Star Trek - Voyager: On Report (MF)
by LR Bowen

"Go away!" snarled B'Elanna when the door chime sounded insistently.

"Open up, I want to talk to you," replied Chakotay.

"I'm going to take a bath. Can't this wait?" she growled. She tied the belt of her kimono with a jerk.

"You know it can't, Lieutenant. You're already on report and confined to quarters. Don't force me to be any harder on you than I've already been."

An ironic smirk twisted her lovely mouth, but she fisted the button. With a soft sigh of hydraulics, the door slid open. Chakotay stepped in and sternly examined her, his arms crossed. The blue lines on his left temple twitched slightly. One look at his compressed lips and B'Elanna knew he was going to give her another lecture about her propensity for violence.

"Why are you so concerned with his welfare, anyway?" she snapped.

"I'm not. It's you I care about." His dark eyes, hooded by the hint of an epicanthic fold, met her fiery glance. The vestigial Klingon ridges on her high forehead emphasized her pugnacious expression. Chakotay kept his voice even, but his intensity commanded her attention. "If Janeway has to throw you in the brig, an irreplaceable Chief Engineer will be out of commission. I don't want that to happen. You've made the critical decisions that saved our necks too many times. I've been arguing with the captain for half an hour, and she knows that, but it took a long time to convince her not to bust you to grease monkey. I had to persuade her that I could get it through to you." He took a deep breath.

"B'Elanna," Chakotay said a little more gently, "don't sabotage yourself like this." She snarled silently, whirled around and plopped into a chair. Her brief wrap flew up for an instant, revealing her slim brown thighs and a flash of the dark triangle at their apex.

Chakotay inhaled sharply. The momentary glimpse had hit him like a fist in the stomach. Was she deliberately flaunting herself? Her expression was sullen, not seductive. Why would she do such a thing anyway? He had always appreciated her beauty, in much the same way he enjoyed a flaming sunrise or the wild freedom of animals. Since she served under his command, a sexual attraction to her was out of the question. Wasn't it? He quickly took a seat himself, hoping to conceal the growing prominence of his groin. Damn these Starfleet uniforms anyway, he thought irritably. They leave a man at a significant disadvantage. He closed his eyes for a moment, calling on his inner guides for calm.

B'Elanna misread his irritation and shouted, "All right, I'm sorry! So how is he, as if I cared?"

"The holographic doctor thinks he can replicate a new set of testicles, " Chakotay wearily answered. "You shouldn't let Paris get to you so much."

"You shouldn't have let *me* get to *him*, after a crack like that," she retorted.

"B'Elanna, you know you're stronger than I am. What am I supposed to do, hold you down? Sure, he was way out of line, but you've got to control your own temper, not rely on me to do it for you."

She growled and pushed back in her chair, planting her bare feet on the low table. She looked up at him through her eyelashes, grudgingly admiring his serene self-possession. It's so easy for him, she thought. He doesn't have the Klingon genes to contend with. He keeps that faint half-smile, that at-peace-with-myself control. What would he look like if he really lost it the way I can? Trying to picture an impossibility, she carelessly stretched her arms above her head. Barely restrained by her hastily tied belt, her kimono slipped open. Chakotay could see the inner contours of her small high breasts and her ridged abdominals, all the way to her navel. When she lowered her arms again, the kimono sagged perilously.

The ache in his groin and belly was becoming insupportable. He shifted uneasily in his chair, crossed and uncrossed his legs. Damn, but his thoughts were getting off track. He saw himself pinning her hands to the bed, tonguing her hardened nipples, lying between those silky, muscular thighs. Chakotay suppressed a grimace of actual pain. How long had it been? The life of a Maqui captain, and now first officer on an isolated starship had been an all-consuming duty.

The edge of one dark crest peeped tormentingly over her wrap. He started to reach out to her, but caught himself in time and ran his fingers through his hair instead.

"So--would you mind telling me," he said to cover his confusion, "Why have you been so edgy the last few weeks? Ensign Kim surely didn't do anything to deserve having a piece bitten out of his ear."

Oh shit, she thought. What am I going to tell him? He'll think I'm an idiot. He's as cool as a cucumber while I'm a mess of nerves.

"I'm just so damn--horny!" she blurted out.

"Horny?" he asked in surprise.

"It's a crude old expression, but it says what I mean. I want to *fuck* something!"

Chakotay almost fell out of his chair.

"Paris was right, damn him! *I need a good fuck*! I haven't had any fun in months! The Starfleet men all treat me like a live photon grenade, and the Maquis aren't much better!" She was working up an unreasoning rage. "It couldn't have anything to do with *you* telling them they had to follow proper military discipline, would it? I've masturbated till my fingers are falling off, but I want to claw somebody's back while he's driving it really deep!"

"I--uh--" Chakotay felt himself on very thin ice. If he stayed another moment, he was going to rip that kimono off her and do just what she asked. He stood up shakily and headed for the door, but B'Elanna blocked his path. She was about to resume her tirade when she noticed his huge erection.

"Wellllll, what's *that*?" she purred, much the way a Tyrrhenian tiger might. Her hand darted to his pants front and seized him through the material. She was almost as pleased that he had shown a vulnerability as she was at her discovery. Chakotay's restraint finally snapped. He whipped his arms around her and kissed her voluptuous mouth. B'Elanna snaked her hand into his fly and got a good grip on his throbbing shaft. While Chakotay's tongue fenced with hers, she pressed hard at the base of his cock and worked the velvety skin up and down. He groaned in ecstasy against her lips, forgetting all scruples, one hand cupping her face. His other hand seized her warm buttocks. He ran a finger between them, then pushed it forward to find the moist folds of her cunt. She was wet, and getting wetter. He switched his attack to the front and used the heel of his hand on her mound while his fingers delved into the hot damp tangle of hair.

"Ya, ya--yarrrgh!" she howled as she came, Chakotay's middle finger sliding between her swollen labia. He kept the rhythm going, stooping to suck and kiss her nipples. B'Elanna screamed with joy several times more before her legs buckled. She clung to his broad shoulders to keep from falling. When she let go, she slid to her knees anyway and pulled his cock free of his pants. It sprang out into her eager mouth. She relaxed her throat to accommodate all of him, and dug her fingernails into his buttocks. He started to move slowly and shallow to keep from gagging her, but soon accelerated his movements when she urged him on. Her sharp teeth scraped his shaft a little, but Chakotay found that oddly stimulating. He twisted his hands in her thick brown hair and paused for a moment, deep in her mouth. Then he began to thrust hard and fast, deliberately bringing on his orgasm quickly. His eyes closed as the blood thundered in his head. Hot semen shot down her throat with every pulse of his throbbing organ. A little tickle escaped at the corner of her mouth, but she licked it up with relish.

Chakotay collapsed onto the bed, panting. B'Elanna ruffled his short black hair with a lascivious smile, then began to strip off his uniform and boots.

"Damn, that was nice," he gasped, while she wadded up his clothes and tossed them across the room. He reached up and fondled her breasts. Swinging one long leg over his hips, she planted her hands on the bed, resting on all fours over his smooth-skinned, muscular body. "B'Elanna," he said reluctantly, "I really shouldn't be doing this."

"Says who?" she growled softly in his ear. She gave it a little nip. "Remember what happened to Harry, before you say anything you might regret."

"I *am* your superior officer. I wouldn't want any hint of coercion--"

"Oh, hell, just tell the board of inquiry I raped you," she muttered as she lowered her open mouth to his. He tasted the sharp salty tang of his cum as his sensual lips slid across hers. She licked his face slowly and wetly. The tongue bath continued down his throat and chest, interspersed with nibbles from her pointed canines. "I want to taste every inch of you," she purred.

"It's not just military discipline that concerns me," he said carefully, keeping an eye on her sharp fingernails. "My people don't regard physical intimacy lightly. It's a communion of spirits, not just bodies. You took me by surprise just now, and I'm only human, but--"

"Well, I'm *not* only human," she hissed. "I'm half Klingon, as you know perfectly well, and that's got --implications-- where my physical needs are concerned. You're probably the only man on this ship who isn't afraid of me, or indifferent, or actively hostile. Dammit, Chakotay, I need you."

"What am I, a penis with a body attached?"

"No, you idiot. You're a beautiful, strong man with a sweet concern for my welfare. We've been through a lot together, comrade. Keep me happy, and I won't let you down."

His every instinct screamed: danger, proceed carefully. He looked at her crouching above him, virtually naked in the loose wrap, her brown eyes sparkling with passion. "Make love with me, Chakotay," she whispered in his ear. "I'll make sure you don't live to regret it." Aware of the unintentional double meaning in her words, his mind pleaded for caution. His hands reached for her of their own accord, no more under his conscious control than was his resurgent erection. She resumed her tongue bath where she had left off.

He couldn't stand to lie still for long; he embraced her, rolled her onto her back, and fastened his mouth on her breasts. She stretched luxuriously as a cat, arching her torso upwards. Chakotay kissed her stomach and thighs, then plunged his face between her legs.

Her slick juices combined with his saliva to render his tongue nearly frictionless across her pulsing folds. The firm nubbin of her clitoris stood up to meet his lips. She shrieked as her legs shook and trembled, her feet pushing against his shoulders.

"Chakotay, fuck me," she begged, her head tossing against the pillows. "I want to rip the flesh from your *bones*, I want to feel you *pounding* that big cock into me." She screamed again while she bucked and jerked in orgasm.

Chakotay didn't wait for another invitation. He rose up on his elbows, lodged his fresh erection against her wet cunt, and sank deep. She flung her head back and howled. Her hot slippery sheath gripped around his cock like a strong hand; with a few strokes he was steely hard again. B'Elanna raised her head, licked his shoulder, then bit down fiercely enough to break the skin. Chakotay yelped in pain and dropped his full weight on her slim perspiring body. Her head fell back as she heaved and struggled. Long red scratches followed her raking nails across his back. He kissed her devouringly, their teeth catching on each other's lips. She tasted blood and her own essence, two similar substances blending into one. Chakotay pounded into her, seizing her hands and pulling them above her head. His breath came in ragged gasps. Watching her toss her hair back and forth over her straining face, feeling her breasts crushed under his sleek chest, he thought he had never seen anything more perilously beautiful. B'Elanna met him stroke for stroke, a feral light in her eyes. Her feet pummeled his thighs and buttocks. Finally she arched her entire body, lifting him off the mattress with her while she shuddered with her climax.

Chakotay felt as if he could fuck her for hours. With the edge taken off his physical hunger, he had regained enough control to keep hard without falling from the precipice. His eyes closed as he settled in for the long haul.

B'Elanna bucked him off and scrambled up from the bed. Chakotay lay stunned and abandoned for an instant, wilting a little, until she seized the back of a chair and presented her rump to him. The hirsute swollen lips of her cunt, like a pink and brown orchid, protruded below the globes of her firm buttocks. "Come on," she urged. He jumped up and obliged her. The broad head of his cock stretched her entrance deliciously as he slowly pressed into her. He worked gradually in and out to find the right angle, running a finger over her slippery clitoris. The quivering orgasm shook her body. "Goddess, Chakotay, you're incredible," B'Elanna rasped. "Why didn't I grab you the moment I saw you?"

"Right now, I haven't got the slightest idea," he responded hoarsely. He dug his fingers into her hips and set up a faster rhythm. Her small breasts jiggled with every stroke; she arched her back and rocked her pelvis to meet him, to allow his cock to slide as deeply as possible into her. One of his thumbs circled her anus and gently entered a little way. She felt his shaft tugging her sensitive folds back and forth and came again. Suddenly, he withdrew completely, his erection still hard against her rump.

"What are you doing?" she snapped, twisting to look over her shoulder.

"You pulled a little surprise on me, now I've got one for you," he grinned.

"I don't know about this, Chakotay," she said doubtfully. "You're pretty big."

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you--unless you happen to ask me to, of course," he replied like a gentleman. He supplemented the slick juices on his cock with saliva, then pressed carefully against her puckered brown opening. There was a moment's resistance, then the head popped inside. She was so hot and tight that he nearly came immediately.

"Oh--Oh, goddess, you feel so good," she moaned as he shivered in the effort to control himself. Gradually he began to move, back and forth, crouched over her back, running his big hands over her breasts and along her flanks. She caught one hand and pressed it against her vulva. He plunged deeper, still careful although he felt the tension building in his belly and thighs. She screamed and arched back, taking him completely in her ecstasy. He couldn't hold it any longer; he groaned in short, intense bursts from his chest. The climax took him. He felt a mixture of relief and regret as he released his ejaculation into her shaking body.

They both collapsed weakly behind the chair. "I'm all fucked out," laughed B'Elanna. "It's been a while."

"You'd better be," Chakotay groaned. "I'm sore all over. Next time--"

"Ah-HA!" she shouted. He rolled his eyes and continued, "Next time, we do it my way."

"Your way?"

"Meditative. Tender. Taking our time....No biting."

"Sorry about that. Take it as a compliment."

"I suppose I'll have to. Just don't remove any body parts--I don't want to have to explain it to that computer program down in sickbay."

"Fair enough. You taught me the benefits of teamwork, comrade." She kissed him and rested her head on his chest as they lay on the carpet.

"Feeling better?" he asked ironically.

"For the moment," she admitted. She studied his strong nose, firm lips and broad cheekbones, all delicately filmed with sweat. Their light brown complexions nearly matched, she thought idly, drawing circles on his chest with her index finger.



"Just how *did* Harry Kim lose that--"

"Janeway to Chakotay," buzzed his communicator.

He sat bolt upright, wincing as the scratches on his back stung and throbbed. "Where did you throw my--"

His uniform shirt hit him in the face. Quickly he fumbled for the badge. "Chakotay here."

"Report to the bridge, Commander," the brisk nasal voice replied. "How did it go with Lieutenant Torres?"

"Not bad, Captain, I'm very encouraged." B'Elanna clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a burst of laughter. "On my way," he continued, raising a brow at her. "Chakotay out."

"Oh, incidentally, Lieutenant," he said with a puckish smile as he slipped into his clothes, "you're still on report."

She shattered a vase against the closing door.



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