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Star Trek: Voyager Q-Spot Part 7

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Star Trek: Voyager"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998


”Q I can’t have sex with you as things are now” Janeway said to Q’s request.

“What do you mean”

“Well I could not fu… eh have sex with you when you are so superior to me, I
am not the submissive kind” Janeway said with a stern look in he eyes.

“What do you suggest then Kathy”

“Well you could make me a Q” Janeway said but Q looked at her with horror
and said “No way Kathy, how stupid do you think I am. If I gave you Q powers
you’d just snap your self and this pathetic tub of yours home and leave me

“Well you could become human”

“You would like that, make me as fragile as you Cro Magno sub-specie. It’s
absolutely out of the question.”

“It’s the only way Q, if you want me you choose” Janeway said in defiance.

“Whit all due respect, Bite me Kathy. Let’s look in on that Klingon bitch
you call a chief engineer” Q said and the image of B’Elanna Torres in a
clothes shop.


“This is really stupid, clothes shopping with two air-heads, I would rather
lick the warp core but I must keep my cover” B’Elanna thought as the two
blonde girls stood in front of her comparing two tight skimpy outfits.

“Why don’t you just buy them both, you can afford them right?” B’Elanna said
trying to end the shopping torture.

“Hey that’s a great idea Brenda,” The natural blonde said. “Of course it is
Kelly, that’s why I’m the brains of this group” B’Elanna said trying too
hurry them the fuck up. “Of course I’m the brains, Kelly is alright but no
rocket scientist and Donna? Don’t get me started, if she did not have those
(obvious) fake tits she would have anything going for her.

They bought the clothes and left, outside they met Brandon, B’Elanna’s

“Hi girls what’s up” Brandon said, Kelly looked away saying nothing while
Donna mindlessly started to chatter with Brandon. “Hm something is wrong
between Kelly and Brandon, so what” B’Elanna thought as she observed the

Kelly and Donna quickly left leaving the two Walsh twins behind, “So what’s
up Brenda?” Brandon asked.

“Oh nothing much, I just don’t feel right”

“Don’t give me that you are off to England in a few weeks and the rest of us
have to stay here”

“I know and I’ll miss you all, especially you Brandon” B’Elanna said and
hugged him tightly. She really didn’t care about Brandon; she had something
else in mind. “So you and Kelly have problems huh?”

“Well” Brandon started and then just stared at the road.

“Come on Brandon it’s obvious to a blind man, you have problems”

“Well you are right we do not see eye to eye on some matters”

“It’s sex isn’t it, I know how you look at her with lust” She said trying to
judge his reaction.

Brandon was shocked that his sister had put her finger on it so easily and
decided to be honest, “Yeah she’s not ready. I mean she has a long history
of sexual partners and now she won’t sleep with me because she *loves* me,

“She’s a slut but you can’t get any eh”

“Brenda what are you saying, she’s your best friend”

“Yeah right. Listen Brandon; you are a great looking guy, a hot guy to be
honest. I can’t believe that she could keep her hands off you, I mean I
could not.” Then she stopped.

“You! You have those kinds of thoughts about me, but I’m your brother”
Brandon with shock.

“Oh please Brandon, of course I have, I’m a normal teenager with sexual
desires and I share a bathroom with a very sexy man. Don’t tell me you haven
’t thought of me that way, I know that you sometimes sneak a peek at me when
I shower.”

“I do not!”

“Don’t try that, I even saw you jerking off while smelling a pair of my
panties. Don’t worry Brandon I liked what I saw and if we had been alone in
the house I might have joined you.” B’Elanna said and graced his cock

Brandon’s face turned red, both by the fact that Brenda saw him whacking to
her panties or the fact that she was giving him some incredibly hot images.
“But Brenda” Brandon started to say but B’Elanna put a finger on his mouth.

“If you show me yours I’ll show you mine” She said with an impish grin.
“Come on” she said and took his hand.

“Where are we going Brenda?”

“Oh you’ll se, we have to find a place that is just a little more private
but not too private” B’Elanna said while a plan formed in her head.

She pulled him into a store, she did not care which and then they made their
way to the dressing cubicles in the back, B’Elanna pulled Brandon into the
cubicle and looked at him with desire.

“Now, I want to see you like I did that day” She said and then she pulled
down her black satin panties and threw them to Brandon. “Let’s see some
action” B’Elanna said and sat down on the stool, careful not to let her
short skirt ride up on her.

Brandon was not sure what to do as he stood in the cubicle with his sister’s
panties in his hand, but then he opened his pants and pulled out his cock.
He smelled her panties and started to rub his cock, which was quickly
getting hard.
“You said if I show you mine you would show me yours, well I’m showing you
mine so where’s yours” Brandon said as he stared at his sister and
masturbating like crazy.

“Fair is fair” B’Elanna said and spread her legs to reveal a thick bush of
black hair against her creamy white thighs. She was already wet from the
display and she could hardly wait to put a finger in her pussy. Her hands
moved to her breasts and then started to pinch her nipples as she enjoyed
Brandon jerking off like crazy.

“Man you are hot Brenda” Brandon said as he took all her beauty and
sexuality in while he worked his cock harder and harder. Brenda quickly
slipped two fingers in her cunt and started to fuck her wet cunt. It had
been a long time and B’Elanna knew that she would not last long like this. B
’Elanna’s hips started to buck wildly on the stool as she drove her self
into a frenzy.

“Oh Brandon I’m cumming” B’Elanna whispered so that the other people in the
store did not hear them. She arched on the stool as she peaked. Brandon’s
masturbation increased as “Brenda” came in front of him.

“OOOHHH” Brandon moaned as he felt his climax coming on. “Don’t shoot all
over the place Brandon, put it in my mouth” B’Elanna said and opened her
mouth to take Brandon’s cock in her mouth. Brandon quickly shot his load as
he felt her lips on his dick and she swallowed all of his jiz. B’Elanna then
licked the sperm of Brandon’s cock and she felt that his cock was hardening
again. “Oh you are hard again, let me suck it” B’Elanna said and Brandon
could not object, as he was lost in passion.

B’Elanna quickly swallowed Brandon’s entire shaft and sucked on it like a
Hoover and his cock was harder than ever before. B’Elanna licked his cock
while she started to fondle his balls, she then moved her mouth down and
started to lick and suck on his balls.

Brandon had never hat a blow job before and the fact that it was Brenda
sucking his cock just made it better. B’Elanna took his cock in her mouth
again and worked it over with great speed, wanting to taste his cum again.

Brandon’s hips bucked to meet B’Elanna’s probing mouth and he felt another
orgasm coming on. “I’m gonna shoot Brenda” Brandon whispered to B’Elanna and
then he shot a major load down her throat. B’Elanna loved the taste of cum
and Brandon’s was no different, she almost came again as she felt his jiz
spraying against the back of her throat.

As Brandon’s cock went limp B’Elanna licked the remains of his cum off it
and then said “payback time Brandon, but not here”

They left the store (Brandon still had her panties in his possession) and
went into a little restaurant where they sat down and ordered lunch.

Brenda slid her foot up Brandon’s leg and pressed it against his cock. “Use
your foot to return the favor Brandon” B’Elanna said as her foot circled his

Brandon said nothing but slipped off a shoe and moved it up Brenda’s smooth
leg, up under her skirt and then pressed against her wet crotch. B’Elanna
was incredibly turned on by the game of “footsies” they were playing under
the table; she liked the fact that they were sharing a sexual experience
while in plain view of everybody.

B’Elanna felt Brandon’s large toe slip up her cunt and could not help gasp,
Brandon pressed deeper inside her when he felt her surprise subside. He
managed to foot-fuck her with great enthusiasm while keeping a straight
face, they were almost discovered when the waiter arrived with the food but
the waiter did not make any comments.

Brenda had to bite down on the Pizza she had ordered to keep her from
moaning with joy as Brandon rubbed her clit with his foot and then resumed
his foot fucking. Brenda came suddenly and could not help but moan out loud
when she came, the other guests looked at them but nobody said anything.

After a minute B’Elanna straightened her self and they finished their meal.


“Well let’s end it right there shall we?” Q said and snapped his finger and
the screen went black. Q put his hand on Captain Janeway’s ass and gave it a
big squeeze.

“What the hell are you doing Q” Janeway said and pulled his hand off her

“Just feeling the merchandise while I think over my options my dear” Q said
while he stared at her tits.
“But since I haven’t decided yet what to do so why don’t we sit back and
enjoy another experiment, what do you say” Q said. As he sat down a plush
couch appeared a split second before he landed in it and Janeway fond
herself on the couch next to him.

End of part 7


So what’s next?

Well I don’t really know yet (I really don’t) but something will come up
really soon, if you have any suggestions for further plot please mail me at
[email protected]



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