Author's Note: To all porn fans, sorry this story isn't as graphic as you
might be hoping for. I started out to write a pure porn story, but the
premise got so interesting that it eventually became more of a regular Star
Trek: Voyager story with an adult theme.

Author's Note II: The events in this story can be considered as an alternate
time-line that diverges from the series sometime between the first and second
seasons, while Voyager was still in the part of the Delta quadrant familiar
to Neelix.

Star Trek - Voyager: Mary Sue Janeway (m/f,slut)
by Lumpy

Part 4: Revaltions And Decisions

Lying together contentedly, they discussed what to do next. "It would
appear," said Tuvok, "that the melding has achieved it's desired effect.
Sharing Kathryn's sexual impulse between us has reduced the maximum effect
any one of us feels."

"It's more than just that Tuvok," said Kes, "the length of time we're
satisfied has increased too. Poor Kathryn couldn't get more than a few
minutes relief when she was alone. Then I joined her, and after we made love
it was nearly half an hour before either of us felt any urgency. Now that
you're with us, I feel like it would be an hour, maybe two, before it would
get unbearable again."

Janeway had a sudden inspiration. "Of course! We've been seeing this the
wrong way around. It isn't just that I'm giving you my excess libido; you're
giving me something back as well, something I no longer have on my own: the
ability to be satisfied."

"Nonetheless," said Tuvok, "As things now stand, we have traded having one
of us being completely incapacitated for three of us being severely limited.
Once every two hours would be incompatible with almost any humanoid society,
with the possible exception of the Deltans."

"Well, we're nearly out of telepaths onboard ship, so I don't see much
room for improvement" said Janeway; she had meant it as a joke, but Tuvok
considered her statement.

"Perhaps not Captain; it would not be necessary for the person bonding with
you to be a telepath. A sufficiently adept third party, such as myself or
Kes, could establish the link."

"What?!" said Janeway. "Ask MORE people to join us? Tuvok, Kes, I'm grateful
to you both, more than words can say, but I can't put out a call for
volunteers to service the Captain! I'd go down in Starfleet history as Mary
Sue Janeway!"

"Mary Sue?" asked Kes

Tuvok put on his blandest face. "The name usually given in anecdotes of an
apocryphal Starfleet ensign, who supposedly seduced the entire contingent of
senior officers aboard a starship. No record of any such person or incident
exists, although records have been known to be deleted. It now is used
colloquially to refer to an irresponsibly promiscuous crew member whose
behavior disrupts the social fabric of the ship."

Tuvok turned to the Captain. "And it need not be like that Kathryn. It would
probably be advantageous to have sexual congress with the volunteer when the
meld was first established. But once that had been done, any sexual activity
by that person--not necessarily with you--would contribute to the total pool
of 'satiation'."

"But who could I ask to do that?" said Janeway.

"Kath," said Kes, "you have a lot of friends on board. People who respect you
and would do almost anything to help you. I think if we quietly asked a small
circle of people, you'd be surprised at who would be willing to help out. For
instance, I'm certain Chakotay would do anything he could. And poor Neelix
has been beside himself with guilt. If I asked him to, I think he'd be

"With NEELIX?" Janeway exclaimed. But then she caught herself. She had
recently shared sexual thoughts and memories with Kes, and apparently Kes
felt Neelix was a much better lover than one would guess from appearances.
Janeway came to a decision. "All right. Make a few inquiries. But make sure
that anyone you ask knows exactly what they're getting themselves in for."
As Tuvok and Kes got dressed to go, Janeway muttered to herself. "Captain
Kathryn 'Mary Sue' Janeway."

* * *

Acting Captain Chakotay looked up from a datapad as Tuvok entered the bridge.
That consultation with the Doctor had taken quite a while. "Welcome back Mr.
Tuvok. Tell me, did the Doctor have anything to say about the Captain? Any
possible good news?"

The look on Tuvok's face was inscrutable. "In a manner of speaking, yes. That
is, the Doctor wished to consult with me regarding some research he was doing
in the medical databases, and my discussion with him led me to undertake an
investigation of my own. I would like to speak with you about it, if you can
spare a few moments in the conference room." Of course everyone on the bridge
was all ears, but all they got to hear was Chakotay tell Mr. Paris that he
had the comm. The two then retired to the briefing room.

"Have you found anything? A cure?" Chakotay asked with almost breathless

Tuvok knew that finding the best way to explain what had happened would be
crucial. "Commander, a short time ago, I undertook an experiment with the
hopes that it would provide a treatment, if not a cure, for the Captain's
condition. The result was... not what I had anticipated; but it does hold out
the hope for a solution."

"What is it? What did you do?" Chakotay demanded.

Tuvok did a quick breathing exercise--Vulcans did NOT "sigh"--then began.
"The Doctor wished to confer with me about the possible use of telepathy as
a means of treatment..."

* * *

Normally, the soundproofing between rooms meant that anything said in the
briefing room would not be overheard in the adjoining bridge. So the officers
manning the bridge were quite surprised to hear what must have been an
extremely loud "WHAT?" coming from inside. But over half an hour passed
without any further indication of what might be happening, leaving the bridge
crew almost beside themselves with curiosity.

Finally Commander Chakotay and Tuvok reappeared. Chakotay paused only long
enough to tell Mr. Paris that they could be reached in sickbay if necessary,
then they both exited by the turbolift. Paris, Kim, and Torres, who was
manning the bridge's engineering relay, exchanged looks of purest bafflement.

"Does anyone have the slightest idea what's going on?" Torres said.

Paris could only shake his head. "Not a whisper. I've never seen them so
secretive." What he couldn't mention out loud in mixed company was that given
what they were keeping from the crew about Janeway's condition, secretiveness
wasn't that surprising.

Kim added, "I guess we'll just have to wait until they're ready to tell us.
Whenever that is."

* * *

By the time Chakotay and Tuvok reached Janeway's quarters, Janeway had
briefly showered and redressed again, and was having a cup of tea. She rose
to greet the two and then listened to Chakotay's anxious plea.

"Captain, Tuvok has told me about--what happened. I want you both to come
with me to sickbay, right now. I'm worried that what you're going through...
that this isn't like you, this isn't what you'd choose to do..."

"Commander, I think what you're trying to say is you want the Doctor to see
if we're in our right minds" Janeway said with a slight smile. "That the
cabara hasn't turned me into an amoral nymphomaniac, or that I haven't
telepathically brainwashed Kes and Tuvok. Believe me Chakotay, I had my
doubts myself. If it makes you feel any more reassured, I'd be happy to have
the Doctor take a look at me."

"Indeed," added Tuvok. "When I first discovered that Kes and the Captain had
melded, I myself presumed that that was the situation. As acting Captain, you
would be remiss in your duties if you failed to eliminate that possibility."

Chakotay had been prepared for the worst: defensiveness, denials, even having
to alert security and have them brought to sickbay under sedation. This easy
compliance surprised him, but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the
mouth. "I think Kes should come as well." Chakotay hailed her, and asked her
to meet him in sickbay, which she also agreed to readily.

A short time later they were all gathered together in Sickbay, while the
Doctor ran a series of scans, first over Janeway, and then over Kes and
Tuvok. The Doctor gazed in fascination at the readings he was getting.
"Remarkable. Astounding, in fact."

"What are the tests saying Doctor?" Chakotay prompted. He gazed worriedly at
Janeway, who seemed bemused by his concern.

"The sexual centers of the Captain's brain are still just as clogged as ever
from the cabara. The effected neurons are firing away just as fast as they
can. But the electrical impulses simply cease to exist in HER brain, and
reappear in the brains of one of the others. I could write a thesis on the
quantum mechanical implications alone..."

"DOCTOR" said a thoroughly exasperated Chakotay, "That's all very well, but
what I need to know is, what is the RESULT of all this? How have they been
effected psychologically?"

The Doctor dropped the lecture he'd been preparing and looking somewhat put
out, continued. "The effect is exactly what they've reported to us verbally.
Captain Janeway has experienced a significant diminution of the sexual drive
she'd been plagued with, although it's currently still far above anything
normal in a human female. And there has been a corresponding increase in the
libido of the other two."

"Is this effecting their judgment? This isn't anything like I'd ever expect
from any of them."

The Doctor turned to look Chakotay firmly in the eye. "Commander, in recent
years there has been more than one concerted attempt to subvert Starfleet
personnel through various means of mind control. Starfleet command has taken
the issue extremely seriously, and has developed certain protocols for
ensuring that any alteration of a senior officer's mind is swiftly detected."

The Doctor indicated a display panel where neurological patterns were
currently being shown. "This is Captain Janeway's baseline
neuro-psychological engram. In essence, the pattern of brain activity that
I would compare a scan to, to see if any significant alterations to her
personality have occurred."

"There HAVE been some changes," Chakotay pointed to where differences between
two scans were highlighted.

"Yes, but almost all of the change is in relation to the Captain's libido,
or the fact that she is currently telepathically linked to two other people.
Subtract that, and the only differences left are what you would normally
expect from someone who has recently experienced a major event in their life,
one significant enough to force them to reevaluate their presumptions." The
Doctor added dryly, "Discovering that one is bisexual, and entering into love
affairs with two close friends all on the same day would certainly count.

"If someone had told me forty-eight hours ago that Captain Janeway would
enter into a group marriage, I would have been skeptical myself. But people
often react to extraordinary circumstances in extraordinary ways. Given the
situation, their actions are not inconsistent with their known personalities.
In other words, to the best that medical science can attest, the Captain is
'in her right mind'. And so are Tuvok and Kes."

Chakotay felt thunderstruck. He had thought he knew Kathryn, and when Tuvok
had broken the news to him, the only theory that had made sense to him was
that either the cabara, or the mind melds, or both, had deranged her
judgment. But now the Doctor was telling him that she had done this as a
rational choice...he felt sick inside.

Janeway had an intuition of how Chakotay was taking the news, and knew she
had to speak to him. "Doctor, could I use your office to speak to Commander
Chakotay for a few minutes?" The Doctor assented, so she then turned to Kes
and Tuvok. "You two go on back to my quarters. We'll be there after awhile."
Janeway then went into the Doctor's office and Chakotay numbly followed.

They each took seats and Janeway pulled her chair up close to his. "Chakotay"
she said in her softest, gentlest voice, "there's some things I should tell
you, that I've never been able to say to you before." She reached over to
rest a hand on his arm, then continued.

"Chakotay, I haven't been blind to how you feel about me. And more than once,
I was tempted to let our friendship become something more. But back home, I
have a man I love very much. When I first met Mark, I knew there would be
periods of months or even years when my duties would keep us apart. But I
didn't want to have the kind of adulterous shipboard romance that so many
crewmembers rationalize as part of their careers. I was willing to wait, and
if that meant a little FRUSTRATION, then I was just going put up with it.

"Now we're stranded nearly 70,000 light-years away from home, not knowing how
or when we'll make it back to the Federation. If anything, that made me all
the more determined not to cheat. To give in and accept putting our
relationship aside would be like admitting that we'll never get home. Would
be just as well off abandoning our identity as a Starfleet vessel, and make
the best of it we can here in the Delta Quadrant. I know that quite a few
former Maquis members, including you, have considered that an option. And
perhaps even some of the regular Starfleet crew as well. I am the Captain. I
have to give the rest of the crew the hope and the determination to not give
up. I have to set the example."

Chakotay responded equally softly. "So why now then?"

"Because now the rationale has reversed itself," said Janeway. "If there's no
way to deal with this, if I have to spend the rest of the trip hiding in my
cabin, THAT would be giving up. Chakotay, what I want, more than anything
else in the galaxy, is to see Voyager safely home. And if this is the only
way, then I have to take it."

She looked into Chakotay's eyes and smiled. "Kes and Tuvok are both dear
friends, but what's happened between us started off as an accident. If
there's anyone on the whole ship I'd ASK to go through this with, it's you.
I know this isn't what you'd hoped for, but..." Not knowing what else to say,
she embraced Chakotay in her arms and hugged him. Chakotay returned the
embrace and they stayed like that for a few minutes.

Finally Chakotay touched her on the cheek and looked her squarely in the
face. "Is this really what you want?"

Janeway simply nodded a yes. She was getting hot again. Then she said, "shall
we go back to my quarters?"

Now it was Chakotay's turn to nod. They stood up and left Sickbay.


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