Author's Note: To all porn fans, sorry this story isn't as graphic as you
might be hoping for. I started out to write a pure porn story, but the
premise got so interesting that it eventually became more of a regular Star
Trek: Voyager story with an adult theme.

Author's Note II: The events in this story can be considered as an alternate
time-line that diverges from the series sometime between the first and second
seasons, while Voyager was still in the part of the Delta quadrant familiar
to Neelix.

Star Trek - Voyager: Mary Sue Janeway (m/f,slut)
by Lumpy

Part 6: Meetings And Plans

That evening the five of them decided they should meet together and discuss
what to do next, so they met in Janeway's quarters again over dinner.
Chakotay was astonished at the change in Neelix. He had STRIDDEN into the
room; Neelix never strode. Shuffled yes; on occasion shambled. But now he
walked like a Klingon warrior who had just torn his worst enemy's head off.

Kes and Neelix brought in some food from the messhall, including some cabara
that Kes swore had been made thoroughly safe. They enjoyed a good laugh over
that; the last thing anyone of them needed was to increase the sexual urge
that even split five ways was still quite strong. They dined and talked, and
finally the subject turned to what their next step would be.

Janeway took the lead. "So exactly how far are we going to take this?" She
was still worried that when they did get back to the Federation, they would
all be up on charges for conduct unbecoming officers.

Tuvok replied. "I have been attempting to come up with an answer to that very
question. As nearly as I can determine, there is a limit to how many people
can be linked to the captain before the law of diminishing returns sets in. I
believe that another two or three volunteers is about the maximum that would
offer any real improvement."

"So who else should we ask?" said Kes.

"I think we're going to have to at least inform B'Elanna, Tom, and Harry
about what we're doing." said Chakotay. "When Tuvok and I got back to the
bridge, we had to stonewall them. They aren't going to be satisfied until
they know what's going on, and if we don't tell them, they're going to snoop
until they do."

Janeway agreed. "They're the only other people who know what the cabara did
to me. I'd rather tell them then risk bringing anyone else into it if we have
any choice."

Neelix spoke up; his usual wheedling voice was now filled with quiet resolve.
"And we should ask them if they want to volunteer? How do you think they'll
take it? I know I nearly dropped dead with shock when Kes told me."

Chakotay chuckled. "Make that two of us".

Tuvok raised an eyebrow. "I myself was... perturbed".

Janeway smiled, then looked serious. "I know; all of us. Are you CERTAIN the
Doctor was correct? I know it feels so right, so natural. Yet all of us went
from the deepest doubt to complete acceptance almost instantly. And here we
are, planning on seeing if we can seduce three more of our friends into what
none of us would have believed possible two days ago." She shook her head.
"How could any of us KNOW, if somehow our minds had been altered by all

"I think the very fact that we have these doubts is a good sign," said Kes.
If somehow our moral or ethical sense had been compromised, would we even
care?" She turned to look at them all in turn. "I know that we have all been
subjected to some very powerful... persuasion today. But we all still had a
choice, and we all took it of our free wills. I embraced Kathryn, knowing in
advance that it would cause me to become highly aroused; the mind meld was
admittedly unexpected, but I feel like all that did was allow me to see
truths about myself I hadn't realized--just how deeply I truly love Kathryn
for example."

Tuvok took up the thread. "And even after I had melded with the Captain and
Kes, I still could have withdrawn from the link; I chose not to. And
afterwards, I too discovered that I had found a new perspective of myself."
Tuvok paused to consider. "When a meld is completely unrestricted, when
two-or more-persons open themselves totally to each other, it often has the
effect we've seen: a reevaluation of one's ego, and an acceptance of the new
viewpoint. Usually, only Vulcan couples linked in Pon Farr ever become
enmeshed that intimately."

Chakotay, who was sitting on Janeway's right, looked towards her and took her
hand in his. "Or to put it another way, you could say that the meld simply
does very quickly what usually takes months or years; binding together people
who are truly committed to each other. I know I feel like we've been with one
another a lifetime already."

Kes and Neelix imitated the two, also joining hands and smiling at one
another. It had been, what, almost five hours since any of them had made
love? Kes and Neelix started kissing one another. "Being incredibly hot for
each other certainly doesn't hurt either," Kes said teasingly. Neelix started
caressing her breasts while Janeway reached out and cupped Chakotay's groin,
where sure enough she found him erect. In very little time they were all
undressed, Kes joyously riding Neelix, while Tuvok and Chakotay worked
together on Kathryn.

Finally they had all had enough, for the moment anyway. Tuvok returned to the
bridge to take a night watch, Kes and Neelix went back to the messhall to
clean and prepare it for tomorrow, and Chakotay remained with Janeway. They
spent the night together, talking and making love at intervals before finally
getting some sleep. Just before she drifted off, Janeway asked herself, Just
how are we going to tell them about this? but no answer came before she was
sound asleep.

* * *

The next morning Janeway and Chakotay woke up and made love again, then
discussed how they might break the news to the three inquisitive junior
officers. Janeway thought they might try asking them one by one, Chakotay
thought it might work better if they were told as a group. But if simply
explaining what had happened would be difficult, neither Janeway nor Chakotay
could think of how to ask if any of them would be willing to meld with
Janeway. With no better ideas then they had had last night, they decided to
wait a while longer. Janeway elected to remain in her cabin for now, and
decided against getting dressed other than to put on a robe. If today went
anything like yesterday, she might be spending the day with 'guests' again.

Chakotay said he would have Kes or Neelix bring her some food, and left just
in time to greet Tuvok returning from his night shift on the bridge. Tuvok
entered Janeway's quarters, and she greeted him with a smile and opened her
robe. They made love as well, then Tuvok left to go to his quarters and get
some sleep. This time, he met Kes in the hall outside Janeway's door, who
was bringing Kathryn some food. She and Janeway sat down and shared some
breakfast while Kes told her how she and Neelix were doing. Their lovemaking
this morning had been somewhat difficult; they were both sore from their
exertions the previous day. But fortunately the Doctor had been able to
prescribe some painkillers and they were managing. Neelix was back in the
messhall as business was picking up again, but he thought he might drop by
later in the day. Their breakfast done, Kathryn embraced her latest visitor
and they reenacted Kes's first visit the previous day. Finally Janeway lay
back on her bed, tired but feeling good, and decided she'd had plenty, at
least for the next few hours.

* * *

In the messhall, Paris, Torres and Kim were sitting together hunched over
their food, and whispering like conspirators. "So what did you find out?"
said Torres.

"I didn't have much luck at first" replied Paris. "None of the records from
Sickbay are available; I suppose if the shoe was on the other foot, we
wouldn't want anyone to be able to eavesdrop on US." Paris allowed himself
a small grin. "But then it occurred to me that the ship's corridors are
public areas. I couldn't find out what anyone DID in any of the rooms they
went to yesterday, but I was able to trace out their movements." He pulled
out a datapad and consulted it. "I still don't know what any of it means, but
it's a rather interesting itinerary. After we helped Kes in the hydroponics
lab, she went to sickbay for a few minutes, stopped by the messhall briefly,
then went to the Captain's quarters."

"Probably brought her some food," said Kim.

Paris nodded. "Anyway, while she was there, Tuvok got that call from Sickbay.
He went there, then HE went to the Captain's quarters. They were there for
nearly two hours after Tuvok's arrival. Then Kes and Tuvok left at the same
time, and Tuvok returned to the bridge. He had that talk with the Commander,
he and Tuvok went to Janeway's cabin, then they go to sickbay together and
Kes met them there. Then Tuvok and Kes go back to the Captain's cabin, and
Chakotay and the Captain join them about fifteen minutes later. They all stay
there another hour or so. Chakotay and Tuvok return to the bridge and won't
say what happened. Kes goes to the messhall, and then she and Neelix go back
to Janeway's quarters, and THEY spend some more time there. And then, they
all rendezvous back in Janeway's cabin again later that evening." Paris
looked up from the datapad and regarded them from under his eyebrows. "Oh,
and then to top off the sundae--Commander Chakotay didn't reenter the
corridor outside the Captain's quarters anytime last night."

That brought shocked looks from both Kim and Torres. "He spent the night with
her?" Torres rasped, trying to keep control of her voice.

"'s POSSIBLE he maybe just spent the night on her couch..." Paris
said, his voice clearly indicating he didn't believe it for an instant. "Or
maybe he decided to have himself beamed back to his cabin..."

"I don't believe this!" said Kim. "Three days ago, if you'd told me the
Captain and Commander Chakotay had started an affair, I'd have asked 'what
took so long?' But now? And what was everyone else doing going in and out
of her quarters all day long? I thought she'd said she wanted to be left

"Maybe she changed her mind" grumbled Torres. She had dreamed of having
Chakotay herself. The Captain had always seemed uninterested in pursuing
him; now this.

"Just what are you suggesting?" said Kim

"Maybe she's decided to put a red light outside her door," said Torres, a
bitter edge to her voice.

"B'Elanna!" cried Paris. "That's ridiculous! Janeway could never do anything
like that! And even if... if she somehow wasn't herself, you can't imagine
that Chakotay or Tuvok or Kes or--NEELIX?--would ever take advantage of her!"

"Well, YOU tell me what Chakotay was doing last night!" B'Elanna said

Paris could only shake his head. "Sickbay. It all starts in sickbay. The
Doctor's been looking for something, anything that might be able to cure her.
They all visit sickbay--well, all except Neelix--and then they all spend time
with the Captain in her cabin. Maybe they... I don't know, they're discussing
something? Something classified?"

Kim looked doubtful. "That they'd tell Neelix and Kes, but not us?"

Torres's Klingon temper threatened to flare up. "I say we stop beating around
the bush; we go to Janeway, and demand she tell us exactly what's going on!"

"I'LL go," said Paris. "Storming in there making demands isn't going to budge
Janeway an inch. I can try to be persuasive. If that doesn't work, then we
can always go to Chakotay together and make it an official request."

"Be DAMN persuasive!" replied Torres.

With that, the three put their trays in the disposal chute and went their


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