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Star Trek: Voyager Q-Spot Part 3

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on
characters from the hit television series "Star Trek: Voyager"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998

"This is perplexing" Tuvok thought as he observed his "Family". "This could
be an alternate universe, or maybe my mind has been transferred to this
body. The best way to find out is to tell them the truth"

Tuvok approached the three people sitting in the living room.

"Harry, Sally, Tommy I must talk to you." Tuvok said as the faces of the
rest of the Solomons looked at him.

"Yes Dick" Sally said, "What is it"

"This may come as a surprise, but I am not who I appear to be" Tuvok said
calmly (as if h could say it any other way).

"No kidding Dick" Tommy laughed.

The response puzzled Tuvok but he continued "I am not human, I'm an alien"
He said.

The three of them fell over laughing out loud "Oh Dick you are a funny man,
we all know you are an alien Commander" Sally said as she wiped the tears
of laughter from her face.

"You know my rank?" Tuvok said with as much surprise as a Vulcan could .

"Knock it of Dick, we know you are an alien you are the Supreme commander
of our mission, stop horsing about" Tommy said.

"They are aliens too, and we appear to be on an undercover mission" Tuvok
thought, then he said "and what is our mission"

"Uh I know, it's …..well……. don't help I know…….Jeez I just had it" Harry
said with a confused look on his face.

"Shut the hell up Harry you imbecile" Sally said and slapped Harry "Our
mission is to investigate the humans and their way of life, come on get
with the program Dick" She said.

"Oh of course Sally, you are absolutely right. Now Lets go and investigate
shall we" Tuvok said. He found himself intimidated by Sally and found it
better to do as she said. He found Tommy to be a typical teenage boy, but
he acted as he was an old man. Now Harry was a "bozo" he believe the term
was. Tuvok estimated his IQ to be at the level of a potted plant, but only
if had not been watered for weeks.

"Hey Dick" Tommy said, "Don't you have to go to work"

"Oh yes of course I'm off right now" Tuvok said and left for work.


Tuvok went to the college and made his way to the office he shared with Dr.
Mary Albright, a woman that "Dick" was dating. Tuvok went to the door as he
searched for his keys he heard some moans coming form the office. Tuvok
found the door unlocked and opened it slightly to see who was inside, he
saw his assistant Nina sitting in his chair with her skirt up around her
hips and her panties around her ankles, she was masturbating!

Tuvok observed without any passion as the Nubian beauty pleasured herself.

Nina was a very beautiful woman with a milk chocolate complexion and a
great figure, her long and slender legs were spread wide apart as Nina
worked a long black dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand as her
other hand was fondling her large and firm tits. She moaned with pleasure
and Tuvok surmised that she had been at it for some time as a wet patch was
starting to show the chair.

She moved her hips to meet the dildo as she thrust it deeper and deeper
inside her cunt. Suddenly she pulled the dildo out of her pussy with a loud
pop and started to rub it against her ass hole, she then slowly started to
slide the slick dildo up her ass. Tuvok knew what anal sex was but he had
never seen it in practice, he found that he was very interested in the
scene before him

Nina slid the dildo up her all the way in and then she pulled another dildo
out from somewhere. She licked the new dildo, which was metal and 10 inches
long. She licked it quickly and then she put it into her pussy.
She started to work the two dildos now, as her lust became more and more
intense. Her hips bucked and she moaned louder and louder.

Her body then shook with an orgasm and then she slid to the floor totally
exhausted from the ordeal.

Tuvok found that he was disappointed as the display of lust was over, he
could not understand why. "Maybe it's a result of this humanoid body," he
concluded. Tuvok found that he had to do something, so he left, called in
sick and went "home"


"Hey Sally, do you know what anal sex is?" Tuvok asked the leggy woman.

"Well, I know what it is, but I don't see the appeal in taking it up the
ass" Sally said as she stretched out on the couch.

"Dam, I have to do this now" Tuvok said (One of Q's suggestions) "It's
important that we examine all parts of humanity" Tuvok said and sat down
besides the woman.

"Well Okay Dick. But only if I can suck your cock first I love the taste of
a man's cock" Sally said and unzipped Tuvok's pants.

"It's a deal" Tuvok said as he felt Sally's wonderful lips around his
already erect cock. Her expert cock sucking had the desired effect and his
cock stood at it's full 10 inches.

"MMMMMMMMMM that is good" Sally said as she caught her breath, "Let me try
something I read about last week" she said. Sally took his cock in her
mouth again and she swallowed the whole ten inches (Nobody had ever done
that for him before) and then she started to hum. The sensation was
incredible and Tuvok felt his normal control slip away form him as the
vibrations from Sally's mouth made him cum quicker than he had ever done.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH Sally" Tuvok moaned as he shot his load in her mouth, Sally
clamped down on his cock and swallowed every last drop of semen that
spurted from Tuvok's cock.

"Mmmmm that tasted great, now if you want put it in my ass" Sally said as
she stood up and removed her jeans.

"Don't you wear panties?" Tuvok said as she uncovered her sandy haired

"The feel of jeans against my pussy is so great, I never wear panties" She
said as she got on all four on the couch.

"I believe that you need lubrication before I can put my cock up your ass"
Tuvok said as he started to rub her already wet pussy. He rubbed her cunt
juices all over her ass and probingly inserted a finger in her ass hole,

"Hey that's not bad Dick" Sally said, she had pulled off her shirt and was
playing with her magnificent tits.

"Okay get ready for it" Tuvok said as he placed his cock against her
puckered anus. He slowly pushed his cock up her incredibly tight ass, he
had to fight for every inch but the sensation was so incredible that it was
worth it.
"Oh Yes, oh yes, ooooohhh hhhheeeeeeelllllllll yes" Sally moaned as his
cock slid deeper into her ass.

When he finally pressed his cock all the way inside her he had to admit
that the sensation was incredible. Sally was really into it too. She has
four fingers up her cunt as Tuvok began to thumb against her ass as he
fucked her faster and faster. He felt his balls slap against her butt as he
drove completely into her. Sally started to move her ass back to meet
Tuvok's movement.

As Tuvok took her up the ass, Harry came out from his room "Hey keep it
down you woke me up" he said and then he froze at the sight that greeted
him in the living room. Harry might be stupid but he knew what sex was and
when he could get some. He had always wanted to fuck Sally but was afraid
to ask (If he only knew that Sally had to have it at least 4 times a day he
would have asked)

"Hi Harry, come over here and see what Dick is teaching me. He's oh…oh…
oh…yes he's fucking me in the ass, it's incredible. You can go next if you
want" Sally said as she looked at him with lust in her eyes.

"Oh yes please" Harry said and pulled his dick out, it was only six inches
but as thick as a ripe cucumber.
Sally hungrily tried to get the big cock into her mouth, but she could only
fit the head inside her mouth.
"It's gonna feel great up my ass later on" Sally thought.

Tuvok was incredibly turned on by the sight of Sally sucking Harry's thick
cock and he felt another orgasm coming on.
"OOOOHHHH Fuck" he yelled out as he shot his load up her ass. He leaned
over her body and tried to catch his breath with his dick still pumping jiz
up her ass.

"Now you fuck me Harry" Sally said, "I'm still not done"

"SSSSWWWWWWEEEEEEETTTT" Harry cried our as he got down behind Sally. He
found the lubricated anus and pressed his thick dick against it. He had to
take it extremely slow because of the thickness, but he did not care he was
fucking Sally and he savored every second of it.

"Wait Harry, I have a better idea. Dick get on the floor and then you can
both fuck me" Sally said. Tuvok got down on his back and Sally was on him
with a flash. She impaled herself on his hard dick and started to pump up
and down.
"Now Harry, fuck me in the ass" Sally said and Harry responded immediately,
he got down on his knees and began to push his cock up her ass. The
sensation of two cocks in her was pure heaven, she could feel the thin wall
between the two cocks getting sore but she did dot care.

Tuvok was surprised at the sensation of another mans cock next to his, he
would definitely repeat this experience later and then again and again.
Tuvok bucked his hips up into Sally's hot cunt as Harry fucked her tight

At this point Tommy came up the stairs and was surprised by the image that
greeted him. "Ah man why didn't you wait for me, I would have loved to
participate" Tommy said while looking at the three Solomons on the floor.

"Hi Tommy, Dick is showing me the pleasures of being fucked up the ass. It
is sensational, let me suck your cock and I'll let you go next." Sally said
and put a hand on the bulge on Tommy's pants.

"Wo-hoo" was all Tommy could say as he felt Sally's hand slip inside his
pants. He had fucked Sally a couple of times and he always found it to be a
wonderful experience and now he would get to take her up the ass.

Sally started to suck on Tommy's 7-inch cock, as Tuvok slammed hard into
her in unison with Harry's pistoning cock in her ass. "OOOOOHHH Sally I'm
gonna cum" Harry said and Tuvok felt that he was about to cum as well.

"Oh Shoot it up me" Sally said as she briefly removed Tommy's cock from her
mouth. Harry quickly complied as he shot his jiz up her ass. Tuvok felt
Sally's ecstasy, which stemmed from Harry's juices in her ass and he could
hold out no longer as he shot his seed high up her tight cunt with a loud

"OOOOHHHH Boy" Sally screamed out as she felt two loads shooting inside her
then she pushed Tommy back into the couch. Harry and Tuvok pulled their
cocks out of her and she climbed onto the couch. Tuvok and Harry watched as
Sally sat down on Tommy's throbbing erection. The resistance of her ass was
gone after two cocks in her ass and she quickly slid is cock all the way up
her ass and started to buck wildly.

"Man she's like a bucking Bronco" Tommy said.

"She's a football player?" Harry said with a blank look in her face. Tuvok
did not know what to say so he just slapped Harry.

"Shut up and enjoy the show" Tuvok said as he sat down to watch Sally fuck
Tommy's brains out. Tommy just sat there while Sally did all the work.
Tommy was enjoying the experience so much that he could not do anything but
sit there and feel her hot, wet, tight ass slam down onto his pelvis with
great force.

"Hey Tommy, you could use your hands you know?" Sally said and Tommy
quickly but his hands on her ass and added to the force of the ass fucking.
"Oh yes Tommy that's it I'm close to cumming. Keep it up" Sally moaned as
Tommy's hands kneaded her firm ass cheeks.

Sally started to convulse with orgasm and Tommy had no option but to shoot
his load as he felt her ass clench even tighter than it was and he could
hold off no longer. Tommy's jiz shot up her ass and they both slumped down
onto the couch to catch their breath.

"That was incredible" Sally said as she caught her breath "I hope we could
do this again"

"Oh yes" the others said in unison.


Q had enjoyed the scene so much that he had pulled out his dick and was
stroking it slowly. "That was so hot" Q said.

The Captain was shocked as she noticed that Q was jerking off right in
front of her "That gives me an idea" she thought.

"Well I believe that Mr. Tuvok successfully completed his experiment" Q
said "Lets reward him" he snapped his finger and Tuvok from the Solomon's
living room.

"Where did he go Q?" Janeway said.

"Don't worry he's just resting" Q said, "Now lets look at what kind of
antics one of your female friends is up to shall we?"

The End of part 3

Who is next and where is Tuvok?

Will Captain Janeway find a way to counter Q?



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