Voyager: Seven and One Is Two

by Val White (e-mail [email protected])

copyright February, 1998

Captain Janeway was reviewing Tuvak's security report, when the
computer announced someone at the door to her ready room. "Come
in," she said.

The door slid open and Seven of Nine entered. As the door closed
behind her, she said "Captain."

"Yes Seven, what can I do for you?" Captain Janeway asked as she
motioned for Seven to sit down on the couch with her.

"I wish to be more fully integrated into the crew. To date, most of the
crew seems to tolerate me in the workplace. On a social level, I feel
excluded. I know this is partly due to what the crew perceives to be
an aloofness in my bearing, and partly because I was recently Borg.
But I miss the closeness of the Collective, and would like to explore
human social interaction to see if it can be a reasonable substitute."

"I'm glad you've reached this decision," said Janeway. "I want all of
my crew to feel they belong. We are so isolated out here, we not only
have to be each other's workmates, but also friends, family, and
lovers. Did you have something specific in mind? Perhaps you could
join one of the many clubs Neelix has organized. There's a band, a
chess club, and a dozen or so others. We can have him join us and
explore your options if you like."

"No, that is not what I had in mind. While I do want to more fully
develop all facets of my humanity, I wish to concentrate on my
sexuality for the moment."

The Captain was taken aback by this. She had often fantasized about
the newest member of her crew. She had such a perfect body. Large
firm tits, a perfect ass, and that beautiful face framed by her pretty
blond hair. As usual, she showed no outward sign of her lust. She was
the captain and had to maintain a professional relationship with her

"Well, Seven, I think it might be better to start with friendship before
building up to sex. While casual sex with a person you are not
emotionally attached to is perfectly acceptable, it's probably not the
best way to learn about human interpersonal relationships. If you do
not have a good grasp of human emotion, sex can be a traumatic

"I understand all of this. I have read extensively on the subject, and I
have also spoken at length to the Doctor. He has given me a thorough
physical examination, and tells me my preoccupation with sex is due
to my still developing human systems which had been repressed by
the Borg collective. In the last month or two, my sexual hormonal
systems have caught up to my physical development, and I am
therefore, as he put it 'as horny as a jackrabbit.' A jackrabbit is a
small Earth mammal, renowned for producing many offspring."

"I am familiar with the saying," Captain Janeway said with a smile.

"In any case, he tells me that I am physically ready for sex. After
questioning me, he felt that I may be emotionally ready, but conceded
that psychiatry was not his specialty. He suggested I speak to you."

"What makes you think you're ready to take such a large step?" the
Captain asked.

"Contrary to what the crew believes, I am becoming emotionally
attached to them. I find it difficult to verbalize, because in the
collective, there was no need to speak. The collective knew what you
thought without the need for oral communication. My emotional
development as a human has far outstripped my ability to speak
about it. Consider, I possess an attractive female body. Do you not
think that I could seduce any one of a number of the males, or the
females, for that matter, aboard this ship, at any time I desired? But I
chose to consult the Doctor and my Captain because I respect the two
of you as leaders, and because I believe that as friends, you will give
me proper guidance."

Janeway had to concede that Seven of Nine sounded more
emotionally mature than she had thought her to be. But something
that Seven had said had caught her attention. She thought she should
let it lie for the moment, but her curiosity got the better of her. "You
spoke of seducing a woman. Do you think about having sex with a

"Yes. I have read extensively on the topic, and find that it is not
unusual for women to have sex with each other. I therefore wish to
experience the full range of human sexuality, so that I am better able
to decide what pleases me the most. I have read that some cultures
consider homosexual behavior to be unacceptable. Do you have any
views on this?"

"What consenting adults do in the privacy of their quarters is their
business." Janeway was sorry that she had started this line of
conversation and hoped Seven would drop it.

"I see. Do you enjoy having sex with women, men, or both?" asked

Captain Janeway didn't want to lie to Seven, and felt that it wouldn't
be right not to answer her question. She didn't want Seven to feel she
couldn't talk to her captain, so she answered truthfully. "I enjoy
making love to men and women."

"Although without any actual experience I cannot say for certain, I
believe I will also enjoy both sexes. I have perused some of the erotic
material in the library, and find both the heterosexual and
homosexual material stimulating. I especially enjoy masturbating
while watching recordings of groups of three or more persons
engaged in a wide variety of combinations and positions."

Captain Janeway was extremely excited by the thought of Seven
rubbing her pussy as she watched some pornographic holo-movies.
She knew that she should regain control of the conversation and steer
it back to Seven's emotional preparedness for sex and away from the
more descriptive turn it had taken. She was therefore surprised to
hear herself ask "Exactly how do you masturbate?"

"When I first began pleasuring myself, I was somewhat tentative. I
would simply lightly touch my breasts and outer genitalia, causing
only mild sensations of arousal. After a few times doing this, I
decided to explore further. I inserted my index finger into my vaginal
opening and stroked it in and out, simulating sexual intercourse."

"That's called finger fucking, or fingering," the Captain told Seven.

"Yes, I have heard and read these colloquial terms in my studies. It is
more acceptable to use these terms than the proper anatomical

"It depends on the exact situation. When speaking to someone as a
prelude to sex, or for the purposes of titillation, it is better practice to
use the slang. But in a medical or counseling situation, or when the
primary purpose of the communication is to convey information, the
official terms are usually more appropriate."

Captain Janeway noticed a smile playing at Seven's lips as she asked
"Which should I use in this situation?"

Janeway realized that Seven was flirting with her. She was definitely
more ready for sex than the Captain had originally thought. Janeway
felt a heat building between her legs as she let her eyes travel up and
down her crewmate's beautiful body. "Um, perhaps to allow you to
practice using erotic speaking as foreplay, you should use the
colloquial terms."

"Very well. I felt that finger fucking my pussy was very pleasurable.
I therefore engage in it as often as possible. I have also discovered
that when I rub my clit, my twat seems to get hotter and produces
more liquid. I have just recently began to have orgasms. I love the
feeling of my cunt muscles clamping down on my fingers as I stroke
them in and out of my pussy." Seven noticed that the Captain's
breathing was getting a little heavier She knew that her description
was causing the Captain to get excited. "Is something wrong?"

"No, uh, no," the Captain answered.

"Do you ever masturbate?" asked Seven.

"Yes, that's a normal part of human sexuality. Sometimes it is too
difficult or inconvenient to find a partner, or you don't want the
complications another person might entail, or you simply feel that a
solo session will be more to your liking at that particular time."

"Perhaps you could watch me masturbate and let me know if my
technique is satisfactory."

Janeway's pulse quickened at the idea. "Very well. Remove your

Seven stood up and undid the fastener running down the one piece
skin tight outfit she wore. In a matter of only a few seconds, she was
standing before the Captain completely nude, with her legs spread
slightly apart. The Captain noticed that she had no pubic hair, but she
did have one of the vestigial Borg interfaces just above her snatch. It
looked like an intricate piece of jewelry, and she thought it was quite

Seven noticed the Captain staring at her twat and said "The Doctor,
for reasons of his own, decided that I didn't need body hair. When he
stimulated my hair follicles, he only did the ones on my head. Do you
find the effect appealing?"

Captain Janeway replied "Yes, I always preferred a girl with a
shaven pussy."

"Do you keep yours free of hair?"

"Yes I do," the Captain answered.

"I would like to see your cunt. I believe it would be most

Captain Janeway tore her gaze from Seven's pretty quim, and looked
up at her face. Seven was smiling at her. "Perhaps you'll get to see it
before too long," she said. "Now, why don't you show me how you
stimulate yourself."

Seven sat down on the couch facing the Captain with her legs spread
wide. She reached down with both hands and began massaging her
large, firm breasts. Soon, her pink nipples were erect and stuck out
from her beautiful tits. Seven placed a hand under her right breast
and lifted it up while bending her head down. She licked her nipple,
and then sucked on it.

Janeway watched raptly. She could feel her cunt beginning to get wet
as she enjoyed the show Seven was putting on for her. She fidgeted
on the couch, enjoying the feel of the fabric of her panties as they
rubbed against her twat.

"You have very nice tits, Seven. I imagine sucking them like that
feels very good. If you nibble them with your teeth, you may find that
pleasurable as well."

Seven bit down on the end of her nipple and let out a little yelp of

"No, not like that. That was too hard. Here, let me show you." The
Captain leaned forward and took one of Seven's mounds in her hand.
She hefted the weight and enjoyed feeling its firmness. She then
leaned down and flicked her tongue across the hard nipple, and then
very lightly pulled it with her teeth. Seven let out a shudder of

"Yes, that is very nice. I will have to add that to my repertoire of self-
stimulating exercises, and also use it when making love to another

"Men enjoy it too," Janeway commented.

Seven let a hand slide down to her cunt. As the Captain followed it to
its target with her eyes, she saw that Seven was quite aroused. Her
outer cunt lips had swollen and her inner lips poked out, she could
even see a slight glistening of pussy juice. Seven spread her lips
further apart and the Captain drank in the sight of her pink flower.
Seven ran her hand all over her cunt, then slowly slid a finger into her
opening, As she finger fucked herself, she began rubbing her clit with
her other hand.

"You seem to know what your doing," the Captain said. "Have you
ever tasted yourself?"

"No, I have not. Should I?"

"Well, if you want to have sex with another woman, an important
part of that will likely be cunnilingus. It might be helpful to know if
you like the taste of a woman, and if you don't you might be able to
acclimate yourself to the flavor by licking your own juice often

"That is logical." With that, Seven withdrew her finger from her twat
and placed it in her mouth. She sucked with a pensive look on her
face for a second or two, then smiled.

"You like the taste?" asked the Captain.

"Yes, it is quite flavorful. Perhaps you would like to try it?" asked

The Captain wasn't sure when it had happened, but she realized that
sometime over the last couple of minutes, she had made an
unconscious decision to pursue this encounter to its logical
conclusion. She therefore did not hesitate for a moment. "I'd love to
lick the juice from your pussy. But first, I think I should get more

She got up and took off her clothes. Seven watched with interest as
her Captain stripped in front of her. Even though she had seen
perfectly life-like holographic projections of nude women before, this
was somehow more personal. Besides, it was the Captain! She had
often fantasized about the Captain as she masturbated, imagining it
was the Captain's fingers that pleasured her instead of her own.
When the Captain removed her bra to expose her breasts, Seven was
happy to learn that despite her age, they hadn't started to sag, but
stood up proudly. She had small brown nipples that were already
hard. The Captain then removed her last piece of clothing, her
panties. She did indeed keep herself shaved. Seven thought she could
smell the Captain's sex from the couch, and enjoyed the scent.

"Oh Captain, you look delicious!"

"Thank you, Seven. Under the circumstances, I think you can call me
Katherine, or Kathy. Now, why don't you lay back. Lift your legs up
to your chest. That's right, now spread them wide. Wide. As wide as
you can! Nice, very nice."

The Captain got on her knees on the couch and bent down until her
face was mere inches from Seven' wet cunt. She could smell Seven's
arousal, the scent was an aphrodisiac, causing Katherine own pussy
to exude more of its own love potion. She reached out and spread
Seven's lips further apart to better enjoy the sight of the treasures
buried in the folds of her cunt. Seven's inner lips were drenched in
her wetness and her clitoris stood out proudly from its protective
hood. The Captain reached out with her tongue and licked up some
of the nectar flowing from Seven's love opening. It tasted like
heaven. It had been so long since she had eaten a woman's cunt. She
remembered Kes's sweet tasting twat fondly, and wished that she
could share this voluptuous blond with the innocent but lusty Kes.

Katherine began probing at Seven's opening with her tongue and
soon had it buried in the delicious snatch. Seven whimpered with
excitement as she was eaten by her commanding officer. The Captain
withdrew her tongue from Seven's tight, warm pussy and replaced it
with her finger. As she screwed the beauty with her hand, she moved
her mouth up to Seven's joy buzzer. She flicked her tongue rapidly
across the sensitive flesh and Seven responded with a low moan of
ecstasy. Katherine nibbled lightly at the clit in her mouth, causing
Seven to buck her hips, forcing her cunt into Katherine's face.

The Captain crawled up Seven's body and began kissing her, never
removing her hand from Seven's quim. Seven felt her Captain's
tongue probing past her lips, and tasted the juice from her twat in
Katherine's mouth. It tasted even better than when she had licked her
fingers. Wanting to return some of the incredible feelings the Captain
had been causing in her, Seven reached over the Captain's ass down
to her cunt. She began rubbing the outside of it and the Captain let
out a muffled cry of passion from around Seven's tongue which was
now exploring her mouth.

The Captain broke her kiss and looked at Seven. "Are you familiar
with the term sixty-nine?"

"Yes. That is where two people simultaneously give each other oral

"That's right. Would you like to try it?"

"I believe that the taste of your cunt as your tongue stimulates my clit
and your finger probes my twat will be most arousing. I expect that I
will climax quite quickly under those circumstances."

"The feeling will be mutual, I'm sure," said the Captain.

She turned around and straddled Seven's face, then wasted no time
applying herself once again to Seven's fragrant, hairless snatch.
Seven reached up and placed a hand on each of the Captain's
buttocks, pulling her cunt down to her face. She lifted her head
slightly and licked the Captain at the juncture of thigh and pussy. She
then inserted her tongue into the folds of Katherine's twat and tasted
a woman other than herself for the first time. While the taste was
similar to her own juice, the Captain's cunt cream was slightly
different. She loved it! She began licking with abandon, rubbing her
entire face all over Katherine's cunt.

The two women were getting extremely worked up by this time. They
were both breathing very heavily and letting out little whimpers of
delight whenever their partner hit a particularly sensitive spot. The
Captain felt her excitement building to a crescendo and screamed
"I'm cumming! Eat my pussy! Oh Seven, I'm cumming on your

Seven felt the Captain's body stiffen, then shake and shudder as her
orgasm overtook her. The Captain pushed her ass down and Seven
had her muff forced into her face. Seven opened her mouth wide and
tried to cram her tongue into the Captain's love nest. Suddenly, a
torrent of pussy juice flowed from the Captain's hole. Seven slurped
and lapped all she could, but couldn't keep up with the flow.

As Seven enjoyed the copious cunt cream from Katherine's orgasm,
she felt her own climax explode. Jolts of lightning were firing through
her body. She could feel the bolts traveling from her clit, to the inner
reaches of her twat, to her sphincter causing her asshole to clench, to
her erect nipples, down her arms to the tips of her fingers, along her
legs to her feet, and to her face. Her entire body was on fire with the
intensity of her orgasm. She bucked and thrashed under the Captain,
who continued to lick and suck on her love knob.

After a short time, both women's orgasms subsided and the Captain
repositioned herself in Seven's arms. They kissed slowly and deeply.
Katherine took a couple of minutes to lick her pussy juice from
Seven's chin and neck, stopping frequently to share the nectar with
Seven in a probing kiss.

"Did you enjoy your first sexual encounter?" the Captain asked

"It was most exciting. I hope to repeat it, and many other experiences,
in the very near future," Seven answered. "I think I shall locate a
male member of the crew so that I may experience the feeling of a
cock in my twat. Would you care to join me?"

"Who did you have in mind?" the Captain asked.

"I find Tom Paris to be attractive. If he would be willing to have sex
with me, I would like to feel his cock inside my pussy."

The Captain reached down to her jumble of clothes and found her
communicator. Touching the small device, she said "Lieutenant
Paris, please report to the Captain's ready room."

A disembodied voice replied "Right away, ma'am."


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