This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
copyright of Paramount.

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 15 (F-dom,bond,exhib,humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

Torres had only been back to her duties as the captain's secondary slave for
a week now. Since she had endured being the center of a huge three day orgy
on an alien vessel, the klingon officer had been granted a week to rest. But
once that time off had expired, Janeway had made sure that she would make up
for it these past few days. Admittedly, Torres had begun to enjoy the orgy
as soon as the ongoing sew had become physically painful. She had viewed it
as a good challenge. Still, the captain had been getting more and more
creative with her perversion for sadism.

At the beginning of the week, B'Elanna had arrived at the captain's holo
suite to resume her "special" duties. Within the settings of a luxurious
looking mansion hall, she had been greeted by the sight of Janeway wearing
her leather catsuit, an attire she reserved for special occasions. The
older woman had two dog leashes in her hands. The leashes were attached to
two small poodles. The dogs' fluffy white hair was well groomed and the
animals seemed to be trained perfectly. As they waited obediently, Mistress
Janeway had ushered Torres through to an extravagant room even bigger than
the hall. Gold lined the walls and furniture, and sparkling pillars
surrounded a swimming pool in the middle.

"This is where I live when I'm not in my quarters," said the captain.
"Magnificent isn't it?"

Torres was so distracted by the richness of the place that she didn't notice
Janeway unhook another leash from a bolt on one of the walls. The engineer
pulled her gaze away to see that Kathryn now held three leashes in her hand.
Between the two poodles, Seven of Nine padded on all fours across the marble
floor in front of her mistress. Her beautiful body was completely naked other
than a pair of red leather boots, the collar around her neck, and a fake
poodle tail that looked just like those of her canine companions which had
been glued upright just above her winking anus. A small pink bow was tied
into the front of her hair. There was a short chain running from her collar
to her heels that forced her to keep both her head and ass raised and her
smooth back arched. She imitated the well trained walk of the dogs and her
leather-clad knees made a gentle patter on the cold stone. B'Elanna would
have grinned if she'd seen Seven looking so ridiculous three weeks ago, but
now she knew that Janeway wasn't always against humiliating her chief
engineer in just the same way if she felt like it.

"Greet!" said the captain.

The dogs yapped. Seven of Nine yapped with them.

"I have something new for you this week." Kathryn said to Torres.

Torres looked around the room again and imagined that she was finally being
rewarded for her torment. She wanted to try out the pool. Or maybe check out
the huge entertainment system in the far corner. Or perhaps just sit back
with one of those fine meals that the captain undoubtedly had prepared for
her by a team of chefs and waiters. Torres sighed with pleasure as Janeway
ran a hand around her waist.

"Should I change into a swimsuit or should we go all natural?" purred
B'Elanna to her mistress. The captain kissed Torres on the mouth and bit the
woman's lip just as she like it. To Torres, the aggressive pain infliction
sent a rush of lust through her. But for Janeway, it was merely a small
distraction as she drew the hypodermic needle underneath her officer's hair
and injected the sedative. B'Elanna fell unconscious instantly in her
commander's arms.

* * *

When she awoke, she looked around hazily. She was still in the holodeck,
inside Janeway's mansion. But she was lying on the marble floor and couldn't
remember why. She heard a light sound of padding on the floor and saw Seven
to her left and a poodle on each side of her. B'Elanna pulled herself up to
her knees and suddenly found that she had been stripped naked. She covered
her breast and raised one hand up to her neck to find a dog collar attached
to it. A soft feeling between the top of her buttocks told her that something
was stuck back there. The second she begun to turn her head round, the lash
of a heavy crop struck her across the back. She winced and fell to her hands.
Captain Janeway's gruff voice was all too familiar.

"Down, doggy!" she snapped.

"Captain, what is th-?" the klingon's words were cut short by another sting
across the same area of her exposed skin followed by a series of whips across
her shoulders. Torres breathed deeply to take in the pain. She felt the hair
on her skin rise, her nipples harden and her pussy lips swell.

"Bad doggy!" growled the captain, "You will not talk. You will bark. Is that

Torres didn't hesitate and gave her best dog imitation. Her bark echoed
around the grande stone room. Then the captain clipped a chain to the back
of B'Elanna's collar and told her to raise bend her knees so that her heels
were raised. Torres was wearing the same style of red leather boots that
Seven had on and once she brought them up, the chain was connected tightly
to each heel. Torres's head was pulled up and her back arched. It was an
uncomfortable position, but she knew she'd better get used to it. The chain
was clipped onto her own leash and Kathryn glared down at her four pets.

"Now, walk doggies!"

Seven and the poodles began to walk forward. Torres quickly fell in line and
moved awkwardly on her hands and knees. They circled the room three times,
while Janeway thrashed the women's backsides to hurry them up. She never
struck the animals because she claimed that would be "too cruel". Even a pair
of dogs were being treated better than her slaves. Kathryn called for the
computer to open the arch. It materialized at the doorway to the hall. She
led her pets towards it. Torres wanted to protest. She couldn't leave the
holodeck looking like this. Someone would be bound to see them. She almost
spoke out, but remembered her training and let out a yelp. The mistress
ignored her animal plea and whipped her butt hard to get her to continue

They left the holodeck. Janeway, grinning in her catsuit, strode proudly
along the deck with her tamed creatures at the end of their leashes. Torres's
eyes glanced around looking for anyone who might show up and see her on
display. Seven seemed to be accustomed to the treatment, but she too was
beginning to worry as they walked further and further away from the holodeck.
The uncomfortable pose that B'Elanna was forced into was beginning to hurt.
Her leg and back muscles ached and the carpet was rough against her palms.
That was when she realized that this couldn't be the real ship. "The captain
wouldn't allow herself to be seen like this in front of the crew", she
thought to herself. "This can't be the real Voyager. We're still in the

Her suspicions were confirmed as Tom Paris and Tuvok came round the corner
and stopped to greet the captain. They peered down at the four beings
crawling at their feet.

"Good evening, gentlemen. Have you been introduced to my precious poodles?"

Tuvok eyed Torres and raised his brow. "Sit," he said to her. B'Elanna leaned
back and let herself rise to a kneeling position hoping that the captain
would want her to follow the command. She raised her hands like paws and
stared up at the vulcan officer. Tuvok was as close to impressed as he could
visibly be. "My congratulations, captain, they are well-trained," he nodded.

Paris bent down and patted Seven on the top of her head. "Good girl! Who's a
good girl?" he said in a cute voice. Janeway slapped the crop onto Seven's
rear and reminded her to remember her training. Seven let her tongue fall out
of her mouth and began panting happily. She wiggled her ass to make her tail
wag. Paris laughed and stroked his hand along her curved back.

Janeway was satisfied. "Soon I'll treat you to some of their new tricks. I
plan on teaching the darker one how to properly chew a bone, if you know what
I mean." She winked at them. "But right now, we have to finish our walkies."

Tuvok and Paris watched the captain march her dogs down the corridor.

"Remember," the captain sneered, "even though this one is still a holodeck
program, I could just as easily have let you walk down this corridor on your
own in the real world. If you misbehave or disobey me, you may one day wake
up to find yourselves in front of the real crew and not know it until it's
too late. You would be disgraced and there would be no evidence to link me
to any of it. Just so that you get an idea of how much shame you can feel in
the eyes of your colleagues, I am providing this exercise."

The mistress and her animals reached the doorway to the mess hall and it
opened before them. Inside, about fifty members of the crew including the
senior staff turned to watch the captain enter. Even knowing this was just
a holodeck program didn't help Torres or Seven from feeling their hearts
race with panic and embarrassment. The crew members cheered and clapped as
they gathered round Janeway and her pets. B'Elanna was very much aware of
her nakedness now and squirmed awkwardly. She stopped as soon as the harsh
lash of the leather crop stung her bare ass again.

Neelix emerged from the kitchen and moved through the crowd of onlookers.
His arms were full of things. He greeted the captain and placed four metal
dishes on the floor in a row. The nude officers both looked as though they
would rather be anywhere else.

"Are my little poochies hungry?" asked Janeway, her voice dripping with

The two poodles yapped and the two women copied the sound they had made. The
crowd chuckled. Neelix then held up a can of dog food. He peeled the lid open
and emptied the contents into the first dish. The slimy pile of meaty chunks
looked far from appetising and smelled just as bad. Neelix brought more cans
and filled the rest of the bowls. Torres felt a lump in her throat.

"OK my pets...EAT!" shouted Janeway for all the room to hear. She unclipped
the chains from their collars.

The two poodles advanced forward and began to chow down on the food eagerly.
The two slaves needed some coaxing with the riding crop before they moved in
slowly. They waited for a moment on their hands and knees, looking at the
crowd of whooping officers all around them. They looked at each other, then
down at the revolting mass of food. Seven wrinkled her cute nose and eased
her face down to the dish. Her tongue poked out and licked the top of it.
Slowly, she licked a little more, then a little more. B'Elanna watched her.
With a look of distaste, the borg bimbo pressed her lips into the mess and
began to chew.

"Quickly!" screamed the captain at B'Elanna, bringing up another welt on the
woman's coffee-colored flesh. Torres sighed and lowered her face down. Before
she knew it, she was eating the vile stuff. The crowd loved every minute of
it. They whooped and hollered, laughing with each other and yelling
encouragement. After a while, the humiliated women became used to the taste.
Torres found it was easier to swallow the chunks as quickly as possible to
avoid the unpleasant flavor. By the time the poodles were done, Seven and
B'Elanna both had their mouths full. It wasn't enough for the captain. When
they'd gobbled down the last of their disgusting meal, they were made to lick
the dishes completely clean. Once finished, the crew members applauded them.

Janeway left the leashes of her two real poodles in the hands of Commander
Chakotay and yanked the collars of her slaves, leading them over to a sofa.
She sat down and spread her legs apart. The degraded women looked up at her

"Let's try a new trick. Doggies! Take a leg each and start humping. I want
you to show everyone how you horny bitches bring yourselves off at the
thought of your beautiful mistress."

The women stood up shakily in their boots and took a seating position on
each of the captain's thighs. They knew they'd be expected to put on a
performance. Seven began to rub her pussy against the sticky rubber fabric.
Torres did the same, leaving a damp patch of her excited juices on Kathryn's
leg thanks to all the whipping she'd endured that evening. The women 'humped'
their mistress like a pair of dogs for a long five minutes. Janeway debased
them futher by telling them to keep their "dog breath" away from her and
making them bark for the entertainment of the crew. Halfway through the act
they were made to turn around and face their audience. The texture of the
leather teased their swollen cunts and soon, they were moaning loudly,
bucking faster and harder against their pleased dom. Each of them squealed
and came in wet squirts over the catsuit. Again, the crowd applauded.
Finally, they were ordered back to their hands and knees and Janeway
concluded the event.

"I hope you've all enjoyed the show," beamed the captain as she took up the
four leashes, "we'll be back soon!"

The program ended. Torres was handed her uniform back and was free to go for
the night. The chief engineer was growing tired of being disgraced in front
of others. She hadn't agreed to this deal to become a spectacle, but for the
pain that Janeway had promised to inflict. As she left the holodeck, she
tried to remember when exactly the last time was that she had been properly


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