Disclaimer: This story is based upon Star Trek: Voyager. This should not be
considered 'canon'. This story is placed just before Tom and B'Lanna were
married and WAY before B'Lanna's pregnancy. This story has no bearing on the
characters sexuality. This should not be viewed by anyone under 18.

This story features B'Lanna Torres and Seven of Nine from the TV series Star
Trek: Voyager. B'Lanna is a tall brunette, who is half Klingon giving her
plenty of strength. Seven is a Borg drone freed from the collective. She is
considered HOT. She is trying to explore humanity.

Technology you should know:

Holodeck: Room where anything can be simulated.

Replicator: Piece of technology which can make any object.

Star Trek Voyager: Seven finds resisting B'Lanna is futile.
By Chaos

B'Lanna sat in her quarters. Tom, her boyfriend, was on nightshift. She
sat reading engineering reports. There was a knock on her door.

"Come in." She said. The door opened to reveal Seven of Nine, B'Lanna
disliked Seven she wasn't very polite, well mannered and often tried to
order people around. "What are you doing here?"

"I have come to explore my humanity." Replied Seven as she walked in.

"So why have you come here?"

"I need your help."

"Why do you need my help."

"I am attempting to explore my sexuality."

"And you have come here because.....?"

"Because you are widely recognised as to quote Crewman Braga 'The best
fuck on the ship, you have fucked every person who used to be marquis.'"

"Best fuck on the ship? I think that's an exaggeration. And why don't
you just use the holodeck."

"I have, it does not feel right. I would like to fuck you, in the real

"Seven I am not fucking you!"

"Why not?"

"Why not?! What kind of question is that?"

"Come on, I want you."

"And I want you to go away." Seven walked over to B'Lanna and kissed her

"Don't tell me that did nothing for you. My Borg vision allows me to see
things others can't you are wet."

"I can't betray Tom."

"Who says he has to know? I have heard that Klingons have the highest
sex drive in the galaxy, come on tell me you don't want me." B'Lanna pushed
Seven off her. She bit Seven's neck. The sign that a Klingon wants to mate
with you is they bite your neck.

"If we do this I am in control! Got it!"

"Yes." B'Lannas nails skidded down Seven's back.

"Do your Borg implants give the ability to do anything to me, that is

"Yes." Seven's assimilation tubules extended and entered B'Lanna's head.
"For the next 5 hours our minds are linked. I know what you want, and you
know what I want." The tubules retracted.

"My God. You want me to rip my clothes of."

"Yes." B'Lanna ripped her Starfleet uniform of to reveal a pair of round
Klingon breasts. B'Lanna's body was surprisingly human. Everything apart
from her forehead ridges were human in-fact. Her cunt was shaven.

"Well, if I'm naked I want you to be naked." B'Lanna ripped of Seven's
catsuit. To her shock and delight Seven's body was implant free. No Borg
implants anywhere, not even in her cunt.Seven's breasts were huge. Her cunt
was shaven and glistened with wetness. Seven untied her hair letting her
beautiful locks of golden hair fall. They moved into the bedroom and onto
B'Lanna's bed. B'Lanna straddled Seven's stomach. She hit Seven and bruised
Seven's cheek. Then she scratched Seven's breasts leaving scratch marks.
Seven was in pain, but this was how Klingon's did it and she sort of liked
it. B'Lanna bit down on Seven's nipples leaving them acheing but hard.
B'Lanna moved down to Seven's glisening cunt and began to lick first she ran
her tongue around Seven's pussy lips and then she plunged her tongue in. She
teased Seven's clit. Eventually Seven came everywhere. B'Lanna moved up
Seven's body and sat on her faceallowing Seven to do the same to B'Lanna.
B'Lanna came on Seven's face.

"Computer!" Scremed B'Lanna. The computer beeped to signal it was ready.
"Replicate one double-headed dildo. 12 inches long in both sides and 2
inches across. Transport it to approximately 50 cm's to the right side of me
and erase all computer records. The computer beeped again and the described
dildo transported to its position. B'Lanna took it and rammed it in Seven's
cunt she placed her arse on top of it so that she took it anally and so that
Seven took it vaginally. Eventually both came. B'Lanna turned Seven over so
that her arse was in the air and stuck the dildo in Seven's arse, she stuck
the other end in her cunt so that B'Lanna now took it vaginally and Seven
took it anally. She pushed it in and out of Seven, in and out until both
came simulataeneously.

They lay there until morning and then Seven left.

I'm thinking of doing a second part of this featuring Captain Janeway and
maybe a hologram of Kes who left before Seven came onboard the ship. E-mail
me at [email protected] .


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