Author's Note: To all porn fans, sorry this story isn't as graphic as you
might be hoping for. I started out to write a pure porn story, but the
premise got so interesting that it eventually became more of a regular Star
Trek: Voyager story with an adult theme.

Author's Note II: The events in this story can be considered as an alternate
time-line that diverges from the series sometime between the first and second
seasons, while Voyager was still in the part of the Delta quadrant familiar
to Neelix.

Star Trek - Voyager: Mary Sue Janeway (m/f,slut)
by Lumpy

Part 1: Fever

"Captain's Log: Our continuing search for new food supplies has just received
a big boost. Mr. Neelix's information about the planet we are currently
orbiting was correct. A preliminary survey of the former Talaxian colony
reveals enough edible plant matter to provide over a year's raw food stock,
and Kes tells me that we may soon double the number of species of plants we
can cultivate hydroponically. At this point, our main problem seems to be
where we'll find room for this embarrassment of riches."

* * *

Captain Janeway looked out over the site of the former agricultural colony.
Although they had not been cultivated for many years, the plants introduced
by the Talaxians had managed to sustain themselves in the planet's favorable
climate. And since the Doctor had established that humans and Talaxians had
almost total biocompatibility as far as what substances they could safely
eat, clearing the various produce for human consumption would probably
require no more than cursory analysis.

"Ah, there you are Captain!" Janeway turned to see Neelix approaching her.
"We're in luck; I found a surviving patch of cabara!" said Neelix, waving a
clump of roots with small white tubers that looked somewhat like garlic
bulbs. He looked exceedingly pleased with himself.


"No one's ever mentioned it to you before Captain? Why, cabara is probably
the most widely used seasoning in the Delta quadrant next to salt itself!
It's a staple of over twenty species that I know of, and probably more. It's
a valuable trade item everywhere. And now I'll finally be able to prepare a
proper vegetable stew!" Janeway refrained from saying that anything that
could make Neelix's cooking taste better would be worth its weight in

Neelix pulled a pod off a root, cleaned it on the front of his shirt and
popped it in his mouth. He chewed for a few moments with a quizzical
expression on his face and then smiled. "And the strain's bred true too!
Sometimes wild cabara can go woody and lose most of its flavor, but this
tastes just as good as what my mother used to grow in her garden." He pulled
off another pod, and handed it to the captain.

Janeway looked at the pod, broke it with her fingers, and held it under her
nose. It smelled like a rather pleasant blend of garlic, onion, and maybe
just a hint of horseradish? Janeway was usually extremely strict about
Starfleet protocols, including the one that you never, ever ate any alien
plant that had not been thoroughly biotested. But this was a domesticated
food plant, grown by a race with a 99.2% biocompatibility rating, and it was
also known to be safe for a wide variety of other humanoid life forms. And
besides, it really smelled delicious. So she took a bite and was pleased to
find that it tasted just as good as it smelled. In 20-20 hindsight, her
mistake was understandable, but the consequences no less drastic.

* * *

For once, Captain Janeway was able to go to sleep early. The loading and
storing of the food supplies was a routine matter that didn't require her
attention. She'd decided to get a good night's sleep, and get up an hour
early the next morning. So at 0500, the computer played the chimes she'd
selected as her wake up call.

Janeway stirred uneasily. She'd been dreaming about.what? Something that had
somehow seemed terribly important, but was lost to her now. She lay in bed
for a few moments; then as she rolled over and her thighs crossed, she
realized that she was aroused. She reached under the band of the panties she
wore under her nightgown, and discovered that they were actually damp with
secretions. As a fingertip grazed her clitoris, she moaned as an almost
electric jolt of pleasure went through her. Eyes still closed, she pulled
her panties off and then began masturbating, the fingers of her left hand
inserting easily into her, while she teased and caressed her clitoris with
her right. Must've been one hell of dream, she thought as she vigorously
pumped herself with her fingers. Within moments she had a climax so strong
that she cried out embarrassingly loud. She looked around as if someone might
have heard her, then reassured herself that the soundproofing in her quarters
was more than adequate for privacy.

Janeway stripped off her gown, tossed it and the panties in the recycle
chute, and went to take a shower. Although the short resources onboard meant
that most crew members had to make due with sonic showers, as captain her
quarters ranked a real water shower. She used it sparingly out of concern for
the water supply, but today she decided that she could really use a good
soaking. She stepped in, closed the door, and ordered the computer to turn on
the water, preset temperature. As the hot water sprayed, she soaped herself,
and noticed that her nipples were still erect. She turned and a stream of
water caught her left nipple. Immediately, she felt a surge between her legs
and she was aroused again.

"Damn, am I horny today or what?" Janeway asked herself. She considered her
options, then addressed the computer. "Computer- Jacuzzi jets..." she
hesitated; "...genital stimulation." A beep indicated compliance, and from
the sides of the stall pulsating jets of water homed in on her breasts and
groin. It felt SO good! Gripping the hand railing in the shower stall, she
closed her eyes and tilted her head back as the water jets made her come and

Her reverie was broken by the computer. "The time is now 0730 hours." WHAT?
She had used a week's worth of water, she hadn't even eaten breakfast, and
she was due on the bridge in half an hour. So much for getting an early
start! Janeway ordered the computer to turn off the water, and turn on the
hot air dryer, while she toweled herself off to speed up the process. She
threw on a uniform, and rushed down the corridor to the nearest turbolift and
gave the messhall as her destination.

The doors of the messhall barely got out of her way in time as she barreled

"Ah, good morning Captain!" Neelix called cheerfully. "We're having soya
patties for breakfast today."

"NotimeMrNeelixrunninglatetoday" Janeway said as she grabbed a piece of fruit
and a sweet roll out of a basket, and then turned towards the door.

Mr. Neelix was unperturbed. This was a regular occurrence, as the Captain was
more often than not pressed for time. He did manage to get out, "I should be
serving my famous 'Cabara salsa' tonight." before the door closed.

Janeway slowed down to a near-normal walking pace as she bolted down the
fruit and sweet roll. Tossing the fruit core in a disposal bin, she then
ducked into a sanitary facility for a quick pit stop before heading for the
bridge. Squatting down on the seat she urinated, then wiped herself with some
paper... and that, combined with the rubbing of her thighs as she had been
hurrying, was enough to set her off again. I've been without a man way too
long, she thought as she masturbated yet again.

* * *

On the bridge, Commander Chakotay was puzzled. Kathryn (as he always
privately thought of her) was NEVER late. In fact, he had to nag her to take
the personal time she was entitled to and stop showing up early for every
shift. But not today.

"Computer, current time," he queried.

"The time is 0821," came the reply.

"Computer, locate Captain Janeway."

"Captain Janeway is in Turbolift One, enroute to the bridge."

A few moments later the bridge doors opened and Janeway appeared.

"Commander, my apologies for being late, I'm going to have to write myself up
for this," she joked.

"You picked the right day for it anyway," Chakotay replied. "Everything is as
quiet as can be."

"Status report, Commander." Janeway asked crisply. Being on the bridge in her
daily routine was always reassuring.

"All ship's systems functioning nominally. On course for the Alpha Quadrant,
warp factor six. No personnel problems reported. The food supplies we took on
yesterday have been stored and the Doctor reports that he should have the
biotests completed by the end of the day. We're actually ahead on our routine
maintenance schedule, and as far as long range sensors can detect, we're the
only ship in this sector. With your permission, I was going to grant several
requests for leave time. It looks like we may actually get to experience some
of that boredom I've heard that some starships go through."

Janeway chuckled. Boredom had been in distinctly short supply for the past
year. "Use your discretion on the leave requests, Commander. Otherwise, as
you were everybody." Janeway nodded a brief greeting to each of the senior
officers manning the primary duty shift: Lieutenant Tuvok at security/ships
systems, Lieutenant Paris at the helm, and Ensign Kim at the main sensor
display, as well as the crewmembers currently assigned to the lesser
stations. Well, Janeway thought to herself, if the day looks to be that
quiet, maybe I can finally get caught up on those reports I've been meaning
to get around to.

* * *

It was not to be, however. Although she tried to pay attention to Chief
Engineer Torres's latest proposal to attempt one more time to reroute power
from the holodeck to the replicators, Janeway found her mind wandering to her
fellow shipmates:

Commander Chakotay was ruggedly handsome as ever, a classic alpha male.
Although he was far too good an officer to do so, if he'd had the inclination
he could've bedded half the women on the ship.

Lieutenant Tom Paris had done just that, at least if you could believe in his
legendary status as a "ladies man". Paris had come a long way from his
unpromising start of being court-martialed, a Maquis collaborator, and
turncoat. Yet he still retained enough of his "bad boy" aura to fascinate a
number of available crew women.

Lieutenant Tuvok was her oldest friend aboard ship. He had the lean, muscular
physique typical of Vulcans, but with the dark skin so rare among them. Over
the years, she had had one or two opportunities to see him unclothed, and had
been intrigued. Of course Vulcans professed to be completely uninterested in
sex except during the brief and infrequent Pon Farr mating urges. But Janeway
suspected that Tuvok wasn't quite as emotionless as he would like to believe.

Ensign Harry Kim was an unknown factor. He was young and shy, and Paris had
to practically drag him to dates he'd lined up for them. Janeway was vaguely
aware he'd had a committed relationship back on Earth, and in that she felt a
sense of sympathy for the young man. He was cute in a baby-faced sort of way

Janeway shook her head trying to focus on the work at hand. Here she was
daydreaming about which of her senior staff might be good in the sack when
there was work to be done. But after an hour or so of fidgeting, squirming in
her seat, and restlessly drumming her fingers, she had to admit to herself
that she was accomplishing nothing. Finally she decided she had to go
somewhere where she wasn't going to be continually distracted. Maybe an hour
or two in a holodeck role playing game?

"Commander, if you'd be willing to fill in for a couple of hours, maybe I
could use a little R&R myself?" Janeway asked her first officer.

"Of course Captain, no problem" Chakotay put on his best poker face to hide
his astonishment. Kathryn requesting time off? Voluntarily? A quick glance
showed that the other members of the bridge crew were equally surprised.

"Let me know if anything at all comes up. You have the bridge Commander" said
Janeway as she rose and exited via the turbolift.

After she had left, the bridge crew turned to look at each other. Finally
Lieutenant Paris broke the ice. "Am I imagining things, or does the captain
seem out of sorts today?"

Kim responded "She did seem rather... preoccupied somehow."

Tuvok gave a slight nod. "It does seem uncharacteristic of her, although the
current ship's status would allow for some relaxation of her usual
attentiveness." Privately however, Tuvok was strongly concerned. Although
logic forbid jumping to any conclusions which there was no clear evidence
for, his latent telepathic awareness, as well as years of familiarity with
Captain Janeway's character, were practically screaming that "out of sorts"
was inadequate to describe her current behavior.

Chakotay merely shook his head. "We're probably getting worked up over
nothing. So Captain Janeway wants some time off. No one on this ship deserves
any more than she does." But even as he spoke the words, Chakotay felt that
they sounded like a rationalization.

* * *

Arriving at her quarters, Janeway retrieved the nineteenth-century gown she
wore while playing her "Governess" holodeck mystery adventure. But she got
as far as stripping off her uniform to change when she found that her
fantasizing on the bridge had soaked another pair of panties. What the Hell
is going on with me?? Janeway wondered. She was concerned, but she was still
thinking that it was just a year of celibacy catching up to her.

Opening the drawer in the nightstand by her bed, she retrieved the vibrator
she kept for special occasions. Although modern technology had come up with
even more advanced means of assisted masturbation--direct neural stimulation
and so forth--the trusty vibrator was still popular centuries after it's
invention. This version consisted of a seven-inch clear crystal rod, which
vibrated when driven by the oscillating force field generated in the base.
Kathryn set the frequency to 'Deep Throb', and the amplitude to maximum. She
then lay down on the bed and slid the rod up into her as far as it would go.
Turning it on, she gasped as it began bucking inside her. She reached her
first orgasm in seconds, and continued through waves of orgasm over the next
half hour. Finally she felt like she had to give it a rest or she would get

An idea then occurred to her. If she needed a man this badly, maybe she
should finally use that holodeck program? When Janeway had been preparing to
leave for her last assignment, not knowing how long the search for the Maquis
ship might take (and how!), her partner Mark had given her a going-away

"A holodeck program?" she had asked.

"Not just any program" Mark had said. "I had them do a scan of my image and
use it as the basis well, it's a surrogate sex partner program."

Janeway had been polite enough to accept the gift graciously in the spirit it
had been intended. But she had never used it. It was the real Mark she loved
and desired, not some artificial fantasy.

But now she was desperate enough that an artificial fantasy was sounding
better every second. And after all, it was from Mark, and he had wanted her
to use it as a reminder of him. Throwing on some clean clothes, she took the
datarod containing the program and went to the nearest available holodeck.
She entered the holodeck and used her captain-level authorization to lock out
any intrusion. She then inserted the datarod into an input slot by the manual
control console, and called up a menu of available scenarios. Mark had
preprogrammed several, apparently recreations of memorable times they had
spent together: "Tahiti beach"; "the alpine cabin"; "strip poker"; "the
turbolift"; and quite a few others. Finally she decided on "candlelit
dinner", and instructed the computer to run the program.

The bare holodeck walls were replaced by the familiar sight of Mark's home.
It was night and she was standing by the dining room table where dinner for
two was laid out, lit only by candles and by the city lights outside the

"Hi Kath," said the surrogate Mark. He was wearing briefs and a bathrobe.
Kathryn remembered the night well. They had enjoyed an exquisite dinner and
afterwards had had slow romantic sex until almost dawn. This time however,
the food would have to wait.

"Mark" said Kathryn, still feeling strange and guilty about addressing a
program as if it were really Mark, "I need you RIGHT NOW!" And to back up her
words, pulled her clothes off with no further ado. The holoMark looked a bit
surprised but then grinned and took her into his (it's?) arms...

* * *

Neelix started preparing the evening meal. He was sure his "Cabara Salsa"
would be a smashing success.

* * *

Finally Janeway told the computer to freeze program. She was exhausted. She
had no idea how many times she had orgasmed, but she had been coming almost
continually the entire afternoon. The holoMark lay next to her on the bed,
his erection towering upward. First they had had sex. Then more sex. Then
she had instructed the computer to give the artificial lover a permanent
erection. Then increased the size of the surrogate's penis by two inches.
Then another two. Then told the computer to have it be able to keep going
without stopping after each simulated ejaculation. The sex had been great,
fantastic. But each time she thought she'd finally had enough and had been
ready to terminate the program, she had gone back for "just one more" round.

Now she instructed the computer to raise the lights and looked at herself in
the full-length mirror. She was a mess. Simulated semen was plastered in her
hair and across her face. Come was smeared across her breasts and stomach,
her entire pelvis and groin, and rivulets of it trickled down her thighs from
her vagina and anus. She spread her legs and looked at her vulva. Her labia
were an angry red color and the head of her clitoris was clearly visible
poking out of its hood. She had been mating all afternoon long like a rabid
mink and she was STILL HORNY!! Something was wrong; very wrong. This was not
just sexual frustration. Janeway instructed the computer to end the current
program. Immediately the room was replaced by the gridlines of an empty
holodeck, with just Janeway and her clothes on the floor. (At least all the
simulated semen on and in her vanished as well). Janeway dressed and then
immediately slapped her combadge.

"Janeway to the Doctor."

After a moment a response came. "Yes Captain, may I help you?"

"Doctor, is anyone in sickbay at the moment?"

The Doctor sounded slightly puzzled. "No Captain. No one's needed medical
attention today. Kes is in the messhall assisting Mr. Neelix. I've been
working on finishing the bioanalysis of the Talaxian crops."

"I need to speak to you Doctor. Privately. I'll be there in a few minutes.
Janeway out." She exited the holodeck and headed for the nearest turbolift.
In sickbay, the Doctor wondered what Captain Janeway could wish to talk


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