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Voyager: Naomi's Special Day (Fg-solo,MFFg,oral,cream pie,first)
by BBW Lover

Naomi Wildman, the first child born on Voyager, walked into the cargo bay just as Seven of None emerged from her Borg alcove.

"Naomi Wildman, state your reason for your presence." ordered Seven.

"You promised an adventure today, remember?" answered Naomi.

"Very well. What would you like to do?"

"I heard mom and Nellix in her room last night. They were moaning and laughing and mom screamed a couple of times. I think mom called it fucking. Do you know about fucking, Seven?" inquired Naomi.

Seven thought for a moment and answered, "I do not. My parents and I were assimilated by the Borg before they could teach me about "the birds and the bees"." Seven replied. "But, we can consult the computer for information."

Seven and Naomi walked to the computer console on the wall and Seven said, "Computer, how can we learn about sex?"

The computer replied, "Sexual instruction is available on the holodeck."

"We shall go to the holodeck for further instruction." Seven told Naomi.

With that, they exited the cargo bay and proceeded to holodeck 3.

"Computer," Seven said into the holodeck control panel. "Load sexual instruction program."

"Program loaded. You may enter when ready." Informed the computer.

Seven and Naomi entered the holodeck and came face to face with an orgy of nude bodies. Seven went to the control panel and asked if this was an appropriate program for sexual instruction. The computer responded that this was the only program listed for sexual instruction. Seven, knowing nothing about sex herself, ordered the computer to continue with the program.

Walking to a couch, Seven and Naomi sat and watched the holodeck characters performing various sex acts.

"That's what mom and Nellix were doing last night." Naomi said as she pointed at a man going down on a woman.

"The female seems to be enjoying it. Are those the sounds your mother made with Nellix?" inquired Seven.

"Kinda, but mom was louder." Naomi responded.

As they continued to watch, the man inserted 2 fingers into the woman's pussy and pumped in and out, making the woman moan even louder. "THAT's the sound mom made before she screamed Nellix's name."

Seven was suddenly feeling an unfamiliar tingle in her crotch. Something she never felt when she was a drone. "I am feeling a strange sensation between my legs, and my vagina seems to be leaking." Seven said in a worried tone.

"I'm feeling it too, Seven. Is this what mom called 'getting horny'?"

"I do not know," replied Seven. "This is new to me as well."

Seven, unconsciously reached for her crotch and began to rub her pussy thru her uniform. Naomi, seeing this, started to rub hers as well.

"Maybe we should disrobe like everyone else." Seven said to Naomi.

"Good idea, Seven." Naomi replied as she began to strip.

After stripping, they lay back down on the couch, spread their legs and continued to finger their pussies. Seven inserted 2 fingers and began to moan. Naomi copied Seven's actions and let out a whimper and closed her eyes.

After several minutes, Seven looked at Naomi and had an urge to copy what the man was doing. She kept her fingers in her pussy and moved between Naomi's legs. With her free hand, she moved Naomi's hand and began to lick her clit.

"Oh, my god." Cried Naomi. "What are you doing?"

"Resistance is futile." Responded Seven.

While continuing to kiss and lick Naomi's clit, Seven inserted 1 finger into Naomi's pussy. Feeling some resistance, she continued pressing until she penetrated. Neither had no way of knowing that Seven had just broken Naomi's hymen. Naomi felt a sharp pain for a moment, but it quickly passed and she began to feel better than before. She began to pump her hips to meet Seven's finger movements as she approached her first orgasm. Seven, fingering her own pussy, also felt her hymen break but continued with her fingering because it felt too good. Upon hearing the female holodeck character screaming as she had an orgasm, both Seven and Naomi felt their orgasms reach their peak.

"Ooooohhhhhh mmmmyyyyyy ggggooooodddddd!" screamed Naomi as she achieved her first orgasm. Her hips buckled and grinded against Seven's face as she came a second, then a third time.

After it subsided, Seven lifted her head, her mouth glistening with Naomi's pussy juices. After not quite achieving a satisfactory orgasm, Seven moved to lay on her back and said to Naomi, "Please, kiss me where I kissed you. I long for release."

Taking a long breath, Naomi sat up and buried her face in Seven's modestly furry pussy. As she began to lick Seven's clit, Naomi reached down and rubbed her own clit in unison with her licking. As Seven began to grind her hips into Naomi's face, she began to pull on her left nipple and squeeze her tit. With the other hand, she held Naomi's head and moaned "This feels perfect."

While this was happening, the two holographic characters stopped their fucking and went over to the couch with Seven and Naomi. The male knelt behind Naomi and rubbed her tiny ass. He then inserted his dick into her no longer virgin pussy and began to pump. Naomi loved the feeling of a dick in her pussy. The woman straddled Seven's head and lowered herself onto Seven's face. Seven wrapped her arms around the hologram's legs and held her pussy to her face. The hologram leaned forward and gently kissed the top of Naomi's head and put a hand on Naomi's chest and pinched her nipples. Both Seven and Naomi were moaning nearly to the point of screaming.

The man was pumping furiously into Naomi's pussy and asked Naomi if she wanted him to cum in her pussy. Naomi wasn't sure what that meant, but said yes. As the man was cumming into Naomi's pussy, Naomi felt the most erotic sensation she had ever felt. She came immediately, and continued cumming until the man slowed and pulled out of her pussy. Hearing Naomi cumming so much caused the holographic female to experience her own galaxy shattering orgasm, which in turn, caused Seven to cum harder than before.

Naomi lifted her head from Seven's wet crotch and frenched the female on the lips. The man stood up and went over to another holographic female and began to fuck her. The female lifted herself from Seven's face and kissed her on the lips. She seemed to love tasting her own pussy juices. Seven seemed to love eating pussy. The female walked over to a group of other holograms and joined in their erotic actions. Naomi and Seven sat on the couch and embraced and kissed.

Naomi then said, "I love learning from you Seven. You're the best teacher I've ever had,"

"And I love teaching you. We must continue this lesson again." Seven replied.

Just then, the door to the holodeck opened up and Naomi's mother walked in. She squinted as she looked for her daughter. When she realized what was happening on the holodeck, she began to get angry. When she finally spotted Naomi, she went over to her naked daughter and screamed at Seven, "SEVEN OF NINE!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER!!????"

Naomi sat up and attempted to cover herself up and cried, "Mommy, it's not her fault. I wanted to learn about sex after I heard and saw you and Nellix last night."

After Samantha Wildman knew that Naomi had heard her having sex with her godfather, she calmed down and sat next to her daughter. "Naomi," She said, "if you wanted to know about sex, you could just ask me. I'll tell you anything you want to know. I would even have brought you here. Seven, thank you for letting Naomi know how good sex is. You can continue do instruct her, if you'd like. Just let me know where you are. And you don't have to come here anymore either. You can come to our quarters. I may even join you on occasion."

This sounded very good to Seven.

"Thank you, mommy. I love you." Naomi said as she hugged her mother.

"Let's just keep this to ourselves for now, ok?" Samantha said. "Now, get dressed you two. We need to get Naomi some breakfast."


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