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Star Trek - Voyager: Nightmare Visit Part 3
by Morgan333 ([email protected])

They dragged her out of Astrometrics. The corridor was empty, though Seven
could hear distant sounds thanks to her enhanced hearing. Screams.....even
though the sound filled her with dread, she managed to find at least a tiny
bit of comfort in the fact that she was not the only one being put through
these terrible ordeals.

She walked between her captors, who held her arms in their grip, not allowing
her to move them just the slightest bit.

Every step she made hurt because of the soreness in her asshole and pussy.
She tried to keep a stern face, once again desperately trying to show that
all of this was not touching her. They could have her body, but her mind
would not be violated....that's what she told herself again. But the last
minutes had almost broken her.

Also, the fact that her body was still covered in cum did not make her feel
very strong, to be honest. It just made her feel dirty and degraded.

From the direction they were walking in, Seven could tell that they were
heading for the turbolift. Where did they want to bring her? What would
happen to her? Did she really want to think about the future ahead of her?

On their way, they did not encounter anyone. Seven assumed that the other
females would probably be held captive and raped in their quarters, not in
the would have been too uncomfortable for their attackers.

Finally, they reached the turbolift. As the doors opened, Seven heard a
whimper and looked down. A young human female was cowering in front of
them. She was sobbing uncontrollably and tried to make herself as small as
possible, embracing her knees with her arms, her face buried in her arms.
Her short red hair was covered with cum. The woman was totally naked. She
did not seem to have noticed them or even the fact that the doors were open

One of the aliens stepped forward and aproached her. He reached down, grabbed
a handful of her hair and roughly yanked her head back, making her cry out
again. Seven saw that the woman's face was covered with cum, even more than
her own. The woman looked up at the alien and began to scream, only to fall
back into hysterical sobs and pleas seconds later.

"Please no more...please no more...PLEASE!"

The alien shook his head.

"That explains why there's no one guarding her. She's broken."

He grabbed her arm and dragged her to her feet. She barely realized what was

"Step aside," he said to his comrades who did so and dragged Seven with them.
Seeing what had been done to that woman caused a wave of anger to well up in

"You...." she began, but one of the aliens interrupted her with a slap to her

"Just keep your mouth shut now." he hissed.

The alien inside the turbolift pushed his other hand against the poor woman's
back and unceremoniously shoved her out of the turbolift. She landed on the
floor and remaned there, motionless, her body wracked by more hysterical
sobs. Seven did not think she would move anytime soon...unless, of course,
one of the aliens found which case she would be subjected to even
worse treatments, that was for sure.

The aliens dragged her into the turbolift and Seven's gaze lingered on the
crying woman as long as she could see her. No one shoudl have to go through
this. Seven found her resolve suddenly strengthened again, regardless of how
she looked or what they had done to her. She would not end like this. She
would retain what was left of her dignity.

The alien went towards the small control panel and tapped a few keys.

Smoothly, the turbolift went up. The alien who'd activated the left turned
around and nodded towards Seven's guards.

"Hold her still", he said, then pressed a hand against Seven's chest, pushing
her against the wall.

"Leave me alone", she said between clenched teeth, but his only reaction was
to push his knee between her legs, forcing them apart. Seven knew what was to
come and tried to free herself, tried to kick at him, but that was impossibe
from her position.

Now, his left hand had grabebd her hip and his right hand guided his cock to
the entrance of her pussy. One thrust and he was in. Seven jumped at the
sudden jolt of pain shooting through her lower body, but she managed to keep
a stern expression. He grabbed her left hip with his right hand and started
thrusting his cock in and out at a manic pace, a treatment which soon had her
face showing an expression of intense pain again, rendering her resolution

"Look, your face ...its a mess", he said at one point while driving his cock
into her for what surely was the hundreth time.

"N-n-no....." Seven gasped, knowing what was to come.

He moved his left hand up to her face and began collecting cum from her
cheek on his fingertips. Stopping his movements inside her, he then forced
her mouth open and pushed his finger past her lips, rolling it around in her
mouth, forcing her to taste their cum again. Seven could not escape. She
tried to move her tongue away but there was only so much space in her mouth.
And finally, he had smeared the bitter fluid onto her tongue. It was almost
a blessing that he resumed his thrusts, leaving her to deal with the pain
rather the taste on her tongue. But after a few thrusts, he stopped again
and repeated the procedure.

To Seven's horror, he practically fed her all the cum that had been on her
face. When her mouth had finally been full, he had resumed his thrusts and
was holding her mouth shut, forcing her to swallow....not an easy task, since
the cum was no longer fresh. But Seven had no choice.

He laughed as he saw the movements of her throat when she swallowed the thick
glob of semen.

Finally, he stopped moving inside of her again and pulled out.

"Let's get you beautiful again" he whispered and the two aliens kicked
against her knees from behind, making her fall onto her knees.

Seven had barely recovered from her fall, when the meaning of his words
became clear. A torrent of cum gushed forth from his cock, covering her face
once again in semen. Seven closed her eyes and remained motionless, the only
choice she had left. She just lowered her head slightly so that not all would
land in her face. As a result, her short hair became even more sticky with
their semen. The aliens did not attempt to bring her back to her feet again
until the lift had stopped.

When the doors opened, they were on the bridge. And Seven's assumption was
true. She was not the only one tortured by these aliens. In the center of
the bridge she could see captain Janeway on her knees. She was naked and
her hands were bound together behind her back, obviously by two of those
wristbands they had used on Seven, only that now they were joined together.

Three aliens were standing in front of her, aiming their cocks at her face.
And now, that the doors had fully opened, they all reached their climax at
the same time, shooting their loads all over Janeway's face. Seven could not
see Janeway's face but she saw that the captain's hair was plastered with
cum. She also saw that Janeway took the humiliating treatment without moving
a muscle. She simply kneeled there, back erect, head up. The aliens dragged
Seven into the bridge and towards their comrades. Now, Seven could see
Janeway's face. It was full of their semen, long strands of cum were hanging
from her chin. There were strange red marks on her breasts and on her almost looked like her captain had been whipped. But to Seven's
amazement, Janeway's face seemed to be cast in stone. The aliens covered her
with more and more of their seed and she never so much as twitched. Seven
knew that Janeway was a strong woman...but obviously she was much stronger
than she had imagined. That, however, did nothing to diminish the revulsion
and anger Seven felt at seeing the woman she admired in this condition.

"Let her go!" she hissed and her voice seemed to have reached Janeway, for
the captain opened her eyes.

"Seven?" she mumbled, not wanting to move her lips too much to avoid having
cum drip into her mouth.

"I said let her go!" Seven repeated, her voice filled with anger. They had
abused her, that was bad enough but she could not stand seeing Janeway being
humiliated like this.

One of the aliens frowned and put on a thoughtful expression.

"", he finally said, laughing.

The three aliens who'd been jerking off over Janeway turned to the newcomers
and one of them went away with the leader of Seven's tormentors. They
whispered to each other, but Seven could not make out what they were saying.

Her eyes turned to Janeway, who was still kneeling between the two aliens.
They had their hands on her shoulders to keep her from standing up.

"Captain....what did they...." Seven asked, already knowing the answer. But
she needed to show Janeway that she cared....that someone did.

Janeway slowly shook her head. "I can'" she whispered and
now Seven could see how much painw as hidden behind that mask of her face. It
was in her eyes....a horror speaking of ordeals as bad as...or even worse,
given the red marks on her body....those Seven had had to go through.

Unfortunately, one of the aliens holding Janeway had heard the short

"You want to know what was going on here? Well, ok.....", he said
sadistically before he pushed a few buttons on the panel nex to Janeway's

Suddenly, a scene appeared on the viewscreen. As soon as Seven saw what was
being depicted, she wanted to look away but found the aliens "accompanying"
her holding her head in place, forcing her to look at the screen.

The screen showed the meeting room. Janeway was naked and lying on the table,
on her back. One of the aliens had straddled her and was pressing her breasts
together around his cock which he rubbed back and forth between them.
Janeway's head was hanging over at one side of the table and the second alien
was standing here, forcing his cock deep into her mouth. By that time,
Janeway's face had still been free of cum.

And the third alien was standing on the other side of the table, holding a
whip in his hand, brutally thrusting the whip handle in and out of her pussy.
But Janeway's breasts were not yet bruised. Seven could barely stand watching
this ordeal. It had been bad with her but what about Janeway, who was so used
to being the one in command? How had it felt for her to be stripped of all
dignity and then being used as they wished?

Janeway had closed her eyes, not wishing to witness her rape once again.

The aliens laughed as they saw the terror in Seven's eyes.

"She didn't swallow," one of them explained, though he could be sure
Seven did not bear any wish to hear more details, "and so she had to be
punished...." he emphasized his words by bending over and slapping Janeway's
breasts hard. Janeway drew in a sharp breath but again did not move a muscle.

The screen went dark again. At the same time, the two aliens who'd talked to
each other returned to them.

"We have something special for you...." one of them said. The other one went
towards one of the replicators and typed in a few commands. Soon, something
appeared. Seven stared in disbelief at the huge strapon dildo the alien now
held in his hands. She suspected what was to happen now and she dreaded the
possibility that they might force her and Janeway....

The two aliens holding the captain pulled her up. The alien holding the
strapon went around her and quickly fastened the leather straps around
Janeway's hips. Janeway remained motionless.

He grinned and whispered something into her ear. Now, Janeway did move. She
shook her head. "I am not doing this!"

"Oh you are....or do you want to feel the whip again?" His finger traced the
bruises on Janeway's breasts slowly.

"Do whatever you want to me but I am not doing this!" Janeway stated firmly.

The alien shrugged. "There are two alternatives. Either you do what I told
you or you watch her take two of us up her cute little butt. Do you really
think she will be able to stand this?"

Janeway's eyes widened at their words. "I...I will do it."

Seven looked at her. "What?"

"I...I..." Janeway began, but the alien slapped her face to interrupt her.

"Tell her exactly like I told you."

Janeway took a deep breath while her left cheek turned red.

"I...I am...going to....fuck you up the...ass with this...thing."

Seven stood motionlessly for a moment, then slowly nodded. It was still a
terrible thing to do but she knew it would not be as bad as it had been when
the aliens had taken her this way. Janeway would at least try to be gentle.
Besides, she knew that the aliens knew no conscience. And she could never
take two cocks up her ass. It was impossible.

So she did not resist as the aliens led her to one of the consoles and forced
her to bend over. Quickly, her hands were affixed to the surface via the
strange wristbands. She looked back and saw Janeway standing right behind
her, two aliens next to her. Slowly, Janeway spread her asscheeks and Seven
felt the plastic cockhead push against the entrance to her tightest hole. She
closed her eyes and tried to calm her breath, reparing for the intrusion. And
there it was. The cockhead burned terribly as it was slipping past her

"Deeper", came the order from one of the aliens.

"Give her time to adjust at least...." Janeway protested.

"I said deeper!" the alien replied and grabbed Janeway's hips, pushing her

Seven gasped as the cock went deeper.

"I'm sorry..." Janeway whispered as she slowly pushed the dildo deeper into

She was trying to be as gentle as possible, but the aiens kept forcing her
hips forward, thus making her drive the plastic dildo deeper into her
astrometrics officer. Seven tried to focus on the blinking lights of the
console in front of her, desperately wanting to ignore the searing pain in
her butt. Finally, Janeway stopped pushing the dildo forward.

"That's it. It can't go deeper." she stated.

The alien closest to her shook his head. "I've been in her. It can go deeper.
Use more strength."

Janeway shook her head. "It cannot go deeper. She cannot take it!"

She was not entirely true, Seven knew that. But if she moved any deeper, it
would hurt even more than it did now.

"Go deeper!" the alien hissed and pushed her hips forward again, this time
using so much force that the entire dildo drilled its way into Seven's
asshole. Seven's scream echoed through the room.

"I'm so sorry...." Janeway whispered. Cum from her face was dripping onto
Seven's back, but neither of the women paid much attention to that. It was
bad enough as it was.

"Now move inside of her!" the alien commanded, "and I warn you...more
disobeyances and we may yet decide to double-fuck her ass. Got that?"

Janeway slowly nodded and began to thrust back and forth, moving the dildo
inside Seven. The friction made Seven whimper softly. The next minutes seemed
like an eternity. Janeway was as slow with her thrusts as possible without
angering the aliens, but nevertheless, she could not take all the pain from
her helpless partner in this perverted game.

But finally, the aliens nodded.

"It's enough." one of them said and pulled Janeway back, the dildo slipping
out of Seven's asshole.

"What are we going to do now?"

"We are done here. We'll bring her down to our commander. Maybe she's ready

The alien nodded. "We'll stay here. Maybe we'll come down soon as well. We'll
take her with us if we do...maybe our commander wants a piece of her, too."

The three aliens she'd arrived wth dragged Seven into the turbolift again.
She looked back before the doors closed, only to see Janeway on her knees,
the dildo that had been in Seven's as being forced into her mouth.

End of Part 3


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