Author's Note: To all porn fans, sorry this story isn't as graphic as you
might be hoping for. I started out to write a pure porn story, but the
premise got so interesting that it eventually became more of a regular Star
Trek: Voyager story with an adult theme.

Author's Note II: The events in this story can be considered as an alternate
time-line that diverges from the series sometime between the first and second
seasons, while Voyager was still in the part of the Delta quadrant familiar
to Neelix.

Star Trek - Voyager: Mary Sue Janeway (m/f,slut)
by Lumpy

Part 5: Chakotay And Neelix

When Tuvok and Kes arrived back at Janeway's quarters, they looked at one
another, and wordlessly began removing each other's clothing. It had been
long enough that already they were both in need of sexual release again.
Tuvok decided that it would be a good opportunity to practice some mental
disciplines that combined exercising their telepathic abilities with mating
techniques, the Vulcan equivalent of the Tantra. They adopted modified lotus
positions, Kes sitting in Tuvok's lap; and as they brought each other to
multiple orgasms, Tuvok taught Kes the methods she would need to be able to
establish a mind meld between two other persons.

They were still in that position when Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay
entered the room. Chakotay was startled at what looked like an extremely
private scene, but Janeway reassured him that they had nothing to hide from
either of them. Not wanting to make this any harder for Chakotay, Janeway got
some robes and handed them to Kes and Tuvok, who dressed enough to relieve
the embarrassed flush on Chakotay's face. Janeway ducked into the sanitary
closet and emerged a few moments later also wearing a robe.

Janeway took Chakotay's hand. "Is this really what YOU want, Chakotay? Are
you ok with this?"

Chakotay didn't trust himself to answer for a second; he wasn't sure he knew
himself. But it was a sink or swim moment, so he gave Janeway a nod, then
said, "How do we do this?"

Tuvok answered the Commander's question. "We should sit within arm's reach of
each other." He walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed, indicating
the others should join him. They sat in a circle, Janeway opposite Chakotay,
with Tuvok between them on one side and Kes on the other. Tuvok reached out
and touched Janeway's face with his left hand, and Chakotay's with his right.
Following his lead, Kes repeated the motion, using her hands to link Janeway
and Chakotay together. Working together, Tuvok and Kes began the process of
initiating a mind meld between Janeway and Chakotay.

Chakotay found himself relaxing, feeling almost like he was observing the
ritual from outside. It was very similar in some ways to ceremonies he had
undergone in his spiritual quests. He concentrated on blanking out his mind
and letting whatever vision that would come to him. An image came to him; it
was Kathryn Janeway, in all the guises he had known her. First as merely a
potential foe, the Starfleet officer bent on capturing him and his crew.
Then as the astonishingly strong and determined captain who had guided them
unfailingly through thick and thin. Then as the friend he admired and
respected. And then as something more: the woman he found himself
increasingly attracted to, the woman he would gladly offer himself to for a
lifetime, if she only would have him. The woman he loved.

And with a flash, he felt her presence. They were together. And he saw that
she had stood on the brink of giving herself to him, but had denied herself,
for all the reasons he so admired in her: faithfulness, duty, and above all
the love and care she felt for her ship and her crew. Chakotay saw that
Kathryn did love him, but that fate had intervened to make the relationship
he had dreamed of impossible. Yet now Chakotay no longer felt any sense of
loss or regret; a new path, a new future lay before him, one that would still
include Kathryn and their loving one another, yet in a way he could never
have foreseen. Chakotay could see it now, as clearly as any vision he had
ever had. And his spirit guide had told him more than once that to complete
a vision quest, you often had to take the path you had never expected to.

In the physical world, Tuvok and Kes opened their eyes. The Captain and
Chakotay were looking at each other, yet their gazes were directed inward,
seeing each other from within. Tuvok nodded, and they removed their hands
from Janeway's and Chakotay's faces. Tuvok undressed the Captain, while Kes
helped Commander Chakotay out of his uniform, then left them together on the
bed. Janeway and Chakotay brought their bodies together, while Tuvok and Kes
sat on the floor and resumed their interrupted meditation.

After a timeless interval, Chakotay found himself in his body again, Kathryn
spooned against him. Tuvok and Kes had finished and dressed again, and were
sitting together lightly caressing each others faces. Chakotay had left all
embarrassment behind him. He loved Kathryn, and felt completely at ease with
the experience they had all shared. He kissed her, then said softly "Tuvok
and I should get back to the bridge. We've been away a long time already."

Tuvok nodded his agreement, while Kathryn gave Chakotay a farewell kiss. The
first officer put on his clothes, and the two men left the room.

Janeway got up to shower and dress yet again, and Kes kissed her good-bye as
well. "I'm going to have a talk with Neelix," she said on her way out.

Kathryn could only shake her head in amazement. After all that had occurred
today, she wondered if there was anything that couldn't happen. But Neelix?

* * *

Kes entered the messhall, where Neelix was going through the motions of
preparing the next meal. It still looked like there would be few diners, but
someone had to make sure there was food available if anyone wanted it.

"Neelix, can I talk to you for a few minutes?" Kes said to him.

"Of course Kes, just a second." Neelix turned some burners down to simmer,
took off his apron, and went with her to an adjacent storage area. "What's
on your mind?" Neelix asked.

"Neelix, Tuvok and I think we've found a way to help the Captain. But it
requires the help of some people she can trust. People who would be willing
to take on a very special responsibility."

"I'd do anything to help the Captain! Anything at all! You know that Kes."
Neelix replied emphatically.

"Neelix; do you trust me?" said Kes. Explaining this was going to be a
delicate matter.

"Why, of course I trust you! With my life, my darling!"

Kes hesitated a moment, then went on. "Neelix, I know this is going to sound
very strange, but I want you to consider it seriously. I want you to make
love to Captain Janeway."

Neelix make a strangled sound, while his spots turned several different
colors. Finally, he was able to sputter out "Th- the Captain?? You want- with
Janeway? Me and..."

Kes took his hands in hers, and did her best to explain the situation. She
told Neelix that she had accidentally formed a mind meld with the Captain,
and discovered that the sexual urges Janeway was currently forced to feel
lessened when spread out between more than one person. She added that Tuvok
had also entered into a link with the Captain, further diluting her libido.

Kes then delicately explained that sexual consummation between the persons
linked seemed to be an integral part of the treatment. "You mean... you and
the Captain... and then her and Tuvok..." Neelix looked appalled and
embarrassed, and Kes knew she would have step in quickly.

"Neelix, no one, not the Captain, myself, or Tuvok expected it would happen
that way. It was an accident. And neither of us is sorry it happened, if it
means being able to help Kathryn."

"And now, you want me to- to DO her as well?" Neelix was virtually in shock,
wondering if first the Captain and now Kes and Tuvok had totally taken leave
of their senses.

"If it's any consolation, the Captain was equally surprised when I suggested
asking you" said Kes. "Neelix, she needs help, and I think you can understand
that this isn't the sort of thing she can ask just anyone. I wouldn't have
suggested it to you if I didn't think you weren't someone whom the Captain--
AND I--can trust. Tuvok says that just the one time should be all it takes to
establish the link."

"And then afterwards--she would be better, while I would be, um, more...

"Exactly" said Kes.

Neelix thought it over. He had received the shock of his life about five
times in the last five minutes. Kes and the Captain? The Captain asking her
friends to.. to..? The cabara must have effected her worse than he'd
realized. But if things were that bad, if he could somehow make amends...

"You really want me to do this?" Neelix asked Kes. Although he had suffered
bouts of jealousy over Kes, mainly out of a desire to protect her, he had
never really doubted that their relationship was faithful. Now Kes WANTED
him to be with another woman? A woman SHE had been with? The CAPTAIN?

"It has to be your decision Neelix. But I won't think less of you either
way." Kes said, hugging Neelix to closely to her.

Neelix considered. Kes was his life. And since being lucky enough to meet
them, so had Voyager and her crew. Now Captain Janeway would never be able
to command ever again, unless someone could help her. It was his fault, he
had gotten her into this. If he could do anything to help her, he had to do

"I. Ok, I'll do it" said Neelix. "When should I. I mean, how do...?"

Kes beamed in gratitude at Neelix. "If you're finished cooking, I'll see if
the Captain is free now." She helped Neelix put the stew he'd prepared in a
warming pot, left it out on the counter for anyone who might be hungry enough
to trust Neelix's cooking again, then led him off towards Janeway's quarters.

* * *

When Kes and Neelix arrived at the Captain's quarters, they found the door
unlocked and the comm at the door reactivated. Kes informed the Captain that
they were there and the door opened immediately. Kes had to almost drag
Neelix inside; he had no idea what to expect. His fears were somewhat
alleviated to find that the captain was sitting calmly in a chair reading a
long-deferred engineering report. She was dressed modestly in a robe and long
gown, and didn't seem to have turned into some ravenous she-rapist.

She turned to greet the two of them and smiled. "Mr. Neelix? Has Kes
explained things to you?"

"Um. Er.. Yes. That is, she told me about... the ... what you..."

"It's all right Neelix" Kes tried to calm him. "Just sit down here for a
minute. Kes guided Neelix into a chair, then sat next to him, and reached out
her hand to his face. She moved her fingers to the nerve centers that Tuvok
had shown her and reached out with her mind. Neelix's nervous agitation
calmed and his breathing slowed. Now that she knew from experience what to
try, a mind meld was fairly simple and easy to achieve. After a moment, she
gestured for Janeway to come over to them. Janeway brought her chair over and
positioned it so that she could sit within arms distance of both Kes and
Neelix. Kes reached out with her other hand and repeated the same touch on
Janeway as she had with Neelix. For a minute or so, none of them moved or
said anything.

Then slowly all Neelix's spots darkened, and several extra ones seemed to
sprout on his face. His pants spasmed as his suddenly awakened penis sought
to reach out. "By the Great Tree!" Neelix whispered. Kes removed her hands,
looked with satisfaction at the two of them, then gently helped them both up
and guided them over to the bed. In a moment, they were all nude, and Kes
decided that this time she would actively aid them in bed; even with the
meld, Neelix could probably use the reassurance.

She had Neelix lie on his back, and helped Kathryn to straddle him. To her
delight, Janeway discovered that what she had glimpsed from Kes's memories
was true; Talaxian males had slightly prehensile penises, and muscles in
their groins that allowed them to thrust and retract their phalluses without
moving their hips. All Janeway had to do was sit there, and let Neelix work
his penis in and out of her, flexing against the sensitive spot in her vagina
and her clitoris. All the while, Kes caressed her breasts and stroked
Neelix's testicles.

In their bond, Janeway saw Neelix from a viewpoint she had never appreciated
before. In his youth, Neelix had been a brash, rakish womanizer; not unlike
Mr. Paris in many ways. But that had been before the apocalyptic war that
had left Talax a ruined graveyard. Anyone who could coax a pile of scrap
machinery to make warp had left the planet and never looked back. In the
years that had followed, Neelix had scraped together a hand-to-mouth
existence; sorrow and disappointment had usually been his lot. And dealing
with aliens who were usually unsympathetic at best and hostile at worst had
made the persona he had adopted to survive a second nature. The humble,
unthreatening, stupidly cheerful and optimistic vagabond. Only two good
things had ever happened to him since then--Meeting Kes, and becoming part
of the Voyager crew. Now as they bonded physically and mentally, Janeway
offered comfort and acceptance to Neelix, and in turn received his adoring
gratitude, as well as an astonishingly good fucking.

When they were done, Kes kissed them both and then seeing that Kathryn had
had enough to hold her for a while, opened her legs and invited Neelix into
her. Neelix had a smug grin on his face. He felt like he was sixteen again,
before a lifetime of worry had ground him down. He was Neelix; the despair
of fathers across half a district, the one the girls at the boarding school
left their windows unlocked for. Kes wanted him, Kathryn wanted him, he still
had the old touch after all. And the boost to his capacity he'd received
from Janeway was making it as easy as breathing. He pumped until he knew his
groin would be sore in the morning, but at last the three of them lay panting
and sweaty on the bed.

Neelix turned to the captain and said, in a voice now filled with calm
confidence, "Captain--it's been a pleasure and an honor to be with you."

"Any time Mr. Neelix" Janeway smiled back. And she knew that wasn't a figure
of speech. Given the increased libido and restored self-confidence Neelix now
had, Janeway had no doubt that he would be more than happy to repeat the

Neelix returned a rather wolfish grin, then frowned slightly as a thought
occurred to him. Something he'd picked up from Janeway's memories while they
were melded. "Captain" said Neelix, "There is something I need to ask you,
and I want you to be completely candid with me about it." He gave Janeway his
most serious look. "Is my cooking really that bad?"


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