Author's Note: To all porn fans, sorry this story isn't as graphic as you
might be hoping for. I started out to write a pure porn story, but the
premise got so interesting that it eventually became more of a regular Star
Trek: Voyager story with an adult theme.

Author's Note II: The events in this story can be considered as an alternate
time-line that diverges from the series sometime between the first and second
seasons, while Voyager was still in the part of the Delta quadrant familiar
to Neelix.

Star Trek - Voyager: Mary Sue Janeway (m/f,slut)
by Lumpy

Part 2: Diagnosis

The Doctor was an Emergency Medical Hologram, originally designed to assist
a regular medical staff in the event of a crisis, such as an overwhelming
number of casualties, or high-risk biohazard situations. But the loss of
Voyager's entire medical staff, with no possibility of replacements or
assistance from Starfleet, made the current situation a continual ongoing
medical emergency. As such he had had to adapt as best he could to the
responsibilities of being Chief Medical Officer. Bedside manner and dealing
with psychological issues were requirements that had not originally been a
high priority of his programming. But he had learned enough in the past year
to immediately recognize when she came into Sickbay that Captain Janeway was
clearly agitated and upset. His protocols suggested an opening inquiry and
then letting the patient take the lead.

"Yes Captain, what did you wish to see me about?"

"Doctor, something's wrong with me."

Response vague, insufficient data. Re-inquire. "Can you be more specific,
Captain?" prompted the Doctor.

Janeway hesitated. Even though this was the ship's doctor she was speaking
to, and a hologram at that, any admission of personal weakness was something
she loathed. Yet she needed help. Just say it, Kathryn, matter-of-fact,
strictly business she told herself. Still, she found she couldn't actually
look the Doctor in the eye as she said:

"Doctor, I...I have an almost continual state of sexual arousal from
the moment I woke up this morning. I have spent almost the entire day
m-masturbating. But it doesn't seem to provide more than a few minutes

"I see," said the Doctor. A brief mental review of the Captain's neurological
and psychological profile indicated that so high a libido was not usual for
her. "Has anything occurred in your personal life to elicit such a response?"

"NO! Nothing!" shouted Janeway, her usual self-control strained to the
breaking point. "I just woke up this morning and the whole damn day I've been
in." She had been going to say "in heat", but it sounded too vulgar. "In

The Doctor reached for a medical scanner and did a brief scan of Captain
Janeway. Her readings superficially appeared normal, except for a somewhat
elevated body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat and respiration rate.
That and the pattern of dilated blood vessels in her face and genitals all
suggested that the Captain was, indeed, sexually aroused. He then began a
neurological scan.

"You weren't exaggerating, Captain!" said the Doctor. "The areas of your
limbic system associated with arousal and sexual desire are lit up like the
proverbial Christmas tree. Please lie down on the diagnostic table; we're
going to get to the bottom of this."

Janeway complied, and the Doctor ran a series of tests, trying to determine
the cause of the Captain's condition. After a few minutes, he found it.

"Captain, there is an unknown molecule bonded to the neurotransmitter sites
in the affected areas of your brain. And I've traced the source of the
substance to your digestive track. Captain, this is very important; have you
recently eaten anything whatsoever other than the food supplies on the ship?
Especially, did you eat anything while on the planet yesterday?"

Janeway thought back. She'd eaten breakfast aboard the ship, a lunch of field
rations. Dinner on the ship again...wait! "Doctor, yesterday I sampled a
small bite of one of the plants from the colony. Cabara. Neelix called it
cabara. He said it is commonly used for seasoning throughout the quadrant."
She groaned, knowing she had lapsed in an important safety protocol. "With
the biocompatibility rating for Talaxian food, it seemed like the biotest
results were just a formality."

The Doctor frowned. "They were--up until now that is! I've spent the whole
day confirming that the crops we obtained are as innocuous as cabbage--" He
paused to glance at a datapad, "But I HADN'T gotten to 'cabara' yet."

"Doctor, I thought I heard Neelix say he was going to serve some with the
evening meal; a salad or something." For a moment at least, the safety of her
crew overrode even her current discomfort.

"WHAT!?" bellowed the Doctor. "Sickbay to Mr. Neelix! Emergency!"

In the messhall, Neelix was serving the first crewmember in line, Chief
Engineer B'Elanna Torres. She couldn't resist making a crack at Neelix's
expense. "That's a switch. Usually it's the messhall hailing sickbay with an
emergency call."

Ignoring the jibe, Neelix responded. "Yes Doctor, what's the problem?"

"The PROBLEM" said the Doctor, "Is that you intend to serve a substance that
has NOT BEEN BIOCLEARED! Cabara, I believe it's called."

Neelix stammered, a bit taken aback. "Well, I, I mean. I suppose technically
it hasn't been cleared yet, but really Doctor, cabara is the most common
seasoning in the quadrant next to salt itself."

"And there ARE species to whom salt is a deadly poison!" shouted the Doctor.
"Mr. Neelix, this is a direct order, on my authority as Chief Medical
Officer: Do not allow ANYONE whatsoever to eat or taste this cabara. Dispose
of any food you've seasoned with it immediately, and bring any of it you have
left to sickbay. NOW, Mr. Neelix!"

Neelix looked abashed. The volume of the Doctor's shouting had allowed
several people in line to hear the entire conversation, and they were all
staring at him. He took the pot of cabara salsa off the counter, and then
reached over to remove the small bowl of salsa Torres had placed on her tray.
Some people stared daggers; the look Torres gave Neelix would have been
better described as a Cardassian torture saw. Kes, who had been behind the
counter helping Neelix, disposed of the salsa, then offered to take the
remaining cabara over to sick bay. Neelix gratefully accepted, not wanting
to face the Doctor until he'd had a chance to calm down. Maybe a month or

* * *

A few minutes later, the sickbay doors opened and Kes walked in, carrying all
the cabara that had been in the messhall. She handed it to the Doctor and
then turned to see Captain Janeway lying on the diagnostic bed. And the aura
that Kathryn was radiating was as bright as a sun. Kes was an Ocampa, a race
that was strongly telepathic, and she was sensitive even by Ocampa standards.
There was no mistaking for an instant exactly what sort of mood the Captain
was in. Kes found herself blushing. She realized she was having a telepathic
sympathetic reaction--simply being in the same room as Kathryn was having an
effect on her.

"KES? Are you listening?" The Doctor's voice broke in. Kes realized the
Doctor had been talking, but she hadn't paid attention.

"Oh, I'm sorry Doctor! What was that?"

"I said, I need your help. We're going to have to do a complete neuroenzyme
analysis, and find out exactly how long this is going to last, and whether we
can speed up the process. For a start, I need you to do a single-cell biopsy
at the sites I've indicated here..."

The Doctor droned on; Kes noted the instructions with one part of her
consciousness, but the balance of her attention was on Captain Janeway. In
the time she'd spent on Voyager, Kathryn had been like a surrogate mother to
her, and now she was suffering from an almost unbearable unfilled need. Kes
reached over to Janeway, and touched her on the shoulder as a gesture of
comfort. The jolt she received made her start; direct physical contact had
made the telepathic influence even stronger, and Kes had to compose herself.
She realized she wouldn't be able to help her best friend if she didn't keep
control of herself. "Don't worry Captain, I'm sure everything's going to be
all right," Kes said.

Janeway looked at Kes. Was it simply that this sexual firestorm she was going
through was altering her perceptions, or was Kes staring at her with THAT
look in her eyes? And why did the thought of that make her arousal even
harder to control? After going through puberty, Kathryn had experimented once
or twice with other women, but had decided she was firmly heterosexual. Was
she getting so horny now that anyone or anything could interest her sexually?
"Doctor, can you do anything? Give me something? I'm not sure how much longer
I can go through this," Janeway pleaded.

The Doctor came over with a hypospray. "I can't offer any sort of mood
altering substance until we know more about your condition. I can give you a
general sedative, let you get some sleep. That shouldn't interfere with any
of the tests we need to do." Janeway nodded her acceptance, and the Doctor
touched the hypo to her neck. Almost instantly, her eyes closed and her head
lolled as she feel into a deep dreamless sleep.

* * *

Rumor travels faster than any warp drive ever devised. The news of Neelix's
blunder was passed on to each new arrival in the messhall, and it wasn't long
before someone wondered aloud if the Captain's daylong absence from the
bridge was connected in some way. Thus it was a surprisingly short period of
time later that Commander Chakotay came to sickbay.

"Doctor, what's wrong with her?" Chakotay demanded. "The whole ship is saying
that the Captain's been poisoned."

The Doctor hesitated. Certainly the Captain's health was a prime issue of the
ship's chain of command. As first officer, Chakotay was entitled to know, and
the Doctor knew he was a close personal friend as well. But another part of
the Doctor's programming recognized the need for patient confidentiality.
Especially given how concerned Janeway had been about speaking to him
privately, as well as the emotional and personal issues regarding sexual
matters. After a moment, he gave the response that best satisfied the
conflicting priorities.

"Commander, Captain Janeway is, as far as I know, in no danger. Her condition
is stable, and she is in command of her faculties. She's asleep right now
simply because I gave her a sedative."

"Why wasn't I informed immediately of her condition?" Chakotay looked at the
Doctor with something close to anger.

"Commander Chakotay, Captain Janeway came to me a little more than an hour
ago, and until you came here I was unaware that anyone else on the ship even
knew that something was wrong. And no, she has not been 'poisoned', at least
in the sense of a toxin."

"What's happened to her Doctor? I'm told you issued an emergency order to the
messhall about one of the Talaxian plants we brought on board."

"That's correct Commander. Mr. Neelix was about to expose the entire crew to
a plant that had not cleared biotesting."

"And is there a connection to the Captain's condition?"

Put that way, as a direct inquiry, the Doctor had no choice but to respond.
"Affirmative. Apparently, she sampled one of the plants we gathered from the
colony. She has had..." He struggled with the need to preserve Janeway's
privacy, "... a reaction."

"What KIND of reaction? Why won't you answer me, Doctor?"

The Doctor took a deep simulated breath, then replied. "Because there is a
doctor-patient confidentiality issue here, Commander. Captain Janeway came to
me with the express wish of keeping her condition private, although that is
now clearly impossible. I respect your need to know how the Captain's health
might effect the operation of the ship, but until it becomes a matter of the
safety of the ship and crew, I will not violate her trust in me."

Chakotay looked stunned. This was the last thing he had expected to hear.
"Can't you at least tell me if she's going to be ok? The rumors are spreading
like tribbles. The crew is in a near-panic" I'M in a near-panic, thought

"I can only reiterate what I've already told you. The Captain does not appear
to be in any danger. She is currently resting comfortably. She has had a
reaction to one of the Talaxian plants, cabara it's called. Make certain that
no one ingests any of it, or has unauthorized access to where it is currently
stored. More than that, I either can't tell you or don't know myself yet. I
will speak to the Captain in the morning and appraise her of the situation.
If she wishes to volunteer any further information, that will be her choice.
Now please leave Commander; I have a lot of work to do."

Chakotay seemed to sag; his anger and fear were now replaced by worry and a
deep sense of mystery. What had happened to his Captain? Why couldn't he DO
something about it? What was the big mystery? Chakotay knew Kathryn could be
secretive about admitting she was tired or in pain or upset. But to keep from
the crew that she was seriously ill? WAS she seriously ill? What the hell was
going on here? Not knowing what else to do, he left the sickbay, and went
back to the bridge, where he passed on the Doctor's meager information to the
rest of the senior officers.

* * *

The Doctor, not needing sleep, worked through the night. Kes stayed up as
late as she could, but eventually the Doctor dismissed her and told her to
come back in the morning. Kes reluctantly agreed, then went to the quarters
she shared with Neelix.

Neelix was an emotional wreck. He had only wanted to introduce the crew to
one of the Delta Quadrant's finer treats, and now it looked as if he was
responsible for poisoning Captain Janeway! Even Kes's reassurances that the
Captain was in no danger scarcely calmed him. The crew were currently
treating him like a pariah. Almost to a man, they had decided that it was
time to use the replicator allowances they'd been saving, or make due with
Starfleet rations, or even start that diet they'd been considering. Neelix
wasn't sure if he should even bother cooking breakfast the next morning. Kes,
however found a way of distracting him from his worries. Tired as she was,
the stimulation she'd received from Janeway made it impossible for her to
sleep until she'd relieved her urges. Neither of them got much sleep that

* * *

Early the next morning, the Doctor stared at the datapad displaying the
latest recheck of his results. He still couldn't believe it. He went over the
possible options again, shook his head, then went over to Captain Janeway,
who had woken up a few moments earlier. He explained what had happened while
she was sleeping, and his findings. He discussed the options with her, and
she told him her wishes in the matter. The Doctor told her he would notify
the crew, then saw her to the door as she went back to her quarters.

* * *

Chakotay had had a miserable night. He had been too worried to do more than
fitfully catnap between bouts of pacing. He was having some coffee to try to
prepare for what the day might bring when he got the message from sickbay.

"Doctor to Commander Chakotay."

Instantly he was alert and responded. "Yes Doctor?"

"Commander, would you please schedule a conference of the senior officers
this morning? I have been asked by Captain Janeway to update you all on her
current status."

"Affirmative, Doctor. We'll all be in the main briefing room at 0730 hours".
Inwardly, Chakotay felt a terrible foreboding. This had every sign of being a
'break the bad news' report. He hailed the other senior officers, and
informed them of the meeting. Then he went to the nearly deserted messhall,
forced something down, and went to the briefing room like a man marching to
his execution.

* * *

In the briefing room were Commander Chakotay, Lieutenant Tuvok, Lieutenant
Paris, Ensign Kim, Chief Engineer Torres and, last to arrive, Kes and Neelix,
who still looked like he expected to be put on trial. A display screen showed
the visage of the Doctor.

"Thank you all for being here." intoned the Doctor.

"Where's Captain Janeway?" piped up Lieutenant Paris, an instant before
Chakotay would have asked the same question.

"The Captain will not be joining us this morning. She felt that she could not
face anyone in her current condition. I saw no further point in keeping her
in sickbay, so I've released her and she is currently in her quarters. She
has asked me to explain to you what has happened."

"It's about time!" said Chakotay. "What HAS happened Doctor?" Chakotay
couldn't believe what he'd just heard. The Captain unwilling to FACE them?

"The day before yesterday, Captain Janeway sampled an herb growing in the
former Talaxian colony we were visiting. Called 'cabara' according to Mr.
Neelix. Might I add that this is utterly against Starfleet protocols
regarding possible biohazards, and that frankly I'm astonished that the
Captain would do such a thing."

"It's all my fault!" said Neelix, in almost a sob. "I told her it was safe to
eat, that species all over the quadrant eat it every day."

"In defense of Mr. Neelix, I must point out that Captain Janeway has told me
that she was lulled into a false sense of security by the extremely high
biocompatibility rating I gave Talaxian biochemistry. Which incidentally I
have revised downward to 98.5% in light of what's happened".

"To continue however: cabara happens to contain a chemical that is highly
biospecific to humans. It is of course, harmless to Talaxians and probably to
any other humanoid species as well. Its effect is quite singular; it is, to
put it bluntly, an extremely powerful aphrodisiac."

Noting the stunned looks on the faces of everyone in the room but Kes, the
Doctor gave them several moments to digest that statement. Then the reactions

Neelix looked like he wanted to crawl under the table and hide.

Torres simply said "WHAT?!"

Paris looked like he was desperately trying not to laugh.

Chakotay kept looking stunned.

Tuvok raised both eyebrows- by Vulcan standards, going into hysterics.

Kim said nothing but his ears turned bright red.

The Doctor resumed his explanation. "You heard me correctly Lieutenant. An
aphrodisiac. A psychoactive agent so powerful that if we were in the Alpha
Quadrant, I would be reporting it to Federation health officials with the
recommendation that it be declared a Class One controlled substance. The
captain has been in an extreme state of discomfiture since yesterday morning.
She finally came to me yesterday afternoon. And if she'd been even ten
minutes later, others would have been exposed to the same substance."

"So! Um..." began Paris, still working to keep a straight face "Exactly how
long before the Captain is. 'presentable' again? When is it going to wear

The Doctor's look turned grim. "That's precisely the problem, Mr. Paris. It's
not going to wear off."

Now it was Ensign Kim's turn to say: "What?"

"It is not going to wear off. The chemical in question binds to the
neurotransmitter sites in the brain responsible for sexual arousal, and
leaves them in a permanent 'on' condition. Since the receptors are clogged by
the foreign molecule, no other chemical substance that might reverse the
effect can reach the receptor sites. Unless I can devise a treatment, the
Captain's condition will be permanent."

At first, they had all expected to hear that the Captain was dying. Then for
a moment, it had seemed like the whole incident would be nothing but an
embarrassing anecdote. Now the severity of the Captain's condition sunk in.
Chakotay spoke up. "Can't you do anything Doctor?"

The Doctor sighed. "I spent all night confirming that there's nothing I can
do in the short term to alleviate her condition. I have advised Captain
Janeway of the options we have available, none of which appears very

"First, I can continue the search for a designer molecule that can unbind the
Captain's neuroreceptors. The problem is that I've already exhausted the
quick and easy possibilities. I can continue to run simulations on trillions
of different molecular configurations, but I cannot say when or if a solution
might be forthcoming."

"The second option would be to use nanoprobes. Go in with millions of
molecular level excavation machines and literally dig the drug out her
neuroreceptor sites, then patch up the damage done in the process. The
problem there is that to avoid disrupting the brain's functioning in the
meantime, it would have to be done very slowly, a few sites at a time. It
would take years to complete."

"The third option is surgery. I can remove the effected portions of the
Captain's brain and then try to regenerate new neural tissue. The problem
with that is that the sexual centers of the brain are closely associated with
the brain's master pleasure center. In some cases, nerve clusters serve
double duty for both functions. I might or might not be able to restore the
Captain to her original condition. If I failed, the results could be
horrifying. She could not only be rendered unable to feel sexual arousal at
all, but her ability to feel any sort of pleasure or satisfaction with
anything might be lost."

The Doctor paused again to allow the grim news to sink in. Then he continued.
"The Captain has asked me to relay the following messages to you all. First,
she has officially turned over command of the ship to Commander Chakotay; you
should find the orders on file when you go to the bridge. Secondly, she
accepts full responsibility for her violation of biohazard protocol, and
fully absolves Mr. Neelix of any culpability in the matter. Regarding what
to do about her condition, the Captain has decided that if my search for a
chemical solution remains fruitless, she will begin the nanoprobe regimen.
Lastly, the Captain has indicated that for the time being she wishes to
remain in her quarters undisturbed.

"Oh, one minor note. The psychoactive ingredient of the cabara is not the
substance that gives it its characteristic odor and flavor. Provided it's
processed to remove the drug, it should be safe for human consumption. That
is all gentlemen."

The screen displaying the Doctor's image returned to displaying the Starfleet
logo. The group, all close friends and colleagues of Captain Janeway's, could
only stare at one another in shock and astonishment at this turn of events.
Mr. Tuvok, practical as ever, brought the meeting back to order.

"Some sort of statement will have to be made to the crew."

"Like what?" shouted a distraught Torres. "That Captain Janeway has been
turned into an Orion slave woman?" She couldn't get out of her mind how close
she had come to eating some of the damn stuff herself. Like hell anyone would
ever try it ever again, 'processed to be safe for human consumption' or not!
She could cheerfully kill Neelix for his part in this.

"It should not be necessary to go into specifics" Tuvok said dryly. "Merely
appraise the crew of the fact that due to exposure to a psychoactive
substance, the captain is currently unfit to command."

Chakotay nodded, then turned to the two junior officers. "Tom, Harry, I want
you to help Kes move the samples of cabara we have to a more secure area. If
at all possible, no one who doesn't already know what this does should be
allowed to find out; I DON'T want anyone trying to experiment with it!"

Kim caught the Commander's eye. "Maybe we should get rid of it altogether. It
seems dangerous to have it around at all."

"It may come to that," said Chakotay, "but we deal with potentially dangerous
substances all the time. If it's as valuable a trade item as Mr. Neelix says,
it could be vital sometime in the future."

The meeting lasted another few minutes, but no one had anything of substance
to add, so acting Captain Chakotay dismissed everyone and they went about
their duties.


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