This is my first work of an erotic nature in a long time so don't judge it
too harshly, beyond that please send in feedback, I cannot write more without
it. I plan to make a series of stories from this, though I may well move into
another idea or Television program.

Characters in this story do not belong to me. I do not have consent for
writing this story or others like it, but I will continue to do so only as
long as long as I receive no objection from the owner's of the series in
question. Also, this work is not meant for anyone under the legal age to
view pornography in your area.

Beyond that, please enjoy and send feedback to [email protected]

Star Trek - Voyager: Recreation Part 1 - Exploration (M/F)
by Death's Bane

Neelix prominently passed two portions of rice forward to Lieutenant Paris
and Ensign Kim from where they continued to nearby seats. Both of them sat
down, relaxing. They had been hard at work for the last month to get the
ship through hostile territory of and now the ship hat settled back to
collect resources needed to repair the ship system, which had been pushed
to dangerous levels in the last month. Now many of the officers were off
easy with much needed rest. That included the two of them. They were rather
dependent on such basic resources as Neelix' rice because of the depletion
of the majority of their materials also during the last month.

"Nice to finally sit back and relax aye Tom?" Kim asked as they sat.

"For most of you guys yeah, me, I feed off the excitement." Tom replied

"The captain said it may take a week until we have enough resources to
proceed." Kim answered

"Yeah, well, some of the time this is nice, I guess," Paris replied

Both of them began eating in relative silence. It was evening and they were
looking forward to the peace of the rest of the night. After a short time
longer the com system relayed a message to them.

"Excuse me Mr. Kim," Seven of Nine spoke "I am sorry to disturb you but I
have a favor I wish to ask of you."

"Of course," Kim replied blankly "What do you need?"

"Thank you Ensign, please report to my quarters immediately," Was the only
answer he received.

* * *

Seven heard a chime knowing that ensign Kim was indeed ready. She called out
for him to enter. The door opened and Harry entered. However he could not see
Seven immediately.

"Seven?" He asked.

"Thank you for coming Mr. Kim," She replied from the next room "If you are
now unwilling to perform this task please leave now and I will find someone
else to aid me."

Ensign Kim simply shrugged and entered the next room. Seven of Nine was
standing in front of him, her usual uniform and underwear around her feet.
Above that, she stood entirely nude. Her more than ample breasts hung free
from the Ensign to observe and admire. Her legs held together sensually so
Kim could just catch a glimpse of her well shaven pussy.

"I wish to experiment with what humans refer to as `sex'," Seven declared.
"Are you unwilling to help me?"

Harry answered with the massive erection forming underneath his uniform.
"Should I take that as a yes then Ensign?" Seven asked

"Sure," Harry answered, "Anything for you Seven. What do you want me to do."

"Please come here Ensign."

Harry approached her. "You know Seven, it's usually more appropriate to refer
to your sexual partner by their first name."

"Very well," Seven answered. "Thank you for the advice."

She bent over and tugged on his uniform pants. He helped her for a moment, as
they came loose of the tip of his dick, they fell free to the floor. Harry
pulled off his own shirt and the rest of his upper uniform as Seven slowly
began to pry off his underpants. She pulled them slowly around his cock,
careful not to injure him. She let them drop quickly to the floor and tasted
the head of his penis.

Harry was already moaning as she began to go to work on the tip of his cock.
He felt her mouth gently envelop it and her warm breath massaging its base.
Slowly, she worked her tongue over the underside of his cock, drawing a yell
from him. She began to fit his entire penis down her throat, Harry moved in
faster, anxious to continue with his long held dream of fucking Seven of

She deep throated him, she went slowly but Harry was enjoying every moment.
She let her head bob up and down on his cock and Harry grabbed her free
flowing blonde if only to keep balance when the massive explosion of his
orgasm came. Seven's hands moved up to his crotch, he felt one gently
massaging his balls, the other running through a thick patch of pubic hair,
she slowly guided it to his dick.

She moved her head outwards, working once more on the tip of his cock. Harry
was immediately disappointed, until he felt her hand grabbing at it. The
other hand continued to play with his balls. Harry knew he would cum soon and
Seven must have detected it too as she suddenly thrust his entire dick back
down her throat once more, running her tongue over and coating it in an even
thicker layer of saliva. Harry felt his climax coming, he grabbed her hair
and pulled her as far onto his shaft as he could as the explosion came and
his sperm were suddenly released down her throat.

Seven swallowed as much of his seed as she could, the rest freely struck the
floor. Harry almost fell back panting, Seven simply stepped back and observed
him. She raised a eyebrow. "What now?" She asked.

Harry took a moment to gather his bearings before he answered. "Now I perform
a service for you."

Ensign Kim approached Seven's naked form and guided her to the floor, he
pushed her legs apart and closed his head between them. Slowly, he moved
closer, his tongue outstretched, ready to explore her body. At first, he
simply licked at the lips of her pussy, but gradually he grew bolder and
buried his tongue deeper inside her. He grabbed the top of her legs allowing
his tongue to reach further inside her.

He could hear her panting and moaning but he missed it in his determination
to make her first sexual experience as pleasing as possible. He could tell
she had established a high expectancy about the experience and he was
determined that he would live up to them. His hands slowly massaged up and
down her body, reaching her breasts, careful to admire them with his hands.
Seven's moans were getting louder by then, she could feel her climax building
up between her legs.

Harry felt his head clamped down on her pussy by her powerful legs. He
buried his face further into her, intending to make the last moment the
most memorable. He reached her breasts, feeling her nipples, flicking them
carelessly with his fingers until they were erect. This drove the ex-borg
over the edge and Harry was rewarded by wave after wave of her juice.

He lapped at it as it was expelled from her tunnel. He continued his licking
even as she came, wanting to draw out as much of her juice as he could.
Eventually though he admitted that her climax was over, but the best was
still to come. Harry's cock was more than ready for it, back to its full 8
inches as it was before. He approached her, he sensed she already knew what
was to come.

He felt her arms grapple the back of his neck and pull him into a deep kiss.
His tongue met hers at the same moment the tip of his cock met the lips of
her pussy. Usually he would move slowly and let his partner take the lead,
but Seven was uneducated and he was forced to lead her.

He left the head of his cock at the entrance to her tunnel while he explored
her mouth, but he suddenly felt himself drawn inside her by Seven's arms. He
gasped at the unanticipated thrust from Seven's arms as the gasp soon turned
into a groan. He felt her hands slid down the back of his body before
reaching his backside. He felt her tugging on him, attempting to move him
deeper inside her, but he was perfectly willing to do so himself.

He slid his cock full-way down her love tunnel, enjoying every second of
their contact. His arms wrapped around her back, forcing them closer
together. His tongue wrapped around hers as he explored her mouth, feeling
her soft touch against his.

She wrapped her legs around waist and made each stroke inwards that much
harder in force. Her rhythm adjusted to match his. Her hands moved up her
back and to his neck and back down again, Harry was in no position to
protest, only enjoy her sensual touch on his skin.

The walls of her pussy were slick and wet from her previous orgasm, Harry
enjoyed its slipperiness, feeling the walls contract slightly with each
stroke. He grabbed at her breasts as he settled into her, slowly down for
a moment to enjoy it, but she prominently speeded him up. She was relentless,
she demanded perfection from each stroke. She pulled him into her, taking
control of every stroke. Harry lost control completely, all he could do was
try and hang on for the ride.

He felt his body moving as Seven pushed him down on his back, riding him
harder. She lifted herself and plunged herself down, making each thrust more
powerful than the last. Harry closed his eyes and lost sight of reality, his
limbs went numb and he could feel nothing but her pussy slamming down on his
cock. He felt his balls tightening, it had seemed like an eternity but the
end was near.

He felt her walls convulse around him one last time, contracting much more
than they had before. Over his own screaming he was sure she could hear he
moaning and groaning. He felt her cum, driving him over the edge. Wave after
wave of his seed ejaculated into her, drawing another moan, greater than the
first from her.

Their breathing matched as Harry's cock softened and they collapsed onto the
floor of Seven's quarters.


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