeth and the large
green title on her forehead that read "OLD WHORE". Kathryn felt tears fill
her eyes. But that wasn't all the giggling klingon had in mind. Seven of Nine
stood up fetched a large cat-o-nine tails.

What followed was a full hour of Janeway being flogged by her former slaves.
They worked the leather belts over her exposed stomach, her legs, her sagging
tits, her pussy, her wrinkled ass and her back. By the end of the experience,
she was red and tender all over. Tears ran down her cheeks and drool dripped
from her aching mouth. Torres finished up the beatings by kicking the
disgraced captain firmly in the belly, then in the cunt, then once in the
butt. Her heavy boot left Janeway winded.

Torres sighed. "Well, I guess that's it. It's a shame we can't keep you as
our slave like you did with us but seeing as how you're the captain, you'd
break free at the first opportunity. Plus, I'm not sure you'd get much
respect amongst the crew with your new image. Our only option is to get rid
of you and make it look like you accidently vaporized yourself in a
holoprogram accident. Seven and I put our minds together and worked it all
out. The evidence to suggest accidental death is overwhelming. Amazing what
you can do with technology. Oh, don't worry, bitch, we're not going to
actually vaporize you! That would be mean! Instead, I've taken the liberty
of injecting you with one of those transporter chips. You remember our
friends the Furlibans, right?...welllll...." Torres snickered. She reached
into her pocket and pulled out the remote device, hovering her thumb over
the button. "Goodbye, ‘mistress'!"

Seven glared down at the captain. Janeway's eyes looked back up at her,
begging her to help. The borg simply raised an eyebrow. "Prepare to be

Torres hit the button. Captain Kathryn Janeway vanished in a blue light. Her
naked, hog-tied body hurtled light years away to end up on the cold steel
deck of a Furliban vessel. The vessel was a border control ship, starved
from contact with any other lifeforms in weeks. The sudden materialization
of a giftwrapped female humanoid on board wasn't something that had to be
questioned, only appreciated. Twelve large, green, pig-like crewmembers
closed in on her. The stench of their foul greasy bodies filled her nostrils.
The aliens sniffed her flesh, poked her tender orifices and snorted happily.
One of them reached out and roughly pried the gag from her mouth. Janeway
screamed as Voyager continued on its journey without her.

In the captain's quarters, B'Elanna and Seven embraced in a friendly kiss.
Their ordeal was finally over. They were no longer the enemies they had once
been. Torres grabbed the transporter device and threw it to the ground. She
stomped down on it, smashing it to pieces into the carpet. Seven let herself
smile for once. With a surge of glee she pulled out the device that altered
her neural processor and threw that down on the floor too.


Seven of Nine stamped her boot heel on it, shattering it into tiny bits. She
had a look of satisfaction on her face.

"Err...Seven..." said Torres, "didn't you need that to regain control of know...bowels?"

The look of satisfaction turned to puzzlement as Seven looked down at the
broken metal covering the floor.

The borg bit her lip. "Oh dear."


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