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Star Trek: Voyager Q-Spot Part 5

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Star Trek: Voyager"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998


"Q can't we make a deal? What can I do to convince you to stop this insane
display of adolescence?" Janeway pleaded with the omnipotent creature simply
know as Q.

"Well Kathy, if you really want me to stop I think we can find a solution. I
think I have a proposal and it's a very indecent proposal," Q said as he
stared intently at Kathryn's tits.

"Oh no Q, you can't be serious. It's out of the question," Janeway said as
she figured out what Q meant.

"Okay Kathy then sit back and enjoy the next part of my experiment. And if
you feel the need to shall we say "give your self a hand" feel free I wont
mind. On the contrary" Q said.


"This is great" Tom Paris thought "I don't know where I am, but I don't
really care. I'm living in the same house as two beautiful women, granted
one is supposed to be my sister and the other is supposed to be my mother,
but I know better.
They are both absolutely fabulous in their own way. And to make things
better, the woman next door, while she might not be much to look at I have
discovered that she enjoys sex, the kinkier the better."

Tom rubbed his hands as he sat in "His" room and looked at his next door
neighbors getting it on. He was dressed as a Marine soldier and she was
supposed to be a little Vietnamese girl. "They are sick, but I like it" Tom
thought as he observed the marine "invade" Vietnam. "I hope I get to nail
her sometime," Tom thought.

"Hey is that Kelly" Tom thought as he heard the front door slam. He got up
and sneaked out into the hall, he looked around the corner and down into the
living room.

"Anybody home?" The woman yelled "Al? Kelly?, Bud?" she yelled. Tom kept his
mouth shut as he had a plan.
"Great I'm alone," Peggy said. She sat down on the couch and turned on the
TV; "Alright Riki Lake is on. Thank god for Riki, Oprah just sucks now since
does those chat shows, now Riki that's dirt" Peggy said out loud as she sat
down to watch Riki Lake.

Tom waited for approximately 30 minutes before Peggy fell asleep. He snug
down the stairs and then he watched his "Mother" sleeping on the couch. Tom
had admired the huge tits on the redheaded woman, even though she was a
mature woman she was still very attractive. Tom could not understand why his
"Father" Al did not fuck her brains out every night.

Tom could wait no longer, he gently pulled her tight body stocking down to
expose her wonderful tits, he was not surprised that she did not wear a bra,
he had noticed her nipples on more than one occasion. Now that he finally
saw her tits he was gratified, he admired the large nipples and the round
firm mounds. Tom produced a Polaroid and took a couple of pictures of her
tits. "They might come in handy later," Tom thought. He was glad that Peggy
was such a hard sleeper, something he had discovered two day ago as he found
her sleeping during a gas line explosion just down the block.

Tom removed her high heels and then he pulled her leopard spotted pants, he
pulled them down to her ankles and then he too two pictures of Peggy's very
small green silk panties. He then pulled off her pants completely. He could
feel the effect the semi-nude woman on the couch had on him as his cock
started to press against his pants. Tom then removed her body stocking and
then took a couple of pictures on Peggy wearing noting but panties. Tom's
mouth watered, as he was about to remove her panties. As he slit them down
her long legs he saw that she had a thick bush of red hair on her pussy. Tom
quickly snapped two pictures but then he found that he had run out of film.
"Shit" Tom thought, he quickly ran up the stairs to get another roll of film
for the camera, "Better get two" Tom thought as he went into his room.

As Tom searched for his film, Kelly came home. She stared at the body of her
naked mother on the couch, she was initially shocked but then she thought
about it (As much thinking as she could) and two seconds later she finished
thinking. Kelly put her jacket away and then she sat down besides her
mother. "Poor woman, she has not gotten it in months" Kelly thought.
"Well I haven't been fucked for a couple of hours so what the hell" She
thought and then she leaned over and kissed her mothers right nipple. "She
has bigger tits than any of my girlfriend" Kelly amazingly discovered, Kelly
had occasionally had sex with a girl, only when she could not get some hot
cock or maybe as foreplay.

Kelly started to work over Peggy's tits with her mouth and hands and she got
more and more into it, she just had to take her own clothes on but first she
locked the front door. Kelly sat down besides Peggy again and felt the heat
of her mother's body and she knew what was about to happen. Kelly's right
hand slid down Peggy's stomach and soon it was circling over the red haired
cunt. Then she gently started to touch it; she rubbed her mother's clitoris
gently and found that her mother's juices soon started to flow. Kelly licked
her fingers and tasted her mother's juices for the first time.

Tom came back form his room and was both shocked and incredibly turned on by
the sight of Kelly and Peggy both naked on the couch and Kelly was about to
lick Peggy's pussy. Tom hid behind the corner and then he secretly snug a
look at them.

Kelly spread Peggy's long legs and placed herself between her mother's legs,
then she started to lick Peggy's cunt. Kelly started gently and was
incredibly turned on by the taste of Peggy's cunt and she licked deeper.
When Kelly finally started to nibble no Peggy's clit she awoke. "What the?"
Peggy said as she sat up.

"I sorry mom, you just looked so hot on the couch. I could not help my self
I had to taste you" Kelly said apologetically.

"Really Kelly?" Peggy looked at her daughter's hot and slim body. "I haven't
had sex for months and you felt so great." Peggy said and then she kissed
Kelly, not a motherly kiss but a deep passionate kiss. Kelly soon overcame
her surprise and kissed her mother back. Peggy's hands soon started to
explore her daughter's body; she cupped Kelly's wonderful breasts and then
ran her hands down Kelly's slim waist and down to her tight ass. Kelly
returned the favor by kneading her mother's tits.

Tom was so turned on by the scene in the living room that he had to
masturbate as he looked on.

"Let me finish what I started mommy" Kelly said as she fondled her mothers
wet snatch. Peggy leaned back and spread her legs. Kelly quickly put her
mouth on her mother's pussy again. She licked her mother hard and deep and
Peggy moaned out with joy. "OOOHHH Kelly you're a wonderful daughter, lick
my cunt" Peggy said as she played with her own tits.
Kelly licked her mother's clit and felt her mother's hips began to buck
against her face. Peggy came in a roar of joy as Kelly continued to lick her
mother's pussy. "You were really were starved for sex huh" Kelly said as
Peggy caught her breath.

"You bet" Peggy said "Now I'm up, lay back and enjoy." Kelly leaned back on
the couch and Peggy started to expertly lick her own daughter's pussy.

"My god Mom you are a great pussy licker" Kelly said with surprise.

"Well I have had a lot of experience with Marcy" Peggy said. She had had sex
with her neighbor Marcy many times; it was what had kept her sane for so
long. Peggy licked her daughters blond haired cunt with great joy, "Hmm she
even bleached her hairs down there" Peggy thought.

Kelly and Peggy enjoyed the smell and taste of each others body and they
wear oblivious to the world around them.

"It's time I joined in" Tom said and then slowly sneaked down the stairs.
"Ahem" he said out loud, they were so into it that he had to repeat it three
times before they heard him. "Well I guess you are having fun? But what will
dad say" Tom said.

"Fuck off Bud" Kelly said.

"No wait" Was all Peggy could say as she noticed the seven-inch erection
that was hanging out of her son's pants. "What if we let you join us? Then
you would tell would you?"

"What!" Kelly said, "No way I'm letting him fuck me" She said as she pointed
at "Bud"

"Then I'll tell everybody that you fucked your mother, how many do you think
would fuck you then? Only the losers and geeks" Tom said with a vicious

"Aww man, okay you can join it, but you fuck her first" Kelly said and
pointed at Peggy.

"Woo-Hoo" Tom yelled and then he got down in front of his mother and started
to kiss her tits. "I'll fuck her first, but you have to lubricate me, do it
or I'll tell everybody." Tom said and continued to kiss and fondle Peggy's

"Oh all right" Kelly said and then she leaned over and put her hand on Tom's
already hard cock. "Hmm it's big, it might not be so bad after all," She
thought and then she kissed his dick. Tom's body flinched as he felt Kelly's
expert cock sucking.

"Dam you're good" Tom said as Kelly took him all the way to the base of his
cock. Tom leaned over and put a couple of fingers up Peggy's pussy.

"It's actually quite good, who knew that this little spud head had such a
great cock" Kelly thought as she found her self getting wet with excitement
as she took Tom deep throat.

"Let's fuck" Tom said as he pushed Kelly's head off his cock, was it just
him or did Kelly look disappointed. Tom slowly slid his cock into Peggy's
wet tight cunt while Kelly sat in the chair finger fucking herself.
Peggy and Tom soon reached a frenzied pace as their hips slammed together
faster and faster. "Man she's really tight and really wonderful," Tom
thought as he slid into her again and again. Tom could not keep his mouth
off her tits as they pumped away on the couch. Peggy soon reached an orgasm
as she felt a cock in her pussy; she bucked wildly as Tom pumped her harder
and harder. Tom felt the clenching of Peggy's pussy as she neared an orgasm,
but he was fare from finished. Tom had a rare gift, he could keep an orgasm
off for much longer than normal men could and he did not wish to finish just

Peggy came with a roar and then she slumped back on the couch. "Do me now"
Kelly pleaded before Tom had a chance to fuck Peggy again. Tom happily
obliged as he threw her face first on the table and then started to lick her
pussy from behind.
"Fuck me, right now" Kelly said impatiently.

"You betcha' " Tom said and slid his hard, hot and wet dick up Kelly's
pussy, she was not as loose as he thought and he was pleased to find that
she clenched her cunt every time he rammed into her. He grabbed Kelly's hips
and started to fuck her really hard, their motion shook the table as they
slammed together with great force.

"You are great Bud. Fuck my pussy" Kelly said surprised by the great fucking
"Bud" was giving her, she wished it would never end. Tom sat down on the
couch and Kelly moved in front of him, she sat down on his cock with her
back to him and they started to fuck again. Tom grabbed her hips and thrust
her up and down his throbbing cock; he was enjoying this fuck more than any
other before, well except the time he fucked B'Elanna and Kes at the same

Tom's hands moved up to her great tits and he mauled them with great
pleasure. Kelly had always liked to be taken roughly and "Bud's" treatment
was just what she needed. Kelly got up and turned around, she positioned his
cock right under her pussy and then slammed down on it hard. "Oh yes, oh
yes, oh yes, oh yes" Kelly moaned as she reached the heights of ecstasy.
"Cum inside me Bud, let me feel your sperm in my pussy. I want it, I want
it, I want it now" Kelly moaned out as she felt an orgasm coming on.

Tom knew that he could hold out no longer, although he had stamina these
Bundy women were too much to resist.
"Get ready Kelly here it comes" Tom said as he suddenly tensed up and shot
his load up her hot pussy in long hard spurts.
Kelly finally came as she felt her "brother's" hot jiz in her cunt and she
hugged Tom tightly as they both shook with pleasure. They finally settled
down and then they kissed intensely.

"Bud you are one great fuck, I know we have to do this again and again"
Kelly said as she squeezed Tom's cock.

"Hey I'm getting in on the action too, forget Al now that I know that Bud is
such a great fuck," Peggy said as she sad down on the other side of Tom.

"Hey ladies, there is enough of me to go around" Tom said as he grabbed the
ass of both women. "Maybe we could even get Mrs. D'arcy to join us some
time" Tom said.

"That's not a bad idea Peggy said, but not until I have had some more Bud"
Peggy said and kissed him.


"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha" Q laughed out loud. "That was incredible and Mr.
Paris got it right the first time, well done"
Q clapped his hands with great excitement.

Janeway was trying to determine if there were any similarities between
Tuvok's and Tom's "Performance" she might be able to determine what Q was

End of Part 5

What is Q really looking for and will Janeway figure it out before her
entire cast has fucked their way through the entire sit com genre?



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