Star Trek: Voyager Q-Spot

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering around
characters from the hit television series "Star Trek: Voyager"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998

"It's a Class 4 gas giant" Commander Tuvok stated as the bright red
phenomenon was shown on the main viewer.

"Oh really, how fascinating" Captain Janeway said not really interested in
another galactic oddity "So are way just enjoying the view ore can we use
this for anything Mr. Kim?"

"Yes Captain, we can collect energy from it and convert it for use onboard"
Harry Kim said.

Janeway shifted in her seat not really paying attention as her thoughts
were elsewhere.

"Captain?" Tuvok said.

"Oh yes, very good. Mr. Kim see to it" Janeway said and stood up "Chakote,
you have the bridge, I'm ......going to my ready room" she said and left.

"Commander Chakote, I believe that the Captain is pre occupied by
something" Tuvok said when the door closed behind Captain Janeway.

"Yes I noticed that too" Chakote said "Do you know what it is?"

"I believe that I have a good idea, but I hesitate to share it with anybody
but the Captain." Tuvok said "I do believe that the optimal course of
action is if I talk to the Captain, I believe I can relieve her state of

"Okay Tuvok do that" Chakote said "How long do you require?"

"I don't know, just leave us alone for a while and we'll be fine" Tuvok
said and entered the Captain's ready room.


"Enter" Janeway said and Tuvok entered.

"Ah Mr. Tuvok what can I do for you" Janeway said as she straightened out
her uniform.

"It's more of what I can do for you" Tuvok said deadpan.

"What do you mean" Janeway said and wiped some sweat off her brow.

"I believe that you are frustrated, this results in a lack of focus and a
general uneasiness in your work"

"Frustrated?? Tuvok get to the point please" Janeway snapped.

"Very well Captain. You are sexually frustrated, you have only had two
sexual encounters since we came to the Gamma Quadrant over four years ago
and the last one over nine months. To use a vernacular you are horny as a
toad" Tuvok said still not displaying any emotions.

"Tuvok" Janeway exclaimed horrified that Tuvok had guessed her state "you
monitor my sex life"

"Yes Captain, but it was just a coincident. Captain, you will not be able
to perform you duties until you get you needs satisfied" Tuvok said.

"Are you offering" Janeway said jokingly, not sure of Tuvok.

"Yes I am. Although I am not in the Pon Farr I can be sexually active if I
choose to be. Captain you need to be laid and I'm offering my discreet
services if you want them"

Janeway felt her cunt tingle as she listened to Tuvok. "You would .."

"Fuck you, I believe the term is, Yes I'm at your service" Tuvok said and
opened his pants.

Janeway looked on as Tuvok let his pants drop and then pulled out an 8-inch
penis, her hands slid down to her crotch and she started to rub the already
wet fabric.

"I see you approve of my ehm' equipment" Tuvok said as he observed Janeway
putting a hand down her pants, fingering herself.

"Oh Tuvok, I can tell you how hot I am, I'm gonna burst if I don't get it
right now" the Captain said and opened her tunic. She then pulled the gray
shirt over her head to expose a pair of medium sized but firm tits with
dark brow nipples already hard with excitement. She stood up and said "Let
me get you hard Tuvok, let me suck your magnificent prick" and then fell to
her knees.

"Very well Captain, If you insist" Tuvok said and then slid his semi erect
cock into Kathryn's hungry mouth. She immediately grabbed his ball sack and
started to fondle it as she licked his cock up and down. Her mouth action
had the desired effect on Tuvok's dick and it stood in its full 10-inch
Kathryn tried to take in her mouth but was only able to get the head
inside, as she tried to take him in her mouth her right hand slid down her
pants and she started to rub her wet and hot snatch.

"Captain" Tuvok said.

"Call me Kathryn or Kate" Janeway said and started to suck on hi ball sack.

"Kate, this is for your pleasure. I believe that cunnilingius is
appropriate at this time, allow me" Tuvok said as he pushed her back onto
her own table and then pulled her pants off. He saw that she did not wear
any panties and then shortly lingered at the sight of her trimmed auburn
cunt, wet and ready.
Tuvok spread her legs and started to kiss her thighs working towards her

"Suck it now dammit' that's an order" Kathryn yelled out and grabbed him by
his pointy ears and pressed him into her pussy.

Tuvok immediately went to work on her pussy by licking and gently biting
her clitoris.


"Where is the Captain?" the Doctor asked Commander Chakote.

"She is in her ready room with Tuvok, trying to improve her mental health."
Chakote said impatiently.

"Oh, well maybe I could be of some help" the Doctor eagerly said.

"No, no Doctor that will not be necessary and it's a mental problem not a
physical. Besides Tuvok said he could handle it and does not want to be
disturbed, understood?" Chakote said.

"Very well. Doctor out" He said and the screen went blank.

"I'm no Councilor but I would like to help the Captain, maybe if I
discreetly checked on her progress I might be able to help" the Doctor said
and then tuned his monitor in the office to the holo-cam in the captain's
ready room.
As he saw what was going on he decided that they did not need his help, at
least not right now. But it is an interesting study of humanoid sexual
encounters, one of the Doctor's latest hobbies. "Maybe I could pick up some
pointers for my sexual sub-routine" he thought as he leaned back and took
the scene in with glee.


In the ready room Tuvok's oral exercises had brought Janeway at the brink
of ecstasy, as he slid his tongue and two fingers up her wet cunt she
clenched her legs around his head and bucked wildly.
If Tuvok had not been a Vulcan with extraordinary stamina he would have
passed out by the pressure but he was able to keep on sucking on her cunt
as she came in a massive roaring orgasm.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYEEESSSS" Janeway said as her hips bounced up
and down on her desk and her juices starting to mix with Tuvok's saliva.

"Will that suffice Kate?" Tuvok asked as he stood over the heaving body of
Kathryn Janeway.

"Oh no, you started it and now you must finish it. Fuck me now and make it
hard" Janeway said as she started to rub Tuvok's cock.

"Aye, aye Sir" Tuvok said and then slammed his huge cock into her cunt,
with some pressure he finally slid to his hilt and then moved in and out
with force as Kathryn screamed with pleasure.

"OHYESOHEYESFUCKMEFUCKMENOWNOWNOW" Janeway screamed out not caring if any
of the bridge crew heard her. She felt his hard cock inside her and she
loved it.
As she became more lubricated Tuvok fucked her faster and faster as they
knocked all of her pads and the computer off the desk.

Kathryn suddenly pushed Tuvok to the floor and then jumped on him, she
quickly impaled her self on his throbbing tent pole and than rode him like
a bucking Bronco.


"Doctor, are you active?" Tuvok said and the Doctor quickly turned off the
screen but ensured that the incident was recorded for later use.

"Ah Mr. Neelix how may I be of service?" the Doctor said as Neelix entered
his office.

"Well It's a delicate matte so???" Neelix said with apprehension.

"We are alone and I can keep a secret" the Doctor said wishing it was over
so he could return to his "Research"

"Well okay, but this goes no further" Neelix said. He said down and said
"It's my eeh well you know, my penis" Neelix said as his spots turned
black, that was how Talaxians blushed.

"Is some thing wrong with it, have you hurt it or something" the Doctor

"No, not really. I thought you might have a procedure that could increase
the eeh eeh the size" Neelix quickly said.

"Increase the size? But why" the Doctor said with some interest now.

"Well it's on the small size, I'm so embarrassed by the size that I have
not been with a woman for years" Neelix said.

"Well how big is it" the Doctor asked.

"It's only 12 inches when it's ready for action" Neelix said and looked at
the fool.

"But Neelix for most humanoids that's huge" the Doctor said with a smile.

"Really, on Talax I'm on the small side. I never knew that humans are that
much smaller," Neelix said with some cheer in his voice.

"Well Mr. Neelix it's safe to say that nobody on Voyager is as well endowed
as you, I bet the ladies would be throwing themselves at you if they knew"
the Doctor said.

"Really, oh wow. Well then forget I asked" Neelix said and started to

"Hold on, Neelix. I believe that an examination would be in its place to
determine if there are any ahemů anomalies that might hinder inter species
sex" the Doctor said as he pulled out an instrument and smiled. "It will
make an interesting addition to my sexual sub routine"

"I guess that would be in its place" Neelix answered and unzipped his


Tuvok lifted Kathryn's hot sweaty body from the floor and the pushed her
against the wall. She wrapped her slim legs around Tuvok's hips and then
felt his hard throbbing cock slip inside her wet pussy and all the way in.
He took her hard against the wall with his hips slamming against her ass
with a loud thud-thud-thud as they fucked each other with a fury.

"Uh I'm gonna cum really soon Tuvok, harder, harder" She said as her hips
slammed against his thrusting pelvis. As he felt the walls of the vagina
starting to clench his cock he could not help him self and he felt he was
about to shoot his load as well.

"Oh Tuvok cum inside me, I want to feel you sperm spraying inside me" She
said as the onset of yet another orgasm came over her.

As he felt her cumming again he let his jiz shoot up his cunt as he elt her
coming with a vengeance.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" She screamed out as she felt the jet of his seed
inside her and then run down her legs.

After a few minutes Janeway caught her breath again she said "That was
sensational Tuvok, I really needed that"

"I appreciate you statement Kate. You should now be able to perform your
duty again. But if you ever need my services again" He said as he wiped the
cream off his cock.

"Oh you bet I'll require you services again. Maybe once or twice a day" She
said with a wicked smile and started to rub her tits again.

"If you think twice a day would suffice" Tuvok said totally deadpan and put
on his uniform again.

"It might not always be enough, but its a start" She said and then she got
dressed again as well.

"Anytime you require my services just ask, I'm always ready" Tuvok said as
he went onto the bridge.

Janeway went onto the bridge wondering if any of the crew heard anything.

Then she stopped. She was alone! Where was the crew? She stood on the
bridge all by her self, nobody else in sight.

"Computer, list crew complement" Janeway said out loud.

"Captain Kathryn Janeway" the Computer said.

"What!!!" Janeway said.

"And Rear Admiral Q" the computer finished.

"Q" Janeway yelled out.

"You called Kathy" A voice said behind her.

She turned to se Q sitting in the captains chair in the gala-uniform of a
Rear-Admiral, "You like it" he said with a smile.

"Where the hell is my crew" She shrieked at him.


Where is the Crew? And what is Q doing on Voyager?

Find out in the next chapter of "Q-Spot" coming soon.



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