Author's Note: To all porn fans, sorry this story isn't as graphic as you
might be hoping for. I started out to write a pure porn story, but the
premise got so interesting that it eventually became more of a regular Star
Trek: Voyager story with an adult theme.

Author's Note II: The events in this story can be considered as an alternate
time-line that diverges from the series sometime between the first and second
seasons, while Voyager was still in the part of the Delta quadrant familiar
to Neelix.

Star Trek - Voyager: Mary Sue Janeway (m/f,slut)
by Lumpy

Part 7: Paris, Torres And Kim

When Paris arrived at the Captain's door, he was surprised to see that the
panel indicated that she was not in. "Computer, locate Captain Janeway," he

"Captain Janeway is in Holodeck One" the computer blandly replied.

Paris shrugged, then made his way to the holodeck. When he got there, he saw
it was flagged as in use. He tapped his combadge and hailed the Captain.
"Paris to the Captain. I'm outside the holodeck. Can I speak to you for a
few minutes please?" After a moment, the indicator lights on the door panel
indicated that it had been unlocked, and Paris entered the holodeck.

Bright tropical sunlight made him squint for a moment, then he saw he was
standing on what looked like a beach. Pure white sand gleamed around him,
bright blue waves rolled gently onto the beach, and lush tropical vegetation
replaced the doorway that shut behind him. Probably either somewhere in the
Pacific on Earth, or maybe Rysa, Paris thought. The beach looked deserted at
first, but then he saw someone in the distance sit up on the sand and wave
to him. He walked down the beach and soon came upon Janeway. She was dressed
in a bikini that matched the blue of the water and sitting on a beach towel.
The bikini was skimpy by Janeway's usually modest standards, and Paris
couldn't help but notice that his captain had a rather nice body.

Janeway had felt like getting out of her cabin for a while, and Tahiti beach
had sounded nice. She finished rubbing some oil on herself, then turned to
smile at the young lieutenant. "Yes Tom, how can I help you?"

"Captain..." Paris began, not sure where to start. "How are you doing?"

"Not bad, at least, considering all that's happened." Janeway said. It was
the safest answer she could think of at the moment.

"Captain, I--that is, me and Harry and B'Elanna, well... we were wondering
what was going on." Oh, THAT was smooth Paris! Tom thought to himself.

"Going on?"

Tom struggled, trying to sound a bit less clumsy. "What I meant, was, after
the Doctor told us about you yesterday morning, some rather strange things
started happening. Tuvok had some sort of consultation with the Doctor, then
he and Chakotay had a private meeting, then Chakotay and Tuvok had another
meeting with the Doctor, then..." He didn't want to admit spying on them.
"And then they were absent from the bridge for an extended period of time,
and flatly refused to discuss the matter. I PRESUME it has something to do
with your, um, 'condition', and I couldn't help but wonder..."

Paris felt like an idiot. Usually he could charm the pants off women,
literally. So why did speaking to Janeway about this make him as flustered
as a twelve-year-old boy? Janeway had given him a chance when anyone else
would have been happy to let him rot in detention forever. And now the
thought of her having her dignity taken away, that wonderful woman being
defenseless and vulnerable... Here he was blushing like Harry for pete's
sake! The light happened to catch Janeway's glistening cleavage, and he felt
torn between staring and being too obvious in NOT looking at it.

Janeway's smile turned even warmer. "It's perfectly all right Tom. As a
matter of fact, there were certain developments yesterday. I just have been
trying to think of the best way to explain them to the three of you." He's
staring at my breasts! Janeway thought. Maybe this bikini was a lucky idea!
She came to a decision. "Tom, I think you've forced my hand. I'll explain
everything to you the best I can. But I think Kes should be here. Can you
wait a few minutes until she gets here?"

Paris couldn't imagine how Kes fit into whatever was going on, but he agreed.
Janeway reached for her combage and asked Kes if she would join her and Paris
in the Holodeck. "Oh, and we're currently on a beach. You might want to bring
some swimwear," Janeway said.

"I know just the thing!" came Kes's reply. Janeway's eyes twinkled as she
knew that Kes had gotten her unspoken message.

Not too much later, the foliage at the edge of the beach parted and Kes
stepped towards them. If Janeway's outfit could be considered skimpy, Kes's
bordered on indecent. It was best described as a thong; it technically
covered everything, but was arguably more provocative then pure nudity would
have been. Paris stared goggle-eyed, too amazed to care if he was being
obvious or not. He had fantasized about Kes more than once, but had presumed
she was faithful to Neelix. Now he felt what was left of his composure
vanish, and could only stare at the two women with a hardening lump in his

Kes sat down on the blanket next to Janeway and gave her a hug. The Captain
briefly explained what Paris had been asking about, and Kes turned to him.
"I think I should explain what's been going on; in a way, you could say I
started it all." Paris wondered what she could be getting at; he could only
nod to her to go on.

She continued, "I was there the previous evening when the Captain was in
Sickbay being examined by the Doctor. When I came into Kathryn's presence, I
picked up some rather strong feelings coming from her." She and the Captain
looked at each other. "And when I happened to touch her, I think it must have
begun a telepathic link between us. Tuvok tells me that that can happen
accidentally in some circumstances, especially when one person is very
agitated for some reason."

Paris began to pick up on what she was getting at. "You mean, you started
feeling--stimulated, as well?"

Kes nodded. "And then the next morning when I went to check up on her, and
I gave her a hug, we inadvertently formed a mind meld with each other. And,
well, neither of us had planned it that way, but we ended up making love."

"I... see," said Paris. Janeway and Kes? That was something he would never
have imagined. Yet he knew they were close friends, and now staring at the
two of them in semi-nudity, the thought was more arousing then shocking.

"Afterwards, we discovered that the telepathic link was helping Kathryn; the
sex drive that had been plaguing her was weaker because now it was spread out
between the two of us. Then Tuvok showed up, and he told us that the Doctor
had asked HIM about using a telepathic link as a possible treatment, and he
had decided to see if he could help Kathryn that way." Kes smiled at the
recollection. "Only not quite the way he'd had in mind. To make a long story
short, he telepathically melded with Kathryn himself, and they ended up
making love as well."

"Tuvok!?" exclaimed Paris. Now THAT was shocking. Usually, you would have
more luck trying to seduce a celibate monk than a Vulcan.

Now Janeway took up the story. "I don't know which of us was the most
surprised. But Tuvok has been a good friend for a long time, and the
circumstances were unusual to say the least." She couldn't help giving a
grin. "And once the aphrodisiac effect of the cabara was spread three ways,
it was lessened again. We discussed what we should do next, and Tuvok and
Kes convinced me that we should ask some more people if they would be willing
to be linked to me, and reduce the effect further."

"Chakotay? And not Neelix too?" Paris thought back to what Torres had said;
had she been closer to the truth than any of them knew?

Kes took up the conversation again. "Tuvok and I explained to them what had
happened, and asked them if they would be willing to volunteer. They had some
misgivings, but they both agreed. Tom, I know how shocking this must sound to
you, but we've discussed it carefully and we think we're doing the right
thing. We even had the Doctor test us to make sure that we weren't being
influenced to do something we ordinarily wouldn't."

Paris shifted uneasily, trying not to sit in position where his erection
would be obvious. His own reaction to the news astonished him. He respected
and cared about the Captain, and he knew the other members of the crew did
too. He would never have wanted Janeway to be exploited or abused in any way.
And now they were all having some sort of communal orgy together? It was...
the most arousing thing he had ever heard in his life! "So you're all having
a group relationship now?" he managed to say.

"Yes, and that brings us to the next subject of discussion" Janeway said.
"Right now, we're good for maybe four hours or so before any of us starts
getting desperate again. Mr. Tuvok says we should ask another two or three
people if they'd be willing to become a part of this." The look she gave Tom
made words unnecessary.

"ME? You want me to..." Paris was astonished. But also so aroused he thought
he might spontaneously ejaculate. "I... that is, you really want me?"

Janeway and Kes decided to take that for a yes. Kes reached out a hand to
each of them, and began forming the bond. She noticed that Paris was already
aroused, and he hadn't even been linked to Janeway yet. After a moment Tom
moaned and grabbed for Janeway's breasts, pulling them out of her top. Kes
pulled his uniform off, and then he was mounting Kathryn urgently. He came
almost immediately, but stayed hard and after only a moment or two was ready
to go for a second time. Janeway cried out with pleasure as she came as well.
She could certainly see what made Tom so attractive to all those women he
dated! Mr. Paris was well hung, almost too much for her at first, but she
stretched to take him, reveling in how full he made her feel.

Paris had always had trouble with authority figures. All his life it seemed
he had been in trouble with one or another- father, teachers, superior
officers, the law. Janeway had been the first person to ever make him feel
like he wasn't a failure or a disappointment. Now the ease and acceptance he
felt with her was extended to a sexual level. Here was his captain, and she
was giving him her body with complete abandon. They came together this time,
then Kes was there, her brief costume offering no obstacle at all to Tom and
Kathryn's hands and lips. They all made love with each other, coaxing the
virile young lieutenant to no fewer than four orgasms before the two women
had to finally give him a rest.

They lay there together embraced with one another, while Tom told them what
he and Torres and Kim had discussed that morning. Janeway had to chuckle.
"Chakotay was right; it's tell you three or you'd ferret it out anyway."

Paris looked a little worried. "I think B'Elanna is jealous of you and
Chakotay. I don't know HOW we can explain this to her. And Harry, I think if
we just tell him straight off, he'll die of embarrassment."

"We'll think of something," said Janeway, as she kissed him again.

* * *

In Engineering, Torres had spent the morning in a slow burn that got hotter
with every passing hour. Now one look at her face was enough for her
subordinates to decide they could handle any problems that came up
themselves. She paced back and forth, stomping between stations and slamming
control pads nearly hard enough to break them.

Janeway and Chakotay. Chakotay and Janeway. kept repeating in her mind. The
thought was enough to make her shake with anger. He slept with her. I don't
know what else is going on, but he spent the night with her. Through a red
haze, Torres could see it in her mind's eye. She THREW herself at him like
a slut! And he WENT for it, the bastard! As if SHE were the only woman on
the ship who was ever sexually frustrated! Torres thought bitterly. Where the
hell is Paris? Why hasn't he contacted us yet? Finally, Torres decided that
if she didn't do something right then, she'd go berserk.

"Computer! Locate Lieutenant Paris!"

"Lieutenant Paris is in Holodeck One," came the reply.

What the hell is he doing there? B'Elanna thought. He said he was going to
talk with Janeway! Torres slapped her combadge. "Torres to Paris!" she said,
with almost a snarl.

A moment later, Paris replied. "Yes, B'Elanna?"

"'Yes B'Elanna'?! What are you doing? Didn't you see Janeway?"

"Why, uh, yes I did. She's right here."

"AND?!" Torres's voice would have made a dog whimper.

"Well, it's... it's more complicated then we thought. It's kind of hard to

Torres gripped the handrail by her station until she was reasonably certain
she wouldn't scream. "I'm coming down there. NOW. You can explain it to me
in PERSON!" She then stormed out of engineering.

* * *

In the Holodeck, a nude Paris put his shirt and combadge back down. "Captain,
I DON'T think I handled that very well."

Janeway nodded. "I think we better get some reinforcements. Janeway to
bridge!" Tuvok answered, and Janeway told him that an irate Torres was on
her way to confront them.

"Commander Chakotay and I are on our way. Tuvok out."

* * *

As it happened, Chakotay and Tuvok arrived at the door of the holodeck at
the same time Torres did. Chakotay tried to talk to her, but she threw him a
contemptuous glare and stormed into the holodeck. The sight that greeted her
was enough to make her too astonished even to be angry for a moment. There
on the beach stood Janeway, Kes, and Paris--all three nude, their clothing
scattered about them.

"You-you..." was all she could get out. Than something inside her snapped,
and she lunged at Janeway, pure Klingon murder burning in her heart. The
others tried to stop her, but an enraged half-Klingon is amazingly strong.
They tried to hold her off Janeway, but she tore out of their grip, ripping
her uniform half off in the process. Janeway found herself on the sand,
Torres trying to get her hands close enough to claw at Janeway's eyes, Kes
and Tuvok between them.

Suddenly, it happened again: with Tuvok and Kes touching both Janeway and
Torres, a mind meld inadvertently began. B'Elanna's Klingon heritage meant
that aggression and sex were already closely related for her. Now her
jealous anger took an erotic turn, and as the mind meld released long
pent-up feelings, the human part of B'Elanna could only watch as she took
on the classic persona of the Klingon bitch in heat.

Torres snarled as she ripped the remaining shreds of clothing off herself.
Chakotay was HERS, dammit! She'd PROVE who was the dominant one! Pinning
Janeway's arms, B'Elanna pushed her thigh between Kathryn's until their
pubic mounds were firmly pressing together. B'Elanna then began grinding
her pelvis, rubbing her clitoris against Janeway's. As she semi-raped the
captain, a torrent of obscenities came out of her mouth.

"So you're HORNY, bitch? I'LL show you horny! Take THIS, you whore! Uuuh!
Fucking CUUNT! AAAAaaa.!" Torres screamed like a wildcat as she reached the
first of several climaxes. B'Elanna continued her frenzied mating with
Kathryn, who somehow didn't seem the least bit unwilling.

After a while the Klingon in B'Elanna felt like she had proved her point,
and now she cried out for the dominant warrior she needed to take her.
"CHAKOTAY!" she wailed. And there he was. Now Torres felt herself being
pulled off Kathryn, now it was HER turn to be pinned down, dominated, used
by the one strong enough to take her. Chakotay held B'Elanna down and thrust
into her, her squirming only heightening their pleasure. He pounded her
roughly and B'Elanna loved every minute of it. Finally he bucked and came
inside her. They lay together resting for a moment, before Chakotay turned
to Kathryn to make sure she was all right after B'Elanna's violent assault.

Torres had struggled for a lifetime to reconcile her two natures. Her Klingon
half was aggressive and lusty, wanting both to conquer and be conquered, to
revel in the strength of her desires. But her human half wanted tenderness,
romance, love. Part of her wanted to be wooed with candlelight, flowers, and
ballroom dancing. The other part wanted to wear leather and rape people at
knifepoint. So Torres did neither, and suffered continual frustration. But
now her Klingon half was satisfied, and as her human half took control, she
found herself weeping.

Instantly Paris was there, holding her in his arms, a look of love and
concern on his face. B'Elanna looked at him, and realization dawned on her.
Paris LOVED her! She had linked with Janeway, and now she saw what Janeway
had seen earlier; that Paris wanted nothing more than to be worthy in
B'Elanna's eyes, to love her and cherish her with all his heart. Now it was
B'Elanna's human half that reached out with need and desire. She kissed him
passionately as he ran his hands over her; so gentle where Chakotay had been
so rough! They made love as slowly and tenderly as she had been furious
before. The other two couples followed their example, and they all spent an
idyllic time on Tahiti beach.

Finally Torres was totally, completely satisfied; her two selves for the
first time in her life content together. As she lay in Paris's arms, Janeway
came over and kissed her on the cheek. Rather belatedly, she explained all
that had occurred since Kes's fateful visit to her quarters the previous
morning, and asked B'Elanna if she wanted the meld to continue. B'Elanna felt
like she had at last found the answer she had looked for all her life, and
her double nature could now enjoy the best of both worlds. She heartily

The crisis over, Chakotay and Tuvok returned to the bridge, and Kes decided
to pay Neelix a visit and bring him up to date on the latest developments.
That left Janeway, Paris, and Torres in the holodeck; Janeway asked the two
younger officers' advice on how to inform Ensign Kim about the rather
extraordinary events of the past two days.

"He's expecting to hear it from us anyway, so I think he would be take it
better if we told him" said Paris.

"And how... that is, do we ask him if he wants to get involved in this?" said
Janeway. "Harry's always seemed to be the shy type to me. It's his choice,
but I'm worried he make take it the request the wrong way."

"Actually" said Torres, with a thoughtful look on her face, "I think he might
just jump at the chance to fulfill a dream of his."

That brought quizzical looks from Janeway and Paris. "B'Elanna, you don't
mean to say Harry's wanted to sleep with me, do you?" Janeway asked.

"No, it's not that exactly" said Torres. "I mean... Well, you know as Chief
Engineer, I have access to the master holodeck files." The other two nodded,
and Torres continued. "A couple of months ago I was doing some database
maintenance, when I found a discrepancy in the holodeck usage logs. It turned
out that Kim has been running a holodeck program a couple of times a week
since he first came on board, and then erasing the record of the sessions
from the log." Torres smiled "A master hacker, Harry is NOT. Anyway, I had to
straighten out a huge mess, so I decided to see what the hell was so secret."
Torres looked rather guilty "I know, holodeck sessions are private. But Kim
had royally screwed up the database, so I felt I had a right to know. It
turned out to be an erotic fantasy. It seems Harry is a submissive."

"Submissive? You mean sexually?" said Paris

"Uh-huh. And in the program he runs-" B'Elanna looked at Janeway with a smile
"he's under the command of a female officer who's a raving nymphomaniac, who
shamelessly uses him as her obedient trained stud."

Paris gave a grin. "Well at least now I know why it's so hard to get him to
date. Kind of hard to tell a first date, 'By the way, would you mind tying me

"And now with what the cabara's done to me, and you and the others joining
with me telepathically..." Janeway looked aghast. "Now I'm not sure we can
ask him. Taking advantage of Kim's fantasies would be exploitation."

"Captain, is giving someone something they want exploitation?" said Paris.
"You and Kes made me a offer that was pretty hard to refuse. And frankly,
I've been worried about Harry. He's getting shyer around women all the time.
And now I think I know why; he's becoming 'holoaddicted'. Maybe this would
be exactly what he needs--someone he can play out his fantasy with safely,
drag him out of his shell."

Torres added, "Kathryn, it's ultimately Harry's choice. We'll ask him, and
if he says yes, then what else is there to do about it? We tell him the truth
and let him choose." Janeway agreed, still somewhat reluctantly.

* * *

After his duty shift had ended, Kim went to Torres's quarters, where the
three of them had arranged to meet that afternoon. When he arrived, Paris and
Torres were there waiting for him.

"So what happened? Did Janeway tell you anything?" asked Kim.

Paris and Torres looked at each other with rather strange smiles. "Yes she
did," said Paris. "It turns out B'Elanna was right; Janeway HAS put a red
light outside her door. She's been seducing everyone she comes into contact

"W-WHAT!?" a red-faced Kim managed to cough out.

Paris and Torres then related all they had learned to Kim, although they
didn't reveal their knowledge of Kim's fantasies and how they knew it must
be effecting him. By the time they were done, the young ensign was breathing
heavily and Torres slyly noted Kim's pants tenting out. When they related
Janeway's offer to Kim, he gulped several times and finally could only nod
yes. Paris hailed Janeway and Kes and the two of them, having been standing
by hoping that Kim's answer would be "yes", quickly joined the three junior
officers in the cabin.

Janeway reaffirmed that Kim wanted to bond with her, and this time he was
able to get a "yes" out weakly. Janeway and Kim sat down together and Kes
performed the now familiar procedure. As their minds melded, Kim found
himself doubly excited; both by the telepathic influence coming from Janeway,
and by the fact that it matched his fantasy so perfectly. He looked up as
Janeway mounted him, and now Kim's fantasy had come true: She was an
insatiable vixen, able to effortlessly command and arouse him, using him
like a trained stud beast. Janeway found herself in control of a now totally
enthralled Kim. Paris and Torres had been right; Harry really DID want this,
and reassured she rode him with a rather smug look on her face. She felt
surprisingly aggressive; a combination of her natural leadership personality,
the roll Kim expected her to play, and some Klingon influence from her meld
with B'Elanna.

While the two of them mated, Tom, B'Elanna and Kes followed their example.
Then B'Elanna went over to the replicator, and ordered an item of clothing.
She finishing dressing just as Kim finally exploded into orgasm, having been
expertly held at the brink by Janeway until she had had her fill. Janeway got
up and traded places with Torres, who was now dressed in a leather dominatrix
garment of Klingon design. The look on her face was feral as she approached
Kim, now re-hardened and staring at her in fascination.

"Soooo..." Torres purred, "Harry wants a demon bitch to rape him? I think we
can manage that." Once again, the dominant part of Torres' personality took
control. B'Elanna untied several of the leather thongs holding her garment
together and used them to bind Kim's hands and feet. She then took him,
actually holding a dagger to his throat during the process (although she
didn't actually draw blood like a full-Klingon would have.) While B'Elanna
worked Harry for another round, the other three watched bemused while making
love again.


It was late evening on the bridge. It was the senior officers' turn to man
the second shift, and they would shortly be turning the bridge over to the
night watch. Janeway turned to see Torres come in to turn in her daily
engineering report. Torres stopped long enough to give Kim a smile and to
cup his groin--her way of reasserting her domination of him. She wouldn't be
using him tonight though; it was Kim's turn to spend the night in Janeway's

As she exited the bridge, Torres gave her buttocks a wiggle that she knew
everyone on the bridge would see and appreciate. Chakotay and Paris looked
at each other with grins on their faces. When the shift ended they would be
joining Torres in her quarters for yet another round of the friendly
competition between them. Paris still had a trace of his old defensiveness
to superiors, and with Chakotay it took the form of being determined to
prove that he could match or better anything Chakotay could do sexually. So
far, the only clear winner was B'Elanna.

Janeway reflected on the way they had sorted out the multi-faceted relations
between them all. They all averaged between three and four sexual acts a day
with one partner or another. As the primary focus of the sexual and
telepathic bond, Janeway had sex regularly with all seven others. Torres
primarily partnered with Chakotay, Paris, and Kim. Kes preferred Neelix and
Tuvok. Janeway looked around at her spouses (for that was how they all
regarded each other) with joy in her heart. They were still stranded in the
Delta quadrant with no idea how they would ever make it home, certain to
eventually face life-threatening crises. But now, whatever the future and the
galaxy might throw at them, even more than ever, they had each other.

The ship's rumor mill had picked up that something was going on in the
personal lives of the senior staff, but so far the full scope of their group
marriage hadn't gotten out yet. Janeway wondered how long their
unconventional arrangement could be kept a secret. She wasn't worried anymore
about how the crew might take it, so much as that there didn't seem to be any
way to explain it without revealing the properties of cabara. Despite how
well things had turned out for the eight of them, Janeway fretted that the
cabara was a disaster waiting to happen. Still--and that reminded her...

* * *

"Captain's log: supplemental. Apparently, the days of griping about the taste
of Mr. Neelix's cooking are over. It turns out that cabara was the missing
ingredient in a large number of his Talaxian recipes. Now that denatured
cabara is available, the quality of our food has dramatically improved. It
has turned out to be." Janeway smiled "-a significant source of pleasure to
me personally. End log entry."



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