Author's Note: To all porn fans, sorry this story isn't as graphic as you
might be hoping for. I started out to write a pure porn story, but the
premise got so interesting that it eventually became more of a regular Star
Trek: Voyager story with an adult theme.

Author's Note II: The events in this story can be considered as an alternate
time-line that diverges from the series sometime between the first and second
seasons, while Voyager was still in the part of the Delta quadrant familiar
to Neelix.

Star Trek - Voyager: Mary Sue Janeway (m/f,slut)
by Lumpy

Part 3: Kes And Tuvok

Paris, Kim, and Kes moved the cabara specimens to a section of the
hydroponics room where they would be behind a force field, away from anyone
who didn't have the authority to lower it. Usually Paris could be counted on
to come up with some sardonic comment about almost anything, up to and
including impending extinction. But for once he was as tongue tied as his
shyer friend. They wanted to say something, to talk about it, but all they
could come up with was variations on "what a terrible thing to happen to the
Captain". Everyone wanted to offer some kind of condolences to Janeway, but
no one could think of what they would possibly say to her. That and her
stated desire to be left alone deterred what would have been a steady stream
of calls and visits.

Chakotay and Tuvok gave a general address to the crew over the ship's
intercom system. Without going into what exact symptoms Janeway was suffering
from, they indicated that the captain was safe but unable to assume her
duties at this time. They stressed the Captain's request to be allowed
privacy, and hinted (without actually saying so) that she would be returning
to duty at some unspecified time in the future. They spent the rest of the
day reorganizing the officers' duty roster, as well as denying the various
rumors that had spread; one was that Janeway had been deliberately poisoned
as part of a Maquis coup d'tet.

When Kes returned to sickbay, the doctor asked her to look in on Captain
Janeway. "Kes, the Captain is going to need to be monitored regularly; I'm
unsure how this condition is going to effect her on a long-term basis. In
addition, she is going through some very trying times. I cannot leave
sickbay, and even if I could, I am not particularly skilled to serve as a
ship's counselor. She needs someone she can talk to, a close friend, to help
her cope with her condition as best she can. She may feel less embarrassed
dealing with you, in your capacity as a nurse." The Doctor then handed Kes a
small bottle. "Give these to her. It's a sedative, for when she feels too
agitated to be able to sleep."

"Everyone's been wishing they could speak to her," said Kes. "As long as I'm
going, I'll let her know how concerned every is, pass on any messages."

"Excellent," said the Doctor. "Tell her I'm still working on a
counter-enzyme, and that I'm searching the medical database for any sort of
unconventional treatment that might be applicable."

Kes nodded, and left sickbay for Janeway's quarters. She arrived at the
Captain's door, and found it locked with the pager turned off. Kes used her
combadge. "Captain? It's me, Kes. I'm outside your door. The Doctor sent me
to check up on you."

There was no reply for a few moments, then just as Kes would have hailed her
again, she heard "Just a minute or two." Kes waited, then after about a
minute, the door panel opened, allowing her in.

When Kes entered, she found Janeway standing in her cabin's main room,
wearing a robe over a nightgown. Once again, Kes's empathic sense picked up
Kathryn's arousal. In addition, the room smelled quite plainly (to an Ocampa,
at least) of a human female's sexual secretions. Apparently the room's
environmental controls couldn't quite keep the air de-scented. Kes flushed
all the way from her ears down to her groin. If this was what she was getting
even second hand, she could only wince at the frustration Kathryn must be
going through.

"The Doctor wants me to come by once a day to look in on you, to keep a
neural scan record to monitor your condition. I brought you some fresh food
from the messhall, and the Doctor's prescribed a sedative if you need help
going to sleep."

"Thank you, Kes," said Janeway. She hadn't eaten yet that morning, so she
took the food from Kes, and set it down on a table. She'd been too
preoccupied to notice, but she had eaten very little in the last 24 hours.
Janeway began eating while Kes sat down across the table from her, and
pulled out a medical tricorder to do a scan. Kes found it very difficult to
concentrate. Kathryn's entire mind and body were shouting "mate with me!"

Kes finished the scan then turned to Janeway. "Everyone is very concerned
about you," she said. "You really don't need to hide yourself like this. I've
never understood why humans are so embarrassed about a normal bodily need."

Janeway looked at Kes. There was that LOOK in her eyes again! "Hardly normal,
Kes. And besides, humans aren't like Betazeds or Deltans, or Ocampa for that
matter. Your people are so telepathic there's no point in trying to hide when
you're feeling aroused. But much of human society revolves around when and
where, and especially with whom it's permissible to express sexual feelings."
Janeway wrung her hands. "More to the point, I can't FUNCTION like this! I
can't command the ship because I currently have the attention span of a
gnat!" Janeway looked as close to being in tears as Kes had ever seen the
normally self-controlled captain. Kes braced herself for the reaction she
knew would follow, then reached out to Kathryn and gave her a hug.

Kes shuddered as a wave of pure desire surged through her. For her part,
Janeway welcomed the sympathy and closeness of the gesture, but found herself
thinking profoundly lesbian thoughts about the young woman in her arms. "Kes,
I think you'd better go now," Kathryn said; but somehow she couldn't release
the embrace they shared.

Kes found her thoughts confused: I'm so horny; no, it's Kathryn who's horny;
Kes is so beautiful; wait, I'M Kes, aren't we? Some part of Kes's rapidly
diffusing consciousness realized that she and Kathryn were achieving a mind
meld. Tuvok had been instructing her in the use of her telepathic abilities,
yet although Kes had touched Tuvok's mind, she had never been able to achieve
a true meld, the dissolving of one self into another.

With a moan, Kathryn began caressing a groin; who's she couldn't tell and
found it impossible to care. The stimulation of her pleasure center by the
drug had begun the process of breaking down her normal reservations, and
now with the mind meld she could no longer tell where she ended and Kes
began. All they knew was the overwhelming desire they felt, and the love
and tenderness of their friendship expanded to a new level. Somehow their
clothes got removed, and then they were on the bed, minds and bodies totally

* * *

Back in sickbay, the Doctor was intently reading from a Vulcan medical
database. He bookmarked the passage, then hailed the bridge. "Mr. Tuvok; when
your duties permit, could you come to sickbay? I wish to confer with you."

"I am on my way now. Tuvok out" came the reply. Turning over his station to
a backup crewman, Tuvok left the bridge and arrived promptly in sickbay.

"Yes Doctor, how may I be of assistance?"

"I have been looking through the medical databases for examples of
extraordinary treatments for medical conditions. Things like using the
transporter to restore a profile stored in the pattern buffer. Advanced alien
technology. Even methods involving the direct manipulation of reality, that
for want of a better description might be called magic. I was searching the
Vulcan databases when I found this." The Doctor indicated the passage
displayed on a viewscreen. "Apparently, telepathy has occasionally been used
as a treatment when a Vulcan has suffered an organic malfunction of the
brain, either through injury or from degenerative syndromes associated with
advanced age."

"Indeed," replied Tuvok. "By melding minds, a volunteer can, in essence,
'share the burden' with the person who has been afflicted. However, to the
best of my knowledge, it has never been used as more than a temporary

"I was hoping that there might be some explanation as to exactly HOW it
works" said the Doctor. "Something that might suggest a way of duplicating
the effect. Unfortunately, all my medical databases have are case studies
relating to telepathy, and some anatomical data on specific neural centers
in the brain associated with it. Nothing about basic theory."

"Regrettably, there is very little 'basic theory' whatsoever about telepathy"
said Tuvok. "Other than the fact that their existence can be demonstrated by
experiment, psionic phenomena do not fit into any current model of physics.
Most works dealing with it approach it subjectively, from religious or
mystical viewpoints. A wholly unsatisfactory state of affairs."

"So in other words, telepathy works, but there's no known way to employ it on
a purely utilitarian basis?" said the Doctor.

"Correct Doctor. If such was not the case, it is doubtful technological
civilization would ever have been invented. We would use telepathy instead of
subspace messages, telekinesis instead of machinery, and even translocation
instead of transporters. There are known to be a small number of highly
psionic races that have taken that approach; yet they are uniformly isolated,
few in numbers, and ossified, even degenerate. The imbalance between physics
and psionics is thought by some to be one of the fundamental asymmetries of
the universe, such as the predominance of matter over antimatter, or electric
charge over magnetic charge."

"I see," said the Doctor glumly. "Well, thank you for your time Lieutenant.
I'll return to my research."

"If I can be of any further assistance, let me know" said Tuvok. He left
sickbay, and went to the turbolift. But outside the lift door he stopped,
lost in thought. After a few moments, he entered the turbolift and ordered it
to take him to the deck where the Captain's cabin was located.

* * *

Kathryn and Kes lay cuddled in each other's arms. After the intimacy they had
finished sharing, there was no need for words. For example, each knew that
neither had had any intention of using or taking advantage of the other; it
had just happened. Kathryn was amazed at how beautiful and desirable Kes was.
The overloading of her sexual centers had stimulated the part of her brain,
normally dormant in heterosexuals, that allowed her to feel attracted to the
same sex.

As for Kes, the Ocampa had always had a casual attitude towards sexual
orientation. Their telepathic abilities meant that they could see and feel
how each gender felt about the other, so the phenomenon of feeling desire
for a woman was not unfamiliar, although this was the first time Kes had
personally felt that way. And the powerful reinforcement of sating the
burning need each had felt, had amplified their already deep friendship into
erotic and romantic love. In more ways then one, they were bonded together
for life.

"Oh Kes, I feel so much better" cooed Kathryn. "I still feel like I could
make love all day and all night, but I don't feel like it's killing me
anymore." She thought of Mark, and her wish to remain faithful to him. She
loved Mark--but she loved Kes too. This was a new and special part of her
life, and she decided that she could only hope Mark would understand.

Kes looked at her new lover with adoration in her eyes. "It's the mind meld.
We're still linked at a deep level. It's like I've taken on some of your
sexual need, spread it out between the two of us." Had she ever! Kes too felt
like she could make love all day and all night. Yet it seemed like an honor
to do so, to help her beloved friend.

They were interrupted by the paging beep of a combadge. "Tuvok to the
Captain. I am outside your door. May I please speak to you?"

Kathryn and Kes looked at each other. Kes stifled a giggle while Kathryn said
"Just a minute or two!" They frantically scrabbled for some clothes, and when
they were presentable, Janeway gave the door the command to let Lieutenant
Tuvok in.

"Captain, Kes" Tuvok greeted them. Something was very odd here. Although not
as empathicly sensitive as Kes, Tuvok's telepathic sense was showing some
sort of interchange between Janeway and Kes; their auras seemed to share
elements of each other.

"Yes Mr. Tuvok, how can I help you?" said Janeway.

Tuvok hesitated. "I wished to speak to you regarding your current
difficulties." He looked at Kes. "I believe there might be a way of
ameliorating your condition; however you might wish to discuss this

"No, not at all Tuvok" Janeway replied. "It's okay if Kes hears what you have
to say."

Curiouser and curiouser. Tuvok was tempted to raise an eyebrow. "Very well"
he replied. "Captain; under some circumstances, it is possible to form a
telepathic bond, a mind meld, between two individuals so that their emotional
responses are shared between the two. Although this is usually done strictly
temporarily, it can in theory be prolonged indefinitely. If we were to join
minds, I could attempt to take on some of the burden of your impulses, and
control them using Vulcan meditative techniques."

Tuvok was prepared for the responses typical of Captain Janeway. She would
demure, not wanting anyone else to have to share her burden. Or she might be
embarrassed to consider the matter. What he was not prepared for was what
happened: Janeway and Kes turned to look at each other, then they began to
laugh uproariously. Now Tuvok did indeed raise an eyebrow.

"Funny you should say that Mr. Tuvok," chortled Janeway. "It would appear
that great minds think alike." She had to cover her mouth to hide the broad
grin she couldn't stop.

"I'm afraid I don't follow you Captain," said Tuvok, now actually allowing
his voice to reflect his bewilderment. Had the Captain's condition effected
her rationality?

Kes interceded. "Tuvok, the Captain and I...we inadvertently formed a mind
meld when I came to visit her. We've discovered exactly what you're talking

Tuvok decided that looking and sounding stern was warranted. "Kes, that was
extremely inadvisable. You do not possess the emotional discipline to cope
with the consequences of such a meld. You could easily get caught up in the
Captain's emotions instead of being able to master them." Suddenly, Tuvok put
two and two together. "In fact, that is precisely what has occurred, has it

Kes was embarrassed, not at having made love with Janeway, but that she had
failed her mentor's expectations. "I am currently experiencing some of
Kathryn's sexual desire, and we.we shared ourselves with each other. It's
something we're both comfortable with."

Tuvok raised both eyebrows at this. "Kes, you must break off the meld
immediately. It is warping your perceptions. It is not your fault."

"No, it's not like that Tuvok" interjected Janeway. "We both know what we're
doing. And it seems to be helping. For the first time in two days, I finally
felt some relief."

Tuvok decided that further argument was futile. He would have to take direct
steps. "Captain, I wish to meld with you. I must help bring your emotions
under control." Neither Janeway nor Kes offered any objection to that, so
Tuvok placed his fingers on Janeway's forehead, temple, and other key nerve
centers of her face. He began intoning the ancient Vulcan ritual. "My mind
to your mind... my thoughts to your thoughts..." With Janeway already in a
state of telepathic receptivity, the meld formed swiftly. Tuvok found
Janeway--and with her, Kes--in a veritable state of Pon Farr. He immediately
developed an erection so hard that the strain against his pants was painful.
Using every ounce of discipline he possessed, he worked to suppress the
erotic impulses coursing through the three of them.

But Tuvok discovered it simply wouldn't work that way. The sexual arousal
emanating from Janeway was not a result of her personality or psychological
makeup; it was a product of her brain on the purely physical level. Kathryn
was no longer capable of NOT being aroused. It could be diluted by being
shared between one or more other persons. But any attempt at suppression was
futile; at most, the balance could be shifted between them, but the total
amount of sexual desire could not be reduced.

From somewhere, Tuvok heard Janeway speaking to him; whether verbally or in
his mind, he couldn't tell. "Tuvok, old friend," she said. "I would never in
a million years have believed I would be saying this to you; but would you
make love to me?"

Tuvok's mind whirled. There was nothing he could do to control the impulses
they shared. He could withdraw from the link, but that would simply leave
Kathryn and Kes as he had found them. The alternative--he had come there to
attempt to take on part of Janeway's burden. And now, although in a
completely unexpected way, he was being offered a chance to do just that. The
sexual impulse; the Pon Farr. The one thing the Vulcan race could never truly
master. By definition, those who succeeded left few descendants. When at
last, there was nothing left to do but to satisfy the need, that was--

Kes reached over and unfastened Tuvok's pants, allowing his aching penis to
spring free. This was the first time Janeway had ever seen it erect, and it
was even more intriguing than she remembered. Because of his greenish
copper-based blood, his penis was not the purple or black color a human with
Tuvok's skin hue would have been. It was a dark greenish color, like a fir

Kes finished helping Tuvok and Janeway strip off their clothes, then removed
her own and sat back to watch them establish a bond of their own. As Tuvok,
now moaning like he was in agony, mounted an ecstatic Janeway, Kes
masturbated herself, enjoying the spectacle with her eyes and mind. It hardly
mattered that she was not joining in physically for now; she could clearly
feel each stroke as Tuvok pumped in and out of Janeway. Here were the two
figures she admired and looked up to most on the ship, her mentor and best
friend, joining in an ecstatic bond. This was just like being a little girl
again! Lying in bed at night masturbating while feeling her parents make love
in their bedroom.

Janeway and Tuvok made love for over an hour; the captain surging in an
almost continual cycle of orgasm, Tuvok coming, slowing his pace for a moment
until he stiffened again, and then resuming. (Vulcans are much better at this
than humans.) Finally there was saity, and the couple rested on the bed, Kes
moving in to cuddle Kathryn between her and Tuvok.

Tuvok felt amazingly good. One of the more closely guarded secrets of the
Vulcan race was that Vulcans DO feel sexual desire outside of Pon Farr; it
was simply another emotion they controlled until the hormonal agony of Pon
Farr made it a matter of life or death to satisfy it. But now, for the first
time in years, Tuvok himself was satiated.

He entered a meditative trance, Kathryn and Kes joining him mentally. In
seconds, he achieved a deep relaxation that normally took several minutes.
He could control his own sexual impulses as a Vulcan should; but now it
astonished him to realize how much mental energy the task had always
required. He thought of the impulses towards anger and frustration he had
inwardly been so ashamed of possessing, and had spent a lifetime controlling.
Now, they simply weren't there. Hadn't those emotions begun around the time
he reached puberty? He had always presumed that they were the simple product
of growing up, the stresses of accepting new responsibilities. Now an
entirely new hypothesis occurred to him. Could it be that he had been denying
a legitimate need of his body, and suffering the consequences for decades?
Could it really be that simple?

Janeway turned her head to look dreamily first at Tuvok, then at Kes. Then
she took a hand from each and held them in hers. "Tuvok, Kes. I have
something very important to ask you both. I know it's sudden, and asking a
lot, but...will you stay bonded with me?" Janeway knew, and Tuvok knew she
knew, that by Vulcan standards, she was asking them both to marry her.

Tuvok thought of his wife back on Vulcan. Like the majority of Vulcan
marriages, theirs had been arranged. Vulcans married because Pon Farr made
it necessary, and producing children was desirable. She had been chosen to
be his mate because their genetic makeup made it likely they would produce
intelligent, healthy, strong children, and because the linking of their
families was expedient. He did not love her in any human sense of the word,
but they had been content with each other, and neither had ever wanted
another partner.

But now she was the far side of the galaxy from him. She had almost certainly
given him up as dead, and here was Kathryn Janeway. His friend, a term
Vulcans never bestowed lightly. He weighed the merits of the proposal, then
gave his answer: "I would be honored--Kathryn."

On her right, Kes said, "You needn't even ask" and hugged her closer.


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