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Star Trek - Voyager: Nightmare Visit Part 2 (F-gang,bond,anal,humil,ncon)
by Morgan333 ([email protected])

The alien got down on one knee and looked at Seven's cum-covered face. Seven
met his gaze, trying to put the loathing she felt for him and for what she
was being put through into her eyes....which lost quite a lot of its effect
with his cum dripping down her face and her clothes in rags, not covering
anything escept for her arms.

He grinned. "I suppose that was not enough to persuade you..."

"I will not comply. No matter how much you abuse my body, I will resist!"
Seven replied, though her voice was far from firm and sure.

"I had hoped you'd say that."

He nodded towards his comrades who grabbed Seven and forced her to stand up,
carefully paying attention to every movement.

Long strands of cum were dangling from Seven's chin and her face was still
covered in the white fluid. She was just glad she couldn't see herself in a
mirror. The sight would have been even worse than this kind of humiliation.

Her tormentor turned towards his comrades. "Get a crate in here."

The alien nodded and closed his eyes. Soon, one of the crates normally found
in the cargo bay, appeared in front of them.

"On her back", the alien said and his comrades pulled Seven towards the
crate. Seven could barely walk. Her pussy seemed to be on fire, sending jolts
of pain through her body whenever she moved her thighs. The alien who'd been
the first to rape her walked towards his pants and retrieved something from
the pockets.

Seven could not see what it was because by the time he'd gotten it, she was
already being pushed down onto the crate, onto her back, her ass and her head
hanging over the sides of the crate. Again, she had struggled, but again the
aliens had been too strong. She would not show it, but Seven was beginning to
get desperate. There had to be a way out of this!

The alien not busy holding her came closer. He grabbed one of her arms and
pressed her hand flat against the side of the crate. Then, he used his other
hand to press something against her wrist. It was some sort of wristband, but
it was not closed. Instead, it covered half of Seven's wrist while small
blinking panels were attacked to its sides. Those emitted a series of sharp
clicks when they touched the crate. The alien removed his hand and Seven
immediately tried to move her hand up...only to find that it was impossible.
The half-cuff held her hand flat against the crate. The alien quickly
repeated this procedure with her other hand. Now she was truly trapped.

Without having to hold her, the three aliens stepped aside and began to
whisper. Seven could not understand what they were saying, in spite of her
enhanced senses. She was too busy trying to find a position in which the
remaining thick layers of cum on her face would not slide into her mouth or
her nose.

Finally, the aliens approached her again. The alien who had first raped her
stood at her side, the fingers of his right hand closed around his cock,
which was hard once again.

The second alien grabbed her legs and forced them apart, not giving her much
chance of resisting. The third one positioned himself next to her head. An
evil shine in his eyes, he reached down and pushed his fingers into her
cum-covered cheeks, thus forcing her to open her mouth.

Before Seven could turn away, he had rammed his cock into her mouth,
stretching her lips to the extreme. Seven's eyes flew open and she
frantically tried to get her hands free. This thing was choking her...
breathing heavily through her nose, she tried to move her head back to
ease her suffering, but he had his hand against the back of her head,
making it impossible for her to get away from his manhood.

"Mmmmm.....mmmpfh...." she made a helpless protest. What could she do? She
couldn't just witness as these monsters tore what was left of her pride to
pieces! She had to do something.....but what? The only thing she could do
was to remain strong. If she submitted, they would've won.

Seven was ripped out of her thoughts when pain shot through her lower body.
The alien between her legs had thrust his tool into her pussy and was working
it deeper into her.

"Mmmmm...mmmm" The alien pushing his cock into her mouth chuckled at her
muffled complaints.

That was when Seven decided to punish at least him for what they were doing
to her. Summoning all her strength, she took a deep breath through her
nose....and bit down as hard as she could.

The pain that shot through her teeth was as intense as it was surprising.
Instead of flesh there had been something...hard under his skin....something
very hard. The alien laughed.

"Evolution. You are not the first female who tried this. We had to adapt.
When we get hard, mineral layers are created under our skin. We can make our
cocks as hard as steel if we want to. So biting is of no use. And now suck!"

He pushed down, his cockhead hitting the back of her throat. Seven gagged.
Involuntarily, her tongue wrapped around the underside of his salty shaft.
So, even though she was not sucking him, she nevertheless gave him the
pleasure he wanted from her.

The alien whose cock was buried inside her pussy had now begun to thrust in
and out, sending searing pain through her lower body,

Her legs kicked and she tried to turn to make him pull out, but her futile
movements seemed to increase the pleasure her tormentors felt.

The alien standing by her side was massaging his own cock with his right hand
while his left hand played roughly with her breasts, occasionally pinching
and twisting her nipples to increase her pain.

Nevertheless, and quite ashaming, her nipples were getting hard from this

But while her body betrayed her there, her pussy remained dry, only
lubricated by the precum of her previous and her current assailant. It seemed
as if her body had chosen to side with her abusers.

Her body was rocked back and forth with the trusts into her swollen pussy,
she was barely able to breathe and the cock in her mouth constantly caused
her to gag. Seven closed her eyes. She could do nothing but endure what was
happening. She could not even prevent her tongue from rubbing against the
cock in her mouth.

Suddenly, the alien standing at the crate's side moaned loudly and another
wave of cum hit Seven, this time all over her breasts and belly. The fluid
oozed down the round globes of her breasts, pooled between them, gathered in
her seemed to be everywhere.

Only seconds after him, the alien in her mouth reached his climax. His load
hit the back of Seven's throat with the force of a bullet. She gagged and
realized that, if he wouldn't take it out, she would choke on his cum. But
soon after the first waves of cum had left his cock, he pulled out, shooting
the rest all over her face. A lot of cum still splashed into her mouth as she
breathed freely again, but she barely noticed. She was too glad to have this
thing out of her mouth. Still, her face was a mask of disgust and utter
hatred as she swallowed the bitter semen.

As she raised her head, she could see that the alien ramming his cock into
her pussy had closed his eyes and was also moaning. A split second later, she
felt his load shoot into her pussy. It was so much that some started to leak
out of her again, pooling on the floor.

Seven carefully turned her head and saw, much to her horror, that the two
other aliens were hard again. The third one finally pulled out of Seven and
went to talk to his comrades again. Seven tried to focus on her surroundings.
Was there anything that could help her? Not with her hands held on that
crate. Her legs were still free, but she would not be able to manipulate
anything with her feet.

As she looked over to the three aliens, she could also see her body, her
beautiful breasts being covered in cum, the fluid running down her side in
thick drops... it almost made her throw up.

But she didn't have to stand this sight long, for the aliens quickly
returned. This time they did not talk to her, they simply grabbed her arms
and loosened the devices that held her. Seven did not have to stand up,
though. They simply held her and then flipped her over so that she was on
her stomach now. A few seconds and her hands were in place again.

"Stop it!" she yelled at them, "I am not going to take this longer. I will
not submit to you."

The aliens looked at each other a moment....and then laughed.

Seven closed her eyes in shame. Her words had been futile even before she had
uttered them. She was on her stomach, her hands held in place by bonds she
could not break. Cum was dripping from her face and she had been abused two
times now without being able to effectively fight back. She was pathetic.

Nevertheless, she was not willing to break down yet. She would never comply.
Even they would make mistakes. Only one female needed to free herself. They
could not possibly know this ship well enough to find her once she'd hidden.
And from there they could be fought. No one could hold a whole ship least for long.

That thought was at least slightly reassuring. If she would ignore that they
had held her and thousands of other drones captive for 4 months.

Seven was once again yanked out of her train of thought when she was touched
by one of them. In a way that made her shudder.

He had touched her asscheeks, spreading them apart. Seven looked behind her.
Two of her assailants were standing near her, watching her closely, while the
third one was standing right behind her, his hands on her asscheeks. And now
he was using one hand to spread her cheeks while his other hand guided his
cockhead towards the entrance of her anus.

Seven felt panic was over her.

"No....don't do that", she muttered, " it will not diminish my resistance."

She was rewarded by a hard slap across her ass...and the sensation of
something big pressing against the puckered opening of her rectum.

"No..." she whispered and then it already happened. One hard thrust and the
huge cockhead had made its way past her sphincter.

And Seven screamed. Her scream echoed in the small room and it got louder
as the alien forced his cock deeper into her tight ass. Seven hadn't even
thought it possible that it would fit. But it did....the pain was
overwhelming, but it obviously fit. His cock stretched her anal tunnel
further and further as it was forced deeper into her. Seven knew that, by
screaming, she signaled them that they were on the way to breaking her in,
but this time she could not contain the pain inside. She had to scream,
for it felt as if she was split in two.

As he pulled back, Seven felt a flicker of hope that they might have decided
to get their satisfaction somewhere else. And as he rammed his cock back into
her again, this time burying more than half of it inside her, she screamed
louder than ever before.

"Stop....", she whispered as he paused to enjoy her tightness, "It's all I...
can take. You...will"

He shook his head. "No. Why do you think I am going to listen to you? Who is
being tied face down? Believe me, you are going to take it all up your ass."

He enforced his words by pulling back again...and thrusting even more of his
raging tool into her. It took him more than 1 more minute before his balls
finally touched the globes of her ass. Seven let out a sigh of relief. The
pain was still there and she felt like her insides were on fire, but at least
he could not go deeper.

But he could now start to violate her faster. And that was what he did. Seven
screamed and screamed. He thrust again and again and again.

But suddenly, he stopped and pulled out. Seven could barely comprehend what
was happening, she just felt that her gaping asshole was vacant.

She was caught by surprise when suddenly the alien grabbed her head and
pressed his cockhead against her lips.

"Suck it clean!" he snarled.

Seven stared at the glistening cock, covered in precum...she could not see
more because of the total blackness of the alien's skin.

But she knew where it had been.

"No." she stated firmly, moving her lips just so much that he couldn't push
his cockhead past them.

He shrugged....and pushed his fingertips into her cheeks again. Now she had
to open her mouth. Quickly, his cock entered her mouth.

Seven tasted cum...and something else that hadn't been there when she'd been
forced to suck the other alien off.

He laughed as he saw the expression on her cum-covered face.

While Seven still had to deal with the cock in her mouth, she suddenly felt
that another cock was at the entrance to her ass. Panicking, Seven tried to
clench her ass-muscles together, but he pushed with enough force to get his
full length inside of her in one thrust.

Seven screamed around the cock in her mouth.

At least that one did not move. The one in her ass did. The alien thrust back
and forth, his thrusts shaking her body, making her breasts brush against the
rough surface of the crate, adding to her pain and discomfort. But, like the
first one, he only thrust into her a few times before he pulled out. At the
same time, the cock in her mouth disappeared, leaving her with a taste in her
mouth that she reviled.

The alien disappeared from her view....but suddenly, she found her head being
turned stare at the alien who'd violated her ass only seconds
ago. He did not wait for her to get the idea...he simply forced her mouth
open and pushed his cock past her lips.

As she felt the cock from the first alien in her ass again, she realized that
this was not just meant to bring them pleasure....forcing her to taste the
cocks that had been in her asshole added a new level of degradation to her
ordeal. But that realization did little to numb her tongue to the strange,
unwelcome taste of her own insides or ease the pain from her asshole being

It was the same again. A few thrusts and the alien pulled out, the alien in
her mouth left her alone. Then, the cock that had been in her ass in front of
her face. Fingers pressing into her cheeks, the cock sliding past her lips.
That...taste in her mouth. And another violation of her asshole.

The only thing she could be glad about was that her asshole had been
stretched by the massive cocks punishing it, which meant that it did not hurt
as much as it had the first time.

Again, they switched positions. As Seven once again received a cock in her
mouth, the third alien, who, up to this moment, had just been standing by,
came closer.

Seeing the revulsion on Seven's face, he bent over and gently patted her
head. "Shhhh....don't look so's all yours, after all, isn't
it?" He chuckled as she tried to say something, but all that came out were
muffled screams.

Her ordeal seemed to know no end. Again and again she took their cocks into
her ass, only to be forced to taste them shortly thereafter.

She had once been so proud of her independence and her individuality, only to
realise how quickly someone could take that from her. She was a plaything for
them. And they enjoyed playing their perverted games with her.

But finally, they stopped. To her surprise, no one had climaxed. There was no
cum leaking out of her asshole and she had neither received another load in
her face nor being forced to swallow more of that bitter fluid.

"You know that you could make this easier for you..." the third alien said,
"If you would beg for mercy...well, we would still use you, but we would not
have to do these things to you. You should think about it."

Seven looked up at him, her eyes shooting daggers of hate at him. Then, she
spit out, thereby getting rid of the drops of precum still in her mouth.

The alien shook his head. "Well, I know what we are going to do with you

He nodded towards his comrades and they began to losen her bonds, then
pulling her up.

He grinned. " The air is getting stale in here. Let's go for a walk."

End of Part 2


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